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Buyer Beware
December 21, 2021
I did most of my shopping online and given this year's supply/demand issues, I started shopping for Christmas in October. Most business extend their return policy for the holidays or at the least provide store credit for gifts that either miss the mark or turn out to be duplicates. It is not the case for this company. In today's market when there is so many competitors in pricing and delivery, you're much better off getting your goods from another supplier who understands good customer relations as Houzz most definitely does not.

Defective Light Fixture
December 15, 2021
Purchased two light fixtures but took two months to get an installer. One of the fixtures had a manufacturing defect. They refused to let me return it because it was past their 30 day return policy. The actual manufacturer says they have a one year warranty. I think this means Houzz is buying factory seconds or defectives and selling them as perfect. Never again.

Horrible experience. Advice: Do not use this company
October 6, 2021

There is a reason there are 35 reviews and only 1 star. Houzz is horrible. I purchased an item through this company. The Houzz website indicated the item was in stock and gave me an estimated delivery date of roughly 5 days after the purchase via standard shipping. On the estimated delivery date, the status of the order on the Houzz website still said "processing", so clearly the item was not going to arrive when stated.

After contacting Houzz multiple times for a status, I was informed the item had been backordered. No one cared to tell me prior to this that the item was, in fact, NOT in stock, but was backordered. I would have never placed an order for a backordered item. Houzz didn't seem to care one bit that their website was deceiving customers. I told them to cancel the order. More than 24 hours later, suddenly the item was available and shipped. Houzz (not some random third party merchant) charged my credit card. I did not authorize the use of my credit card for a backordered item. I made it very clear to Houzz that the order was to be cancelled, but they charged my card anyway.

Then they sent return instructions saying after the item is received by them and inspected, they will refund my money, minus the return shipping cost (for an item I told them to cancel). I reminded them that they changed the status of the item after purchase. You can't do that without giving me the opportunity to opt out free of charge. They quickly came back saying, just this once, they will cover the return shipping cost, but would still not refund my money until they received the item and inspected it.

Clearly, they are attempting to leave it open so they can say it was damaged and I was responsible so wouldn't have to give the refund. I pointed out to them that they charged my card the second they shipped the item. I wasn't given the opportunity to receive and inspect the item before they charged my card. What right do they have to receive and inspect the item before issuing the refund? I told them to issue the refund the very second the item is scanned by the carrier or I will go to the FTC.

They attempted to blame the merchant for the issues; however, the item was listed on Houzz's website and they are fully responsible for the content on their website. Additionally, it was Houzz (not some random third party merchant) that charged my card. In my opinion, this company is a scam and should be avoided. I would strongly urge everyone to use other resources. Your money and time are too valuable to deal with company that doesn't honor its commitments to customers.

Houzz company
September 9, 2021
Houzz Very bad company I ordered a dinning room table and I received it broken top the marble is broken I contacted the company sent them pictures I want to return it they offered me to buy the marble top alone I got it broken they want even replace it or take it back it’s $2,700 they not picking it up or giving me my refund I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge worst company u would ever think off

Poor experience, unethical company
June 18, 2021
Very unethical company. I order an item, they canceled on me. A day later they have it relisted and over $100 more in price. There are better companies to do business with.

All contractors beware!!!! Houzz is a scam
June 7, 2021

Houzz literally lied about everything from an introductory phone call, to a hands-on training call, to constant leads within my criteria. They didn't even have my account functional the first month and still took 700 dollars.

Then the second month not a single buyable lead....by buyable I mean to even answer a phone. Another 700 gone. By the third month, and all our attempts to contact houzz we shut off our card they were getting the money from.

Now of course they are threatening our credit and reporting us. I don't know a single person who would pay 700 a month for a service or product they did not get. I've posted reviews all over the internet including pissed consumer.

Thank you for doing something to stop this from happening to others.

