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Locksmith Pros, found online at Locksmith-Pros.net, is a company that aims to provide customers with on-demand local auto, home, or commercial locksmith services. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Locksmith Pros is a team of expert emergency locksmith professionals who are both trained and experienced in the latest technology and locksmith techniques. 

Their team of technicians provides people with mobile locksmith services, meaning that they work from a professional vehicle and not from a storefront.

Mobile technicians can make replacement keys, change door locks, and even setup security systems with the tools and materials available inside their custom van.

If a customer needs service, they can simply contact their team by phone where you will speak to a dispatcher and explain your problem and the service you believe you need.

The dispatcher will send out the nearest locksmith to your area; their website says that they are proud to say their technicians have an average arrival time of just 15 minutes.

In addition, this service says that it is available 24 hours a day, because they understand that emergencies happen at all hours of the day and night.  

Cost/Price Plans

For pricing this company has broken their services into three specific categories: Automotive, Residential, and Commercial.

Customers who need locksmith services for their car will see that prices begin at $35, Residential services begin at $19, and Commercial services begin at $19.

It is important, however, that customers understand that this is simply the base price. The total price will also include a $15 service fee plus the costs of labor and any hardware that needs to be purchased.

Customers will be given an approximate cost for their service over the phone when they call this service.

The estimate is based on the customer's description of the problem, though, so the actual price may vary if the job ends up being more complicated than initially thought.

Refund Policy

This website says that whenever a dispute arises between a customer and a technician, the first step is to always dispute the services with the technician directly and request that they fix whatever it is the customer is dissatisfied with.

If this does not lead to a satisfactory conclusion for the customer, they can choose to contact Locksmith Pros to see what other solutions can be provided. 

Their website says that Locksmith Pros does have the right to determine the final resolution on whether or not they provide a customer with a refund, but they of course believe it is in their best interest to make sure their customers are satisfied with their work and service.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-377-3434. 


This company appears to have generally positive reviews at this time, with most customers being happy and excited about quickly this company was able to respond to their needs and actually address their problem.       

Competitors and Alternatives?

Depending on where you live the number of 24-hour locksmith services you have may vary, but ultimately customers should always be able to find someone who would provide them with an alternative to this service if they choose.  

If you have any experience with Locksmith Pros or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Locksmith Pros Customer Reviews

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Only came to make things worse
August 11, 2023
This was literally the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had with a vendor in almost 20 years. The other reviewer is right. This is not a company but more like Uber for locksmiths so you have no idea the caliber of vendor walking through your door. I had had a few attempted break ins into my home recently and wanted to change the sliding door locks to ones that could be locked with a key. The person that came in dismounted one of my locks instead of measuring and going to find the right part to fit my door. He did this because it was easier for him to dismount than to take proper measurements. After he came back empty handed this idiot proceeded to accidentally drop the locking mechanism between the panels of the frame of my 10 foot sliding glass door. What I proceeded to watch was a total disaster. This guy used one of my wire hangers to try and extract the now lost part for hours and even tried to take my glass door apart which I advised against since he did not know what he was doing. He even started looking up YouTube videos on how to do this. Once he realized that he wasn’t going to get it out he just decided to pack his things and essentially leave me with a bow unlocked sliding door and unprotected. He then had ME order a lock from Amazon from the door that did not fit ( because again, he did not measure). The next day he came to install and basically had me drive to send the thing back. So now I’m also doing his work for him. Completely unprofessional, irresponsible, and down right dangerous because of complete negligence. Stay away from this company. I’ve never in my life experienced such irresponsible behavior, not even from a high schooler. Now I have to call another company and pay to replace the lock this person lost from outright being lazy. Just disgusting.

Beware, don't use!
June 8, 2023
Unprofessional! My technician didn't perform the arranged service and drastically overcharged me. Upon calling the Locksmith Pros to get a refund, Laura said "we don't do refunds". Laura also wouldn't transfer me to her Manager, Linda. This company sucks.

They do not stand by their work.
May 26, 2023

Here is my review: Terrible experience. They did not correctly rekey my door lock and refuse to send out technician to correct the error. The operator (supervisor) was confrontational, condescending and flat-out uncooperative; she actually hung up on me during my call when I tried having them correct the error. (I would fire her if she worked for me).

They do not stand by their work. I can't stress strongly enough my awful experience with the locksmith's technical skills and the non-existent, demeaning customer service. The supervisor told me a bad review would not bother them. OK. Here it is. I would rate zero starts if the system allowed me to do so!

Total rip off
March 22, 2023
These people are thieves. They take your money and do not provide the service. Total rip off. They claim they cannot give refunds even if their product does not work.

