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Greenchef Biggest Scam Yet Stay Far Away!
March 26, 2023

Scammers!!! This is the worst I have ever dealt with! I go to look at the menu which u have to put details in prior. Once I see the food I say nope not for me I eat real food im not a rabbit.

I then within 5 minutes deactivate my account.. Now im being charged money and told they don't have control over their computer system it runs the business so I cannot cancel.. Literally being stolen from by these people! I haven't even chosen food because I don't want it!!!

How can I not cancel 5 minutes later?! Its all a scam to get u to enter ur info before u can see the meals what a joke! You people should be ashamed and this company isn't going to be around much longer with this scandalous practice! I never write reviews but I am blasting this everywhere stay far far far away from these crooks!!!

No help only being told sorry our computer calls the shots we cant help u get the money back we have stolen from u!

Easy, fresh & delicious
January 5, 2018

Just received my first box of KETO on Thursday. So impressed with packaging. Insulation, 2 yes 2 ices packs - one on bottom, one on top and cardboard between veggies and meat. Fixed the curry steak next day - our first Green Chef meal. So easy! Flavorful, fresh and so very nutritious. Generous portions so enough for steak and eggs with veggies for breakfast.

I am so impressed- keto diet is fairly time consuming & lots of chopping, shopping and making sauces. Not with Green Chef - all provided. This was a gift from our daughter for Christmas. It's a homerun. Not sure if the summer delivery would be as successful due to heat and our location off the beaten path. But our January meals are nearly perfect. Thanks Green Chef!!

This Cancellation tho!!
November 10, 2017
I was sent a free box to try the Green Chef service out, the food was fairly fresh, the main meal portions were really small but the sides were plenty. emailed them to cancel so i would not be billed for anything else because, come on... i'm not ready to pay $80 dollars a week for small meals. Sent the email to cancel and was STILL BILLED for this free meal. Not a fan. If you can afford to eat small at a huge price, go on with the service. I will not be doing so.

Generally good meals - shaky delivery lately
August 23, 2017

We subscribe to the Paleo plan and have enjoyed the variety of foods and the fact that it is generally good for my borderline diabetes. This is our second service. We dropped the first one because their packing and shipping resulted in wilted greens and sad produce on hot days.

Twice I notified the provider about the need for more and better cold packs (like we get with Green Chef (GC)) but they took no corrective action, just gave us $ off of the next shipment.

The third time, we just cancelled. GC packs the food nicely and we have seldom had a problem with the quality of the food as delivered - it arrives well preserved, sandwiched between two (yes two!) sets of cold packs. Now, however, we have had shipping delays on two consecutive shipments and I am wondering if this is indicative of an ongoing issue.

We live in a small town in a rural area and in reading the tracking information, it seems the shipment got to the FedEx center too late in the day to make it to us. I would like to be able to rely on the schedule and not have to replan activities and meals around a variable schedule. We enjoy the food, but a repeat of the delivery delays might send us to another plan.

Rip Off
June 28, 2017

Total rip off, food does not appear fresh, quantities very small for 2 people, customer service terrible, cancelled after one week, tossed most of product in the trash, said I did not follow cancellation request properly , I emailed them and said CANCEL SERVICE , not clear I instead of contacting me they charged me 80 plus dollars for another week and if i had not called they would have continued to send and charge for product............. not supervisors available to speak with. I notified them 8 days before the next delivery would ship.


MY FIRST TRY AT A MEAL SERVICE AND VERY DISAPPOINTING , sending box back , hope it sticks on arrival because this company stinks.

June 21, 2017

I subscribed to Green Chef on a lark. Desperate to keep my hubby from living on a diet of fish sandwiches and popcorn, and mindful of our need to eat something good for the body, I signed up. The first set up meals I got was not something I would have prepared on my own. Cod, pasta and a vegetarian dish (our challenge is we are a dual diet household. I don't eat dead animals and he's never met a vegetable he liked). I almost put it all in the freezer.

Then I cooked my first meal. WOW!!!! The Mediterranean cod was outstanding. The key is that Green Chef uses fresh, organic ingredients (I got to the organic market weekly and their stuff looked better than mine!). And, they give you all these little sauces and secret spice blends that really turn a good meal into an outstanding meal. Yes folks--we're talking true fine dining quality here. So I zipped along to the pasta dish--on the surface pasta and vegetables.

