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Metabolic Renewal Review: Is it Legit?

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Metabolic Renewal, found online at, is a female-specific weight loss program headed by Dr. Jade Teta.

The 12 week workout plan includes workout DVDs and accompanying diet books.

Dr. Teta describes Metabolic Renewal as a fully customizable, doctor-designed lifestyle program that's optimized for the female metabolism.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Metabolic Renewal was created by Dr. Jade Teta, who was frustrated that most women had difficulty being successful with popular diet and exercise programs.

He felt a lack of acknowledgement that females may need a different diet and exercise plan, and that women were often told it was their own fault they weren’t successful in losing weight.

Teta states that most diet and exercise programs are actually designed with men’s bodies and biology in mind and aren’t appropriate for women.

He claims Metabolic Renewal has been designed to turn females' natural hormonal rhythms into a metabolic advantage.

Hormone Types

The company states that there are 7 major hormone types you can experience over your lifetime, each having a different impact on your metabolism, weight, and overall well-being.

Before you begin this program, you'll take an assessment quiz that determines which of the 7 hormone types best describes you. 

Then you'll be directed to the best foods, workouts and relaxation and healthy living activities for your specific type.

The 4M Framework

The course is based on Dr. Teta’s 4M Framework which breaks your weight loss and body transformation journey into 4 stages.

  1. Mindset  -  The idea being that calming the mind and removing stress sets you up for success with the rest of the program.  Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that can wreak havoc on your body's major systems and can often lead to weight gain.

  2. Movement  -  specifically Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (NEAT) - which can be a number of simple things you can do throughout the day to keep you moving.

  3. Meals  -  The Metabolic Renewal program comes with recipes and meal plans to work optimally with your hormonal type.  A more intuitive way of eating is a better approach than restrictive diets that frequently lead to yo-yo weight loss/gain.

  4. Exercise  -  The program provides short 15 minute workouts that can be done 3 times per week at home.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Customer feedback for the Metabolic Renewal program can be broken down into two segments, the diet & exercise program and the company’s customer service & sales practices.

The majority of the negative customer reviews are from customers who are unhappy with the way the company pursues aggressive up-sells and encourages enrollment into additional programs that have recurring monthly fees.

Some customers felt misled into ordering additional products or don’t even remember doing so and are surprised when they see additional charges to their accounts.

Some reviewers mentioned the long videos they had to sit through after their initial purchase pitching them additional products.  

Additional products sold by Metabolic Renewal include:

  • Metabolic Super Protein®
  • Metabolic Spark®
  • Metabolic Super Omegas®
  • MenoSync®
  • Metabolic Mastery Club Membership  -  $1 for the first 30-days then $77/month for 6 months.  After 6 months you become a lifetime member.

When it comes to the actual diet and workout programs, customer reviews are more favorable.  Many customers appreciated the fact that the exercises can be customized to adjust for age or current fitness levels.

Users also found the recipes and meal plans helpful in keeping their diet in order, and overall many reported some form of weight loss and improved mental wellbeing.

Critics of the program complained that Metabolic Renewal is just a basic low carb diet, and found some of the workouts not engaging enough.  Others complained that they couldn’t get in-depth answers regarding their individual hormonal issues.

The parent company of Metabolic Renewal, Natural Health Sherpa, is BBB accredited and has a 3.59/5 rating from 122 customer reviews with an A rating on that platform.

Customer Service

Customers who wish to contact the customer service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-316-8556, or by submitting them directly to their website at

The company list its physical address as:

1121C Military Cutoff Rd Ste 360
Wilmington, NC 28405-3641


Cost & Price Plans

Currently provides their customers two different methods of purchasing their product.

The first is their Digital Package, where customers will be able to immediately download or stream all their tools and videos on any internet capable device for $37.

Customers can also choose to purchase the Digital and Printed Package, which provides them with everything included in the Digital Package as well as physical DVDs and printed materials, also for $37, plus the cost of shipping and handling.

Both packages will include The 12-Week Body-Sculpting Workout Plan, 4 Body-Sculpting Phases, Metabolic Renewal Roadmap, 12 Week Metabolic Meals Plan, and the Female Transformation Tracker.


Refund Policy states that customers are welcome to return any product purchased on their website within 60 days of the original date of purchase for a full refund, except for nutritional supplements.

The Metabolic Renewal program itself comes with a 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee - not including shipping and handling.

If you are requesting a refund for a digital product, the refund will be processed immediately after your request and your access to that product will be revoked at that time.