Kathy April 06, 2022

Agreed. What type of company automatically renews for a 12 month period with no communication or option to cancel with 30 days notice? I too have shut off the card, as have been unsuccessful in cancelling our subscription. Let them try and threaten our credit. They are unethical and prey on small businesses

Poor Customer Service, Allows for fraudulent contractors as "pros" - DO NOT TRUST
August 3, 2020
Our contractor (Apex Constructions, Corey James) that we found on Houzz's "professionals" is a fraud and has scammed many homeowners by lying about the work that needs to be done (claiming repairs are needed when they are not) and after starting and doing a little bit of work, he runs off with the money and does not complete the job or respond by text, email or phone. Houzz has not done anything - not even respond to a single email to remove the listing. We waited on a phone line over 2 hours to talk to someone and that person referred us to an email address that we have not heard anything from in over a month. Do not trust Houzz. Spare yourself the trouble.

AdrienneRoper October 23, 2022

My contractor Solomon at Green Onyx was very professional. Prepping the louvre door for installation was quality work up to the installation itself , which was backwards. He is not replacing the door UGH!

Never Purchase Anything from Houzz
January 18, 2020
I ordered $1400 worth of chairs from Houzz. It was the first time that I used this company. After this experience I would never use again and would tell everyone not to use them. First, the chairs were shipped to the wrong address. Fortunately, the people who received me contacted me and let me know they received my chairs. Houzz did nothing when I reported this. I was told that it was Fed Ex's fault. I then had to pay to get the chairs to my house. Second, one of the chairs was defective. I followed the Houzz process and submitted pictures to them on 12/27/19. I is now 1/18/20 and have heard nothing back from Houzz. I had to call them and follow up. I was able to find the same chairs on Amazon at a cheaper price. Chairs were delivered in a week with absolutely no issues.

They are a scam !!
December 5, 2019

I was very cautious about signing up with Houzz. I had the understanding that it was for 1 yr.... I was just informed that I was on a auto renewel. I haven't been able to reach anyone for a couple of weeks....i finally got a call today and was informed that if I would have called 2 months ago that I could have cancelled. What a scam!!! I talked with someone a few months ago and told them that it wasn't working for me but they did not say a word about the auto renewel. Of course not!!!

You can't even call a manager or no one!!

If you are thinking about using Houzz as your advertisement ...think again! Poor customer service!!

October 8, 2019
Zero rating if I could. I made an order from here and never received it. They are blaming me for this and said they have to perform their own investigation before we can get a refund or have the items replaced. They asked if I checked all around my house and even why I didn't report it to them as soon as I got the email saying my order was delivered but it not there. I figured most people would wait 1(!!!) One day just to make sure that it wasn't a mistake. But apparently, that itself was a mistake and made it my fault.

Don’t work with these thieves
July 16, 2019
Ethics is not something that this company believes in. I have no problem telling you not to pay this company a dollar! Put stop payment on these bastards! They want your money but don’t feel that they need to provide any service. I would be sued if I ran my company like this. Do not work with them!

NatGrillo August 23, 2019

Yup!!! It’s a “legal” shake down. They’ve ripped me off for 1.5 years...$375.00 a month....not 1 job. But they keep promising. No morals whatsoever

Horrible Company
June 24, 2019

This is the second time I’m dealing with Houzz and never again

Worst customer service, waited over 1 hour on the phone. Sent multiple emails and getting nowhere!

Never gave this problem with Amazon or eBay!

product never delivered
May 17, 2019

this company is the worst I have ever try to do business with. I ordered a chandelier from them never get half of the order, try to return the half I received they gave me a run around to send them pictures of the order and a bunch of bull. I would never ever do business with this company never again and would never encourage anyone to. don't waste your time. take it from me the experience I have with them I wouldn't wished it up on any other human been.

please don't waste your time.

Horrible Customer Service
January 29, 2019

Houzz sent my package to a previous address and blamed this on me, while orders made before the wrong address order were sent to my current/right address.

