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Dishonest Company
May 16, 2018
Wants to charge me $1,000.00 to cancel my account

Worst customer service & online ordering
January 2, 2018

When I tried to order online I spent over an hour trying to check out. It would add much more money than what I'd ordered, & doesn't let it clear. Then I finally found a phone # & spent 20 more minutes trying to get the rep "Tanner" in Nashville to remove the charges. Terrible argumentative, lecturing, I mean he was antagonistic with no apology for my experience.

I found the same product directly through the manufacturer: Lantern Press


This went from darkest night @ Houzz to day. The rep @ Lantern Press made me feel great. He walked me through every step and found not only a custom print but on a special wood instead of paper that could serve as a great backdrop for the photo of a woody surfboard. I am so glad - saved me $ and brought my blood pressure back down. HOUZZ=NEVER AGAIN!

F- is too low a grade!
October 28, 2017

Houzz dot com: DON'T!

The vinyl bathroom wall paper I ordered to use on the back wall in the new Master Bath, I found it on houzz.com. They listed 9 rolls and I ordered 2. NINE IN STOCK! READY FOR ORDER! Delivery in about a week and a half. HAH!

First they wrote and told me that OOPS! not for an extra month, no explanation.

Then, the cancelled the order. CANCELLED THE ORDER! Out of stock.

Nope. Not when I ordered.

When I complained, they said "sorry, but too bad. Here's a 10% coupon."

ON WHAT? I'm never ordering from them ever again.

There were 9 rolls when I ordered. before anybody else could sneak in and order all nine, I'm guessing.

And they won't back order for more than a month and the supplier can't guarantee restock in December WHICH IS WHEN THEY PROMISED TO SEND THE DELAYED ORDER.

Houzz dot come. Don't knock on their door!


KurtPloudre September 29, 2018

I think you meant to say "too high a grade." You actually complimented them.

Avoid Houzz
October 19, 2017
Stay away. Overpriced and not at all consumer friendly. You have only 30 minutes from the time you order to cancel. They are totally inflexible in their cancellation and return policy (fine print), they refuse to price match and once you order they try to force you to accept the item or pay huge return and restocking fees. On top of it they seem very disorganized. If someone calls you about your order they don't leave an extension. When you call back and get through the confusing phone tree, the person on the other end doesn't know who it was that called you. They are a HOT MESS.

This is a broken down Houzz
July 12, 2017

Two big issues-

1) Mistakenly ordered something with an expired card on file at Houzz. 10 seconds later tried to cancel the order - Houzz has no "cancel order" option. Had to hit "replace or return" option, which sent the order into a death spiral 1) "We'll contact you w/in 24 hrs" - never happened - black hole with no communications for three days. 2) Called on third day and was assured by CSR she would get right back to me - never happened. 3)Finally got a cancellation email three days late, but nothing on their website said the order was cancelled. It just disappeared (did it ship? was I charged? was it cancelled? who knows!)

2) Ordered the same product within a minute of the first order for $899.00 because the shipping timeline said it would arrive three days faster than another online vendor. 1) Checked order status for three days - hadn't shipped. 2) Third day it was supposed to arrive - called and it hadn't shipped. CSR said they would find out why and get right back to me. He also committed to asking the vendor if they would send the order 2-day air since they were already past the advertised arrival date and it hadn't even shipped. You guessed it - no response. Got a Fedex email today saying it would arrive seven days after the first advertised arrival date. Nothing from Houzz. 3) Called again today - turns out Houzz stalled the order for four days just to verify my address!

Backstory - since the early 1980s the post office sent out address verifications every 30 days that allow a retailer to verify an address and the occupant in less than 1 second - all software systems have run on that for 35+ years, except apparently Houzz, which must be using a donkey and grinding wheel. And I had already ordered a high ticket item two weeks earlier - no need to take three days to reconfirm our address.

But why did the CSR commit to trying to get the vendor to eat the faster shipping? They had nothing to do with the order being late. It was all on the back of Houzz's donkey.

Sadly, back to Amazon, where mistaken orders get cancelled in seconds and software, not a donkey and a grinding wheel, verifies addresses.

Extremely bad customer service, mast and inconsistent customer service Representatives to say the least !
May 12, 2017

I purchased a 3 piece dinette set for this company, the dinosaur arrived in the time that was stated but when I arrived via FedEx it was it extremely damaged the boxes or torn apart in numerous places, and the packing was for to say the least !

I called FedEx right way regarding a problem and they told me not to open the box because I had refused to accept the shipment.

I the called up Houzz, I spoke to a female customer every representative who is pretty nice she told me to take photos of the box and that should be sending an email so I can send her the photos of the box, she also has for the tracking information and the complaint number that I gave to FedEx which I gave her I told her that I'd be sending the photos immediately they had just taking them with my device.

I sent like 8 photos to them depicting the condition of the box and the fact that I could see the piece of furniture through the hole in the Box thing I could see that inside the box that there was little or no packing whatsoever to protect the item I could see right through to the wood of the dinette set that was inside the Box.

