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January 30, 2023
This is absolutely a horrible business. I ordered a jacket and received a pair of pants. Reaching any sort of customer service is difficult. Avoid these people at all costs. Read the other reviews....that tells the story.

The worst company that I've ever dealt with
November 30, 2022

I gave this this company 1 star only because I think they have fine products at reasonable prices. Zero stars for customer service. I purchased a top coat from them recently. I really liked the coat coat but despite that I ordered my usual size, it seemed to be cut a little large & would have required considerable tailoring. I returned it at my expense plus $25 as I had received free shipping (nearly $60 total or 30% of what I paid for the coat) to exchange it for a smaller size. When I received the new coat it was the same size as the one I returned. Okay mistakes happen. When I contacted them about their error, they refused to pay for return shipping & after several emails back & forth the solution they offered was to give me a $70 credit & I could keep the coat or return it ( again at my expense) for a full refund less a restocking fee. Can you imagine that they would think that having a coat that I would have $160 invested in but couldn't wear or that I could have nothing after an investment of $90+ would make me a happy customer? Yet they have the nerve to say this on their website: "If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality, fit, or fabric of your suit you can return it for a full refund!

We feel compelled and responsible to give you the best customer service. If you don't want to pay those silly prices at the malls, just let take care of you and we promise you will become a regular customer! "

While I cannot provide any pictures or a receipt as proof of my purchase, here is an example of one of my exchanges with them.

The correct item was NOT shipped. You sent the same size that I returned though I indicated that I needed a smaller size.

On Monday, November 28,2022 at 11:00:02 PM EST, mensUSA wrote:


Our records show the correct item was processed and shipped.


On Mon, Nov 28,2022 at 7:54 PM mark angelini wrote:

Your return policy is clear except that it doesn't indicate how things are handled when you send the wrong item. (which you have)

In reading the policy it appears that you could have sent me a tuxedo instead of a top coat & I would have to pay return shipping & a restocking fee unless I decided to keep it or you could have sent any size top coat that you wanted to stuff into a box instead of the size I ordered & I would have to pay return shipping & a restocking fee unless I wanted to keep it

May 15, 2022

What a fiasco! We ordered 9 suits from MemsUSA. The suits that actually arrived where in TWO DIFFERENT COLORS! Some of the vests didn’t match the jacket or pants. The pants were too small for four of the suits.

Two suits were never sent after they “tried to contact” us ONCE (they claim) with some question…then (after contact wasn’t made…they claim) they never tried to contact us again so they DROPPED THE ORDER without telling us.

We paid $70 to have one sent “over night” and it never arrived because they sent to the WRONG STATE. We tried calling MensUSA approximately 15 times (at least) but only got to talk to a “person” twice! The person we talked to snippy and argumentative. What fiasco! MEnsUSA is a JOKE! Stay clear of them!!!

Scam site, poor service, and horrible return policy
April 5, 2022

Ordered what was pictured as a bright Green vest and pants for kid's prom, as well as a solid color shirt that should have been "free" as advertised.

What was delivered was nearly black it was so dark. Shirt didn't arrive until a week after the vest and pants, too late for prom.

Contacted this scam company to complain about the vest and pants, they offered to let me keep them with a 30% discount. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me since the wrong thing, even discounted, is still the wrong thing!

They then insisted that they sent everything exactly as ordered, even though the description clearly states "GREEN"

Return policy is a joke, they charge you for returns even if it is clearly their error.

This company is clearly a fraud and has many other shell sites as well, so beware in dealing with them or any others like them.

The worst place I have ever shopped at
May 24, 2021

I called dozens of times over multiple weeks trying to get this blazer and after 3 weeks, they told me it was out of stock. Customer service is the worst and all of them were completely unhelpful. They transferred me to every possible different phone number every time I called them saying I'm at the wrong warehouse.

I needed this blazer before prom and someone named Philip promised me I would get it and then I spent 3 days trying to contact Philip again until I was finally fed up and talked to another lady where she told me it was out of stock everywhere even though Philip told me they had plenty of the blazers I wanted.

Don't shop here if you want anything I should've listened to the other reviews about them receiving different colors and different sized stuff than they ordered but I wanted the blazer really bad so I ignored them.

If you somehow get what you wanted from this place, you are one of the very few lucky people.

Do Not Buy From MensUSA
December 18, 2020

I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST PURCHASING FROM MENSUSA. I ordered a $230 jacket from them which was the worst possible quality I could imagine and big enough for 2 people to wear and then some.

