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Her Room is a company that states it aims to give women a way to effortlessly purchase lingerie online, offering intimate apparel items from over 200 different popular brand names.  

How Does It Work?

Like any other online retailer, women can go to HerRoom.com and search through their inventory of items by brand, item type, or sale items.

The website says that they strive to provide their shoppers with as much information about the product as possible, including detailed descriptions and customers' reviews.   

Cost/Price Plans

With such a wide variety of items for sale on their website, and more than 200 brand names, there is no set price range for the items available on this site.

However, all costs will be presented up front before you finalize your purchase, and all orders over $70 will receive free standard domestic shipping.  

Refund Policy

HerRoom.com offers a 30 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for most of their products.

Customers may return unworn, unwashed merchandise in its original condition as long as all tags are attached.

Items must be in new condition and free of odor, cosmetics, etc. Items that don't meet this criteria can't be returned. 

Items that don't qualify for the 30 day guarantee include items marked down to prices that end in 99 cents, as these items are Final Sale.

Bridal items as well can only be returned within 15 days of the shipping date.  Bridal items returned more than 15 days later will be subject to a restocking fee of $10.00 or 20%, whichever is greater. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints they would like to direct to their Customer Service team can contact them by phone, at 800-558-6779, or by submitting them directly to the website, or through the Live Chat feature of their website. 


Unfortunately there seems to be a consensus from customers regarding the poor quality o Customer Service offered by this company.

Customers report having extremely difficulty getting any help from their team when they need it. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online retailers where women can go to purchase lingerie, including websites that are beginning to specialize in monthly shipments of intimate apparel, like MeUndies.com and many others.   
If you have any experience with HerRoom.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Her Room Customer Reviews

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Think twice about ordering from this company
July 25, 2022

I wish I would have looked up reviews before doing business with them. I returned an unworn bra ($74) with tags still attached. I had tried it on once, it was too small, and they didn't have a bigger cup size in that band width.

I contacted them over a month later to ask about my refund. Of course, I hat to wait for someone to call me back two days later. They said the item was returned with a yellow mark when received at the warehouse. My only recourse was to pay another $10 to have the bra that didn't fit sent back to me. I won't be doing business with them anymore and I advise others to steer clear.

I'm absolutely furious. Not only was I not informed of their decision, but this is perhaps the worst customer service I have ever received.

User's recommendation: Steer clear. Plenty of other online stores with better customer service.

Satisfied Customer
June 20, 2022
I have been buying from herroom.com for several years and do recommend their products and service. A couple of times I had to return items - with absolutely no problem - simply because I didn't like the material or fit of the bras I ordered; but most of the time, I was completely satisfied with my choice of purchase.

Poor customer service.
June 13, 2022
So, ordered a bra for my wife to have for an upcoming vacation. It did not arrive before our departure; no big deal as she had plenty of bras. The package arrived while we were away for three weeks. Upon returning, we had for gotten about the order and she did not try it on until a week later. Of course, it didn’t fit to her satisfaction. I explained my situation to HerRoom, requesting a return or exchange. They refused because we had exceeded 30 days. Policy is policy..there is no flexibility even if by a couple of days…fine. But, it was also a clear message that they do not care about losing customers over a petty issue which is unlike many other competitors. I do not recommend HerRoom.

Customer service? False shipping claims?
May 26, 2022

Horrendous customer service. They lied about shipping methods and when I asked them to rectify it (calmly and politely as you get much further this way!) the woman gave me the run around, to call FedEx, and that basically it wasn't her problem.

She said there were no supervisors on the floor that I could speak to (is that even legal?) Then she HUNG UP ON ME. No joke lol.

Additionally, I tried to read some reviews on the site. Customers are always helpful in giving information. But apparently someone at this place is paid to go through reviews and essentially tell customers why they are wrong.

They go back through your order history (shouldn't that be private?) and use it to try and make you look foolish! Omg. They even referred to one woman's weight gain!!! :o

Will definitely never shop here again.

Worst customer service I have ever experienced
May 9, 2022

I placed a order to be delivered in the DFW metroplex, which is where this company is located, for my daughter’s to give to their mother for Mothers Day. I placed it on Tue, paid for 2nd day shipping. Called Friday when the package didn’t show up. Spoke with Deja. She promised that since it is local, it would show up by Sun May 8 for Mother’s Day. Well I just got home from work and the package hasn’t left Fort Worth where it has been sitting since May 5th. Call customer service, again, and was told that there is nothing they can do for the consumer except call FedEx and find out why it hasn’t moved in 5 days. My daughters are beyond upset!!!! Do NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE PEOPLE!

UpsetFather May 09, 2022

Shame when companies treat customers like that

Poor customer service
November 19, 2021

I’ve bought four underwire bras and every time the wire came out and cut into me.

Customer service was horrible I would never order from them again

Worst Customer Service Ever!!! Do Not Order From Here!
October 18, 2021

This place is so ridiculous and unhelpful. I DO NOT recommend ordering anything from here. I ordered a bra that has been mismarked. I have the exact same bra already and when I received the new one, the cup size is clearly smaller. Was asked to send an email with pictures to prove it was mismarked, this was back at the end of August.

