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HomeAdvisor is a company that states it has helped over 25 million homeowners find trusted home improvement and repair professionals and does not require a membership fee for users looking for service providers.

The HomeAdvisor Pro Finder claims to be easy to use, with just three easy steps to find a service provider. First, you select the project category that best matches your repair or improvement need.

You may be asked follow up questions to ensure that you are being directed to the right professional for your job.

After you have submitted you information, you will receive information on up to four different pre-screened, local home improvement professionals.

Finally, these providers will either contact you, or you can access their contact information in order to get in touch with them on your schedule.

They promise that their service providers have passed a rigorous criminal and financial background check.

In addition, if you have any complaints about the service you have received, you can file your complaints with HomeAdvisor.com, as well as post a rating and review, not unlike Angie.com, a similar provider website.

HomeAdvisor also offers additional tools to their users to help them choose the right service provider. One of these is The Cost Guide, which allows you to see the local and national average costs for projects like the one you have.

Others include the Resource Center, which includes guides to projects you may be considering so you can better understand the scope and depth of what might be needed, or the Home911 App.

This is a mobile app which gives you 24/7 access to emergency repair providers if you should ever need it.

You will never pay any fees for the matching services provided by this website.  All fees are paid by the professionals who are recommended to you, since they have been provided with new client leads.

If you have any experience with HomeAdvisor or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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The reviews can't be trusted.
July 14, 2022
I hired a roofing contractor (Saving Grace Roofing) through Home Advisors whom they highly recommended. The contractor didn't do what was in the contract we signed. He put on a cheaper shingle than was contracted for and paid for. The is Breach of Contract and Fraud. He refused to admit that he did anything wrong. The ratings are not trustworthy. What I got was cheated and poor workmanship.

The Contractors & Angie's List are just a SCAM
July 7, 2022

I hired a architect in Houston, Texas through Home Advisor, his company name is Y-Square Design, LLC and the first project he did for me was done in a timely manner, then I gave him another room addition project to do and give Mr. Yohan Yi a 50% deposit of $2,250.00 to start the drawings.

Everything was going great until I give him another room addition project to do and gave him another 50% deposit of $1,900.00 for this 2nd project, he did give me a copy of the 2 drawings to present to each of my 2 customers, then after I gave the drawings with the correction on each project he stopped answering my phone calls and e-mails.

I called Home Advisor customer support and they just keep sending me to several people and then they would just hang up the phone when I started complaining about this architect company, so I guess I will have to file suit against his company to get my money and file a complaint with BBB on his company and Home Advisor because they are both a scam.

All Home Advisor & Angie's List are concerned about is making their money not making the customer happy, this is Edward Lorenzo in Houston, Texas 07/07/2022.

Home Advisor is a Scam
July 7, 2022

Home Advisors (Angi) is a scam. In early June I was looking for a professional pool service to clean the black algae in our pool. The local pool supply store had advised me they knew of no professional pool service in our area which performs the service.

I went online to do a search, Home Advisors came up, I filled out the information required and they state that they do not charge until the work is performed and I should receive several offers to do the work.

I did not receive one offer to perform the service in over a month's time. A couple of days after the service was posted I received a call from my credit card company questioning if I had authorized the charge.

Since the work was NEVER performed and I had NO OFFERS to even perform the service I was surprised to hear Home Advisors had already charged for a service that I NEVER AUTHORIZED OR RECEIVED.

This morning I called Home Advisors to dispute the charge. What a surprise! They told me someone was scheduled to perform the work this morning at 9:00 AM even though no one has ever contacted me either by phone or email. They told me to call back after 9:00 AM if no one shows up. When Home Advisors originally contacted me, I was advised I should be able to choose from several offers.

Does Home Advisor Phish
July 5, 2022
I did a search for local contractors for a small fence project. I clicked on a link to a local company that served my area, but when I completed the information and submitted the quote request to the local contractor, it actually went through Home Advisor powered by Angi and I immediately started getting calls, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

Work Never Performed after Payment Made
June 22, 2022

Chingon Landscaping was referred to me by Home Advisor in November of 2021 to remove tree on my rental property. The owner, Ramiro "Randy" Vasques was paid $3,100 to do the work and as of today, June 22, 2022 the work has not been done with the exception of raking up some leaves from the yard and bagging it and they were never removed from the property.Home Advisor apparently does a poor job of vetting their contractors before putting them on their site. This contractor has been removed from the site now but it was necessary for me to file a lawsuit yesterday against the contractor.

Is this service legit or a Scam?
June 17, 2022

Charging for services repeatedly for one project...

Extremely Misleading / Scam for contractors
May 26, 2022

I am a licensed and insured GC & Master Plumber based in Park City, UT. Homeadvisor / ANGI misinforms clients of costs that they will be quoted and charged contractors a huge fee for receiving a text message.