Before purchasing the agent specifically told me that I could return it if it wasn’t the right size which was why I decided to go ahead. WORST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE BELIEVING HIM.

I called and emailed only for them to say it’s a final sale. No returns only exchanges. So basically I’ve lost $230 on CRAP! DO NOT BE LIKE ME. DO NOT ORDER FROM MENSUSA.

A word is enough for the wise. This is Mayode Aboderin’s review.

Mens usa
March 6, 2020
I have been dealing with this company for close to 5 yrs. They email me back and communicate if there is a issue and are great. Shipping lightening fast. Well 5 yrs straight should tell you how i feel #lovem

Scam Site
February 15, 2019

Ordered a jacket for my wedding, but the color did not match what was on the site. Since the page says "Free Returns" in multiple places, I didn't think it would be a problem. Emailed to return it, and was told that I would get charged $25 for initial shipping and $25 to return it. Or they would refund me $30 and I just keep the jacket.

After pointing out they say Free Shipping and Free Returns on the item page and that the Returns link on all their pages doesn't actually have a Returns Policy (it goes to an "About" page instead), I haven't heard back. Also, their site says they have a 5 star rating on "Reviewopedia" which is obviously a lie.

5 Star products
February 7, 2019
Guys you Rock

Scam web site
December 13, 2018
I order jacket the jacket came damage and they ask me to pay for shipping back , they are not nice and no polite Do not used this company

Jason Villastrigo February 07, 2019

Must have been a bad day for the person you delt with cause I was treated professionally, and politely in my dealings with SuitUSA.

Don't Trust What They Say
October 17, 2018

I ordered a jacket for one of my groomsmen since they claimed to have a smaller size no one else had. I was told I would get the product in 3 days - and straight up didn't hear/receive anything for 2 weeks.

My first phone call I was told they weren't able to get ahold of the warehouse. I called back 2 days later and was told the same thing but that I would hear back later that day, and didn't. I called 2 days later and was personally promised I would hear back that day, and you can guess what happened.

Finally, 3 weeks after my order (1 week before my wedding) I finally got an answer and they said they didn't actually have that size. Completely terrible experience - I have never reviewed a business online but wanted to just because they made my life so much more stressful before my wedding. Beware.

SamyBelair October 19, 2018

Bad place to do business with,BIG SCAM,the products are not good and they claimed 3 days or 1 week return policy which is fake,and they try to steal 30% of what you paid for.I strongly recommend my worse enemy not to do any kind of business with that place

Jason Villastrigo February 07, 2019

Wow sorry about your experience, but mine have been the complete opposite. I have had nothing but top notch dealings, and top quality suits.

May 8, 2018

ordered a suite for my wedding and after 8 days still no tracking info sent so I called and at first the guy said he couldn't hear me then kept me on hold for 15 minutes After calling back and speaking with someone else who left me on hold again for 10 minutes.

She returned to the phone and said Oh we don't have that suit, but we can get you another color. REALLY. This place is really a scam don't order anything from them you will not get what's pictured.

Please look elsewhere if you care about looking your best and not giving away your MONEY.

Jason Villastrigo February 07, 2019

I am very surprised you had such a bad experience cause when I spoke with a representative for my tracking number they were speedy getting me the info, and very polite and helpful and shipping was unbelievabley fast with top notch quality suits.

Buyer Please Beware
October 10, 2017

I had been eyeing a jacket on the website for a while. Prior to ordering, I called the company to inquire about the two day free delivery. I couldn't believe it was free. They assured me it was. I ordered a jacke

I called back to confirm the order was received. The representative read the order number size and sku. Promised it would be in 2 days. 3 days later I got the jacket. It was packaged quite nicely and looked like the picture. After removing it from the bag and feeling it, the quality was not that great. But it was 175 bucks so I shrugged it off.

What I didn't like was the back of the jacket had a seam that disrupted the entire pattern ( my reason for buying it in the first place) It looked like it was a really nice "sewn at home" project rather than a factory made product. I did get compliments when I wore it. but I was still self conscious about the back. All in all not a total bust, but I will be leery in the future.

Jason Villastrigo February 07, 2019

I had ordered a suit one of many I plan on purchasing with SuitUSA, and it was top notch quality I even turned friends onto SuitUSA for there suit purchases because of my great experiences I've had so far. Sorry to hear you had such a tough time with yours.

