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HomeAdvisor mis-advises service providers and scams homeowners
February 28, 2020

Unfortunately HomeAdvisor is currently receiving 4.5 stars by 1,886 reviewers on another site.

Every one of the reviews that I read on this site were submitted by satisfied homeowners that were pleased with the services they received from service providers and NOT necessarily from their experience with HomeAdvisor. It seems that homeowners are largely unaware that HomeAdvisor is scamming vendors at their expense.

Upon looking over the HomeAdvisor.com website to see if their service would benefit my home inspection company I received very little information and was required to provide all my contact information in order to learn more. I was contacted with a sales pitch that promised to provide leads that were represented as guaranteed prospects. I was required to pay over $500 to join. Through the registration process I provided detailed information about the services that I provide. These details were to be shared by HomeAdvisor with homeowners inquiring about my services when they were referred to my business.

I understood that I would be charged between $12 and to $20 per referral. I was required to provide my checking account information so that all fees could be drafted from my account. These fees were considered payment for leads that would generate opportunities for my business. In the first week I received 11 empty leads and $215 in drafts from my checking account. The leads turned out to be nothing more than general inquiries about my services, information that homeowners should have already received from HomeAdvisor upon referral to my company.

I requested that my relationship with HomeAdvisor be terminated immediately. I had to jump through many hoops to cancel. For weeks fees continued to draft from my account to HomeAdvisor, even after I believed my membership was cancelled. 2 years later I still receive sales calls from HomeAdvisor urging my return at a "discounted rate."

During one of these calls I expressed my dissatisfaction with the fees that are charged for less than promising leads. The representative's answer to this was,"well, all you have to do is

charge off the fees you paid for the empty leads to the next lead that contracts your services." I explained to him that I don't do business that way and I am not going to charge my clients for HomeAdvisor's empty promises. I was no longer interested, and I did not want to receive any further calls.

The calls continue. Most recently I answered a call from yet another representative and tried to explain that, "now is not a good time for me; I am in the middle of an inspection." to which he replied, "well what about the other 16 times that I have tried to call you?"

HomeAdvisor generates expensive empty leads for service providers and then encourages them to pass these expenses off to the homeowner in the form of hire costs for services. Homeowners believe that HomeAdvisor is looking out for their interests; in reality HomeAdvisor is a business and a higher quantity of providers paying for a higher amount of referrals is much more important to their bottom line than the best interests of their homeowners.

Based on my experience Home Advisor is not representing service providers as promised and they are not operating in the best interest of homeowners.

Home Advisor is a rip off for both homeowners and vendors.

RobertAllen January 22, 2021

I signed up.

Got a bunch of bogus leads.

Protested charge with credit card company while it was a pending charge - US Bank would not allow charge to be protested.

Home advisor is scum
February 19, 2020
stay far away. they kept charging me when I turned off site... then called dept collectors. there scum

Service Providers Beware
January 14, 2020
Service Providers Beware. Home Advisor will charge you $50-$100 (or more depending on your location) for the name and "phone number" of a potential lead even if you contact the lead on several occasions and they never return your phone call. In the beginning you are led to believe you can request a credit for these leads, however you later find out that unreturned calls/messages and/or a homeowner deciding that they don't want to do the project are not reasons for a refund. This is a major scam and I would highly advise any designers, engineers, architects, contractors, etc. avoid using this service.

rude and fake
December 18, 2019

home advisor calls me 3 to 4 times a day. floods my email with advertisement. when I ask them to stop they just hang up on me. I sick of it. please do yourself a favor and don't ever contact them. Rude

Rude Rude

richardschulman February 19, 2020

Home Advisor is the worst company out there. I turned off there service on the site. kept giving me leads. ... they had crdit collectors trying to get my money...

There scum

What the home owner dose not know
October 15, 2019

HomeAdvisor is selling already sold leads and CHARGING the CONTRACTOR!!!!!

HomeAdvisor is (PRETENDING) BY USING local company DOMAINS on the internet AS THE CONTRACTOR by saying when you call and they pick up the phone that HOME-ADVISOR is a PARTNER OF THE FACTITIOUS COMPANY THEY ARE CLAIMING TO BE PARTNERS WITH....


Home Advisor
August 18, 2019

If you are a small business and have the finances to just be able to flush them down the toilet, then please sign up for this service. That is what it is like.

Nine out of ten leads, which you are charged for, and you are charged for all of them, are either bad or fake or even recycled. In fact all sights of this sort are the same. To bad that people have stopped reading newspaper. I had much better results because people had to respond to the add themselves by phone. Nothing is anonymous.

It is a free service for the people on line that are looking for services but as the consumer at Home Advisor,the one who pays their bills can make a complaint about a lead being a bad one your request for credit seems to fall on dead ears. They LOVE nothing but money and as a consumer of Home Advisor, they seem only think the money and not their clients,you.

