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November 22, 2016
Not worth it. They messed up the shipping address, so my order kept getting stuck and they kept suspending it saying it was on my end, then saying it resolved and they were sorry, only for it to happen again the following week. Then on the last order the rep just said her hands were tied and there was nothing she could do. Lousy customer service. Just didn't want to deal with me so close the account was her only option. Lame. Do not use. Blue Apron seems to be working.

Failed to deliver first delivery, incorrect billing, no service
October 7, 2016

Never got any food. Card was charged for two weeks by the time I realized they were 1) billing me incorrectly both weeks and 2) unable to execute on deliveries.

Stay away, they are a mess.

gastrointestinal problems.
September 22, 2016
One of us became ill from the food provided. I called and cancelled and they continue to ship and bill. stay away

poor service
September 8, 2016

“good food/poor service” - enjoyed the meals but service is terrible.

received box of food that was warm. ice packs were not cold. the cheese was melted and chicken was warm. notified them and were told we could have 50% off our next box. we paid 80$ for a box of food we couldn't use. the food is good but customer service is terrible

Bland Food, Poor Customer Service, Scams money out of you
August 9, 2016

If you are considering Green Chef, please reconsider. Not only will you find it difficult to cancel, the staff unapologetic but you will find the food tasteless and expensive.

Green Chef does not embed an easy link to cancel in their website or even offer instructions. You have to reach out to the company directly and inquire about canceling so they can send you a link. If you're a minute too late, forget about it. They will ship your food anyway and force you to pay for it.

The customer service alone is a struggle. Don't put yourself through it. I also tried HelloFresh and they are wonderful and easy to work with. Their cancellation is also very transparent.

Spoiled/bad quality Produce
July 11, 2016

I was originally so excited to see a paleo meal delivery service! Upon receipt of my package, everything looked fine at first glance. I put it all in the fridge immediately only to find the very next morning, the green beans were all brown and sticky (even borderline moldy) -- so upsetting. I tossed the green beans out but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and moved on to the rest of my meal prep. I then tried boiling the already diced sweet potatoes and I swear I must have boiled them for over 40 minutes and they were still hard! So strange? The lettuce was bruised and wilty, the tops of tomatoes were brown -- not cool.

I'm so disappointed!

Poor shipping and customer service
June 10, 2016

For my very first delivery, the Fedex window was 1:30 to 6:20. I was glad it was before the 8:00 guaranteed time because I had the flu and wanted to use it for dinner that night. I live alone, so I eat the meals on six nights.

No delivery by 6:20. At 7:35, I called customer service. The woman told me she would call their Fedex rep and get back to me. I never heard from her again.

At 8, the guaranteed delivery time, I had still not received a package. I was literally waiting for it to come so I could unpack it and go to bed, since I was so sick. I checked tracking and the guaranteed delivery info had changed to "unknown".

I called Fedex, and while I was on the phone, the box was delivered, but I didn't know because the delivery person did not ring my doorbell.

Too much trouble to go through in order to get something that is supposed to make your life easier.

I sent Green Chef an email the next day. I received an auto response apologizing for the delay in getting back to me and promising a response within 48 hours. Now it is 48 hours and I have heard nothing.

There was a spring onion instead of cilantro in the bag labelled shallots and cilantro. No cilantro anywhere in the order.

Best food I ever had.
May 16, 2016
The food is very fresh. The recipes are complex and interesting. The sauces and spices are wonderful and I would never be able to find them in a local store. This service is introducing me to lots of new tastes. I am eating more veggies which I needed to do. And of course the food is organic. If you aren't convinced that is a big deal, there was an article in the New York Times today concerning pesticides. I quote: "Exposure to pesticides may increase the risk for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a new study has found." It's important to eat as much organically as you can and Green Chef is helping.

Great food and very convenient
May 6, 2016
I have been using Green Chef for 6 weeks. The food I received has been very fresh and I love the fact it is organic. I am getting the gluten free meals. The recipe cards are easy to follow, although I have found that I need to read them through prior to starting the meal. We have had meals I would never think of fixing on my own. It is so easy because all the ingredients are included. Saves me a lot of time. Of course some meals are better than others. I have not yet needed to contact customer service so I cannot comment on that aspect of Green Chef. At this point I am satisfied enough to continue the service.

