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FromYouFlowers is a company that states they are the largest privately owned online flower company, and will strive to make their customer's experience unforgettable.

How Does Work?

Like any other online retailer, customers simply need to go to their website to search through their available products and choose the ones which are most relevant for your needs.

From You Flowers arrange their products into categories  including  Birthday, Occasions, Get Well, Sympathy, Flowers, Plants, Gift Baskets, Same Day Delivery, and more.

Cost/Price Plans has a wide range of products that you can choose from, so their prices have a wide range as well. Products are categorized in price ranges from under $40 to over $60, depending on what you order.

Customers should always keep in mind that these prices do not include choices for personalization, like vase choices or gift wrap, as well as your personal instructions for delivery. 

Refund Policy does not really have a Refund Policy, but they do offer a guarantee to their customers. This guarantee promises that if you are not satisfied with our service for any reason feel free to contact us. 

Depending on the issue you are having, customers can choose to either have their money refunded or a new product redelivered. Customer Service is available to help 24 hours a day. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-838-8853, by email at [email protected], or by traditional mail at 143 Mill Rock Road East, Old Saybrook, CT 06475.


Unfortunately has a variety of unhappy customer reviews for their website. The complaints generally have to do with issues of delivery not being on time, though there are other complaints of orders not being fulfilled to instructions. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online services available that specialize in providing their customers with flowers and sometimes live plants as well, including and many more.  
If you have any experience with FromYouFlowers or their products, please leave your reviews below.

FromYouFlowers Customer Reviews

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Terrible Service
January 21, 2023

Email contact only and they don’t deliver on their services. Paid for expedited same day delivery. Didn’t deliver same or the next day. Had to cancel my order and ask for a full refund. Will never recommend them or do business with them again!

Did not deliver
January 14, 2023

I placed an order on Monday for a funeral spray to be delivered on Friday by 4pm. I received an email at 3:10 pm on the day of the funeral to get an email stating they could not find a florist. If I had at least a day, I could have contacted a reputable and dependable florist. I immediately called customer service and of course it's outsourced to another Country. She tells me she'll give me 30% off and deliver a funeral spray to the recipients home the next day. That's the dumbest mess I've ever heard!!! I hung up, called back and got the same suggestion. I requested a full refund with email confirmation. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

no delivery 4 days later
January 3, 2023

If I could give a zero rating I would. I ordered flowers on 12/29/22for delivery of an arrangement on 12/30/22 (remember they actually advertise same day delivery!) The arrangement was for a birthday.

On 12/31, the flowers still weren't delivered. A phone call to company got me "we will deliver as soon as possible. " I then asked for delivery on 12/31 as they were already a day late. An email then came saying they were unable to deliver until 1-3-23. Now on1-3-23, I received an email stating flowers will be delivered tomorrow. Reason stated by customer service representative was that they could not find a florist to deliver. Discounts were offered for the inconvenience which i initially accepted.

Today I asked for a full refund and cancellation of the order. I will never order from this company again. Wish I had read these reviews prior to ordering.

Scam!!! Will Not Deliver!
January 3, 2023

If i could leave a zero star review I would!

I ordered flowers to be delivered to my niece after she had her baby. The flowers were to be delivered the next day at the hospital.

The flowers were not delivered the next day or the following day. It's been 5 days and the flowers have not been delivered!

How is this company still in business??

I've had multiple emails from "From You Flowers", apologizing claiming "Tomorrow" they will deliver the flowers. Well tomorrow still hasn't arrived.

First they offered a discount for the next day delivery price. Then they offered an upgrade on my bouquet, then they offered another 10% discount.

I replied to one of 6 emails they had sent telling them it was the worst flower delivery experience of my life and they offered a 50% refund.

What has to be done to put this company out of business?

Problems with FromYouFlowers customer service
December 28, 2022

We were the recipients of a FromYouFlowers order, which was placed by a relative in Germany. We didn't have his order number, but there were two reference numbers on the box, as well as a UPS tracking number, The package was shipped from Illinois on 12/22/2022, Thursday, and it arrived here in Michigan on 12/27/2022.

