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December 24, 2018

Poor service... Their ordering system is a hoax. You thought you have not bought it because a message will come out saying “Paypal has not deducted your account” then you will try again to purchase and the same message will come out but the truth was they have charged you the amount

times number of tries you made.

I am trying to cancel it because I said I didn’t make the purchase and showed them the screenshot with the message. They want me to pay for the courier for returning to return the product I didn’t purchase.

I have read almost the same review that I had experienced. And Paypal does not reply as well.

LarrySherman December 29, 2018

File a complaint eith FTC I did

Don't buy!
December 21, 2018
I think this is an absolute hoax! I haven't received the product yet but wanted to cancel as did not mean to buy it. Was charged much more than advertised. Contacted their customer service several times before it was shipped but no reply. Now shipping confirmation received so too late to cancel. Put in complaint with paypal but they haven't even replied to them yet! So as far as I am concerned they are unlawful and wish I had seen this page before thinking of buying!

SueStritzinger Remelts January 07, 2019

I went online to check out the site. I thought I would give them a try since I have had neck and back issues. When I went to purchase the product and filled out the information, the cost was $38.99 with FREE shipping.

When I went to the next page to review the order, it submitted the order. They charged me $51.84! I emailed them to cancel my order three times in three days with NO response. I called their customer service line to cancel the order three different times and each time was on hold 31-60 minutes!

This is SCAM. I have not received my insoles as of yet, 11 days later, and still no response from the company! I would NOT recommend you give them your credit card number since they charge you whatever they feel like charging and will let you know if they even send out a product!

December 18, 2018

1) November 16th, 2018: I decided to make a purchase of a product advertised as MindInsole. I went through the payment process and indicated that I wanted to pay using PayPal. When I got to the purchase screen, I should have taken a screen shot, I was told my purchase did not go through and I was prompted to enter my credit card information. I didn’t want to do that, so I went back through the process and tried to place my order again. I received the same message, “your purchase through PayPal did not complete, would you like to complete this purchase using your credit card?” After that point I left it. I expected that my purchases did not go through.

2) Later the same day November 16th, 2018: I received two notifications from PayPal that I had placed orders. I thought it looked weird. Sure enough there were two purchases for $79.19 USD. I immediately contacted PayPal and told them what had happened, they opened a case. It was explained to me that their protocol is to contact the seller, if the seller does not respond to PayPal in 10 days, they would refund my purchase of the second item.

3) After contacting PayPal I received two emails from [email protected] one email arrived on November 16th, the other on November 18th. I have two different order confirmation numbers. In the body of the email it states that it could take up to 30 days for shipping and delivery. In the email it states that I made both purchases on November 15, 2018. Order #1: 43411669, Order #2: 43412337. In the body of the email it says this: How long does it take to get my order?

Due to high demand, please allow us up to 30 days for shipping and delivery from the date of your order.

4) I waited for a response or an update from PayPal and I received nothing, so on November 24th I contacted [email protected]. They responded on November 27, 2018 and offered to give me a 30% refund off the price of the second order. I promptly replied on November 27th, declining the 30% discount and stating that I would still like to cancel one of the orders. They responded on December 3rd indicating that it was too bad but the order had already gone to the warehouse and could not be cancelled, and that once I received the product I would have to pay the shipping to return it to them. I responded on December 4th that I was unhappy with this information.

5) It is now December 18th, I have not received a shipping notification, a tracking number or anything to indicate that my order has been shipped or that it ever will be. Yesterday, I contacted PayPal and opened a second dispute, regarding the promised timeframe of the shipped item (30 Days). I have paid Swell eComm (MindInsole) a total of $158.38 USD and have not received any product from them. They did not respond to my last email on December 4th and it seems as though PayPal will not do anything about either the duplicate purchases or the lack of a delivered product.

6) After doing some on-line research, looking at product reviews there seems to be a trend of not delivering product or delivering a poor quality product and not allowing the purchaser to return the product. This company has also been flagged by the Better Business Bureau.

Not recommended
December 17, 2018


the product takes to arrive 1,5 month and if you want to return - you can't!!!!!!! You can't reach anyone by phone (estimated time only keeps increasing the longer you wait) no matter what time you call, no-one reply to e-mails, so just don't by it here, go look on-line first for similar products with 10 times smaller price!

December 14, 2018

I have given these a lengthy try with NO results. I would like to return for a refund, however I've just spent an hour and 46 minutes on hold with their pretend customer service line @ 888-296-2217. Don't fall for this, and once they have your money...good luck.

Mike Malone in Arizona.

Tender Foot
December 7, 2018
So far after 2 days only, they have caused me more pain on feet and I've yet to feel any benefits. The disclaimer is that "after a few months my back, legs, etc. will feel less pain" or something like that. But so far the pain on the bottom of my feet is unbearable. Like I'm walking barefoot on a metal grate. I'll give a few more days.

LaurieNelson Posner December 11, 2018

I have been wearing these in my shoes for a month and I have two very bad feet that needed a triplearthrodecis , and L5 laminectimy ! I have never felt better, I can walk again without the pain!!

MindInsole ordered 10/26/2018
December 5, 2018
Cannot review a product that has not been received yet. Order placed >30 days ago and nothing from them ... no shipment information, no update NOTHING !!

this is a scam
December 4, 2018

Bought those a week ago and trying to send it back

No results from what they are promising in they adds.

No customer servise

Also they product is sold in Target more than 50% off the website price

but in my opinion it is a waist of money for those insoles.

MindInsole Customer Support December 05, 2018

Hi Alex. We are sorry to hear about this feedback. To make sure that all your concerns are covered and straightened out, we encourage you to send us an email to [email protected] containing the order number or email address used when you purchased. Thank you.

