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Fubar Support
August 3, 2023

Samstargazer83 (CoOlwHiP Angel) review - due to recent server updates, I noticed some issues and wanted to let support know of them! Just to be called an idiot and a scammer, and also had my account threated for deletion by Scrapper!

I have been a member of this site for 15 years (since 2008) under the former name of wtcdasc! I was told today that my opinion doesn't matter because I don't spend any money on the website!

I am making this post just in case my account gets deleted so that my friends know what happened!



January 20, 2023

Fubar's bouncers have removed blogs stating lies that it's against the TOS and my screenshot proves they agreed to that. They bounced me from one to another, ignoring me and disabled my entire acct. but didn't shut it down and I can't even delete my photos or acct. I did nothing. FuNnYdUdE did the blog removal.

babyjesus (Mike, the shtdck) is the site owner and has ignored me. years ago, a user called me names, said he was going to beat the life out of me, set me on fire and throw me in a lake of dicks. The site owner did nothing. I am confident Scrapper was the bouncer I went to that told me he was not going to do anything, even though it was a threat of violence and clearly against the TOS.

I am mentally disabled and this has upset me deeply and angered me severely. The bouncer Deadley told me the following that will be in a posted screenshot soon.

"so long as you dont use a political picture as a primary or it is advocating hatred towards anyone we shouldn't be involving ourselves with them. nsfw so long as they are marked as nsfw and in a nsfw folder is also allowed."

I will be posting screenshots on my on Feb. 1st at www.facebook.com/michelleangelique

In the screenshots, you will see that they claim to have a no tolerance policy on racism or bigotry and yet degrading Arabic ppl like myself will be in these screenshots.

A screenshot was asked of me only for the conversation with Funnydude, not of his images he has posted that are offensive and against the TOS, making him a bully who was breaking the rules coming to me to punish me with his ability due to his political affiliation and I will post those screenshots as well like the Achmed meme. That's racist. That's something a 1st grader can understand.

You will also see the screenshot stating what is not okay for a default photo. Political photos are NOT mentioned, so that was a lie as well.

Accounts deleted
April 24, 2020
My account has been deleted 2x each in 3 days. I would level up to 49 and bam my email does not exist. Well if you verify and get all those email messages about leveling up having comments, dms, bling being given all of it. How does your email does not exist after 4 days? I'm on that email right now with screenshots of the emails I received from the site. Now sending emails to support about you accounts being deleted you never receive an answer or anything. When you have friends who are on Fubar email support about your accounts being deleted still nothing just crickets chirping. This is not right and very bias, childish.

mikefortune July 08, 2020

ive bee on fubar for close to 3 yrs its only got more expensesive and more silly since jan 2019 if you play much you will see it takes 1500.00 us dollars a month to getb to upper levels and if the dont like you such as admin you only get more lag in may of 2020 when the stimiouls money came out i seen hundreds of thousand of dollars spen in just a few short weeks and its really needs to be closed it took millions of dollars out of are economy in the usa and has it done anything good yes ad no it did help with people have something to do wen it wasnt safe to socalize in public but there was a price and in my honest opion its a scam network game that needs to be closed down

DavidPaul Fisher April 04, 2021

Absolutely correct the site needs to be closed down permanently and if karma is any good then will do her job.

The right to envoke....!
March 15, 2020

If you read the disclaimer at the bottom "help" section of their website...

Disclaimer:. fubar.com reserves the right to refuse/ban/lock out any and all users who might think differently than the "population" of this website!

We maintain and will envoke 1940's fascist practices upon account holders of fubar! All purchased and donations will be considered payment for any transgression that we believe u have or will have committed. Any account holder who had and will donate will

have considerd the fact that all exchanges will be to fubar.com's benefit and all items received by account holder will be useless in the real world. It will be all digital items... Nothing tangible or applicable in the real world. Currency "donated to the website, shall only be in tangible currency, because we "KNOW" what you *the. Account holder* believes and what u want because by signing up you will have surrendered your willfully and independent" thinking, sufficiently and expediently making the account holder all the sam. All lacking individuality that you might have thought you had and have been "fighting" the establishment about your when life. Welcome sheep and meat your maker!!

