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Do not select this company!!
October 5, 2021

I recommend you go with another locksmith company in the Cincinnati area. The locksmith showed up on time, but did not have all the equipment/supplies to get the job done. I

was sent a text receipt for my Visa transaction, but the name on the receipt was for a completely different locksmith company and the phone number listed had a voicemail that was full. I needed a detailed receipt of the work that was done, not just the total amount paid.

I called the company 13 times requesting the receipt and was given the runaround, told I need to call back and talk with "Steve" (Steve was conveniently never there) but then was promised that I would receive the receipt. After numerous calls and enormous frustration, I gave up.

Scam - Total Ripoff
September 22, 2021

Called Locksmith Pros to unlock my car so I could drive it to a repair shop. No price quote was ever given before arriving. Waited over two hours for tech to show up. The tech used a long reach tool to open my door.

The car alarm immediately went off, tech had no idea how to make it stop. He told me to drive it to the repair shop (20 min away) with the alarm going off. Wanted $130 for the service. Called his manager and was told if they knew the alarm was going to go off they wouldn't have come out.

When using a long reach tool to open a car door, what car's alarm, made after 1995, would not go off?

Completely dishonest business.
May 13, 2021

Do not use this locksmith business. The technician installed the wrong deadbolt. We requested a deadbolt with a key on both sides of lock. Technician stated he was unable to install the latter after he installed a deadbolt with a thumbturn. He left scratches on the door and created a large hole in the doorframe and never placed a plate around this hole as is typically done. Also, the lock itself is smaller than the drilled hole in the door so there is a gap in the door around the lock.

We noticed these problems after the technician left. We called 12 times over a 5 day period. Each time we were told that the technician would call and return. He never called and never returned. We asked for another technician and were told the first technician had to come out first or we would be charged for a 2nd technician. We were also told that a supervisor would call us and that never happened.

I asked for an address for this business and was told a supervisor would call and provide this information. They never did. Called again to request an address and was told they don’t have an address. They only provide a mobile service.

terrible company
April 1, 2021

I locked the door me and left my keys inside. I did a google search and Locksmith Pro's was the first to pop up. The website stated $15.00 service fee and starting $35. I had one door that needed to be unlocked.

When the so called lock smith was 45 later then he said and arrived in a Prius with his dog in the car. He looked at the lock and stated $289.00. This is a huge price difference from $35. There was no way I was paying $289.00.

I told him no the price was too high. He then came down to $189.00. I told him no again and was told $55 for coming out and asked if I would be paying with cash or credit card. I asked how the $15 service fee became $55. I was told fine than $15.00 cash. I told him to get off my property I was calling the police he was a scam artist. He then started insulting me.

So I called the 888# while he was talking with me and he left.

Terrible, never use this company
August 6, 2020
I locked my keys in the car and this was the first company that popped up for me. I called and they said it should be only 15 minutes and my husband was pissed at me so I just went ahead and told them to come out. It was supposed to be a $15.00 service fee for coming out and then $35.00 to unlock my car door. This MF'er tried to charge me $129.00 but then I brought up the website and he said "yeah, but that's not exact". I gave him my card but his machine was messed up and I refused to use the ATM. My husband said that he had $90.00 in cash and the guy agreed to take it and call it a day. These people think they can just make up prices and charge whatever they want. I guarantee they never tell the company how much they are really charging and they take home the extra just like tips. Don't even bother calling their office, they are no help at all.

July 1, 2020


I called to confirm what is stated on their website.

$15.00 service charge and residential lockout starting at $35.00.

I inquired about pricing and did not feel comfortable moving forward.

Therefore, I told them I would call THEM back and the call agent said okay.

FIRST FLAG - technician called me within one minute after hanging up with call agent.

I ignored the call and then he called right back.

Then I answered, Abraham, locksmith technician, stated he was in my area and would waive service fee since he had another job to go to in the same area.

That was nice I thought and over phone he stated $65.00 all inclusive.

MISCONDUCT: During the service- Abraham continued to harass me for his own personal motives.

This created an extremely UNCOMFORTABLE, UNSAFE and UNPROFESSIONAL environment for me as a single female who just wants to get in her home.

Also, the fact that his trade is picking locks is another safety concern.

PRICE CHANGE/UNPROFESSIONALISM by Abraham S. he changed the price and stated $80 for one deadbolt and after he finished there was a CC fee of $5.82.

