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NEVER Buy from Her Room
December 12, 2017
If I could give this company a zero star I would! Please listen and never buy from Her Room. I order an undergarment for under my wedding dress. Yes, I did read the return policy beforehand and I knew I could work within it. I received the undergarment body suit and tried it on one time in front of my alterations lady. She said it wouldn't work because of the ribbing in the garment showed through. So I very promptly sent it back. Two weeks later it was returned to me as 'damaged'. WHAT? I called and they said that there were deodorant marks on it. No, I informed, I do not wear deodorant. They then said there were some skin flakes on it. There was no way to accept my return. I argued and asked what they could do for me. NOTHING. I am stuck. I then spoke to the 'manager' and she gave the same song and dance. I asked to see pictures (which they said they had) but of course they aren't allowed to share those. I have NEVER written a review before. I even showed the garment to 2 others and they both saw nothing. NOTHING. The tags are still on, no odor, I wore undergarments when trying it on and didn't wear lotion either. Beware of insensitive scammers. I'm taking further action.

Buyer Beware
July 26, 2016
I ordered a corset to wear under a wedding dress. Upon receiving it, I immediately knew it would not work. I did not even try it on! It was only touched by my fingertips! I returned it in the EXACT condition I received it and HerRoom denied the return saying the "garment was not in pristine condition." Their return policy is a fraudulent misrepresentation of their actual practice which is to deny a customer's return. They even have a Google Trusted Store label but do not be fooled, they do not intend to honor ANY request for a return. BEWARE OF ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY! I certainly will never order from them again. And the Google Trusted Stores Team was no help whatsoever.

Been Happy So Far
May 14, 2016

Women's garments are difficult to size and intimates, underwear, foundations, what ever you call them, bra, panties and the like are hard to fit, and even with measurements, there is still guesswork.

Some brands fit one way, other brands another and there can be significant't differences from one model to the next as well as from one year to another.

I have found it is best to GO SOMEPLACE IN PERSON to be fitted and to try some brands and styles/models. THEN go on-line to find better pricing or greater range of colors.

I have recently purchased a couple items for a formal dress from them for first time. I allowed plenty of time to look elsewhere if I needed to do so. I am happy to report that I am satisfied with the items I ordered.

I know not everyone has had the same experience, but some customers do receive what they ordered, in the proper size and are happy with it.

Verbally Abused by Customer Service / Did Not Receive What Was Paid For
April 19, 2016
Was charged after ordering exactly as advised by customer service prior to order, then didn't receive. Customer Service treated me horribly, then basically called me stupid.