13 years off and on and OH boy
March 15, 2019
Going to be honest as long as you do not have a RUN in with *7^5%$ scrapper it is okay BUT once you have a run in with him . ITS best if you leave the site because ALL the reviews about his ass(sorry) are true . I am 100% sure that what I know already and have read most of it is true . SCRAPPER is not GOD but on FUBAR he thinks everyone should do as he says all the time WHAT he says goes(one bouncer told me)

The Legend of Scrapper is Real!...TRoll Invasion
April 30, 2018

Once again the Kingdom of Fubar is under attack by vicious Trolls. Trolls were once peaceful inhabitants of the kingdom. These poor unsuspecting people were infected by the whispered lies and rumors of the King of the Trolls. The more the people listened to the evil utterances of the King of Trolls, the more they began to believe him. The poison spread by these lies eventually turned them into Trolls just as nasty the King of Trolls himself.

The Troll King sends his newly formed Trolls out into the realm of cyberspace to infect more unsuspecting victims..to build his army to attack the Kingdom of Fubar.

The Kings and Guardians of the realm of Fubar are on constant watch for these nasty little monsters but sometimes one finds a way in and does thier best to infect as many peaceful inhabitants as possible.

Kings and Guardians search the realm for these invaders. Force them from the shadows and into the light. The Troll infection can sometimes be cured by the light of truth..turning the Troll back into a peaceful inhabitant of the land. Others are not so lucky and have to be banished from the kingdom forever.

Don't risk becoming a Troll..stay out of the shadows and step into the light. Truth is the cure and it is shared by the Kings and Guardians of the kingdom .with anyone who wants it.

Good vibes
April 3, 2018
I be been a fu member since 2008. I love it. I've made some great friends and met some amazing people. I've never had a problem with fusupport responding to me and they have fixed any issues I've had promptly. I've also messaged baby j and he responded the same day. Yes, it can be expensive to play just like at any arcade. Its fun though. They have a game room and the mumms can be interesting too. All around I'm happy with my experience there and have nothing but love for baby j and scrapper. :)

Hoody March 02, 2023

I think you are lying about messaging Baby J and him replying right away bc he doesnt have time for anyone, and he doesnt respond and if he does its to have you talk to crapper

TINAH April 13, 2023

Baby J has always responded to me.. has fixed any issues and has even sent me bling just because .. so anything said is truly how you treat the site.. you abuse it, it will banish you .. so play nice and you'll be just fine

March 17, 2017

I am a proud member of Fubar and have been for over 7 years. This site has brought many new-found friends. I have brought friends of mine to the site and everyone loves what Fubar offers. There are many fun things you can do on this site. I think for me the most enjoyable is meeting people who are from all over the world, and playing Fumafia.

And of course there is Scrapper who is great!! I have come to know him and have a great respect for the man. He is fair and very diplomatic. Those who abuse the site have been dealt with in a very professional manner.

Being an all adult site, there are members, who act more like 2 years old’s who insist on hiding behind their keyboards, and figure they can say or do whatever they please. They are rude, disgusting, degrade others and are dealt with and removed off the site. Those are the ones who complain the most, the ones who have been removed off the site. They are nothing but little whiners and cry babies.

One thing I have learned on this site is you treat players with respect you will be respected as well. You treat people the way you wish to be treated.

If you cannot abide by the Terms that Fubar has set in place, then this isn’t the right site for you. Farmville may be a better choice for you!!

But if you are interested in a site that something for everyone, then this is the place for you!!!

EazyRobinson April 24, 2020

My account has been deleted 2x each in 3 days. I would level up to 49 and bam my email does not exist. Well if you verify and get all those email messages about leveling up having comments, dms, bling being given all of it. How does your email does not exist after 4 days? Im on tha email right now with screenshots of the emails I received from the site. Now sending emails about you accounts deleted well they dont answer even when friends email too.These friends are still on the site.

March 17, 2017

Scrapper the Great, the leading ruler, of the kingdom of Fubar is a fair and wise leader. He along with the Guardians of Fubar go in search of all the Trolls, Witches and Fiends in his kingdom.

These creatures like to lurk in the shadows. They hide behind masks trying to pass themselves off as just a normal citizen of Fubar. They kick, scream and spew fowl curses and lies when they brought into the light and unmasked.