Worst Company Ever - Locksmith Pros - Do Not Use!
March 7, 2023


We asked them to come out and change the locks at our company after terminating 2 employees. They quoted me one price over the phone. The locksmith comes and speaks very poor English and stated he would charge "fifty" for each key copy. Mind you, this conversation was all done WHILE I'm terminating the employees! He actually charged FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER KEY for a copy PLUS labor! I thought he said fifty cents a key? The total amount of the bill for changing 2 locks with 2 new keys with 25 key copies was $1710!!!!!! I've never felt so taken advantage of by a company EVER!

I called the next day and day after to speak to a manager and NO ONE RETURNED MY CALL! What do you do in a situation like this? Share your experience. I REPEAT....DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! If I could give less than 1 star, I would.

Thievery perfected
December 14, 2022

THIEVES! They tell you on the phone that the fee is $25 to pop a lock on a mazda 3. When the guy arrives and does it, he highway robs your college daughter of $135 before he will hand over the keys. Do NOT use these people.

No Response!!!
November 30, 2022
Lost my boat key and did an online request to be called back to schedule appointment. Was never called at all. I provided 2 phone #s even. Not a missed call, voicemail, we don't do that or nothing. That is the poorest customer service ever, To not even acknowledge a potential client is rude and unprofessional.

They Don't Want Your Business
November 8, 2022

I called yesterday morning 11/7/2022 for service and was scheduled for service at 12pm. At 12:53pm I called and said I have not seen the locksmith. They said he called. I stated I am working from home and in meetings so I can't always answer my cell just show up because there are three people here (wife, daughter, and me).

Called the locksmith's cell and said the same thing. Do not call just come to the address given. He said he would come in an hour. Two hours later I called the locksmith and asked where are you. He stated he got tied up and would be at my house in 30 minutes. I mentioned again don't call just show up I am home. 1 hour 30 minutes later I called the main office and said send me another locksmith because the one they allotted for me is not working out.

The lady said well he called and said you are not answering the telephone. I was very disappointed and irritated then. I mentioned I talk to this office once and the locksmith twice not to call and just come out and now you mention me not answering the telephone is the reason no one has come to my house is crap.

The lady said she would look into it and get back to me to get someone to come out. This was now about 5pm. Waited and you guessed it - no call back and no service. They also don't post the negative comments on their website.

Don't use this company!!!
July 14, 2022

Absolutely rotten!! Do NOT use this company!! They will cheat you so fast--and then be unwilling to work with you AT ALL after.

My nephew (who lives with me) called them to unlock his key he'd left in his car. He was quoted that it would be $15. The locksmith came out and, without further quoted a price, unlocked the car in less than 2 minutes, and told my nephew to scan the Venmo to pay. He did so, and got charged $143!! I called the company immediately and the first lady hung up on me. I called back and the lady said she was a "manager" but she, too, absolutely refused to work it out.

NEVER call this Company
July 1, 2022

We called your company today desperate and in need of help. I dropped the keys to our Lexus down an Elevator shift at a Doctor's appointment. The Elevator company (just as bad )wanted $550 to come and retrieve the keys.

Our spare would unlock the doors, but not start the ignition. The technician called me promptly $250 because he would have to program the Key.

Long story short.

He couldn't get the program to work said he had to run it again, didn't work so he then informed us it would now be $500$. OUTRAGEOUS PRICE for some keys. He then left us to go home to get a tool, asked us to buy some alcohol wipes

By this time FOUR HOURS IN The price was now 700$

SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS to program two keys..

1 starts the Engine but no longer works to open the car electronically.

The other doesn't even pretend, it has no buttons at all.

We are older and both Disabled.

After being gouged, he then told us he needed cash not a Credit Card. We now no longer have the money to pay rent this month.

Your website is misleading..

None of what we we promised seems to have been what we experienced.

You state you have

Super qualified Technicians

Low, affordable reasonable pricing

You take Credit Cards


Blaming me for calling you.

Between the Elevator Company and you I have list ALL faith in anyone today.

I hope whoever gets this will see that it goes to someone, anyone who wants to know how their company is being


May 30, 2022

This company Locksmith Pros (888-491-0910) is not the actual locksmith. They answer the phone and dispatch your issue to other locksmith companies in the area.

Brenda who answered the phone and refused to issue me a receipt was absolutely rude, hung up on me, and blocked my number. She claims to be the manager, which I highly doubt.

This is unprofessional behavior and seems like a scam. Do not call this business. Just call a local locksmith. That's who they call to come out to you anyway.