Again---one two punch good!!!! I knew we had a winner when my husband asked when the next box would arrive. So let's talk packaging. Each item is packaged individually. Sauces either come in a pack or a bottle and are clearly labeled. Spice blends the same. Meats, fish and stuff are triple packed. No likelihood of contamination here. Safety and storage instructions are clear and visible. And the packaging is sturdy with proper insulation and a cold pack. I would feel comfortable that if I didn't get to it until late that night my goodies would be good to go. Each meal takes about 30 minutes. Instructions are really, really, clear. Like "while the water or the rice is boiling......". I feel like a real chef here!

Then there are the plating instructions. Food just doesn't have to taste good, it must look good. So there are plating instructions! You heard me, things like "shingle the corn cakes over the chard salad." So I shingled and the chard salad took on a whole new character. Who knew? Finally, the portions are efficient. I am wasting far, far less food and money. For the two of us, one meal often lasts for 2 days (4 portions). Or, since I don't eat animals, the veggies are two meals for me and the next day my husband has a "generous snack".

Horrible Company
May 26, 2017
This company has one of the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Refused to refund for a weeks worth of food that I did NOT sign up for, charged my credit card without my permission, I even asked before the box was shipped. I am still dealing with the charge and it has been over a month. Unless you enjoy have $100 charged to your credit card without notice, avoid it like the plague.

Good recipes, misleading offers & delivery schedule needs help
May 4, 2017

I received Green Chef as a gift. The idea and concept is amazing! Fresh ingredients delivered with outstanding gourmet recipes. Yes please!!! I selected the day and schedule I wanted the food delivered and the first box arrived. Luckily I was home when the doorbell rang for the first box. The ingredients are all organic, so the food doesn't last longer than 2-3 days. I made the first recipe the day it arrived, Thai Chicken. It was really good and all ingredients were in great shape. I made the second recipe 2 days later, Tomato Pesto Flatbread. It was good as well.

I selected to skip a week after the first shipment and the second week I was charged. I used a Groupon and I signed up with their free 4 meal offer, so I knew that wasn't right. I called and explained the issue. The customer service guy said no that charge is right because we charge 7 days before your next shipment. I said, "Wait a minute, I'm supposed to get 8 meals before my credit card is charged." He said, "Because you used the groupon we didn't use the free 4 meals offer when you signed up."

I received no confirmation email outlining the details of the transaction nor was their a pop-up disclaimer that said I was ineligible to use the free 4 meals offer. He said, "There's a disclaimer. I will send it to your email." Hours later, no email. They did start the refund for the second charge after the call, but no information on the disclaimer.

The idea of this service is awesome, the recipes are good, but I won't be trying this again because the offer was misleading and customer service didn't end the call making things right. When customer service does their job, the person that feels like they were mistreated leaves the conversation feeling taken care of and heard.

May 2, 2017
Made earlier review from previous meals. Just tired Mole-Spiced Steak. Best meal to date. Steak was season just right. My family really enjoyed the delicious meal.

May 2, 2017
Food delivered on date promised. Instructions were clear. Food was very fresh. Most of the food was bland. Best meal so far was Cuban Pork, delicious. I think for someone who has no cooking experience this may be an option, but I've been cooking for over 30 years. I like some of the salad ideas. If you could used more seasoning for foods , your company would be top notch.

Bad food. Bad service
April 13, 2017
Green Chef has sent out substandard produce. This is very important in vegetarian meals. The customer service admits their service has trouble with cell phones and iPads updating the account. Therefore, food I cancelled 2 weeks in advance arrived and has been charged to my account. Customer service won't accept a return or delete the charge. I cancelled the service in favor of Blue Apron. I'm still trying the various services. No reason to stick with Green Chef.