Countless times I have heard customers say "Home Advisor says this project should cost $X"

The facts are home advisor may give the customer a one man handyman cost if the customer is acting as their own general contractor.

General Contractors charge a mark-up on all subs and materials to cover their overhead and job cost. They charge a management fee to make their own living. Use a licensed, insured professional to save you time and stress! MAKE SURE THEY ARE LICENSED AND INSURED!!!!

In the current state of the construction economy - if a contractor is getting work from home advisor, they most likely do not know how to run a business. Be aware customers - use local networking like facebook or nextdoor to see who your community is using for contractors.

Team Cheever Design Build

Bailey Bros Plumbing and Drain Service LLC
April 26, 2022

Bailey Bros plumbing ripped me off, they hooked my slop sinks water up back wards, left all trash. They drilled into the corner of my foundation with out a permit to install a sump pump. My toilet still doesn't work and I need to plunge after I do a number 2 every time.

He made me write the check to him ( Ray Charles Bailey ) and not his business name and he didn't give me a work order or a receipt for the work that was performed. He replace most of my plumbing on the opposite side of the basement. The concrete he poured is unleveled and he refuses to come back and fix everything.

He has threatened to kill me if I made any complaints. The last threat was on 4/24/22 he facetimed me and said if I didn't remove my bad review he was going to kill me and send his family after me. On 4/25/22 I filed a peace or and harassment charges against him. They are both active. Everyone beware of this guy who works in Harford County Maryland, Baltimore Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore City.

He has no real employees and he doesn't pull permits. So when or if you go to sell your house, your screwed and you will be fined by your local town government and half to repay to have it done again. This guy has a very dangerous record and if you look him up on Maryland judiciary case search, he has multiple assaults, child abuse, hate crimes, Counter fit Money and you name it. Everyone be ware.

Do Not Use Home Advisor!
April 15, 2022
If I had the option to rate zero, I would. Charged twice yesterday, charged twice today - I reported them to BBB.

He did a great job, was very friendly and nice, and the price was very reasonable.
March 31, 2022
My driveway and sidewalks were very dirty and stained--hadn't been pressure washed for several years. This man had all the equipment and supplies to do a very good job and continued working at it until it looked very good. Would definitely call him again.

Say no to Home Advisor
March 30, 2022

I left a request for pros for my project on Porch. On the plus side, several qualified pros contacted me. On the minus side, my info was passed along to Home Advisor, which started calling and texting me.

Based on my previous experience, I would never deal with Home Advisor again and I would never trust anyone it recommends.

For companies associated with Home Advisor: in my book, if Home Advisor recommends you, it’s a huge demerit. I exclude any company recommended by Home Advisor from further consideration.

Front for Angi, requires Angi app installation.
March 29, 2022
VERY unimpressed. I actually signed-up for a quote with HomeGuide.com, which is apparently just a front for HomeAdvisor.com, which is also a front for Angi.com. NOT what I expected. I got emails from all 3 companies. Nothing made sense. Worse still, I couldn't even see the quotes unless I installed the Angi app on my phone.

Professional and Honest..
March 29, 2022

They Installed a new Comfortmaker Furnace, replaced my former one with higher efficiency...Was on time, cleaned up after done, added a new vent for the basement..slight problem and came back and fixed it..Price was fair compared to others..Polite and would hire again..

ClydineClendennin March 29, 2022

Sorry, the above review by me, didn't add the company..Morgan Mechanical,

Lincoln Park,Michigan

Do Not Use Home Advisor Nor Angi List
March 9, 2022

I had the worse experience with Home Advisor, obviously they do not do background checks of their contractors. You think you are getting professional service because its a brand name Home Advisor but you are not, you are at risk.

I blame Home Advisor for sending a con artist crook to my home and scamming me for over $2,300. The Contractor J and C Home Repairs asked for an upfront fee of $2,050 and actually walked away with it, (did no work at all) stole my Home Depot purchase of $230.

And Home Advisor did not assist me in getting my money back. Do not use Home Advisor, they are just as guilty as the actual crooks.

RT will ignore you. RT will not honor insurance that you purchased from them.
February 14, 2022

I hired RT movers to relocate our household belongs from CT to VT. RT movers did not employ proper care to pack and load my valuable property,

So pieces were delivered with obvious serious damage.

I purchased damage insurance from RT in advance to cover my move fully.

I promptly and properly filed a claim for damages caused by RT. I followed up with many calls and communications to Robert Anderson (owner of RT) over the many months subsequent to relocation.

Nevertheless, RT Relocation refuses to honor the legitimate damage claim that I submitted. RT relocation will not provide any explanation for its failure to settle my rightful claim.

Calls to Robert Anderson always go unanswered. This company's business practices are very frustrating and in my opinion fraudulent.

