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Goat.com is an online seller of new and used sneakers, apparel and accessories. 

Goat states they verify the authenticity of resale products using a combination of methods, including machine learning technology.  The company also offers a mobile app for both Apple and Android devices.

How Does it Work?

Goat was co founded by creator Eddy Lu, who launched the startup in 2015 with the goal of making it easier to bid on shoes without the risk of being duped into purchasing counterfeits or fake shoes.

The website uses actual human inspectors and image recognition to sell and trade collectible shoes.

As a consumer, you can sell or buy your sneakers on Goat.com. Last year, sellers made over $2 million from the app, making it a good way for people to clean out their closets and upgrade their style.

As a seller, Goat removes many of the concerns over unwittingly reselling fraudulent products. The screening program utilized by Goat offers users a reliable way to buy and sell their shoes.

In order to list your shoes, a seller must send in seven photos, each of which must match a list of requirements.

Goat will then determine whether they are real and safe to list, using a database of real and fake versions to figure out the legitimacy of the shoes.

As a seller, you can bid on shoes just as you might on eBay. The seller then ships the shoes to Goat’s headquarters, where they are inspected carefully for damage and authenticity.

You can find or sell just about any kind of shoes at below retail price on Goat.com, with top brands including Yeezy, Gucci, and Air Jordan.

Cost and Price Plans

The price of shoes on Goat.com varies, but generally is slightly more expensive than eBay or other comparable bidding websites.

Much of the cost associated with each pair of shoes have to do in where it is shipping from, and how heavy the shoes are.

That being said, many people prefer Goat.com because, although shipping and product expenses can be somewhat high, products are shipped out on a consistent, predictable schedule. Flat rate shipping is available in many areas.

As a seller, you will spend less money -and maintain a better reputation - if you uphold certain standards of Goat.

For example, you need to make sure your shoes arrive on time and in the appropriate condition - you can be penalized with a higher commission rate taken by Goat if you do not meet these standards.

In some cases, sellers can be charged a commission as high as 20 percent.

Customer Service

Goat.com has exceptional customer service, with multiple methods of support listed on their website. You can contact them via  email at [email protected].

The company also has a mailing address listed on its website profile. Unfortunately, there is no publicly listed Goat.com phone number.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

The company has positive rankings with the BBB, with most criticism regarding the company’s services or products in some way. These are typically related to seller performance and shipping issues.

Customers and sellers alike appreciate the company’s reasonable return policy. You have three days from receiving your shoes in which you can request a return and ship your shoes back.

Goat will refund you the amount paid, minus all shipping expense.

Competitors and Alternatives

Goat.com isn’t the only sneaker reseller on the market.

There are so many people who aim to turn a profit by selling shoes online, and so there are other websites in addition to the Goat.com from which you can buy or sell a pair of sneakers.

Flight Club is one popular company, started in New York City in 2005.

This shop runs on consignment and offers nearly every pair of Yeezy or Air Jordans you might want. Unfortunately, this shoe shop is mostly a brick-and-mortar shop, and can be hard to access online.

Stadium Goods is another popular option. This website is relatively new, and consists of an online marketplace in addition to a consignment stop.

The store is best known for their physical location but also offers Nike, Alibaba, and Nordstrom products online, too.

Finally, in the battle between the shoe stores, you also have to consider Goat vs. Kixify. Kixify is one of the globe’s largest sneaker marketplaces, and works  in a manner that is similar to Goat.

Unfortunately, products can take longer to ship, with the shipping rates left up to the individual seller to determine.

Can I Trust Goat.com?

With plenty of reviews and users on the app - currently, the app has nearly 100,000 sellers with several million members and satisfied customer reviews- there is plenty of reason to trust Goat.com as a way to buy or sell your shoes.

Customers like that it is less complicated to use than is eBay, and that sellers can often list the shoes for a higher price than they might fetch on other platforms.

Where to Buy?

You can only purchase shoes from Goat.com via the company's website, as they are a direct reseller and selling platform.

The Bottom Line

Goat.com offers a method of buying sneakers that is considerably less of a hassle than buying from eBay or another online marketplace.

The company has a system that ensures you will not be scammed, either as a seller or as a buyer, and makes it easy to find a pair of sneakers you will love.

With minimal fees and affordable shipping rates, this company is one you just have to try.

If you have any experience with Goat.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Goat.com Customer Reviews

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August 25, 2023

GOAT Sells Counterfeit Merchandise.

Worst Customer Service!!

Never Want To Take Responsibility.

July 18, 2023
Received sneakers, bought for a gift. Imagine my frustration and the frustration of the birthday boy who, having opened the gift, saw that the sole on the sneakers was damaged and peeled off? I do not recommend this site to anyone, because they sell defective goods and refuse to return the money.