March 9, 2017
Rude customer service. They over charged my credit card and the food they sent was spoiled. Do not recommend

poor service
February 4, 2017
signed up for trial to see how it went... received first set of three meals via fed ex at about 1400... attempted to delay following weeks meal, but changes to orders mus be processed BEFORE noon 7 days before next shipment is sent. also unable to cancel 2nd shipment, and am now on the hook for $90. for food we don't want. email complaints were not answered, phone service offered no help. Don't see how one would like to continue or discontinue the service BEFORE receiving or being able to try it out. VERY POOR SERVICE, AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE. food may be good, but customer service and policies are HORRIBLE.

Terrrible service -- misleading all the way
January 29, 2017

I received a gift card- with a code- to try the meals. I signed up yet was not told the meals would continue to come and my credit card would be charged until I cancelled. Nowhere in the emails they sent about future meals did they tell me the price of the meals. Extremely misleading, fradulent way of doing business. And customer service person was terrible. I asked to speak to her manager and my call was never returned. They only communicate with generic, unhelpful emails. Will never purchase from them again. The meals are not worth $80 each.

Feels like a scam.

So surprised
January 14, 2017

Wow. I am so surprised at all the negative reviews.

I have tried 3 services so far. Green chef is hands down the best. Best quality, best instruction, best portion size, interesting recipies. I didnt like every one, but that doesnt mean the service is just means i didnt care for rhat recipe. I may try some other services just to be sure, but so far my top pick is Green Chef. It has offeted me ready to make, home made dinners. less grocery shopping

Time, less coupon clipping,less over all time planning meals. In the end, i do spend a little more per week on food.

Farm-raised salmon and shrimp. Really?
January 12, 2017

I never eat farm-raised fish or seafood, and, was thoroughly disappointed with my first box, which I received yesterday.

Like others before me have stated, there is no "cancel subscription" button. I tried emailing them. 24 hours later I got a message saying they'd get back to me in 48-72 hours. Um. No. Because by that time, that next $98 box is going to be locked-in for shipping. I don't want it, and, have no intention of paying for it even if it means I have to cancel the card I put the first order on.

But there is a way to handle this terrible customer service: get vocal on their Facebook wall. You'll get a prompt reply with an email address by which you may cancel your subscription.

That address is [email protected]

Be the squeaky wheel. Do not allow these jerks to take your money for their paltry offerings.

Terrible Service
January 11, 2017
You have the option to cancel your subscription but the time period for doing that ends before you even get your first box. How do I know if I like the food. I don't even get to choose the recipes. Most of the food I got I don't even eat. And because I cancelled after I received the first box and they said they couldn't cancel my next order even though it doesn't ship for another week. RIP OFF!!! They are there to scam you and take your money!! And the food is bland and terrible!!

Good at first then falls off
January 11, 2017

I tried this company for over two months. The company in the first month was pretty good. Then things started happening. They send cod and said it was petrale sole. They send a lot of hot greasy chorizo for a main course and their vegetable recipes started being the same ones over and over again using slightly diff root vegetables. They say their fish source is fresh from Alaska, but I have my doubts on this as one time the salmon seemed to be of the oily farmed variety. And they rarely even sent fresh fish.

A few times they sent shrimp which we can't eat. Some containers inside the box were busted and the contents spilled out all over everything. Their fresh greens seemed to mostly be spoiled and not fresh. So they send super bitter greens like escarole and frisee lettuce and hope you don't notice how bad they taste.

Their recipes were less and less creative as time went by. When writing to them to complain, they didn't write back at all and closed the ticket so you could not rate their customer service. This company is interested in getting you hooked for a month or so then hoping you just put up with them for awhile until you finally cancel.

Bad Customer Service
December 27, 2016
I recommend that you all stay away from the food delivery service, Green Chef. The meals are not very good, lots of oils and small component ingredients, with bad storage/shelf life. The most annoying part is that the subscription is difficult to cancel. I was charged $230 for four boxes, and somehow the customer service representative found this justifiable. This is a rip-off company.

Can't Cancel My Subscription
December 15, 2016
I received my first shipment. It was OK, but not what I was looking for. I had to search to find instructions on how to cancel my subscription, and already missed the deadline for the next shipment. The company makes it nearly impossible to cancel. I have sent two emails per their FAQ page instructions and have received no word back. I had to go in and skip the next two months' shipments just not to get them sent to me. I'm still waiting for word to permanently cancel my subscription. Feels like a scam.