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Light in the Box, found online at, is a company which describes itself as a global online retailer that delivers products directly to their consumers in multiple countries around the world.

Their website goes on to say that they offer a wide selection of products at attractive prices organized into three general categories: apparel, small accessories and gadgets, and home and garden items.

Within these three categories there is a wide variety of subcategories, including Weddings and Events, Electronics, Phones, Health and Beauty, Toys and Hobbies, Sales, and more.

They also sell a variety of customized and Made-to-Order products, including their wedding dresses.

How Does it Work?

Customers who order products from should know that all items, excluding Made-To-Order and disposable items, lingerie, and Clearance items, can only be returned within a strict seven day window.

Even items which you are returning due to a quality related issue are still only returnable within 7 days. In addition, items can only be returned in brand new condition, unused and with their original tags and packaging.

Certain items have warranties and if these items have defects or other manufacturer issues you can exchange them or have them repaired via the warranty guidelines for your specific items.

Made-to-Order items, which include their wedding dresses, which do not fit properly but are otherwise made accurately to your specifications, are eligible for a one time re-sizing service.

This extremely tight window for returns and exchanges, even when dealing with an issue of quality, is problematic for the consumer. There are many other websites which offer similar product selection with better returns and exchange policies.

Customers who are still interested in using this website and purchasing their products can choose to sign up for their mailing list, which provides occasional coupons for discounts like free shipping and more.

If you have any experience with Light In The Box or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Trash Company, Trash Customer “Service”, Read All Fine Print, Consider All Sales Final
November 30, 2022
I would give a zero or negative number but the lowest star is 1. This company has poor business tactics and morals and plays with words in order to not process returns and refunds. The information is ambiguous and not forthright and you’ll end up paying for expedited shipping and still receive your dress way past the shipping times stated. Whether it’s a U.S. size 2 or 14, they say it’s “custom made”, “tailor made per measurements provided” (I guess provided when selecting a standard US size). The customer service falls in the top 5 worst businesses I’ve ever dealt with and they close your ticket for you so you can’t reply to them more than once. If you’re good with giving up any form of customer service or refund or exchange for a lower price, then go for it. I personally think businesses like these are absolute trash with the goal of taking your money and that’s it. My mother ordered a dress two sizes up to have it actually tailored to her exact measurements and because of how long it took to receive the dresses, she has two dresses that she can’t even wear as they are. Dresses are unused, still in box and some poor woman who orders the same dress in the same size will supposedly be sent a dress “made to order” instead of being sent an already made dress. If the company wants to make items per order because it’s not efficient and cost effective to not have inventory lying around, that’s their prerogative and the customer shouldn’t suffer because of it. Save your money and your time.

40$ To Return Something!!!
November 10, 2022

If you get something you want to return they charge a $40 return fee!! Everything I received looks terrible and even had stains on it. Gross!

Clothing looks nothing like advertised
October 15, 2022
I purchased a sweatshirt with Native America motive. The advert was sharp and very nice looking. What I got was a washed out photo imprinted into the fabric so bad you couldn't even tell what the design was supposed to be. I chalked it up to experience and threw it in the trash because that's what Lightinthebox sells. Trash.

skipwin October 20, 2022

All these "far Eastern" wesites that advertise these great looking, hig quality looking clothes are a my opinion.

Crap quality that you wouldn't give away to the homeless.

BrianCoverstone October 29, 2022

I am so glad I read these reviews before purchasing from an Ad on Youtube. They like to censor these days, but they peddle trash themselves.

They won't issue a full refund even if the dress doesn't fit.
October 12, 2022
Terrible company! Don't buy anything here. They won't refund your money!

October 7, 2022

Had me send a ton of reply and pictures only to, in the end, have them tell me that they never intended to help me at all. (That the ticket was submitted too late??!)

Since I'm on the topic of submitting ticket. That ticket was a hassle on its own to submit. It was difficult to find and I had to download a TON of nonsense before I could even get to submit or contact anyone.

This after happened due to the fact that the quality of the clothes I ordered were the lowest quality of clothes I ever witnesses. I would never have paid for it, had I seen it in a store.

This misrepresentation is border lining fraud.

Now I'm stuck with clothes I will never wear. On top of it, it's a bunch of money for clothes that are not worth a quarter of what I'll be forced to pay.

It's a really hard blow on a single mum who now won't be able to buy clothes (that actually fit) to her child.

I take responsibility for the fact that I in good faith ordered too many t-shirts. (I didn't realize how corrupt, greedy and unethical this business is.)

I should have known better from a business I never encountered before and that I found in an ad.