The package was left on the driveway, with no notification of delivery, despite the fact that we have a doorbell and our phone number is on the delivery label. When discovered and opened last night, the package contained a dozen red roses. The buds were hard, mummified, dry and dark. The stems were bent at 45 degree angles, as if broken. The flowers appeared to be dead from a combination of freezing and dehydration.

When I called to report the problem, the telephone agent gave me a lot of trouble, and was reluctant to do anything because I was not the ordering customer. I explained that he is in Germany, and it is difficult for him to trace a problem here in the USA. The agent insisted that she could only deal with the ordering party. After considerable push-back and my statement that I did not think much of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, she reluctantly agreed to replace the defective product, There was a lot of hassle involved in rectifying the problem, and it was not a customer-friendly experience.

December 16, 2022
Shoddy service and late delivery, ad come-ons, and overly expensive. They don't allow you to contact the local florist about problems. I do NOT recommend this service. Call your local florist - not this scan!

Always late
December 13, 2022
They don't know that teachers work until 2:30 pm in elementary schools. And they take the orders to them after 3pm, when they have already left the school. Apparently they do it so that we pay extra for taking it early.

Stay Away!
December 12, 2022
I ordered a Christmassy arrangement for my mother's birthday. The shipping and handling hiked the price up from $51.99 to $74.41. The actual arrangement was extremely short on flowers, short on ornaments, had no bow and was not even symmetrical. It looked nothing like the picture on their website. A second grader could have done better. After registering my complaint on the company chatline multiple times to supervisors, there has been no resolution for 10 days. They continuously apologize, but do nothing about the problem. An email from them actually stated that a replacement arrangement had been delivered to my mother, but this was a complete falsehood. I doubt the legitimacy of this company. One employee on the chatline stated that my mother needed to return the arrangement to get a new one. I asked for the name of the florist so she could return it and the company refused to divulge that information. This was an embarrassing gift that cost me lots of hard-earned money.

VickiSwartwood December 23, 2022

I also had an arrangement sent and had to call fromyouflowers, unbelievably what I said to them is almost verbatim of what you wrote. It was pictures as a beautiful arrangement in the shape of a Christmas tree of red roses, different greenery and pine cones.This was a gift and I also was so embarrassed when my sister sent me a picture of it.It was branches cut off of a tree sticking all which way with pine cones that looked like they were painted grey. NO red roses or any red flowers at all!!!!I also said a child made it not a florist.They are giving me hopefully half of the money back. Please go elsewhere.

L.Denton December 28, 2022

L.D. 28 december [email protected] had basically the same experience. I ordered a full week ahead of the requested delivery date (a few days before christmas). On that date, I got an email telling me that due to "Time constraints", they would have to deliver the following day. The following day, their email said the arrangement I ordered could not be made, but a substitute as close as possible would be sent instead. The "Arrangement" was delivered - turned out to have come from a local grocery store - not a florist at all.! (by the way - it cost $68.00!)it appeared to have been arranged by a three year old. It was not as advertised, to say the least. I complained. They offered a $10.00 refund. Upon my request, the recipient then sent me a picture of said arrangement. I was so embarrassed and angry for him to have received such a crappy gift, I requested a full refund, which I have actually received. That was one of two gifts - the other was no better. (that one was $60.00). I complained - they offered a discount which I still have not received. Never again!!

Read before ordering!
December 9, 2022

I was conned. I placed an order for a sympathy arrangement to be delivered to the funeral home for my best friend's child's wake. The arrangement I ordered was beautifully portrayed on the website but the arrangement that arrived was nothing like it was advertised. When I contacted fromyouflowers, they said their website states substitutions might be made depending on the season so that releases them from all responsibility when the substituted flowers are not near as equivalent as they should have been.

Customer service fail!

Never again!


Florist went to recipients house to take flowers back!
October 12, 2022

Want to share my experience in hopes that people will see and not trust this company with their business!