I strongly suggest you find alternative movers.

This company is disreputable.
February 11, 2022

I had filed a complaint and reviews against the poor quality work and legal scams by this company and none of the reviews are now visible.

Chad Michaels of this company cheated me on the quality and size of trees he installed. He also put up a fenced yard, not built according to the design I wanted, using inappropriate materials from a list he provided, but which I paid for myself, taking the left over materials off my property.

The Gate was an old gate from another project, evidenced by the hardware being removed and transferred to accommodate my fencing needs. He trespassed and removed another gate he made from materials not matching what I had delivered, almost a week after he determined the job completed.

When I withheld payment pending his fixing the problems, he immediately sued me, rather than resolve the issues. A truck tore up my front yard and when I told him, he said that none of this would have happened if I had just given him what he wanted.

Due to the Pandemic, I was unable to get Legal Aid and was myself very sick for the period when the case came up in Court. His lawsuit (signed by the McDowell Superior Court Chief Justice) was based on lies, but when I sent an email to his attorney explaining that, the email was deleted from my own account (since recovered).

The Exemption papers were delivered by a Deputy on my 74th Birthday and the Court date was on my Father’s (WWII Veteran) 99th Birthday, an indication of the bullying and intimidation used to rob us.

At this time his lawyer is intent on taking my only means of transportation to auction, after failing to force foreclosure on our personal home properties. The attorney said, “ We are taking your truck so that you can keep your home.”, over an illegitimate $3500 dispute. Chad Michaels told me exactly how much his attorney would charge me in addition to his fees, apparently having previous business relationships with his lawyer.

BUYER BEWARE-his offers of discounts for Seniors and Veterans is a SCAM and the prices are jacked up before and even after your agreement.

Use this company’s services at your own risk. The BBB has another complaint very similar to mine, which was settled after the property owner spent months and $ to prove his case in Court.

I recommend that you AVOID doing business with Silvercreek Landscaping and Fence in Morganton NC and find a more reputable resource.

Surely, Zay and Robert are an asset to West Shore Home.
February 3, 2022

My name is John Martin from East Point Ga. Today, February 3, 2022, two West Shore Home employees arrived at our home to complete our shower. Their names are Zay and Robert. They did an outstanding job. My wife and I were completely satisfied upon completion of the job.

Honest appliance repair
January 28, 2022
Mark Snell is very honest. He quoted an expensive repair, but after he started the repair he found our washer needed a much cheaper repair. He could have changed us for the more expensive repair and we would have never known.

They don't back you up and make sure that the Contractor is Reputable
December 28, 2021

To be blunt. They suck. I used them to have my house rewired and they referred me to Suburban Electric in Stoughton, Mass who sent me one of their electricians that lives nearby.

What followed was a series of events that rivals any Horror Movie out there. While I was in the Hospital the Electrician's came, ripped out most of the wires and when I was finally able to get to the house for what was supposed to be a walk-through I asked where the wiring went. They took it out.

So, that in itself was a procedural error. New wiring couldn't be installed due to a code issue. What does that mean? The original 2x4 framing for the interior walls was installed incorrectly so that meant rebuilding all of the interior walls. Okay. That can happen.

Unfortunately, it meant pulling up the existing flooring and the original seven inch baseboard without breaking it.

This has set me back at least a year and now its nearly eight months later and the Electrical Company is getting away with charging me $8900 for a few days of work and Home Advisor has taken their side so I will never use this service again and when the house is done I'll take them to court along with the Electrical Company.

What sucks the most is that people have decide that because we're going through a Pandemic that it's okay to steal from people and then lie about it.

Beware of Classic Sun Valley Flooring and Tile
December 23, 2021

BEWARE!!! of Classic Sun Valley flooring and Tile. Once you give them half the money, you are at their mercy. They will lie about anything and everything. We signed a contract (that protects the Kirby's completely, LOOK on the back) on December 23, 2020, and gave them half the money.

Here it is May 26, 2021, and we are still not complete. They switched cabinets from Schrock to no-name RTA cabinets and Quartz countertops from $80 per sq. ft. to $68 per sq. ft. These items are on the contract that we paid for. ( Not he said, she said, these are facts, Cindy).

They are gone with all our money, and we still have a toilet that leaks after James removed and reinstalled it. A shower that has no hot water after James replaced the faucet value.

UPDATE Had to open the wall behind the shower to re-cut the pipes James worked on, to find a dried ball of glue plugging the pipes. Electrical wires in our island that have hot wires showing. They have no license for electrical, plumbing.

In the end, we had to pay an extra $930 for countertops and $400 for the completion of our island. Fix the plumbing ourselves. Had no kitchen, kitchen sink, or shower for months. Glad to be done with these shysters.