If you've purchased a physical product, your refund will not be processed until your product return has been received and inspected.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many different weight loss programs which promise to work directly with your body’s hormones to help aid the weight loss process.

Most of these programs are directed at women, so if you're looking for a different but similar program there will be a variety of options.

There are also lots of supplements on the market that claim to work directly on your cells to stimulate your metabolism and promote weight loss.  One such product is Gundry MD Metabolic Advanced.  

Is Metabolic Renewal Legit?

In general, any program that promotes the elimination of highly processed foods and sugars in favor of healthy meals and exercise should have a positive effect on your health.

Metabolic Renewal bases its diet on Dr. Teta’s 3-2-1 plan.  You have 3 meals per day, of which only 1 contains a small serving of starch and the other 2 are only proteins and vegetables.

This is essentially a modified low-carb diet, or a less restrictive version of the Paleo Diet.  

Imagine taking the standard American food pyramid and swapping out the bottom bread/grain/starch rung with the vegetable rung and building from there.

The bulk of your meal will consist of vegetables and protein along with healthy fats.  This should actually keep you feeling fuller longer compared to when eating primarily carbs, which are essentially sugars.

The other benefit to Metabolic Renewal is that it's less restrictive than other popular diets and doesn't force you to count calories.  This should help those who have had issues with disordered eating habits.

When you mix this diet plan with the short, high-intensity interval workouts that Metabolic Renewal prescribes, most people should see benefits.

Some dietitians have criticized this program on the belief that low carb diets may provide short term weight-loss but aren't sustainable in the long run.

While Metabolic Renewal is only a 12-week program, the benefits of weaning yourself off of sugars and processed foods may last longer as your body resets its threshold for tolerating sweets.

Furthermore, there are multiple studies that show low carb diets are more effective vs calorie restricted low fat diets for up to 6 months. [ 12 ].

The other negative reviews of Metabolic Renewal pointed out that there is no clinical trials-based evidence for the hormonal elements of this diet plan, and that any potential benefits of Metabolic Renewal are due to the improved diet and exercise prescribed in the plan, and not due to some female hormonal optimization.


Final Note:  While this diet plan may not be as revolutionary as the advertising makes it sound, it is based on some solid principles.  It could be a good tool for those new to low carb eating and who need a kickstart on their health journey.

Most of the information included in this program can be found online for free, but many people require the motivation and accountability that comes with following a paid program.  

Again, make sure that you proceed with caution through the order process and don’t sign up for any unintended upsells - none of which are essential to have success with the program.

If you have any experience with Metabolic Renewal or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Metabolic Renewal Customer Reviews

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Buyer Beware!
September 18, 2023
I would give a zero if I could. Refund was requested and approved. Product was returned but refund was $76 and should have been around $800. My hair fell out after using the product that’s why I wanted to return it. Buyer beware!!!!!

Program doesn’t address breast cancer patients with this diet
August 6, 2023
Doesn’t offer anything for women with estrogen positive & progesterone positive breast cancer. Doctors prescribe ai pills (aromatase inhibitors) to suppress estrogen/progesterone hormones as they feed my type of breast cancer.

Extremely poor customer service!!!
July 27, 2023
I would give no stars if I could. Customer service is extremely poor. I've been trying a month to speak to someone about returning products that are unopened and still in the box. They wasted no time calling me when I wanted to order but I can't get any help now! Beware!!!!!

Where is my product?
July 13, 2023
It’s been three weeks and I still haven’t received my order. Can anyone tell me when I’ll be receiving it?

Buyer Beware.
May 4, 2023
I decided to try it because it was only $39.99, then at every turn they were playing a “but wait there’s more” game where for $80 I could get this other thing that I needed in order to “get the most out of my program” and then another thing for $60 that I needed to “get the most out of my program”. At that point I exited out. Apparently that gave the green flag for all of it though, so they sent me a heavy ass box that’s going to be $30-$50 to return, in order to get a refund, which will not cover return shipping, for crap I didn’t actually order. PS They also signed me up for some kind of reoccurring payments. Steer clear friends.

Sketchy Checkout Process
March 4, 2023
There is no opportunity to review your cart if paying by PayPal. They just slap on a $14 shipping and handling fee without you being able to stop the process. Usually when using PayPal, you are directed back to the site to complete the transaction. I had found the advertisement on Instagram. The contact information on the NSHERPA.COM website does not work at all. I immediately contacted PayPal to stop the transaction. Afterward I found an email in my Inbox from Metabolic Renewal. That phone number DID work. I called and asked to cancel my order. The man who answered told me it took an hour or so for new orders to process, and I should call back later. I certainly will!