On 10/6/22 I ordered “How Sweet It Is" bouquet from in the "Premium" size which is the largest size offered. The regular price is $59.99 plus shipping and taxes. The picture of this bouquet on the website shows 7 large roses and 17 small roses in the bouquet.

The bouquet received had about 3 big roses and 3 small roses and was filled with filler leaves, Lillies and carnations. Colors, flower types, and quantity were not even the same or close. I understand substitutions are allowed but this was just unreasonably different and smaller/lower in quality.

Upon seeing the flowers, I called customer service to complain and ask for a refund. They granted my request. However, they did not mention needing to return the flowers. Now the person I sent the flowers to just called me and told me the florist came to their house and took back the flowers.

They did not tell me this would happen when I talked to customer service. This is the worst and most unprofessional service I have experienced. This is not a company I would trust with sending anyone you know a gift.

Worst ever in the flower industry
October 7, 2022

Worst place ever for ordering flowers. They send you an email at the end of the day and say your flowers were delayed because they can't find a florist. They ruined my Mom's 95th birthday. They attempted 3 more times and never got it right.....they are a joke.



You will not get your order delivered!
October 3, 2022


I wish I could give negative stars! -5

I ordered items for my husbands birthday for same day delivery at 9:30 in the morning and at 4pm I received an email saying they could not deliver until the next day. Well the next day still nothing delivered!! This was a Saturday and I emailed saying I wanted to be refunded and of course it will take 1-3 days and I still do not have my refund!! Worst customer service ever!!!!

They stolen your money Rating 0
September 25, 2022

never buy flowers For this company they steal your money first they make you believe that the same day arrives and when you call they hang up the phone.

what they send you is a bouquet as if the person had passed through a supermarket and they buy it from there, they put it in a vase and they put a plastic wrap on it and that is all the decoration you have some flowers maybe $15.99 dollars and I bought an arrangement of $80 dollars. they are thieves never buy from this company.

No Delivery
September 25, 2022

I placed an order two weeks before i needed to have it delivered for my wife’s big 40th birthday on 22nd.

On the 22nd I worked from home so I can make sure I received those flowers and give it to her that night. That afternoon nothing. i reached out to fromyouflowers via online chat and they apologized saying that they can’t make it with the flowers, and they are sorry etc and will upgrade the flowers n guarantee it will get to me the next day priority delivery.

I was not happy but will be busy taking my wife out to dinner etc so if it gets here the next day in the morning or early afternoon that will be fine… on the 23rd again i try to work from home just in case they try to deliver. By 1:00 pm nothing (deadline is 6:00 pm set by their company) at this point i reached out to them again online chat and again they said it will be delivered today because now it is out for delivery.

ok no problem as long it gets to me early afternoon before my wife gets home than that is still fine. Now it is 5:30pm still no flowers ,so i once again reached out to them via online chat and once again was told it is out for delivery. I asked them 1) i was told yesterday this will be priority delivery today why is it so late… (no answer) 2) i asked them deadline for delivery is set by your company at 6:00 pm and now it is 5:40 what guarantees do i have it will be here in the next 20 mins?

At first no answer so i pushed and now the agent said I have seen delivery arrived between 7-730. (not impressed or believe them as this seems to be just another empty promises, the boy who cried wolf). I did wait till 8pm and nothing…

Now it is the next day on the 24th at 10:10 am still NO FLOWERS. side note the 3rd online chat when i spoke with the agent he/she told me to call an 800# which is their automated 800# that you can’t get anyone to talk to other than bot. as i’ve already done so n entering my order number into their automatic system and only gotten a reply “can not locate your order.”

I told the chat agent to call their 800# n he/she said “I am not authorized to call that number.” WHAT??? you are not authorized to call your company’s 800#??? WHAT KIND OF JOKE IS THIS!!!!!!!


follow up…

After messaging them on their Facebook page and posting what happened on yelp (which now they must have deleted or hide my yelp post as i can not see it anymore). They told me their supervisor will call me. i told them not to call me as i do not want to talk to them. if they have anything to say they can email me as i want it in writing. the next day on the 24th i got a missed call from their 800# with no voice mail. If your supervisor really wanted to talk to me than leave a voicemail!

