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Watch out for shipping costs and additional DHL fees
December 2, 2021

I would never purchase from Goat.com or use DHL again. First they charge $30 to ship to Canada, then on top of that they surprise me with an almost $40 charge for processing and duties.

They do not take returns.
December 22, 2020

This is a scam, a middle-man scam that tries to gouge you with extra fee and fake duty charges (they ship with DHL, hunt up their reviews) which doubled the cost of my purchase. Reputable companies have real return policies and goat definitely does not. They tell me my sneakers are being "stored in their warehouse."

Stick with a reputable firm or eBay.

Scammed Received FAKE SHOES
July 20, 2020

My daughter ordered Air Jordan shoes for her boyfriends birthday last month. When they arrived, they were 2 different sneakers. The bottoms were 2 different colors. The logos were 2 different sizes.

One was a fake and one maybe was real.

They were fake! I emailed many times, as did my daughter but no one ever replied except for their automated email saying someone will get back to us. It has been almost 3 weeks and no resolve. My daughter is a teenager and works very hard for her money and is now out $389.000.


No customer service, No help, but most of all the product is

Scammed! Hoorible! Buyer beware!
January 8, 2020
Worst customer service EVER! I got scammed out of over $170! Ordered shoes, UPS said they never got the package! Goat shows delivered? I contact customer service daily with NO ANSWER BACK! Buyer, don't get ripped off and scammed! Buy your shoes from a legit business!

JuanCervantes December 23, 2022

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