RECEIPT SHOWS pricing of $55.00 for service call/ trip charge.

Emergency Home/ Auto Lockout service: $25.00

CC Fee: $5.82.

My total $85.82.

I called Locksmith Pros- to file a complaint about the MISCONDUCT and HARASSMENT. The acting "manager" Linda (aka call service agent) said Abraham, was one of their best technicians and would look into it and then the call was disconnected.

Despite the discrepancy in the price I was more concerned about my SAFETY and THE COMPELTE UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT during a time of distress as a single female.

In a true corporate setting this matter would have been taking seriously with true consequences.

DO NOT trust this company with your services.

They get third party contractors and cannot validate their work or professionalism.

Website looks professional but is misleading. CLASSIC BAIT AND SWITCH. SCHEME

Go to another locksmith company for your services.

Tina Stormont October 15, 2020

I wish I had seen this before I called them. I called for an estimate to have locks re-keyed. Their quote was way more than the prices listed on the website so I told them I did not want them to do the job. They have called me at least 12 times since then which I consider harassment. They don't want to take no for an answer.

Total Bait and Switch Scam
May 16, 2020
Same as all the reviews I read, Locksmith Pros quoted around $50.00 to install one door knob and deadbolt. Totally different company showed up for install and said it was going to be $179.00 for install. Called Locksmith Pros, and after a lot of arguing, was told the new price was $130.00. After installation by a very unprofessional installer, the bill was again $179.00. This installer said his company {Sarasota Lock and Key}never agreed to a lower price and refused to leave my home without $179.00! I gave him $130.00 and literally had to shove him out the door and slam it in his face to get him to leave. He had no signage on his car, no uniform or business cards and refused to take a check! Beware of this company I think they are thieves!

April 2, 2020

Mike Giltner May 16, 2020

Agreed, total scam! Locksmith Pros said our price for installing one door handle and deadbolt would be around $ 50.00, installer came from entirely different company and said it would be $179.00. I called original number for Locksmith Pros and after considerable argument was told the new price was $130.00. After installation, the installer insisted that his company {Sarasota Lock and Key}never agreed to $130.00 and was not leaving without $179.00. I had to literally slam the door in a very aggressive installers face to get him to leave with the $130.00, in cash! BECAUSE THEY WOULDN'T TAKE CHECKS! WONDER WHY! Ttotal bait and switch scammers.

March 25, 2019

I looked my keys in my car, this was the first place I called. After giving them my location they sent out a "TECH" in an old van without any identification on the van saying it was a "LOCKSMITH" the "TECH" give me a price of $245.00 to unlock my car door. Being that I am a senior citizen I asked him for a discount, he took off $20.00.

When I give the "TECH" my credit card, he asked if I could get him cash. I said no, he take the card and charged $215.00 to my account.

After going into my house I decided to call around to other locksmiths and asked their price for unlocking locked car doors and told them what I had just paid. They all said I had been "SCAMED". The quotes I got where from $35.00 up to $85.00. (BY the way the year of my car is a 2004 nothing fancy).

Beware of this company do not call (888)-491-0910. You will be sorry!!

False Advertising
January 28, 2019
This locksmith Pro. Is the worst advertising for their fees for the work you need done. They charged almost twice what their website showed. They should or are supposed to give you a price on the phone for the work that you need done. That is not done. They don’t tell you the service charge would be double because he is more than 5 minutes away. They should tell you that. Why should it cost double to rekey a door knob? This is the worst company I have ever come across that does a bait and switch. I won’t ever use this company again. I hope no one else does either. If you do, don’t rely on their website prices.

Locksmith-pros.net feels sketchy!
January 2, 2019
I did a search to find a local auto locksmith to get pricing quotes. When I called (888) 491-0910 to request a price the lady I spoke with insisted that I give her my address to get a quote. I told her what city I live in, but that did not satisfy her. I then replied that I would call someone else. She said all she needed was a zip code and a street name - that is not what she had indicated earlier. I told her goodbye and hung up. I promptly received a return phone call! I did not answer. I feel that this behavior is invasive and it did not feel comfortable.

Tina Stormont October 15, 2020

They did the same thing to me and have called me at least 12 times since I told them I did not want them to do the job for me. Their estimate was much higher than the prices the website said they charge.