SWELL something or other
December 4, 2018
They have had my money for 2 months. I haven't received my order. I have had no response to my emails. A company called SWELL something is the actual US transaction company. PayPal will not help me with this. I believe the whole thing is a scam, but I can't prove it. I recommend you DO NOT DEAL WITH MIND IN SOLES. Their business practices leave a great deal to be desired!

MindInsole Customer Support December 05, 2018

Hi Mary. We are sorry to hear about this feedback. To make sure that all your concerns are covered and straightened out, we encourage you to send us an email to [email protected] containing the order number or email address used when you purchased. Thank you.

Still waiting..
December 1, 2018
Ordered one on 10/26 and still haven’t received them. Hope you,re not in a hurry!

MindInsole Customer Support December 05, 2018

Hi Carole. To make sure that your concerns are covered and straightened out, we sent you an email to the email address you have used when you ordered. Please check your email and we look forward to your response.

November 27, 2018

Fraud, losers,

November 26, 2018

I don’t know about anyone else. But if you are wondering about your order and it taking so long. It very clearly told me when I ordered that it could take up to 30 days to ship. So just be patient. Maybe you just missed that part.

As of right now I have no actual review.

SueVarns November 27, 2018

I payed for these on the 28th of October it's now the 27th of November and still no product, have sent 3 emails no response now contacting Pay Pal to put in a dispute, no communication from them whatsoever, not happy

LisaSyverson November 27, 2018

30 days before shipping, which means you wouldn’t have them yet.

Mind in sole
November 22, 2018
I bought these at begining of nov. I have heard nothing so not sure if its a scam or not. I tried emailing twice to chase my order but no response but have had a few marketing emails. Saw they had responded to somebodies message on here so tried to contact them thatt way but my comment did not seem to appear when i refreshed the page. so not sure if the good review i saw and responded to on hear is a hoax either. Guessing time will tell

LynneGausden Grant November 25, 2018

Pffft what a waste of my hard earned money.... they don’t work!!! Have worn them now for 2 weeks and zip, zero, nothing!!! Not helped one iota... disgusting that companies take advantage of people that have chronic pain. So to all out there thinking of buying this product... DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY...ITS A SCAM!!!!

November 13, 2018
Thank you all sooo much for saving me the trouble. Every now and again, before ordering an "unknown" product, I check reviews first. Thank God I did. I'm so sorry hour all dealing with this BS! But thank you all for warning the rest of us. I promise it hasn't fallen in deaf ears.

carolynsaunderson November 22, 2018

I have found this product to be useless I tried to return it but it was impossible. Waste of money.

Stay Clear, Sucker Born every Minute
November 12, 2018
I clicked on these through Facebook Advertisement. I thought well I'll spend 32.00 to try it. The site is setup so you search through the product options, i.e. one pair, two pair, three pair for $89.99, etc. , but has no button to select, which one. There is a large "Buy Now button", So I'm thinking it will take me to the order site, pressed the buy button, went to the next page, for how I wanted to pay, selected PayPal. Next thing I knew I was sent to PayPal and order was confirmed for the three pair option of $89.99, which I didn't want to select, only wanted one pair. So I wrote it off. Got the insoles tried one, hurt my feet like hell, suffered through a full day. my feet hurt so bad I could hardly walk. felt like I was walking on BBs in my shoes. Lesson learned I thought. Until a month later 11/11/18 and received an e-mail that my order was confirmed again. What??. I immediately went to PayPal, it hadn't billed yet. Removed all my linked payment options. Next day 11/12/18 order shipped. I saw nothing on their website about auto ship, etc. Now I guess the fun really begins. Stay clear. I got a deal for you if you want to try them.

MindInsole Customer Support November 16, 2018

Hi Billy. We are sorry to hear about this feedback. We would like to make sure that all your concerns are attended to. Please check your inbox because we sent you a new email to straighten things out.

Jane campbell November 22, 2018

HI MIND IN SOLe. I hope you respond to this. I ordered 3 sets of in soles from your web site and have emailed you twice as i have not received confirmation of my order or any communication to say they are on there way. Please can you assure me my order is goung to arrive and when. I would appreciate your help with this matter. Thank you

LisaSyverson November 26, 2018

They say that it could take up to 30 days to ship.

no order submitted
November 11, 2018
I bought one and now they say I ordered another. I did not. I am still trying to contact them to cancel order. The first order I placed finally came after weeks of charging my PayPal account. This is a very difficult company to work with. I bought the insole to help me cope with neuropathy. It does help a little once I get used to the hard bumps. I don't recommend the company or the product

November 3, 2018
I had no idea these would have hard bumps all over them. I bought them for my arthritis in my feet and the bumps made my feet MORE PAINFUL instead of relieving the pain. I'm on social security low income and this was a large expense for me and now after reading these review I'm afraid I won't be able to get my money back because I cut one to fit my shoe...how else could I try them and know if they would work for me, you certainly can't tell just by looking at them. I'm so sad and disappointed.

November 2, 2018
How I wish I had checked the reviews before ordering. This company has in effect stolen £118 from me. I have sent countless emails and all the do is continue to bombard me with other products to buy. Stay clear.

November 1, 2018
Order a month ago never received product unable to contact anyone by phone or email buyer beware

These are Horrible!
October 31, 2018
Literally had these in my shoe for 20 min. Hurt so bad couldn't use. Called CS and was put on hold for 30 min. Hung up on me, called back and was on hold for 25 more min. Was told that if they had been cut to put in my shoe then they would not take them back!! Seriously how are you supposed to try them if you can't put them in your shoe??!!

DavidRitten November 01, 2018

Sent payment a month ago didn't ship unable to get a response it's a scam