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Fraudulent Company - Buyer BEWARE!
July 27, 2016
I worked at Gemporia Ltd for close to two years. My last job there was as a TV producer. I have seen every trick and deceit that this organisation uses first hand. Also, I was personally trained by the owner of the company, Mr Steve Bennett. Firstly, we are told expressly to use special camera angles and lighting to hide the obvious flaws and inclusions in the stones. Secondly, during training sessions as a TV producer, Steve Bennett constantly demanded that we lie to the customer and deceive them. He called this approach “spin doctoring”, but it essentially amounted to lying i.e. doing and saying anything to sell the jewellery. These are selling techniques. Selling techniques designed to outwit the viewer and make a fool of the buyer. This is why many of the presenters make bold claims about the gems themselves that are completely insupportable and have no basis in fact whatsoever. They lie. They lie to make lonely housewives part with their hard-earned cash for jewellery that falls apart after just a few weeks of use. Because anyone who has worked at the company for long enough knows that the jewellery is cheap and shoddy; it has been hastily and nastily cobbled together in the backstreets of Jaipur in India by cheap labour. You see, as well as being unfair to the customer, the use of underpaid and underprivileged workers in foreign countries amounts to commercial exploitation. Thirdly, the stones themselves are also inferior. Mr Bennett sources them himself and gets them dirt cheap. That is why they are often filled with inclusions and flaws, or they are of low grade/industrial quality. They come from poor countries where the workers are exploited by wealthy westerners like Mr Steve Bennett. You have surely heard of the phrase “Blood Diamond”? Well, gemstones are covered in blood; they are covered in the blood and sweat of poor workers in countries where the majority of the population live on less that one dollar per day. The money that he pays for those gemstones never goes back into the communities from whence they came. All that the Bennetts are interested in is MONEY; they want more of it for less. Less what? Less quality! Steve Bennett even threw a meeting at a local hotel for his producers and presenters while I was there in which he demanded that we make him more money. He literally said: “I want more money!...Get me more money!” -- Even though he has already made a fortune from selling this cheap and ill-made jewellery through lies and swindling. -- Lastly, if you doubt anything that I say, take a look at how the Bennetts run their business in the UK. They keep the majority of their employees on zero hours contracts and the working environment is dirty and under-facilitated. So, if he treats British workers like that, can you even imagine how he treats the workers in Third World nations?! Do NOT purchase jewellery from this company it is badly made and it is made off the back of human suffering. Do not contribute to the greed and misery that already exists in this world.

Victor August 17, 2016

I will not buy from this company either my wife just lost a diamond baguette out of her ring under a year old told the company said cant help out of guarantee how many company's only give 6 months warranty but when I think about it can understand the diamonds where all with inclusions not mentioned when bought the comp.any don't want to know so mr Bennett anybody ask me about your company will tell them to avoid like the plague all I can say is rip of

Might be a scam..
December 30, 2014
In the past year, I have purchased a handful of rings from Gemporia. (Usually spent no more than $60 on a ring). Deliveries and customer service were always great. I've never been disappointed with anything. However, my most expensive ring ($125 at the time, is now $155) is 10k gold and has begun to turn my finger green. I contacted them, and although their responses were prompt and very kind, they informed me my ring was simply "dirty" and that it was basically my fault the ring was doing this. They offered to send me cleaning cloths. 10k should not tarnish. I've only worn the ring no more than 10 times since I bought it in April. It should not be that dirty. I don't believe I'll be buying from them again.

Anonymous January 10, 2018

I was also a U.S. tv host for Gemporia. This company ruined my life as well. The owners only care about themselves and have zero compassion for anyone else. They have no integrity and they manipulated and used good people in America making them think they have secure jobs while working them down to the grave. When cameras were off, management “Craige Cooke” which should be name Craig the crook would curse and tell like a bombarian. This company should be shut down worldwide for good. The owners should not be allowed any business practices. They live in a mansion behind the castle in the UK like kinds and treat their people literally likecrap. I endured a tremendous amount of stress that lead to many health problems in my life all because of this company. Stay away and buy from legitimate companies. Does support these crooks.