Fake sneakers from GOAT
April 17, 2023

Got fake sneakers from GOAT. Stay away from this company.

Their exchange/return policy is very restrict….thought after realizing the shoes were fake they would make an exception…big NO …learned my lesson the hard way…I will never buy anything from them!!!!

Very disappointed! If I knew I would be getting a fake item…I would have paid much less!

GabiC May 02, 2023

Their customer service and their return policies absolutely suck!! Their policy indicates that they may make exceptions at their discretion, but it does not appear that they EVER make exceptions - all they offer is GOAT credit, but after a bad experience with them why would anyone want to have their credit and shop with them again? Their 'customer service' department is a joke if you contact them with a problem.

March 30, 2023

If I could, I would give no stars. This company is a joke, ran by total bags. I bought and paid for a pair of shoes and never received them. Don't waste your time or money.

March 21, 2023

I have been shopping online for more than two decades, first time I have come to use the word scammers.

They have sent me the wrong item, confirmed one thing and two days later they changed their confirmation in the app. I had informed them immediately and yet they still sent the wrong item despite of being informed. One month in, no meaningful replies, rather than encouraging me to sent the item back and received goat credit minus shipping costs - goat credit!!

My 10 cents, keep away from them, there are similar stores which are fare more reliable than them.

They Will Take Your Money And Leave You With Nothing
March 4, 2023

I paid $350 for shoes I never got and no one is helping me resolve this issue. I will never buy from here again I am out of $350 and no shoes. I shop online everywhere else and never have a issue thats how I know this website is a scam. Do not waste your money I rather shop at flightclub or stockx and get what I am actually paying for.

Run away from this company
February 10, 2023

I will never order anything from this company again. I ordered a pair of shoes 2 weeks before my granddaughters birthday and gave them to her for her birthday only to find out they are not sized according to the regular size she usually wears.

They refused to exchange them because it was after the 3 days for returns. Run far far away from this company.

Do not order from goat
December 26, 2022
Christmas came and went and no shoes I ordered for my grandson. Only communication is through email. The response from goat does not answer the question asked. Learned my lesson that this company is out to steal money from customers.

GabiC May 02, 2023

I exchanged over 20 emails with them trying to resolve a similar issue with shoes purchased for my daughter. Either their emails are answered by AI or by people who just use a stock response to reply, as my questions were never directly answered, either, and I got multiple different names of 'customer service reps' in their responses - I am dubious that any of those people actually exist.

Definitely NOT the GOAT (greatest of all time) shoe seller!
November 30, 2022

I ordered a pair of shoes from GOAT and another seller at the same time because I was trying to get them in time for my son's birthday, so I was going to keep the pair that arrived first and cancel or return the later arrival. I noted that I could only return to receive a store credit, but that was fine as my son likes nice shoes and I'd be able to use it for future purchases. The pair I ordered from GOAT arrived 5 days after the other pair, so he never even knew about this order. I wouldn't have even opened the box except that I had to in order to put in the return packing slip or they would not take it back. I never even saw or touched the shoes. I opened the box, placed the packing return slip inside and sent them back to GOAT. A few days later, I received an email with pictures saying that my return would not be accepted because the shoes had been worn. I'm not sure if the pictures were of the shoes I returned or not. I don't know if they sent me bad shoes originally because I never even looked at them. I contacted them about this, and they continued to refuse the return. I'm not sure if this was a random incident or if this is just the way they regularly go about their business by cheating people, but I will certainly never order from them again. There are other places that have better quality shoes and get orders to you alot quicker. Stadium Goods is a much better place to purchase nice shoes.

JuanCervantes December 23, 2022

File a complaint in ic3.gov it’s government site that will investigate each claim. I also suggest that you file a police report too before ic3.gov. But you don’t have too. Also some states let you file a police report online too. This really works it helped me when I got scammed to get money back.

SCAM for sure. They take your money
October 24, 2022
After 20 days I still do not have anything for my money. Nothing ever shipped and they took my money. Customer services says they are looking into it. It has been 3 weeks of them looking into it. And nothing! No phone number to call. No refund! SCAM!

JuanCervantes December 23, 2022

File a claim on ic3.gov

Don't Buy From Goat!
September 30, 2022

I got scammed from buying Yeezy 350 zebra's. They said 320 sply...

Total Scam!
September 26, 2022

Would give zero stars if it was an option. DO NOT use this website. A TOTAL SCAM.

Ordered a specific pair of Jordans that my niece wanted for her birthday. Took forever to get to me, not a huge deal, but once we finally received them, she tried on ONE shoe for maybe 2-3 minutes max and said they were too big. The other shoe never even left the box.

I promptly returned them only to receive an email saying the shoes had been worn, had scuffs, etc, therefore I would not be getting my money back. They even sent pictures of said “damage” and I saw nothing.