Do not use this company
May 15, 2022
Do not use this company. Came to unlock a van, took less than 5mins and they charged $160! Ridiculous! Laura at their call center had an attitude, didn’t care at all that we were unhappy and said it doesn’t matter that it says $35 on their website because it’s “starting at” and it doesn’t matter how long it takes it just depends on the kind of car it is. We will NEVER use or recommend this company to anyone.

Service so bad, the work never got done
April 22, 2022

I called on a Thursday afternoon spoke with a female dispatcher. I explained I needed a repair on my sliding door for the backyard, and asked if they could handle that. She responded of course and explained someone would call me a half hour before arriving at the appointed time of 10am.

I go the call at 9:30am. The tech asked me what the problem was. I explained again. He asked me to text photos, I did. He responded that it was as he thought he could not help with my problem and someone else would call me.

I asked why didn't he ask for photos yesterday to avoid my setting time aside for an appt. that was not going to happen. He put it on me saying when he spoke to me yesterday I didn't tell him anything about the type of problem. I explained that i did not speak with him at all and asked again what time should I expect a call. i got no response

Watch out
January 7, 2022

I called them and explained I wanted a car key fob cut and programmed. I was immediately hung up on. I thought perhaps I was accidently disconnected so I called back and repeated my request to a different person.

This time they said something I didn't understand then hung up on me without allowing any response or question. I personally think they are a scam looking to rip off helpless desperate people locked out so when I just wanted a price for service they did not want to be bothered.

I never got to use their service, but I do know they are extremely rude on the phone.

Awful. Don't do it!
November 17, 2021

Total garbage. Its a referral service which didn't even bother to get the details correct before dispatching someone to my house. I called for a quote, not work.

They insisted I give them the exact address for accurate quote then hung up on me and next thing I know I'm getting a call from a local tech who's ALREADY on the WAY TO MY HOUSE.

Total scam.

As a note, they just called me for a 4th time while I was writing this review!

In my opinion, google shouldn't allow them to participate in paid search ads (which is how I found them)

November 13, 2021
The absolutely worst service! Dispatch can not give you an update or the technician. Unprofessional staff.

Do not select this company!!
October 5, 2021

I recommend you go with another locksmith company in the Cincinnati area. The locksmith showed up on time, but did not have all the equipment/supplies to get the job done. I

was sent a text receipt for my Visa transaction, but the name on the receipt was for a completely different locksmith company and the phone number listed had a voicemail that was full. I needed a detailed receipt of the work that was done, not just the total amount paid.

I called the company 13 times requesting the receipt and was given the runaround, told I need to call back and talk with "Steve" (Steve was conveniently never there) but then was promised that I would receive the receipt. After numerous calls and enormous frustration, I gave up.

Scam - Total Ripoff
September 22, 2021

Called Locksmith Pros to unlock my car so I could drive it to a repair shop. No price quote was ever given before arriving. Waited over two hours for tech to show up. The tech used a long reach tool to open my door.

The car alarm immediately went off, tech had no idea how to make it stop. He told me to drive it to the repair shop (20 min away) with the alarm going off. Wanted $130 for the service. Called his manager and was told if they knew the alarm was going to go off they wouldn't have come out.

When using a long reach tool to open a car door, what car's alarm, made after 1995, would not go off?

Completely dishonest business.
May 13, 2021

Do not use this locksmith business. The technician installed the wrong deadbolt. We requested a deadbolt with a key on both sides of lock. Technician stated he was unable to install the latter after he installed a deadbolt with a thumbturn. He left scratches on the door and created a large hole in the doorframe and never placed a plate around this hole as is typically done. Also, the lock itself is smaller than the drilled hole in the door so there is a gap in the door around the lock.

We noticed these problems after the technician left. We called 12 times over a 5 day period. Each time we were told that the technician would call and return. He never called and never returned. We asked for another technician and were told the first technician had to come out first or we would be charged for a 2nd technician. We were also told that a supervisor would call us and that never happened.

I asked for an address for this business and was told a supervisor would call and provide this information. They never did. Called again to request an address and was told they don’t have an address. They only provide a mobile service.

terrible company
April 1, 2021

I locked the door me and left my keys inside. I did a google search and Locksmith Pro's was the first to pop up. The website stated $15.00 service fee and starting $35. I had one door that needed to be unlocked.

When the so called lock smith was 45 later then he said and arrived in a Prius with his dog in the car. He looked at the lock and stated $289.00. This is a huge price difference from $35. There was no way I was paying $289.00.

I told him no the price was too high. He then came down to $189.00. I told him no again and was told $55 for coming out and asked if I would be paying with cash or credit card. I asked how the $15 service fee became $55. I was told fine than $15.00 cash. I told him to get off my property I was calling the police he was a scam artist. He then started insulting me.

So I called the 888# while he was talking with me and he left.