Metabolic Living A SCAM: It IS "Diet & Exercise" focused...NOT HORMONES!
November 13, 2022

It SOUNDS good at the beginning...affordable but then u get looped into 3 videos to try to sell me MORE products. Could not fast-forward thru them to decline offers, but finally did & only ordered ONLINE & some protein shakes.

Once they sent me the link to "online" I realized it WASN'T "ONLINE" as one has to download PDFs to access the 81pgs of a Meal Plan booklet NOT "custom written for my metabolic type" - I also saw that their claim to not have to diet or exercise but more about what we need to eat for our hormones to be in balance was a crock! They tried to say you only need to exercise three times per week for 15 minutes and even if you have limitations you can do it.

When they onboarding specialist called me to go over the plan I asked her why it was telling us to get out and walk 4,000 to 10,000 steps per day if it wasn't like other programs? Then she tried to tell me that the meal plan was a 3-2-1 meal plan where I would eat three meals, two without carbs and one with carbs and we would eat more protein and vegetables. I told her how this sounded like any other diet including the Atkins diet. There were no modifications for the exercises even though they said there would be but if I have to get out and do 10,000 steps per day when I'm recovering from a knee surgery then this is impossible.

This whole thing is a flipping scam and I would definitely advise against trying to believe anything it says even from the beginning! Luckily I was able to finally get through and get them to give me a cancellation on the spot today. I wouldn't hang up until it was processed because I had read reviews about them not doing refunds. I am reporting this everywhere I can about this horrendous scam.

Charlottemiller December 13, 2022

Buyer beware. I listened to an hour plus presentation and ordered one of every recommended product , Not multiples or a subscription, and spent $240 . They want you to talk with a company representative shortly after ordering, and basically that is to sell you more product. The first product mentioned was some months supply for $400 , and there were several more they wanted to add. So I asked to cancel my original order and get a full refund. The customer service rep tried to talk me into taking a 25% refund and keeping the product. I said no, so finally he had to check to see if it had been shipped. It had, so now when it arrives I ‘return to sender’ with no postage charge to me. There is a hassle factor. This is not a company I would recommend to deal with.

Gigi August 06, 2023

Thanks for posting this info.

Liars… selling protein powder and supplements
February 6, 2022

I give ZERO stars! The workouts are crap. Been there, done that. If you are in a slump and looking to lose 10- 30 lbs, stay away! If you eat healthy, cook for yourself regularly, stay away.

The only thing this program did for me in the 2 days I had it was it woke me up! I can do this myself. I got an immediate refund. All these people want to do is sell you flavored protein powder.

They tell you, “everyone loves it… tastes great!” Bull!!! And omega vitamins in liquid form saying it’s not fishy. Again, BS!!! And all of this costs more than you would spend if you did it on your own! Save your sanity and stay far, far away.

Don't expect a refund unless you can prove you have a tracking number.
January 11, 2022

I ordered this product without renewing but got two auto shipments which I called to return. They sent me an email with instructions which I followed exactly. I returned them but never got a refund.

My mistake was to mail them thru the postmaster and simply assume it would get there without getting a tracking number. I waited two months, never saw the refund, called and they won't give it to me without the tracking number. FYI, I wrote the RMA number on the outside of the box as well as put a copy of the return email on the inside so they would know who to credit which is what their email said. But because I can't provide the tracking number, they won't refund me.

FYI.. their email didn't say I needed to be sure I got one as it would be required. Yes, a package can get lost but it seems more likely to me they received the 6 containers, put them back in inventory and did not take the time to give me the credit and weren't planning to until I called and could prove it had been mailed back.

I know this sounds negative. Sorry. Just frustrated. This is the first review I have ever written anywhere. I just think this SUCKS. I'm out $264... 6 jars of product.. and the cost to mail it back... as well as my time calling and following up.

Emma July 27, 2023

After getting sick and not being able to use the product, I returned it with a guarantee of a full refund. They claim they didn't receive it so I sent the USPS tracking showing it was received. It's a month later and still nothing.

Gigi August 06, 2023

Thanks for posting your review!

Good program from a terrible business plan
August 20, 2021

For the exercise program itself, I would have given more stars. I've been doing it for several weeks and I'm already seeing improvements in my mood, my energy levels, and my body proportions. Nothing major, but I do appreciate the short workouts with full modifications for every fitness level and the insistence on resting as often as needed. I don't feel like I'm failing by listening to my body's limits.