They offered to consign them for me (at less than what I purchased them for since they had been “damaged”), OR refund me an amount that they deemed they are worth now after the “damage”. I told them one shoe hadn’t even left the box and any damage they observed had to have been done in their handling of the shoe.

Of course this was not accepted. I filed a fraud claim with my bank, as this entire experience seemed fraudulent at this point. Because I purposely made the purchase from the website, my bank was unable to call it fraud and refund me my money. I then attempted to get the shoes back from GOAT so I could consign them myself, as I was increasingly uncomfortable with them having both the shoes and my money.

I tried multiple times to have them shipped to me via the app and continuously got an error message in spite of entering everything in correctly. I finally got a customer service rep to manually send me a PayPal invoice so I could pay $14.50 to have the shoes shipped back to me (more $$ out of my pocket and still no shoes).

He confirmed the receipt of my payment and assured me that I would be able to view tracking info for the shoes on the app in the next few business days. I waited about a week and was never able to obtain any tracking info, so I began emailing again looking for a status update.

After a number of unanswered emails, I finally got a response saying that they could not ship the shoes until the fraud claim with my bank was “resolved in their favor” (so why did they accept my shipping payment if they were unable to ship the product at that time?).

At this point I had already received confirmation from my bank that they resolved the claim and would not be refunding my money (in other words, resolved in GOAT’s favor), however a GOAT rep stated via email that resolution with my bank could take up to another 2 weeks and they would not be sending me the shoes until then.

My next step is obviously to send them the document I have from my bank showing that the fraud claim has already been resolved in their favor. It has been MONTHS and this company STILL has my money, plus additional shipping AND the shoes. Do not use this website, you will regret it. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Do not shop at goat or StockX it's getting out of hand
August 30, 2022

I will never use GOAT ever again. my husband is a sneaker head and I put in a bid for the first time for a pair of $200 sneakers and they started the bid at $500.00.

The sneaker business has gotten out of hand, people can't even get a hold of them even if they could afford them.

You have to leave your credit card for the deposit. I had to wait two days for the bidding to end and when it ended goat didn't say a word, they don't post anything.

They just removed the bidding from my account. So not worth the people PlayStation five sneakers just let it go let the price gouger be stuck with their own crap.

Terrible Experience
August 22, 2022
Terrible experience. Won't ever use again! Super hard to get in touch with anyone with questions regarding orders. And my order was canceled after I received an email that it had shipped. No apologies. No explanations. Just a "cancelled" email and that id be receiving a refund. This was the only thing my daughter wanted for her 18th birthday. Now I'm scrambling to find something.

Look elsewhere
July 19, 2022

Awful interface for dealing with account. Intentionally difficult to reach anyone for customer service and deceptive policies. They sent me the wrong shoes and refused to drop the fees to return and it has been like pulling teeth to talk to anyone.

When I do they copy and paste the policy and basically gaslight you and don’t answer your questions. Looking at their BBB reviews and comments on social media, they make no pretense to make sure their customers are satisfied.

July 8, 2022

Crooks! Breech of sale. I bought shoes they canceled my order but shoes still for sale but now at a higher price seller did not want me to buy them at the original price but now I can buy them because the price went up they are scammers and crooks.

Buyer beware. Bad business.
April 10, 2022

Buyer beware. They will not provide a refund for returns. Their policy is to only provide credit at goat.com. This is very archaic in that most retailers offer refunds and not credit when you provide receipt and merchandise has not been touched.

Furthermore, to add insult to injury, they charge you for the price of shipping on returns. Ouch!

I see no way that this company will have any kind of longevity. one last thing…no customer service phone number. There is a phone, but it is just a message telling you to submit any issues via their site email. Awful experience.

Bad service bad quality
February 8, 2022

I bought a pair of shoes for my daughter birthday and when she opened she noticed the bad quality. I requested a return with photos and the answer: " our return policy, you have 3 days to request a return from the date you received ".

Passed less than a week and the reason is that I was waiting for my daughter birthday because were a gift surprise. I will never use goat again.

My daughter is very frustrated with the quality of her shoes and I am very frustrated with the service.

December 30, 2021
Received fake shoes...Goat is very hard to work with to get a refund. SCAM

Don't Expect much and you will be happy
December 2, 2021

I ordered shoes as a present for Christmas. I placed the order less than a day before their holiday return policy was put into effect. I emailed their customer service shortly after placing the order to see if I could still qualify for holiday returns if the shoes did not fit.

Their response was to provide the dates of the holiday return policy. After a couple more emails to clarify they said that I did not qualify for returns and added, We hope they fit though.

Not only that but one of the shoes has blemish spots. I don't care to send them back I don't care to ever deal with GOAT SHOES ever again! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Do not succumb to these shoe scalpers!