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About is a privately owned platform where employers and jobseekers can get in touch and be able to manage all things that are work-related. The company has been built on wisdom and experience and it provides connections of over 80 million.

The company’s mission is to connect the world’s workforce and empower them in every aspect. This includes their vocational, professional and volunteering pursuits.

For jobseekers that are referred to as jobcasers, gives them more power in their job helping them build a career. By doing this, they can make better choices, get better jobs under great working conditions enabling them to earn more money.

The information and tools provided give you the knowledge needed to make your job search and negotiations easier. 



Employer Solutions

Jobcase offers great tools like customized people-search functionalities as well as communications tools. This allows subscribers, enterprises and professional organizations to contact you and export information.

Jobseeker services

Jobseekers can give their information and apply for their desired jobs.

Surveys & Contests

Users who use the company’s  services can participate in surveys or contests. They give out their contact information such as name and shipping address as well as demographic information such as zip code.

The contact information is shared with the contest or survey sponsors and used to notify the winners and award prizes. The information obtained from the survey is used for purposes of monitoring or improving the use.


The company conducts polls which are either conducted by the company’s representatives, users or even third parties. But, in some cases, the third parties may target advertisements to you based on your answers in the poll.

The company or third parties may then follow up with you via email or messages which are delivered through the company’s services.

How Does It Work?

If you are not already a member, you have to sign up. You can either join Jobcase via your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn.

After signing up, you will log in using the account you signed up with to apply for jobs. If you are not happy about the company’s services you are free to either unsubscribe or delete their account.

Cost and Price Plans

You might be wondering, is free? There are different pricing options on how to best support your business. For recruiting professionals, to promote a job, the price starts at $1,000. To boost your brand, it starts at $2,500 and to promote a hiring event, the price starts at $5,000.

For hiring managers, you get a free job post service, to promote a job; the price starts at $99 while to promote jobs the price starts at $249.

Customer Service

Get in touch with jobcase by contacting them via the contact form on the website and they’ll get back to you right away.

Online Reviews/Complaints

For those who are asking “Is a safe site and legitimate?” There are several reviews /complaints that can help you decide.

Several people, especially employers who were hiring were happy about the data-driven results. Many recruiters were happy with jobcase's commitment after they exceeded their hiring goals. Others were pleased with the scalability and search using location. They praised the company’s ability to recognize their business and the deliverables of high volume hiring teams.

There have been complaints about email spam. Jobseekers complained that they had unsubscribed more than five times but still received numerous emails. Some had never signed up for any emails but kept on receiving them. This annoyed most users while some didn’t feel too harassed by it.

Other job seekers kept getting text messages from the company even after sending a STOP notification. Some of the information given by the company was referred to as misleading information. This caused many job seekers to lose faith in it. Others who subscribed with an aim of getting hired continued getting the same job for a long time even after the expiry date.

Some jobseekers encountered a problem with the App and were not able to post their resume.

Scam calls can also be an issue with any online job search platform, with some of the callers requesting credit card information.  Users should be aware of this when submitting information online.

Competitors and Alternatives


Apart from jobcase, there are events like the Amazon hiring event for employers and jobseekers. Attend the Amazon Jobs Day to apply and find a job near you. During this event, Amazon opens its doors for candidates to tour their fulfillment centers and watch their jobs in action. At the fulfillment center, you can select locations in the U.S.

Amazon hires both full-time and part-time positions. The full-time positions offer medical benefits from the first day and there’s also tuition prepayment for high demand careers.

Part-time positions also have medical benefits that begin after 90 days as well as tuition prepayment. Even if you get a job and accept the position, you will need to provide proof of your identity and employment eligibility as required by federal law.


LinkedIn doesn’t need any introducing. It’s one of the world’s most popular professional network. It has more than 561 million users, spanning the globe in over 200 countries. If you’re looking for a job, LinkedIn is usually most people’s first option.

Indeed is another jobs platform allowing you to post your resume and get connected with employers. They serve more than 250 million visitors monthly.

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Where to Buy?

To use the company’s services, you have to register on the official website.


For the employers looking to build a workforce, they were pleased with the services offered. Both employers and job seekers can easily search for users, employment opportunities and information about companies. The system is simplified helping you find users with particular expertise, experience as well as those that you may know from your industry or profession.

As a job seeker, you can also find employment opportunities and information about companies. You can also find content from groups. Jobcase uses your personal information, including User profiles, group’s content, and company location pages to inform and refine their search service.

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Aggressive and Useless
August 5, 2020

Was forced to sign-up from a LinkedIn "Apply on company site" link. After signing up, was redirected to a pop-up informing me the job was no longer available and suggesting a lot more jobs that were in no way related to the job I had wanted to apply for.

I tried to find settings to delete the account. There aren't any. I filled out a "Contact" form, which when submitted took me to ANOTHER contact form, which required me to fill in my contact info for a THIRD time.

Really awful way to prey on people during the stressful and time-consuming job search process.

Thanks "May" and "Josh" and "Qwen"
October 16, 2019
Yes, thank you guys for "stumbling on" my resume like you tripped over it or something. No, I don't want to be an Uber driver. No, I'm not looking for a part time job in Eye Socket Nevada with no benefits. And stop claiming the job is near "Bennett" cause we both know there's not even a gas station there let alone a Fortune 500 company. There isn't one in Ramsey either cause that place is populated by drug addicts and felons. And what kind of people do you hire that have to trip over a resume? You must be in Ramsey after all. Skip this one, mate. Waste of broadband.

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