They did issue a refund in the early afternoon on the 24th, but said will take a few days to clear. we will see if that will process or just another empty promises just Like their deliveries.

September 24, 2022

I wished I can post neg stars.... I order bday flowers for my wife, and just in case something goes wrong I order it one day ahead because early is better than late... Yep the day of delivery NOTHING... so I did their live chat that part worked and they said sorry and we will do an upgrade and express delivery the next day which is ok since I order it one day early... Now the DAY OF... NOTHING!!!!

by 3 I chat with them to see what is going on.. the agent told me it will be there... for sure don't worry... ya stupid enough I believe them... by 5:40 NOTHING!!!! I chat with them again and they said it is out for delivery and not to worry... with a 20 min deadline... now it is 6:20 and you guess correctly NOTHING!!!!!

this company is a scam there is no way a real company would do business like this... I have ordered flowers online with a lot of different companies and all were delivered ONTIME but this crappy place.... the last chat I had the agent told me to call their 800 number to check on status...

are you kidding me... btw I did call and NOTHING in fact their stupid system said "We Can Not Locate Your ORDER!!!" WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!

September 18, 2022

HORRIBLE. LIARS. Guaranteed they would deliver and lied to me all day every time I contacted customer service. They kept telling me the flowers would be delivered and they never were. And after they ruined everything, they didn't even try to correct the situation or make any offer of compensation. Just despicable. I can't wait to see karma nail them.

Do NOT buy from them
September 10, 2022
Worst service ever! Never delivered the flowers and did not get a refund but an apology email stating: sorry but we will attempt to deliver three days later. Are you for real???

Do not order unless you want no flowers delivered
August 31, 2022
Paid extra for birthday flowers to be delivered in the morning, then they said that the florist had until 6PM to make delivery. Flowers never arrived. Requested a refund since my loved one’s surprise was ruined. They tried to bribe me with multiple discounts for future purchases. I had to reiterate several times that this was my first and last time ordering from them, so I did not want any discounts.

Don't be the dummy that I was
August 27, 2022

Don't do it. It's tempting and it looks trustworthy.. beautifully done website.

I ordered "same day flowers" to two separate addresses at about 1030 a.m. on the same day. I paid to expedite one of them. (The occasion was to uplift a family in the one year anniversary of a son's death).

At 4 in the afternoon, I get an email apologizing for non delivery ON ONE OF THEM.

It's now two days after ordering and I get no follow up on the other delivery so I called the recipient and find they haven't received the flowers!

I emailed Flowers for You and get a quick return response with apology that they were unable to make the delivery. On this order, they responded that they weren't able to get the flowers delivered and that the flowers would be delivered on the 27th. THEY WEREN'T.

So..if you don't care if the flowers are delivered on time...or at all.....go ahead and order.

I will say that the follow up customer service is kind and really make you feel like this is an unexpected mistake. After two botched orders on the same day... I am now believing that this is just how they do business.

Think about send don't hear from recipient so you think they're just too busy or upset and you don't want to appear rude so you don't say anything then you discover that your heartfelt words on the condolence note and your beautiful flowers NEVER made it.

Just don't do it. DON'T BE ONE MORE DUMMY. I CAN GUARANTEE YOU'LL BE DISAPPOINTED ...however I'll upgrade my apology and be doubly sorry for your inconvenience.

Hidden Costs At Checkout!
August 12, 2022

Haven't experienced a bad delivery, but there is still time. I was pissed about the check out cost. Advertised as 35 dollars went all the way up to 72 dollars, after they added all the B.S. fee's to the cost. BUYER BEWARE!!!! Total price scamming! They need to be reported.! In fact I may make a call to have the website shut down and investigated!