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Won’t unsubscribe me
July 11, 2023
Home advisor requires a person to register then refuses to unregister/unsubscribe their email when the request has been made. They flood my email with unsolicited updates.

If you want a good remodel job hire Star Renovations LLC
July 5, 2023
I used Star Renovations LLC for my entire remodel after hurricane Ian Sept. 28,2022. I dealt directly with the owner from day one. there was no price gauging or hidden costs. They started with replacing drywall and tape, then plastering,sanding, painting,texturizeing etc. They did everything as if it was there own home. They repaired electric and plumbing too. then they replaced all wood trim and doors. They cleaned up and touched up whatever had to be done. Neighbors came over and were mad they didn't hire them because there work was so good. I would highly recommend them to do any project.

Fraudulent Credit Card Charges
April 21, 2023

NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!! They took my 86 yr old mothers credit card and kept charging her card saying someone came to her home when NO ONE EVER CAME! We had to go to our bank, change credit cards and they STILL FOUND A WAY to keep charging twice a month. It’s still going on and even TRUIST BANK called them to say stop the fraudulent charges and THEY STILL KEEP CHARGING HER CARD. This company is OPERATING IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!!!

HA rep failed to correctly complete work request.
February 27, 2023

Totally failed when I signed up for siding. Rep called and insisted that she would enter my requirements for me, but she failed to correctly fill in requirements for Q 5, 8, 9. I had to call the contractor myself to cancel. HomeAdvisor needs a negative rating, but I can't get below 1. Creditcard in dispute.

Not Positive
January 14, 2023
Not worth spending my time with this review. It's not positive.

November 16, 2022
I had Lamb's Tree and Plant Health Care come and cut down a giant tree that was ready to fall on my neighbor's house. They came in, cut the tree so professionally and were gone in a couple of hours. They took all the brush and the tree away. I was worried about what they did to my lawn but they raked it and reseeded it. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of having such a service done. His prices were great.

Hilberath Plumbing
November 11, 2022
The owner, John and his assistant showed up in a timely manner and repaired my "on demand" water heater. I thought the price was acceptable, however, I did not get an estimate before they started.

This company should not be allowed to operate
November 5, 2022

Home Advisor and Angi who contracts with them should not be allowed to operate. I had 4 no show appointments and the 5th appointment I told them if someone didn't show, I was done.

So on the morning of the 5th appointment, the supposed contractor texted to say he was at my property. I told him I couldn't see him as there was no one at my property. I went outside and checked all the streets in my development but there were no cars or people on the street or in driveways.

Through a series of texts where the contractor refused to call me so we could talk by phone, the contractor proceeded to blame me, that I must have put the wrong address in when I made the request. I asked him to verify the address he was at and the cross streets but he did not respond.

Since I could see the service request on my Angi app, I knew it was the correct address. I called him three times and every time he answered but would not say anything. I asked him to describe the house, but also radio silence. I texted him the same. No response. I called Angi who I guess owns Home Advisor. The agent told me that since they could "geolocate" my contractor at "my address" that he must be there and therefore they were charging my card for the visit. I asked them to have the contractor call me. She said she could not do this because the contractor has no reception to call me.

Then I asked her to verify the cross streets where the contractor was and again she could not do this even though she was able to communicate by text with him. I asked her to have him meet me at a gas station near my house and she also said she could not do this. She said the best she could do was reduce the charge $100 and that the contractor was leaving the site.

I just checked and they charged my card the full amount ($283). I recorded the conversation and would love to start a class action suit against this company because this is fraud and obviously coordinated by the Angi and Home Advisor. The "contractor" was likely just a bot. Anyone else?

It looks like scam service
September 27, 2022
I submit requests to so called Pro through Home Advisor for Well Pump repair and replacement. Receive one call from "Pro" offering rip off all my system and install new one. Tried to submit review at HomeAdvisor but was not able to. That's it. Additionally I got 3 calls ... for roof replacement, basement waterproofing and landscaping. For me Home Advisor looks like scam.

Sent me to collections over unauthorized charges.
September 26, 2022
Avoid Home advisor and Angi Leads. They take up to $182/day from your credit cards in exchange for a phone number "lead". Make unauthorized charges. Refuse to close honor paused lead requests. Can't cancel or receive refunds. Customer service acts helpless. Send you to collections for unauthorized charges.

East Ridge Fence excels
September 14, 2022
I contracted East Ridge Fence, from Meyerstown, PA, to remove our current wood fence and install an aluminum fence to replace it. They arrived on time and worked diligently until the job was finished. They were very efficient and organized. Their standards were exacting and precise. Their price quote was fair and accurate. They completed the job leaving our property clean and neat. I would highly recommend them and would use them again for any project.

Horrible business practices, don't pay them for a quote
August 16, 2022

HomeAdvisor is an absolute scam. They take your money and never contact you or return your calls. Stay away from these crooks. What horrible business practice, make you pay to see a quote from a 3rd party than never provide the quote.