Because I wasn't able to get through to customer support since every time I called I was hung on, I called the sales team. The sales team told me that it was their error, while customer support refused to take blame.

Long story short, do not deal with Houzz customer service. It's a reason they're ranked and considered to be so bad. I don't understand how any company could have such horrible support and still be in business. Did a quick google search after my experience and found I'm not alone in the way I was treated by Houzz.

EricWcislo July 16, 2019

I’m going through the same thing. They sent me like 3 leads in 8 months. The leads are things like put a door on my dog house for $50 we are a Exterior Remodeling company. I put stop payment on my card and told them to take me to court.

Houzz is a scam!
November 20, 2018
Long story short houzz is is a scam and will take advantage of anyone or any company if you give them the chance. This review is for service. If you are a company I highly suggest and recommend not to use Houzz services. It has been over 8 months since I've paid $2,600 for their services which is a yearly contract you cannot get out of. They suck you into it and take advantage of you. Literally have not even gotten one single job when I was told to keep waiting and waiting for results and nothing positive came of it. I have been fighting with them to get a refund and to cancel it and they keep telling me that can't be cancelled and it gets better but nothing gets better their customer service is a complete joke and because of this I would love to tarnish the reputation of houzz. I even offered to pay the four months which is $200 a month to cancel the contract for $800 and they refused to do so. Right now we are battling them in small claims court. The whole process has been a disaster from the start when I was promised positive results and received not one single lead. Take HomeAdvisor for example or Angie's List over this company any day.

NatGrillo August 23, 2019

Yup...me too. They’re a bunch of con artists. I had to put stop payments on my account as well.

Mohamad Alkhayat January 14, 2020

The same thing happened to me. But before I signed I asked their representative if I can cancel the contract before it finish if I'm not happy with their service and he assured me yes I can. But then after 3 months passed nothing coming from them I requested to cancel but they telling me I have to finish the whole year. I don't want to keep throwing my money, so I decided to stop the payment on my own. I'm interested to hear from you how your small claim going against them, I'm thinking about doing the same! Please reach out to me [email protected]

Prices are a Scam
November 15, 2018

If you shop a product on their site you'll find very favorable prices. In fact their prices are lower than purchasing the same product from their supplier directly. Now for the catch...

They make up for this reduced price by gouging you on the shipping!

I found a tile for $9.95/SF on the Houzz site. I also found the same tile on their vendor's web site for 14.95/SF. Pretty good deal huh. Nope, when I went to check out Houzz added $240.00 freight for 40 SF of tile. The vendors web site would ship the whole 40 SF order for six bucks ($6.00). So essentially, if you compare total cost to total cost they are $1/SF more expensive even though they appear at first to be drastically lower.

Abysmal delivery and customer service experience
October 2, 2018

I am a first-time customer of Houzz and in the process of renovating my bathroom so I planned to source a number of items from houzz.com.

On September 10, 2018, I placed my first order. Shortly after I placed my order I received a confirmation, along with an estimated delivery date. Subsequently, I received a request to pick a date and time for the delivery.

From the available dates and times, I chose September 20, 2018 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Shortly thereafter I received an email confirmation of my selection, which also stated that I would receive a call from the driver 30 minutes prior to arrival.

On September 20 at approximately 1:45 pm, I contacted CEVA’s customer service by phone because I hadn’t heard from anyone regarding my delivery. After holding for approximately 20 minutes, the representative informed me that the driver was delayed at Target, which is about half a mile from my residence. She also indicated that the driver should be making the delivery by 2:30 pm.

The driver arrived at approximately 2:30 pm and contacted me to let me know he had arrived. Upon exiting my residence, I noticed the driver standing out front with two boxes that appeared too small to be the vanity. He immediately asked me to sign a yellow paper, which I refused before closely looking at the boxes. When I checked the shipping label on the two boxes, neither of them were addressed to me and had a different address.