This business should be rated zero for customer service and lack of good attitude towards their customers.

So...if you have money to flush or like abuse from someone you pay for a service, by all means, enroll in this service.

For me, it has been nothing but frustration and financially a disaster!!!!!

Don't every use Home Advisor
July 11, 2019
Signed up in January after pushy salesperson kept hounding me to join as a carpet cleaning contractor. Told me leads would be $12 - 20 each depending on size of job. Also told me that if I didn't do a job or get the job when I called the customer, I could get a refund of the leads. HA well that never happened. I found out after 2 weeks when I was billed for leads that I was billed for every lead I got, even when customer's did not respond back after calls and emails thru the homeadvisor system, even when customers told me they didn't put in a lead to have carpets cleaned. The leads price was almost double what the rep told me on every lead. The percentage of jobs came out to making as much money as I was being charged - not a way to stay in business. I called customer service and complained - told them the rep said I wouldn't have to pay for any leads I didn't do the job for and then found out that not only was I getting charged, but I could see they sent the same lead to 2, 3 or 4 other contractors who were all getting charged the same lead fee as me - so home advisor was making up to $120 on one lead. Customer service told me it was my fault for not calling back customers within 10 minutes of the lead notification - hard to do when you are out on jobs providing great customer service to that current customer. Told her price is double what I was told and she apologized for inept sales rep. Then I said I wanted to cancel account and she said I could only cancel with refund within 7 days of sign up which the sales rep just so happened to forget to tell me - which she apologized for again. What a rip off company. They never did get the last payment for all my leads as I froze my credit card so it wouldn't get charged. Don't ever sign up with them unless you like to throw away your hard earned money.

StevenWashington August 18, 2019

As a business owner I agree completely with this person

April 4, 2019
they are scam they took your money to give you wrong lead or not correct information or lead from someone else do not waste your money someone from government need to check them out

November 12, 2018

Keep in mind that I've become entirely frustrated by their BS. As a consumer you should know that they charge the contractor for each referral sent regardless of outcome. The scenario I've experienced again and again is they send referrals during the weekend which is way outside of my posted hours of operation and still collect a substantial fee upwards of $15 each. They've also collected fees for other contractors for the very same referral!! This is after the initial fee of $347.98 to join with promises of qualified leads galore. Their explanation to me is that is my fault for pausing my leads just before the weekend, that made the leads turn on automatically 2 days later on Sunday.

I smell a class action suit coming. Shame on what was the very reputable Angie's List, for selling out to this Racket.

JuniperRow January 16, 2019

Yes! I had a very similar experience. I was give numerous bad leads as well as multiple leads being sent to unqualified competitors. When I refuted the charges with my credit company, Home Advisor turn my account over to an outside collection agency, which put me deeper in the hole. I also realized that Angie's List web portal sends unwitting consumers directly to Home Advisor bypassing paying Angie's List providers completely. As a paid Angie's List advertiser, I was getting ripped on both end. Stay away from this fraudulent company!!!!!!!!

StevenWashington August 18, 2019

Agree. Shut this business down

Home Advisor FRAUD
September 6, 2018
I am a contractor. Signed up 2 months ago. Have only received two leads in that time. Leads I was not interested in. When I signed up, I was told that the charges for leads sent to me would be $14-$34 for residential work depending on size, $70 for commercial work and $25-$55 for new construction work depending on size. I was also told that there would be no charges if I did not take advantage of the leads they send. I received two texts for work I was not interested in and never replied to the texts. When I got my credit card bill there was a $146 charge for one of these texts and a $98 charge for the other text. Called customer service to get refund to no avail. Was told by one of their supervisors that the rep who signed me up gave me the wrong information. She lied? Waiting for supervisor's supervisor to call me back. Told them not to send any more leads. Called my credit card company to dispute charges. Will cancel my account once the dust settles.

Zod Cranards October 03, 2018

Thank you, I had a bad feeling about it and glad I checked.

Zod Cranards October 03, 2018

Thanks for the info. I was about ready to sign up but had a hunch it might be good to check first.

Moldservices inlimited inc
June 18, 2018

pleased with the services received from this company

Mold testing was done and they did a good job, no Problems!

August 15, 2017

Absolutely DO NOT use this website for ANYTHING. This company is full of extremely rude and disrespectful customer service and sales employees. Not to mention the entire thing is a SHAM. Not only to the contractors (like me) that pay an initial fee of $300 per year and then anywhere from $40-90 per lead but to the customers that get their information stolen and sold. On many occasions, I tried to contact customers that "requested information" from me just to find out that they never requested building information from Home Advisor and/or they didn't exist. When I called to cancel my membership after a full year of scam customers (and 100's of $) the lady had the nerve to fight me the entire time telling me she's "sorry I didn't know how to use their services" and that if I was more available to make calls right away I would have gotten more customers. I run a successful Construction Company and I don't need some know it all sales rep to tell me how to get customers. I will never recommend this company to ANYONE I know.