Never heard a word back from the emails that I sent. Called the customer service number to follow up and was asked to resend the pictures. Did that again and again, never heard a word from anyone. It is now October 18 and I am still trying to follow up and they absolutely refuse to fix the problem. They have said that management denied my request and that's that, there is nothing more that can be done.

When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told there are no supervisors, this is a call center. What the heck? Tried to get in touch via on-line chat and was told basically the same thing and then was told the chat was ending there is nothing they can do. What kind of company doesn't have a supervisor to speak with and just ends a chat when you are trying to fix a problem? That is basically the same thing as hanging up on someone.

I definitely would NOT ever order from this company. I am now stuck with an expensive bra that doesn't fit. So disappointing and frustrating.

No Items Received and Zero Customer Service
October 12, 2021

Do NOT order from Herroom.com if you need an item anytime soon. I placed an order on 7/14/2021 with the understanding that the items were backordered but expected "any day" and "8/2/2021".

It is now October 12th, 2021. Still hasn't arrived and no arrival anticipated.

I contacted customer service to request a refund and was informed that I would not be receiving a refund and that I ticked a box stating that I was aware of the backorder. This is true, I was aware of a backorder through AUGUST 2nd.....not Thanksgiving or longer.

What awful customer service. Truly the Walmart of websites.

Do yourself a favor and RUN...don't walk away from HerRoom.com.

Terrible customer service
July 19, 2021

I ordered a bra one cup size smaller than I usually wear because the reviews indicated that the cup sizes ran big. I returned that bra and ordered the same bra in my usual size. Unfortunately, that bra didn't work either. When I tried to return the second bra, the Herroom website would not allow me to proceed. There was a message that there were no eligible orders for return. What does that mean?

When I emailed customer service, I was told that the issue was taken care of on their end and I could proceed. Four days later, the website still would not allow me to generate a return slip. A phone call resulted in a customer service rep telling me that they would not pay for the return. I told them that was fine, and that I didn't mind paying for the return postage. I asked how I could generate a return slip to place inside the box. I was told that wasn't necessary as long as my order number was inside of the box somewhere...

This is an awful way to process returns for a $184 bra. This will be my last time ordering from this website.

If it doesn't work for you you're stuck
May 10, 2021

Her Room bras. I bought 2 bras, they were expensive. One was okay. The other when I put it on, it felt okay right at first, but after wearing a while discovered it cuts hard under my arm. I was out and had to leave on all day but was very chafed at the end of the day. Called Her Room next day and was informed i could not return it. Will never buy from them again, and suggest that you don’t either.

If you have a problem, which can only be determined by wearing product, they will not accept a return.

buyer beware
April 7, 2021

Buyer beware!!!!!!! Horrible company, they will take your money and do NOT care about you the customer. I placed an order and returned all items. They said the issued the refund but I never received it!! They also claim one item was damaged!!! NOT!!

RUN from His Room and Her Room
October 22, 2020


"our responsibility to our customers is to pack pull and ship the products to our customers in a timely manner , as i previously stated you can contact FedEx about your package being wet"

This company will not accept a return because their package arrived OPEN because they used one ineffective piece of packing tape to secure the box closed. As a result, the items REEK of fragrance.

Naturally, this was the reply:

"Hello since you did state that the clothing did have a scent we would recommend you wash them , but due to them having a scent our returns department will deny the return"

Apparently they do not train their CSRs to utilize punctuation, either.

Cheap products sent instead of my order, and they refuse to refund or give return address
September 10, 2018
I ordered 2 Maidenform sports bras from herroom.com and I received confirmation email from kydownsbingo.com with email [email protected] I assume that because my delivery address is Philippines, this is their fulfillment partner. After about 2 months I received a pair of tacky bras. I sent an email about the wrong items, and asked for an address to return them to (the confirmation email specifically states that before returning a product, email them first to ask for a contact name and address to return to). I received an email reply from [email protected] blaming their express company for the mistake. After a week of haggling they sent me an email asking me to keep the wrong products or to sell them instead, and asking me to re-order the items I want at a discounted price. After a month of continuing to refuse this option, I have not received the return address. The last email I received said it was fault of express company and they want to solve this in friendly manner, but they still insist I keep the products, saying it would cost me too much to send them back the products. I emailed Customer Service at HerRoom but they refuse to take responsibility, saying the email did not come from them. HerRoom and the Andra Group need to be made aware that they are dealing with a scamming partner in China. Also, they cannot shrug off responsibility because the order was still made on their website, even if it was fulfilled by a foreign partner.

Return Policy is Total Scam
July 12, 2018

This company pretends to have a return policy but it IS A SCAM! I recently purchased a tankini which showed up in a plastic shipping bag and which absolutely didn't fit - not even close. I returned the tankini after having it on for less than 2 minutes. But they sent it back saying it was worn and dirty and refused to credit my card.

This happens to women ALL THE TIME. I didn't take thee time to read these board before doing business with them but if I had I would never have purchased anything. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THEIR RETURN POLICY IS A TOTAL SCAM!