Waiting for Godot the "Locksmith Pro"
April 12, 2018
Like most people who have posted online reviews of this outfit, I had an emergency -- I was locked out (of the house). This company came up first in my Google search results, and they should be banned from advertising online, as far as I'm concerned. When I called, the person who answered was on a cell phone with poor reception; she also had a heavy accent & I had to ask her to repeat some of what she said. She promised that someone would call within 15 minutes when they were "on the way." She quoted a $24 service fee & and a minimum of $25 for an additional labor fee "but it could be more." No one called; after sitting in my cold garage for a half hour, I called back. Someone answered on what sounded like a landline & transferred me to someone else, who transferred me yet again. The 3rd person was very slick & 'sympathetic' & said there was "no record of a work order" for my phone number, but she would set one up. No, not at that point. I had to find & contact a different locksmith. He arrived within 30 minutes of the call & charged a reasonable fee for the service & duplicating the key. I later found a voicemail from this company on my cell saying to call them back if I wanted service. Never.

March 22, 2018
The price I was charged for a basic house unlocking was nearly $220--more than 4 times higher than the price quoted on their website! When I raised this with the company, their customer service was practically non-existent. It took three calls and an hour on hold to connect with a customer service representative who basically told me that she was unaware of the existence of any company website and that the phone number was basically a dispatch service and the company had no power whatsoever with respect to pricing! Thus, it is a complete fraud!

Regret hiring them
February 1, 2018
I needed 3 locks re keyed at my business to match. They Quoted you a low price on phone (you see it on website). Then send over a technician (not a lock smith) whom I got a bad feeling about. He did not seem knowledgeable. Came in car without license plates. Then quoted me $380. LABOR is $55 per hour. $15 visit. Told me the 2 the locks need to be completely replaced. HE could not re key them. Had to buy the new lock from him. Told me previous installation was an "unprofessional job". He replaced my old locks with his new low quality locks compared to what I had. I had stainless steel plates and he replace them with paper thin aluminum ones. The rims are already damaged. The new locks looks CHEAP. I did not trust this guy. For all I know, he kept an extra copy of the new key. Now I might have to call in a licensed Locksmith to redo the whole thing.

August 4, 2017
This company is a complete scam. I was locked out of my house late at night and called due to the prices they indicated on their website (starting at $35 for residential) and a quick guaranteed arrival time (15 minutes). The woman who took the call assured me that for a "simple lock" the cost would be as stated - $35. We called at 8:30. The locksmith did not arrive till about 9:35. We called him directly multiple times to which he stated he was "almost here." When he arrived he stated that this was a very simple lock and then charged us $215. So I asked if it was simple then it should be $35 so then he changed his answer to "every lock is different." I kept telling him he said it was a simple lock and he denied it every time adding that the company sets the prices. He was very unprofessional. Then he said that if we paid cash we could get a discount and did not want us to pay with a card so I questioned him and said I thought you stated that the company sets the price so how are you giving discounts. It was clear he was going to pocket the money. I felt afraid of him after he became very pushy for the money telling me he got me into my house repeatedly. So I paid the price and asked for the receipt. I called the company right after he left. The man who picked up laughed at me multiple times and said he needs to check the story with the locksmith and he will call me back. He then did not proceed to ask me for a name or contact information to call me back so I asked him if he needs it. He took it and we never received a call back. THIS WAS A HUGE SCAM. Do not call this company.

John March 22, 2018

I wish I had seen this review before I made the same mistake. The price I was charged for a basic house unlocking was nearly $220--more than 4 times higher than the price quoted on their website! When I raised this with the company, their customer service was practically non-existent. It took three calls and an hour on hold to connect with a customer service representative who basically told me that she was unaware of the existence of any company website and that the phone number was basically a dispatch service and the company had no power whatsoever with respect to pricing! Thus, it is a complete fraud!

Ann April 12, 2018

I, too, wish I'd read the multiple online reviews for this terrible business. Half the people I spoke with had heavy foreign accents & poor cell phone service.

At one point when I called after they didn't show, I demanded to know whom I was speaking with (out of the several I was transferred to on the phone). The fellow said "American Locksmith." There is no such company anywhere within at least 100 miles of where I live.

May 26, 2017
Complete SCAM!!! They said it was going to be $50 ($15 to come out and $35 to do the work). Got charged $105 to unlock my car door. They can charge you whatever they want. DO NOT CALL