When I pointed this out to the driver he indicated that he had, in fact, seen my item at the warehouse earlier that day and that he would return with my order at 5:00 pm the same day. At that point, I asked him specifically “Are you sure you can be back at 5:00 pm? Because I will not be available any later.” He was very confident in saying that he would be back at 5:00 pm.

At 5:00 pm, I had not received a call from the driver, so I called the number he had called me from earlier that day. When he answered the phone I introduced myself and asked if he would be here soon. He indicated that he was stuck in traffic and could not make the delivery until 8:30 pm that evening. I told him that I would not be home at that time. I asked if the order could be delivered the following morning before 10:00 am. He answered that it could, and that he would deliver it by 10:00 am.

The next morning, at 9:16 am, I called the driver to confirm that he would arrive by 10:00 am. After calling his number twice, he answered his phone and told me that he was not delivering the item that day as he had been assigned elsewhere. He also stated that I would need to call customer service to book another time.

That same day I contacted customer service by phone and explained the situation. A new delivery date of September 22 and time window of 8:00 am to 12:00 pm was arranged; along with a promise of compensation for having missed one and a half days of work.

On September 22, the order was delivered. However, the driver arrived two hours late causing me to cancel my afternoon plans.

Eleven days and nine follow up emails later I have yet to get a response to my request.

The breakdown in process, lack of communication, wasted time and inconvenience caused by a combination of factors equally shared by CEVA and Houzz is simply unreasonable.

Professional theifs
September 30, 2018
Worst company out there. Evil bastards stole over 3 grand from our new business. Begging everyone to save their hard earn money from these thiefs.

NatGrillo August 23, 2019

I’m sorry Roman....yup. They’ve stolen from my very small company. Very discouraging

June 13, 2018
If I could give less I would. They sell items however, when you receive them and find what has been labeled as the same exact color you receive it and they do not match you are on the hook to return the items at your cost. We purchased bathroom items both marked with the color "espresso" when they came they don't even come close to matching "espresso". We express our need to return and they then inform us we must pay for return of $165.00. There is no information on the site stating colors may vary etc. Who would think that if you purchase items to place in a bathroom that this company expects you to keep it even when it doesn't come close to a match. BE VERY LEARY OF PURCHASING LARGE ITEMS FOR YOUR HOME ON THIS WEBSITE. Their customer service isn't even willing to work with you in regards to their policies being none existence in such cases.

Houzz is the reason Amazon is as successful as it is!
June 12, 2018

LED Mirrors - I bought 2 mirrors and saw that they were being shipped to my billing address which was wrong, so I called them to tell them the correct address to ship it to. One day I get an email saying they had tried several times to call and email me regarding the change of address, and that if I didn't respond within 24 hrs, they would cancel the order.

Really? That was the first email I had received and I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. They did not leave any voicemails either. Plus, I had assumed that the phone call I made to them sorted everything out. I guess the line of communication got broken along the way.

After all of that, I emailed them back and they verified the new address etc. And guess what - the mirrors were still shipped to the wrong address.

Bed Frame - I ordered a Cali King-sized bed frame and the delivery dates kept changing on the tracking service. One day, I got a call from Houzz saying that the bed frame was backlogged and that it would arrive even later. I told them that was fine. Then they emailed me again to tell me that. That was fine too.

Yesterday, I looked at the tracking info and it said the bed frame was to arrive later that day!! I emailed them and they said oh don't worry about it if the carrier hasn't called to confirm a delivery time, then to disregard the tracking information. So what's the use of the tracking information?

Also, in her email, she said it would be curbside delivery. CURBSIDE? I live on the 2nd floor and they will be dropping it off for me to lug a Cali King sized bed frame by myself and assemble it by myself. When I voiced that, the lovely, ditzy customer service rep asked: " Do you have family or friends to help you?"

Yes, Houzz, that's akin to buying a car and being told later that I would only be sent the parts to assemble the car myself.

Ridiculous company. And we wonder why Amazon is as successful as it is.