PS The only reason it's getting one star even is because that is the lowest rate.

Jnh November 30, 2022

Yeah, they closed my ticket so I couldn’t respond further. Funny how the note says that I closed the ticket and not them. This company is the worst!

Just beware of scams
September 22, 2022

Unfortunately, I did not read all of these beforehand. My product does not match the description at all and I cannot return it.

JennyJonsson October 07, 2022


A Scam, Run Don't Walk
September 2, 2022

Wish I’d read these reviews before I ordered. Similar experience to others. They aren’t good at making clothes or business eg customer service, they are good at photoshopping pics of clothes that don’t resemble what arrives. Then they keep on making excuses as to why they won’t yet “approve” a return. You do the return ticket? They say it was missing a photo. You send in the photo, now they want at least 5 photos. They Keep playing the game until the “7 days return is up and by the way, the return shipping to china ends up being nearly the value of the goods. This company is basically a scam.

JOwens September 14, 2022

Have not received lights purchased even though they claim delivered. Be very aware this is a scam.

Terrible product and is impossible to get refund.
August 31, 2022
Horrible. Total scam. Ordered 3 T shirts- Printing is blurry. Went online the day they arrived to request return/refund. They refused to refund. Make you jump through hoops on line to return. Pictures from 4 angles and then deny you after your 7 days are up. Wish I could rate negative stars for this company.

Don't order anything!!
August 28, 2022
I recently purchased a very beautiful pants outfit. The one I received didn't even resemble the one pictured. I paid extra to have it "made it for me" and sent all of my measurements. Really!!! The pants were mid-calf, rather then street length, and huge. I surely regret not having read all of the reviews. No interest in refunding, or replacing anything. Just lost over $150.00. Don't order anything!

July 19, 2022
BUYER BEWARE! You will not be able to return merchandise for a refund even if the product did not fit, was poor quality and clumsily made. They will offer you 15% of the original price to return the item.

Beverly August 26, 2022

Cannot contact anyone for a phone number to call them. The site is in Spanish and they got the wrong address to ship order. Called PayPal and they opened a case for me to have it canceled. How do you contact them? Phone number? What are they hiding???

July 14, 2022
Buyer BEWARE,,,,, The dress I ordered was not the same dress I received. It took three weeks to get it and I had no time to reorder before my son's wedding, I wanted to return for a refund, they told my no refund for not liking this dress. The only gave me 32.00 of the 117.00 I spent. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE .....

Returns will cost you!
July 6, 2022
Not worth it. Sizes are off. To return anything costs you $30+. Save yourself the anguish. Don't do it!

Dishonest Company!
July 1, 2022

Clothes were poor quality (see through) and my clothes were children sizes and I even went up a size. The dresses were tops. THEY WON'T REFUND or return.

You have to spend $60 to mail an item with tracking to CHINA and who knows if they were refund after that. MISREPRESENTING COMPANY. ORDER NUMBER: 56122997

Way More Trouble Than It's Worth
June 28, 2022

I had one prior experience with light in the box before this,; and it was okay. This time I received processed that were too tight, and too huge, though both wer ordered in small. Also the fabric was different than described.

When I attempted to sign in on Website to request a return, it would not accept my password even though it was saved . I requested a new password several times and had no reply. Then I requested customer support a couple of times, with attached photos, and had no reply .

The 7 day window has passed by, I can’t get in contact with the company, I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN.

June 25, 2022

Absolute rubbish. Do Not Waste Your Money. Toxic chemical odour from plastic shoes, meant to be for daily use. I wouldn't wear them in the garden!

After opening, I literally had to wash my mouth out to get rid of the toxic fumes. No reply from my complaints, so have not been able to return this disrespectful rubbish

Don’t buy from here
June 17, 2022
Poor quality poor customer service poor everything. Don’t buy from here. If you do and find you need to return don’t bother. Would give them negative star rating if it was an option.

June 10, 2022

Do Not Buy from them, just scammers that show they will send you a quality jacket and send you just Rubbish. I would not even give 1 star

Don’t buy
May 28, 2022
Items not as described, says pure cotton and when received items were 100% polyester! Unable to contact anyone. No phone number. Don’t buy from this retailer.

Dishonest website - no returns or credit
May 18, 2022
If I could give them no stars, I would. Definitely the most unethical, dishonest, unpleasant retailer I have ever dealt with. Would NEVER buy again or recommend them to anyone. Terrible customer service - wait, make that NO customer service.

Scam and poor quality
January 18, 2022
It is a Scam. Please do not waste your money on this site. Poor quality. Poor and deceptive customer service all round.