For the sales pitch, though, I would have given less stars. I also had the experience some of the other reviewers did - once I had ordered the actual exercise program, I then had to sit through *four* videos that couldn't be skipped or fast-forwarded through, each touting another add-on supplement to the program. I clicked on the "no thank you" link once it appeared for each one, but it still took up at least an hour of my time, which is ridiculous - if I hadn't already had a reason to be sitting in front of my computer for that long, I would have abandoned the whole thing after the first one. I ordered the physical DVDs and they did arrive within a week, so no issues there.

The latest insult came just today, when I finally scheduled my Onboarding Appointment - I hadn't done so at first because I'm fully capable of reading the material and getting started myself, but I had come across some questions I wanted answered. The onboarding specialist, Bianca, was not personable, clearly reading off a script and didn't seem to be listening to what I'd said - why on earth ask me if I would commit to doing the phase 1 exercises 3x a week, when I'd clearly said several times I'd been working the program for several weeks already? Because, that's what the script said. She also tried again to sell me on "Dr. Jade's supplements". And the biggest question I had, about how my long-term birth control might be affecting my hormone type since I don't have "normal" periods, she couldn't answer. Just assumed I was talking about the pill (I wasn't) and told me to retake the quiz (which I'd already looked into). Complete waste of time.

Overall, if you can navigate your own way through the program and are willing to be your own advocate, the program on its merits seems to work. But if you're looking for meaningful advice and guidance from the program directors, don't bother. They'll already have your money and seem to prioritize getting more of it rather than getting you where you want to be.

June 20, 2021
Bad news stay away! They high pressure sell you to buy their products then don’t deliver them. Countless emails and phone calls go unresolved. I asked for a refund and was told their system was down. They have $500 of my money and I received nothing. My order was placed on May 39th and was supposed to be shipped out in 3-8 business days. No answers and no resolution. Stay away.

I appreciate the approach and info
June 22, 2020

No one programs precisely fits anybody. Common sense. I ordered to program and like many things didn’t start till I was ready so don’t remember how long it took. I did contact customer service for an electronic version of the tracker and got instant response.

I appreciate the 20 minute workouts. Short. Doable in the little spare time I have. Definitely gets the heart rate up (which feels good) and there are modifications for everything. Can’t run in place with high knees do high knee lifts. Squats, yes, go down as far as you can, or not. Modifications fir that too. Yes, it’s a low carb diet. He explains why and when to eat carbs.

Yes, you get to eat carbs. Your portion control is the size of your plate. Have cravings... he tells you what to do with those. Follow his recipes or use suggestions. Very flexible to what you can or want to do. And, throughout the book he provides info on how to make adjustments for yourself to fit your needs.

I will admit, focusing on 3 meals a day and starting my day with a reasonable 20 minutes of exercise makes me feel better, keeps my cravings down because I’m eating three meals a day and physically and mentally makes me feel better. It’s definitely a step in the right direction. I will be sharing my copy with friends.

So far, So good
June 10, 2020

I have been on this program for 1 1/2 weeks. I find the information very useful and straightforward. I have not done any of the exercises yet but will try them soon. I didn't get my products for about a month but I was able to download the information and audio. I listen to it when I walk.

The recipes are wonderful and I have enjoyed learning more about why I can't lose weight anymore (I'm 62 and post menopausal). Dr. Jada explains all of this. Even though I did not get my products I started the program anyway and used the protein powder I already had. I followed the eating plan and all other suggestions to the tee. In the first week I lost 5 pounds and 10 inches.

I feel great. Yes, this is not anything different than a low carb diet. But, the information Dr. Jada provides is eye opening. This plan is not expensive and is not a quick fix. So far I highly recommend this program but it won't work if you just buy it. Anything worth having is worth working for.

thank you marti
June 2, 2020

theres another review by Marti Mefford on this page. The link to the better business bureau website for the parent company is the most important information thats not out there. Thanks Marti!

MyOwnPath November 05, 2020

The BBB has never been useful for me, so this company must be REALLY INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE for the BBB to rate it so very poorly, and to have this history kept on file.

Gigi August 06, 2023

Thank you for your review!

Thank you for the reviews!
October 29, 2019
I haven’t ordered the product but I really want to thank the reviewers that did BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE TO READ! They are only disguised affiliate biased reviews and thank goodness for these. It’s not for me.

LornaHeron November 03, 2019

thanks for your review I want something easy and guess it no different from low carb low cal diet

Way too complicated
September 30, 2019

I received this program about 2 weeks ago and returned it today. I ordered the digital version of the program. OMG....124 page PDF to review before you even get started. You could get a college degree by the time you finish trying to sift through all the info connected to this program.