AmyTaylor August 17, 2022

Yep-they charge you on the credit card before services are even started. My review is below yours-so far very dissatisfied. They are supposed to come tomorrow-will be surprised if they show. This will be appointment scheduled #5. So far a metal strip was placed behind my door-that was it.

Not reputable-not reliable
August 15, 2022

Well my experience with this company is a bad one. A contractor came out on July 27-supposed to return on July 31. He was a no call no show-tried his number-inactive and a text would not go through.

Ok, another pro was supposed to come out on August 12-waiting on them got a text due to a last minute pro call in not coming this day either. Rescheduled for August 15-no call no show.

I called the company and was told that contractor didn't feel they could do the work-can ya not pick up the phone to let me know so I'm not here waiting? 4 vacation days wasted. Supposed to come out August 18-yeah right. Oh but my credit card was billed-you can bet on that.

The reviews can't be trusted.
July 14, 2022
I hired a roofing contractor (Saving Grace Roofing) through Home Advisors whom they highly recommended. The contractor didn't do what was in the contract we signed. He put on a cheaper shingle than was contracted for and paid for. The is Breach of Contract and Fraud. He refused to admit that he did anything wrong. The ratings are not trustworthy. What I got was cheated and poor workmanship.

The Contractors & Angie's List are just a SCAM
July 7, 2022

I hired a architect in Houston, Texas through Home Advisor, his company name is Y-Square Design, LLC and the first project he did for me was done in a timely manner, then I gave him another room addition project to do and give Mr. Yohan Yi a 50% deposit of $2,250.00 to start the drawings.

Everything was going great until I give him another room addition project to do and gave him another 50% deposit of $1,900.00 for this 2nd project, he did give me a copy of the 2 drawings to present to each of my 2 customers, then after I gave the drawings with the correction on each project he stopped answering my phone calls and e-mails.

I called Home Advisor customer support and they just keep sending me to several people and then they would just hang up the phone when I started complaining about this architect company, so I guess I will have to file suit against his company to get my money and file a complaint with BBB on his company and Home Advisor because they are both a scam.

All Home Advisor & Angie's List are concerned about is making their money not making the customer happy, this is Edward Lorenzo in Houston, Texas 07/07/2022.

Home Advisor is a Scam
July 7, 2022

Home Advisors (Angi) is a scam. In early June I was looking for a professional pool service to clean the black algae in our pool. The local pool supply store had advised me they knew of no professional pool service in our area which performs the service.

I went online to do a search, Home Advisors came up, I filled out the information required and they state that they do not charge until the work is performed and I should receive several offers to do the work.

I did not receive one offer to perform the service in over a month's time. A couple of days after the service was posted I received a call from my credit card company questioning if I had authorized the charge.

Since the work was NEVER performed and I had NO OFFERS to even perform the service I was surprised to hear Home Advisors had already charged for a service that I NEVER AUTHORIZED OR RECEIVED.

This morning I called Home Advisors to dispute the charge. What a surprise! They told me someone was scheduled to perform the work this morning at 9:00 AM even though no one has ever contacted me either by phone or email. They told me to call back after 9:00 AM if no one shows up. When Home Advisors originally contacted me, I was advised I should be able to choose from several offers.

Does Home Advisor Phish
July 5, 2022
I did a search for local contractors for a small fence project. I clicked on a link to a local company that served my area, but when I completed the information and submitted the quote request to the local contractor, it actually went through Home Advisor powered by Angi and I immediately started getting calls, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

YvonLemieux January 14, 2023

Same exact problem happened to me.

Work Never Performed after Payment Made
June 22, 2022

Chingon Landscaping was referred to me by Home Advisor in November of 2021 to remove tree on my rental property. The owner, Ramiro "Randy" Vasques was paid $3,100 to do the work and as of today, June 22, 2022 the work has not been done with the exception of raking up some leaves from the yard and bagging it and they were never removed from the property.Home Advisor apparently does a poor job of vetting their contractors before putting them on their site. This contractor has been removed from the site now but it was necessary for me to file a lawsuit yesterday against the contractor.

Is this service legit or a Scam?
June 17, 2022

Charging for services repeatedly for one project...

Extremely Misleading / Scam for contractors
May 26, 2022

I am a licensed and insured GC & Master Plumber based in Park City, UT. Homeadvisor / ANGI misinforms clients of costs that they will be quoted and charged contractors a huge fee for receiving a text message.

Countless times I have heard customers say "Home Advisor says this project should cost $X"

The facts are home advisor may give the customer a one man handyman cost if the customer is acting as their own general contractor.

General Contractors charge a mark-up on all subs and materials to cover their overhead and job cost. They charge a management fee to make their own living. Use a licensed, insured professional to save you time and stress! MAKE SURE THEY ARE LICENSED AND INSURED!!!!

In the current state of the construction economy - if a contractor is getting work from home advisor, they most likely do not know how to run a business. Be aware customers - use local networking like facebook or nextdoor to see who your community is using for contractors.

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