These creatures can not survive in the shining light of the truth so they are banished from the kingdom of Fubar.

They are left with no other choice but to go to sites like this to spread poisonous lies about Scrapper the Great, The Guardians of Fubar and the Kingdom of Fubar itself.

You will know how these unmasked creatures are just by reading the reviews left by them. So be wary..use the mighty power of the Pimp Hand and stay out of the shadows

Cyber bullies
August 29, 2016

Management do jack crap when you use support to busy hitting on women and raking in money for the credits which really is pointless crap bling whore selling pics and video for bling also hooker street

Scrapper and Baby crap do nothing either and never answer there messages so no point to them really

Bouncers think there god and Caligurl is a cyber bully hides behides guys

Baby Jesus is the owner
March 20, 2016

Everything the review before said is true the object of the site is to

level up by buying useless stuff to give away to other members. When I never bought anything or ever tried to level up and let all members view my nsfw folders without paying me the women who sell their old outdated pictures kept flagging my profile until SCRAPPER told me "THIS IS A SITE FOR ADULTS NOT AN ADULT WEBSITE" and the picture in question was in now way explicit or nude. My status bar kept getting my message deleted for the same reason I said that my pics were free of charge no bling required and after 4 months and having over 7,000 friends and over 1500 crushes and countless bling from friends SCRAPPER deleted my account due to other women complaining! Save your money and time and find something better to do. Again most of the NSFW pics are of when the hags were young and you have to pay to see them.

Amber November 30, 2017

Baby Jesus is an old fart now

as well as most of the players.

LadonnaWeems February 02, 2018

I have joined Dec.9th, 2017 and had 3 profile pictures removed for being TO explicit, I had a leather DRESS and hat on , nothing showing in one , and leather pants and leather shirt on in another FULLY DRESSED, and went to the clubs for Mardi Gras wearing them,,Im a bit older , but have about 60 snapshots of OTHERS with ALOT hanging out all over the place (gonna make a folder) anyway, I can handle the pervs, BLOCK EM, but some hater reporting pics,,I cant..sent messages to owners, no reply..not to sure how to take them right now. a plus on lounges, I already work in 1 and promote, thats a blast...anyway it has its good and bad like other sites, guess Ill stay 4 now..

Beyond scam
June 24, 2014
The site is nothing more then cyber prostitution which crosses over to real life.I have been offered cam sex and even had women offer to meet me in town for money when reported nothing is done. The sad thing is some of the girls are obviously minors and the site does not confirm their age.Then they will kick you claiming yo complain to much about what is going on.Because all they care about is making money.Then when they do kick you they keep your account active even though you can not get on it this way the over inflate the member numbers and online member numbers to deceive people into thinking they have more ,embers then they do.They make you use real money to level even though they advertise free site and they have been known to delete people for no reason so they have to pay again to get their levels back.This site is beyond a scam and Ryan AKA Scrapper is the man behind all the money fraud and Nazi tactics.

Amber November 30, 2017

Yes very sensitive prostitutes

don't hurt their feelings lol.

And the mafia game is full of sensitive players

they cry when attacked.

Its a wonder they don't give free mil shakes in place of the fake drinks.

NickDamaskus January 13, 2018

Lol oh thats so funn.. No really if you got time to talk smack about how bad an app or site is try running one your self there're uppers and downers and sadly you 2 are downers . fubar is great. Free and live support at the fubar help desk under lounges. And 6 years on it never had a problem lol. Main or not fubar is a place where people can meet up and well theres a block button ya know lol :)

Asiedia March 15, 2020

How much money have u poured into the "free" site! Yes, the more money is spent, the higher chance that your account won't be blocked/reported/locked out.


DISCLAIMER: nothing is free on fubar! Cash donations MUST be spent in keeping your account in good order and accessible. If you wish not to be harrassed then the account holder must spend money. All money spent is donation and all good transferred are digital. No one shall receive any donations/physical real world items. All items are digital in the app. Most people on the site might not be real, "active users might be banned/locked out, but show "active" to inflate our numbers.

We maintain and will envoke the right to sensor and envoke 1940's "fascist" laws governed in the Nazi Germany era upon a users account!

Let's "agree" to "disagree" that fubar.com will uphold it's own laws upon any user of it's website.