Also, about 8 months after I canceled my membership, I got a call from another very RUDE and disrespectful sales rep trying to get me to rejoin. I simply told him it didn't work for me and that I wasn't going to join again, so it is a waste of both of our time and he started to get rude and aggressive in his responses. I don't know why this company thinks it's OK to talk to potential clients with condescending rude tones. It's absolutely absurd to me. STAY AWAY!

StevenWashington August 18, 2019

Pay attention people. They are telling the truth.

Contractors are good. The company itself is a bunch of con men.
March 17, 2017
As a contractor for this company I and everyone else that is a real client will tell you that they use misleading information and confusing processess to maximize their own charges and profits from every contractor that gives them their creditcard information. Don't be fooled by the positive reviews. look carefully at them and you will see that they are coached, proabably a paid for service to get positive reviews. Upon signing up the asked me to have friends give me positive reviews just to look good to the customers. Clearly they are in the business of manipulation. Bait and switch lures, high charges and automatically accepted leads and automatically charged credit cards weekly before you can review your month bill. Thats right, they charge you weekly, you see it monthly. I cant't believe there is not a class action law suit yet. I lost hundreds of dollars immediately before I could even build my profile. My case manager was conveniently unavailable for days as soon as i gave her my credit card info. I wish i could take it all back now but they retracted their 30 day money back guarantee offer as soon as i gave them my Credit Card. I made an expensive mistake. Please don't do the same or allow this company to get any more exposure. Stay Local.

Danielle August 15, 2017

I couldn't have said it better myself. This company is a complete RIP OFF and they thrive on getting small businesses to trust that they will get clients right away after they charge you in excess. I'm writing a review on the BBB ASAP.

Zod Cranards October 03, 2018

Thanks for the review and comment, very helpful.

April 19, 2016





BOA General Contractor
April 7, 2016

I'm a General Contractor BOA Heavy Construction Corp. for 17 years. I had a lot of bad experiences with the Home Advisor covers all of the "leading" processing sites like Yodle, Moreover Angel list.

Home Advisor promised to refund my credit to Visa Card if I lost one Lead from no answering or disconnecting. They did not promise and mass randomly vacuumed my debit card without confirming with a lead. We hit 20 leads, only 2 Leads per month just win for an interview, hopefully one job wins. 20 lead cost from 700 to 1000 credit card. Once a lead was an addition job $98.00 a lead. I called and no answer until I called 5 times. A client annoyed to say he didn't interest, but just curiously quote for free. I didn't bother to meet him. Once day in Somerville, Mass, One Lead accepted my call and We went to visit the homeowner about remodeling basement with added bathroom. I saw there is 7 illegal Mexicans/Brazilians line up on her porch to wait for winning the job. I purposely gave her a rough error price $14,000 estimated. Original Massachusetts Appraised $45,000, New bathroom, new laundry room, new floor entire wall with two rooms electric-plumbing. Client must picked below than $14,000. Next day I drove by there was a big "Stop-Work" poster by the City on her door. Mexicans must ran out budget money did all bad jobs for cheap money that City Code did not approve it. I bet you there is over 10 contractors visited one client for price quote. It is not worth to join Home Advisor. And sometimes, I identify the Lead posted several days ago. Perhaps the illegal Mexicans took the job before me and you too. Google Ad Word is a better source of all contractors, not the "Pay-Lead" system sites. Trump is clean for us if he wins.

Painter Jimmy T's
February 20, 2016

I had my two bathrooms painted by Jimmy T's Painting...He not only is professional but he is so trustworthy and I recommend him to everyone needing small paint jobs.


AMF Inspections & Engineering
November 20, 2015
We are having a full second story added to our home and required a structural engineering inspection. We contacted AFM Inspections & Engineering, PLLC. They came within two days and were on time. Anthony Marmo was every professional and he was extremely forth coming in explaining what he was looking at and why. I was very pleased using AFM and highly recommend them.

Our new kitchen
November 5, 2013

The places recommended for choosing the granite had a large and varied selection and the staff were very helpful. The place that fabricated the granite for the countertop did a wonderful job. Its crew was timely, courteous and very professional. The backsplash was also smashing! The glass subway tiles were just beautiful!

Mr. LaRue of LaRue Construction organized and supervised the installation of the new kitchen(new sink,faucets,stovetop, handles and pulls for the cabinets and drawers) in a timely fashion.

We are very satisfied with Mr. LaRue's attention to the protection of our property while demolition was in progress as well as to how materials were carted away. His recommendations for where the granite can be chosen, the fabrication of the countertop, the selection of tiles for the backsplash and possible places to select high-end kitchen appliances were right on. We are thrilled with our choices and enjoying their conveniences and efficiencies.