Worst service ever
June 22, 2018
I ordered a swim suit tanki top only. It was on sale at a good price. However when I received the item it was no where near the size I ordered. I paid a rediculous amount to return such a light item in order to get the correct size. The item was returned to me 2 days later with no receipt and no explanation. I then email customer service and that when I'm told it didn't meet their return criteria. I returned it timely, tags on ad the return was due to their mistake sending the wrong size. I called and spoke to customer service and the requested a supervisor. I was told they couldn't put me on hold as their policy is to return the call. After 2 days with no call I call them again and was told they has pictures of the item having something on it but could not share the pictures and did not offer any partial refund, coupon, or anything to a very dissatisfied customer. I will never order from the again. The money is one thing the customer service is why I won't return.

This company will not accept your return
February 3, 2018
I had a positive experience buying from Her Room for over a year until I had to return an item. I followed their return policy exactly. Returned the swimming suit a day after it arrived at my home, with liner and tags still attached. I tried the suit on with my underwear. returned it as new. They kept my return for two weeks. When I tried to find out why, each customer service rep told me a different lie. Then, suddenly, I got a package from the in the mail - with the swimming suit and a note stating that the item did not meet their return policy. Absolute SCAM. Their actual return policy is - NO RETURNS! What a terrible experience.

December 30, 2017

I ordered two bras from herroom.com and had an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience. I’ve purchased this bra before, but the straps were WAY too short. I even compared it to a previous purchased bra, and the older bra had longer straps. Since I am tall, the straps were digging into my shoulders and causing pain and left bright red marks and indentations. I returned both bras to Herroom. I received a refund for the one bra and not the other bra. I chatted with customer service and called customer service 3 times. I was told the same thing: It was going through inspection. I called a fourth time and demanded to know why the return wasn’t processed. I was finally told that the bra wasn’t going to be refunded due to a “strong odor.” I wore the bra for a couple of hours. Not only does Herroom have poor customer service, but they are insulting to their customers. After doing a quick Google search, I found several other customers had a similar experience and Herroom also told them that their product had a “strong odor.” I wish I Googled the company before purchasing two $65 dollar bras. This appears to be a scam by the company.

After several more frustrating phone calls to the company, I finally got my bra back. I can’t help but wonder if they would have kept it if I didn’t continuously call them. I received the bra today, and it had a STRONG disgusting chemical smell that it did NOT have when I shipped the bra back. Also, the price tag has been torn off, but the bra I shipped back had the tags in-tack. The straps are also in a different spot. I do not believe that Herroom shipped the same bra back to me. I do not know what Herroom did to the bra, but now I have to try to get this disgusting smell out of the bra that I am forced to keep. Awful customer service. Do not purchase an item unless you are 110% certain that you are going to keep it. I am going to give Amazon my future business since they sell the same items and have superb customer service. I’m never shopping at Herroom again, and I have told my family and friends about my awful and frustrating experience.

NEVER Buy from Her Room
December 12, 2017
If I could give this company a zero star I would! Please listen and never buy from Her Room. I order an undergarment for under my wedding dress. Yes, I did read the return policy beforehand and I knew I could work within it. I received the undergarment body suit and tried it on one time in front of my alterations lady. She said it wouldn't work because of the ribbing in the garment showed through. So I very promptly sent it back. Two weeks later it was returned to me as 'damaged'. WHAT? I called and they said that there were deodorant marks on it. No, I informed, I do not wear deodorant. They then said there were some skin flakes on it. There was no way to accept my return. I argued and asked what they could do for me. NOTHING. I am stuck. I then spoke to the 'manager' and she gave the same song and dance. I asked to see pictures (which they said they had) but of course they aren't allowed to share those. I have NEVER written a review before. I even showed the garment to 2 others and they both saw nothing. NOTHING. The tags are still on, no odor, I wore undergarments when trying it on and didn't wear lotion either. Beware of insensitive scammers. I'm taking further action.

Buyer Beware
July 26, 2016
I ordered a corset to wear under a wedding dress. Upon receiving it, I immediately knew it would not work. I did not even try it on! It was only touched by my fingertips! I returned it in the EXACT condition I received it and HerRoom denied the return saying the "garment was not in pristine condition." Their return policy is a fraudulent misrepresentation of their actual practice which is to deny a customer's return. They even have a Google Trusted Store label but do not be fooled, they do not intend to honor ANY request for a return. BEWARE OF ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY! I certainly will never order from them again. And the Google Trusted Stores Team was no help whatsoever.

Been Happy So Far
May 14, 2016

Women's garments are difficult to size and intimates, underwear, foundations, what ever you call them, bra, panties and the like are hard to fit, and even with measurements, there is still guesswork.

Some brands fit one way, other brands another and there can be significant't differences from one model to the next as well as from one year to another.

I have found it is best to GO SOMEPLACE IN PERSON to be fitted and to try some brands and styles/models. THEN go on-line to find better pricing or greater range of colors.

I have recently purchased a couple items for a formal dress from them for first time. I allowed plenty of time to look elsewhere if I needed to do so. I am happy to report that I am satisfied with the items I ordered.

I know not everyone has had the same experience, but some customers do receive what they ordered, in the proper size and are happy with it.