I don’t care why, I don’t need a litany of useless information, I just want to know what to’s that simple. This basically turns out to be nothing more than a low carb diet disguised as new groundbreaking science. When you go to their website, you take their short quiz to determine your metabolic type, then, have to listen to what seemed like a never ending video presentation, which leads to yet another one. Iy took up over an hour of my time.

When you finally get to the point of payment and shipping info, they try to up-sell you into buying their whey shake powder by implying that if you really want the diet to work you need to add their exclusive formula shake to your daily regime. This purchase then leads to yet another up-sell of their special exclusive formula dietary supplements.

By the time you check out you’ve spent over $100. Here’s my weight loss smaller portions, make healthier food choices, move more, and don’t waste money on products like this. You can do this yourself.

Karen Kluges June 02, 2020

Thank you. I knew this was nonsense but, as several people have remarked, there's no honest reviews to read anywhere.

Website SUCKS!!!!
September 12, 2019

They force you to watch before you can order and they don't allow you to view or edit your cart before the order is complete. Also you have to be very careful...since you can't edit the make sure to uncheck the box for a subscription of the other items they want you to buy.

Then you have to call to cancel anything you didn't mean to order and for me it took two calls and 11 days before they processed the refund. All this before I even get to try to product. Also the shipping took forever. The item was ordered on August 1st (it says up to 8 business days to receive) and didn't ship until the Sept 13th.

They claimed there were so many orders that they couldn't get them out fast enough and that they would EXPEDITE shipping for free. Yeah expedited meant getting it in 7-10 business days...WHAT A CROCK!! Also if you have to call it sounds like a foreign call center. So....NOT IMPRESSED.

AnissaLewis January 09, 2020

I wish I had seen this review before I got sucked into this mess. I had the same experience with the website, lengthy videos, upsell on everything. After over an hour, I got disgusted and closed my browser but the order went through anyway. Although they promise you "instant digital access", the link they sent me did not work. I called customer service immediately to request a refund, which they claimed they could not process due to "server maintenance". I have sent a refund request via email and am waiting to hear back. If I do not hear back in the next day or two, I will be disputing this transaction with my credit card company.

CarrieWoodward March 24, 2021

Did you select to order the other items or click on the bottom of each of those videos saying no thanks? Wishing I would have found this before I ordered. All I paid was $37 for the first part, liking the idea of the recipes and workouts - I clicked on no thanks for all the other stuff.

NOT for people with physical issues
August 23, 2019

Be ready for jumping, running in place (knees high), push-ups, fast ab routine, squats, and much more. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m saying if you have back, knee, leg problems, you will need to make major modifications.

I just got it so I wasn’t able to keep up but for $40 for the program I don’t think it’s bad. I’ll keep up; no doubt from zero exercise to this, I’m certainly going to lose weight, sleep better, and become healthy through the meals of choice.

I’ll check back in 3 weeks n see what’s going on!

ElizabethVitkov October 22, 2019

Did this work for you? I'm interested in an update :)

MyOwnPath November 05, 2020

I want to hear as well! I have a crushed L5 vertebrae, stenosis of foraminal spaces, pinched nerves, and advanced arthritis in the facet joints of my spine. Chondromalacia Patella in both knees, SLAP Tear in the Labrum of my R. Shoulder, and Calcium Deposits in the muscles and tendons of my L. Shoulder. Only the back injury stops me, but it’s a full stop. :/

Please read Better Business Bureau Reviews!
June 16, 2019

When you place your order it is handled through a company called Natural Health Sherpa (Not Dr. Jade) and the reviews are terrifying. Every single review is about being scammed and frauded.

I immediately cancelled my order and I am sad that Dr. Jade uses a dishonest company to promote his advise.

MajashtiRivera August 23, 2019

NOT for people with physical issues. His models are super young and physically active people in great health. SO, if your back hurts or ur a bit stiff, you’re not going to find his videos helpful. In the sales video he stated it didn’t matter if u have any health really does. He has the girls squatting, jumping, ab exercises, push-ups, running in’s not easy.

MyOwnPath November 05, 2020

The truth about weight gain/loss is that it really has more to do with calories in/calories out, plus low carb, avoid sugars. Aerobic Exercise is not necessary to the process, often times it causes hunger, which leads to the ingestion of extra calories which negates the work we are doing to lose weight.

We should always keep moving because it‘s good for our heart and lungs, keeps us limber, it’s good for our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints; but simple stretching and a one mile walk, (at any pace), after each meal is enough.