After sending the photos and information to the company and then went to go get my mail only to find outside my door another box from FedEx that contain the chairs for the dinette set separately, the box also had minor damage but not as significant't as the first box so my thing called back FedEx and Report the information to them and gave them the tracking number of the box and also called back Houzz.

When I called back Houzz, I with a female representative who was not quite as nice as the first representative, a matter of fact she was downright nasty, and also was also a very poor listener that did not comprehend or would not try to comprehend what was being said to her !

I told a second Representatives that received the first box in the condition it was in I explained to her the same thing that I explained to the first person and I told her that upon leaving my apartment again two again check my mail that I found a second box left by FedEx in front of my door that two had minor damage to it and that I had sent her photos showing that damage and the tracking information that was on the box.

I also informed her again that I track a contact at FedEx, and explain to her what they told me that I was not the open the boxes Iris refusing delivery of the box she told me it be alright to go ahead and open the box to check the contents to see if the item was damaged Inside the Box.

I want again stated to her the FedEx told me not to open the box because I was refusing the shipment she said that it was okay to open the box and I said I rather not do that that I did not want to become liable for any damages that might be blamed on me after opening the box.

I also stated to her that, that would not be opening the box then she said to me are you refusing to accept this shipment and I said I already had done so I was FedEx of course I am I'm not going to open the box and had this all over the place and then have to take it back together already took photos of the condition of the boxes the pru how damaged the boxes word and certainly the items inside must have been damaged concerning the extensive damage to the first box that contain the table top!

at this point the representative was becoming argumentative with me and stressing that I needed to open the box to examine the contents for them to take back the item that was inside and that I had to prove that the item was damaged so I could get a refund.

Once again I say to the representative that I would not be opening the box because FedEx told me not to do so and I didn't want to become liable.

The representative then stated to me that she was going to have her supervisor come on the phone explain to me what needed to be done.

the supervisor then just reiterated the same lines that her assistant had given me prior so once again I stayed it to her my objection to open the box because of liability she didn't seem to care she said that she would send me a email saying that I can open the boxes and that should be enough to suffice.

I've been told her that would not be the way that it was going to happen I told her I was going to do like FedEx stated that I was not going to accept the package that was coming back to them and that I do not want the item at all at this point.

I then stated to the two Representatives, that I was sending the box back via FedEx with the tracking number that I had given them and that I want nothing further to do with their company and I want my money back completely and that I would not be purchasing anything from their company ever again and that I was going to be contacting my State Attorney General's office regarding the situation with them and that they had put me through too much hassle already.

So to summarize this the item is going back to them and I have already filed a complaint with my State Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau, as I had told her to her percentage that would be doing regarding the poor customer service that I had received from the both of them.

I also stated that I'd be going on social media to post photos, and give the a poor review, they did not seem to care in the least !

So any and they send me an email stating to me that when they received the tracking information, from FedEx on the return, that they would be then following up with a refund.

All I can say is what a waste of time, hours spent shopping looking for and item hassle on the phone with Representatives, hassle taking photos, speaking with idiots, that care only about their bottom line, the almighty dollar.

If you don't mind poor customer service and very poor packing and having FedEx deliver your item in the condition I did, then be a fool, and order from this company your self.

Horrible customer service!!!!
January 11, 2017

Had the most awful experience with Houzz.

Ordered a sideboard which arrived damaged. It took them over a month to pick up my damaged piece of furniture due to their representative providing both myself and the delivery personnel with the wrong ID number for my case. Delivery personnel ended up in Westchester while I'm in NYC, contacting a person who never requested a pick up.

After several ignored emails to the representative, I started a charge back. My bank then got hold of "evidence" of houzz attempting to pick up furniture (before the ignored emails) and cancelled the chargeback. Called for several weeks to get a refund for a piece of furniture I no longer have, still keep getting the response that they can't refund because of a charge back. “Once the bank processes we will be able to refund you” - the chargeback has been cancelled for three weeks now!! I wanted to send them the letter from the bank, proving that the chargeback is cancelled, they refused and insisted on taking care of it themselves.

Received furniture in October, got it picked up mid November - it is January 11 and I am still charged for the furniture. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, NIGHTME EXPERIENCE!! Steer away! Chances are, you can find the same piece of furniture elsewhere, with no problems and cheaper!!

Why Houzz is like a medical insurance company
December 29, 2016

I bought a rug through Houzz and here is my experience.

The rug was sold by a third party and was of very poor quality when it arrived. So, I contacted the customer support of Houzz and they said that I could ship it back for a refund. The return shipping would be paid by the seller only if it was defective. Houzz here plays the role of determining if a product is defective or not by looking at the photo, and get this they Don't even need to see the product nor consult with the seller if the piece was defective. Of course Houzz denied that the rug was defective--which is what the medical insurance companies do.

i used to admire their cool website, but realize that their business practices are dishonest. It felt like they colluded with the vendor to sell a substandard product and cheat the customers.