Dissatisfied Customer
March 21, 2017

If I could rate this business 0 stars I would. First, I call to say the item shipped was a completely different design than what was advertised and was answered by an unprofessional individual who told me she was a manager, the only person on the floor, and that she was being paid to talk to me on the phone.

She said they usually conduct business online and she doesn't talk to people on the phone. That was very evident as she does not have interpersonal communication to perform her job with adequacy.

I was told that I would receive a receipt online after asking her to recite the order number over the phone. She said it was a very long number and rambled it off far too quickly for me to record. I am unable to read small print and asked her to repeat the number but she refused to do so

To add insult to injury, the warehouse says that this design is all that they have available, regardless of the fact that the picture online is a completely different design altogether. This is false advertising.

I was told I can return the product as if they were doing me a favor to lift the "all sales final" policy.

I do not recommended this company to anyone.

Total Scam of a Business
March 21, 2017
They sent us the wrong jacket, never sent the pants and they won't refund our money. They are a scam, not a legit business. Do not use this company or you will be sorry.

December 15, 2016
This was my first experience with them. I received the order after 5 days even though I paid for a 2 day shipping. The order was incomplete, 2 items were missing. The customer service was kind of rude and offered me a partial refund. They ruin my plan. I am sure I am not ordering from them again.

November 19, 2016
Avoid doing business with these people at all costs. Once you are in their system they will continuously send you the wrong items over and over. I finally returned the last one they sent ,number 3, (at my own expense) and now they want to act like they don't know me. This business is completely incompetent at best and a scam at worst.

Find A Tuxedo On Time And Quality Is Fantastic
April 14, 2016

The quality is fantastic and rivals the suits I’ve worn to weddings, etc. from Men’s house or Al’s Formal Wear. It’s not too heavy, but doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest.

This is a traditional two piece formal regular fit tuxedo with a single breasted jacket, two-button closure, notch lapel and double vented back. The jacket has a satin lapel and the single pleated trousers have a satin stripe down this side of the leg.

Barbara Garten April 20, 2016

I have a son with Down syndrome that volunteers at his old high school, he get to go to the prom every year. He has a lot of health problems. He like to wear a different color suit every year. I have order suits from mensusa and they have always been helpful and kind, until this year. He wanted to wear yellow, so I order a yellow suit it was not the suit I order and that was find. I called they gave me the wear house, the man would not let me explain about the suit. He was rude and keep telling me it was my mistake, so I asked to speak to someone in charge, he told me that they sent me the right order, I received email from mensusa stating that they had a different suit that was in yellow, but it would not fit him, I try to explain that I had order other suit and he cut me off stating that I had order all different other sizes before like I did not no what I was doing, if he would have let me explain that yes there were different sizes because my son is in kidney failure and has had two open heart surgery and that his weight changes. I told him about the employee in the wear house and he said they take so many call and he defended his rudeness. This was the first time that I have had any problems with mensusa it ashame that one employee will stop you from shopping at a place that you was always satisfied with. I'm sorry that you didn't have the time to listen to a customer, I'm really going to miss your affordable prices and suits. Barbara Garten , email [email protected]

Completely dissatisfied
March 16, 2016
Ordered a coat labeled 4XL, the coat that came was definitely not a 4XL even though it said it was. They would not refund payment, did not have a larger size in that style and suggested I order another MORE EXPENSIVE style in that size. I didn't think I needed to spend more money on a gamble the different style would fit properly. Very disappointing experience overall and I will never shop there again.

A Hayes March 28, 2016

have ordered from you before, so I trusted that my purchase was good. Npw I received a FILTHY suit and all they have to say is sorry. NO WAY should the groom have to settle for this, I will NEVER order from you again because you DID NOT stand by your 100% guarantee. Anyone who looks at this item will see the obvious mistake someone made by dragging it on the floor. And if I find a site to lave a BAD review for you I will take it!!

April 20, 2015

I inquired about a suit before purchasing, it had 3 different listings for the type of material it was. So I called twice, was assured that it was 100% wool. The suit was received with a hole in the upper back, my 1st impression was damaged by a rodent of some type.

Also just as disturbing was that the suit was 46% rayon, 54% polyester, not even 1% wool. Just as disturbing the price listed on the suit 3 times, was $100.00 less than they charged me!!! They had over charged me by $100.00. But actually for me the WORST EXPERIENCE was dealing with the male Customer's Service people, they were totally rude and belligerent!!!

I would never ever even consider ordering anything from a company like this, just A TERRIBLE, DISHONEST PLACE to deal with!!!