Customer Service
April 21, 2016

My meals were to be delivered on 4/20/2016 and it is now 4/21/2016 and I have yet to receive my order. Since items were shipped out 48hrs ago, I am afraid that the meals are no longet edible. I have emailed, private messaged via Facebook, and posted on their social media page to no avail.

I am very disappointed in their lack of customer service.

Do not use this service!
March 18, 2016
I subscribed to green Chef subscription. When I receive the meals some of the produce was not very fresh. Along with the packaging not being sustainable and I had to dispose of a lot of unnecessary items. I sent an email to cancel my subscription. I received no response I sent another email to cancel my subscription I received no response. I checked my account and had been charged again. In the the third email I was very upset. I was very to the point about cancelling my service and then I received a response and my service was cancelled. I don't think I should have to be so angry in order for a company to cancel my service and not charge my account. I would not recommend this service to anyone!

March 13, 2016
I had an offer to start out, which was somewhat worth it, but I have ordered before at hello fresh and they always provide you with three meats etc. green chef is mostly one meat item and the rest is veg or noodles! Not worth the price! I paid over $80 to get what I could get at Aldi for $20!

February 6, 2016
Been using green chef for the last 4 weeks and love it. High quality ingredients and exposing us to foods we haven't tried before. With a little planning, canceling is no problem. You shouldn't need much customer service if you actually read their guidelines.

Avoid this company like the plague
January 15, 2016

I have used Plated and Blue Apron which are wonderful, but wanted to try Green Chef because they are local. Their recipes are strictly average, but most importantly their customer service is a joke. I cancelled my service both online and by contacting "customer service" directly 7 days ahead of time, immediately upon receiving the first unwanted order and was told I "did not cancel in time."

If you think you may ever want to cancel your service or may have any issues, avoid this company. They have no customer service, don't even have a phone number. The other companies all have excellent customer service

Love it!
November 2, 2015
My husband and I are really enjoying our Green Chef meals. I change my preferences weekly, based on the menu for that particular week. I do wish you had the option to pick a particular dish, rather than a category. That being said, we have yet to receive a meal that we did not like. The portion sizes are perfect; you just need to realize that we Americans are used to getting huge over-sized portions in restaurants, so at first glance they may seem small. The step by step instructions with pictures are great and it's easy to make your meal in under 35 minutes. My plates look almost as good as the picture! Very healthy, flavorful food and a great way to try some foods you would not eat otherwise. My husband actually said "this is the best idea you've ever had!"

pros and cons
September 29, 2015


gourmet, flavorful meals in 30 minutes

instructions easy to follow, even for husband

good portions, filling

takes away the hard part - sauces, chopping, portioning, bases

some recyclable and biodegradable packaging


lots of trash. LOTS. plastic baggies, ice packs, the box, the instructions, the lids on the containers...

co$tly - you can go out and let someone else cook and clean for $15

customer service is so-so

I'm so concerned...
September 18, 2015

Everyone is complaining about feint charged fir the next week before you receive your first order. I'm so concerned that I signed up to try it last night. Now I'm wanting to jump out there and cancel NOW.

Why rope people in and not allow them to opt out when they email you to cancel?

I'm very concerned that I've mad a horrible error in judgement.

Just wanted to try something new and different and I'm so stressed about my choice.

Horrible customer sevice.
September 8, 2015

These 5 star reviews all read the same. Lacking fundamental syntax and grammar. Spell checks working but they all don't read right.


Chef meals are more easier to prepare than Blue Apron

Every 5 star reads as such on every site. Every site, not just this one.

Read between the lines.

Pick another company.

I like it
September 7, 2015
I wanted to eat healthy meals but found myself wasting good food because I couldn't organize the prep. After working all week, and house chores, I just wasn't interested in prepping food on the weekends. So green chef was great for me. I think it actually saved me money and it definitely helped me and my family eat healthier food. The only complaint is that although their packaging is recyclable and some reusable, it is a lot of material.

Great for Paleo
August 21, 2015

Great food great price! Before I actually cooked the meal I was afraid there wasn't enough for 2 people but looks can be deceiving and I couldn't finish my dinner. Its hard to find good Paleo food and expensive to buy all the organic fruits/veggies/seasonings to make it taste good. The price for 3 meals is less than what we usually pay for a night out. I am happy with the food and happy with the price. If you read the directions and the ordering system you shouldn't have a problem with the ordering and canceling. Its all there clearly stated on the website.