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April 18, 2022

These guys are scam artists. My mom died and I ordered arrangements for siblings and the nurse. What showed up was the equivalent of bud vases, when I ordered expensive displays. The differences between what was pictured and what we received was huge. This was not only embarrassing, but forced me to stop everything and try to secure a refund for hundreds of dollars of flowers. Frankly, they should be charged with fraud.

Everything went smoothly - No problems
April 16, 2022
Everything went smoothly for my orders to two different addresses placed April 13th. They arrived on April 15th as planned. They appeared as advertised and the cost was reasonable. The people on the receiving end were happy with the arrangements.

False advertising on next day
March 19, 2022

If I could give no stars, that would be too many. Processed an order on a Friday and paid extra fees to be delivered the next day, Saturday and nothing. Called and they said would be delivered Monday.

Not what they advertise and I certainly don't want a $10 credit for next purchase because they will NEVER be a next time. Company is a rip off and certainly not able to fulfill.

Not going to get the Vase/Flowers you order
March 13, 2022
The recipient ended up going to a shop to pick up the flowers because they were not delivered. I ordered a pink vase with pink flowers but a clear vase with other flowers were given to her. They did refund me $3.18 towards the delivery fee & $11.47 after I complained

Horrible Customer Service
February 11, 2022

Do not use this company. Flowers did not show up on time so I contacted them and they just stated contact the shipping company. Didn't care a bit.

Well Recommended
January 9, 2022
Our UK friend ordered some flowers for my wife here in TX. Beautiful, arrived in time and still looking fresh after 1 week.

Go Local - or keep scrolling
December 16, 2021

I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered flowers yesterday; I have learned an important lesson!

I ordered a 'Christmas Tree' arrangement for my co-workers, after a tough Covid work year. I chose the 'deluxe' arrangement, which was supposed to be a mixture of red roses, baby's breath, silver ornaments and ribbons, all shaped into a beautiful Christmas tree.

What I received was a lump of red carnations - with no baby's breath and two silver dollar store ornaments. It was - at best - 8 inches tall and a round lump that didn't remotely resemble a Christmas tree. I would be embarrassed to send this to ONE person, let alone a group. I work in an assisted living facility and, instead of bringing the arrangement to the office, as specified - it was left on the doorstep of a 92 year old resident.

Personally, I think it was on purpose since they could outrun a senior rather than present this atrocious embarrassment to people who could question them. I ordered this arrangement 2 years ago from a local florist and it was lovely.

So, really, shame on me for taking the easy, on-line ordering route instead of going through a local florist. They say you get what you pay for - This $75 arrangement would sell for (MAYBE) $20 in the grocery store. Please, do yourselves a favor. Go local. This is terrible. (I am not even leaving it here in the office. It's a joke).

Criminals- Cal florist direct!
November 11, 2021

Ordered the delux for $85, delivery person sent a text of the arrangement delivered and it wasn't worth $20 at the grocery store! I called and read them the riot act - offered 20%, and a coupon. Told them no.

Offered me 30%. I said completely unacceptable I want a full refund! Told them it was fraud and criminal! They put in a supervisor and Bam! Full refund! I am embarrassed of what they sent. BTW - flowers came from Safeway!

Delivery person finally told me where it was made! This company wouldn't divulge what company made the arrangement. Call florist direct! No bad on Safeway - they probably only receive a fraction of what is paid! The only good thing they did was finally refund me.

Unauthorized Charge To Card
October 30, 2021
We have been excellent customers for this company. But recently, we received a charge on a credit card for a order we NEVER placed. It DOES NOT even show up in our online order history. THREE TIMES we have spoken to customer service with NO resolution. We've been told THREE TIMES that their "higher-level finance department" will contact us in 2-3 business days. THEY NEVER CALLED.

Do not order flowers from
October 16, 2021

What you order is not what your recipients receive. I ordered 10 Premium Christmas Spirit Bouquets in December 2020. Only one received was like the premium picture on the website and one was never received. The rest of the bouquets were much smaller than the pictured image on their website and did not look like the image either. They contained different flowers - not what I ordered.

The company doesn't care about the customer. After many emails and communications, I finally received credit for the flowers not received. A minor adjustment was made for the other flowers. Out of frustration and having wasted over 10 hours fighting with this company, I decided to let it go but tell the world not to order flowers from I hope to save you time and money.

Failed to deliver
August 21, 2021
Ordered premium arrangement and received flowers that did not even meet standard arrangement shown on web site. Customer service offered to send replacement arrangement. Too late for special event so gave me $21 refund on $100 order. Would have done much better going to local supermarket

Bad business
July 2, 2021

With Covid hurting us financially we have become almost homeless. But an Anniversary is special so i made the sacrifice to get flowers. Bad idea to not go myself. They never showed up at all. They would not immediately give a refund until "investigated" so I could buy others.

Basically it ruined the needed surprise my wife needed for our anniversary. More disappointing than I can express. Would never recommend. Customs service is sub par.

Service Sucks and CS lies.
June 14, 2021
Order was placed at 9:52am est. When I contacted customer service many hours later, they LIED and claimed to have missed her, our daughter in law during a delivery attempt. She had been at work all day. After FYF refunded the expedited delivery fee I paid for, our diL tells me she was getting in her car, 7 hours later, when the delivery person pulled up to make the delivery. This kind of service SUCKS!!!! I will never use your business again!!.

February 14, 2021
Absolute terrible! They reported Valentines flowers were delivered, and they weren't. When I called, emailed, and used their chat option they never had any answers nor would they help. NEVER USE THEM - IT'S A SCAM.

Never delivered. Beware.
September 12, 2020
Spent $65 dollars for mother's 90th birthday and flowers never came. They emailed to say they were but people were there when they said they were delivered and they definitely were not. Have not gotten any help from their customer service at all so far

Never Delivered and terrible service
May 28, 2020
I spent 70 dollars on flowers and a vase. It never came I had to call them 3 times and ask for a refund. They told me they refunded me and I would get an email. I never received it, or the refund at all. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

May 12, 2020

Ordered the tulip vase which was full of tulips and tulips only. Beautiful flowers and plain, simple vase!

What my Mother received for Mother's Day was a standard dollar store vase with a BUNCH of greenery and MAYBE 7 tiny tulips! (My sister said they were VERY small!)

My mother is 81 years old and I don't know how many more special occasions we have left with her. It was very hard not to see her this year and I wanted something really pretty for her.


so, disappointing
May 8, 2020

I order "You're in My Heart" Premium for $84.99 added balloons. The picture on their website shows about 4 dozen flowers.

What was received was a dozen flowers and the balloons were flat.

This was for my mother-in-laws 80th birthday and we could not celebrate with her.

I am so embarrassed that that she received this.

If I could give them zero stars I would.

Pathetic what is on their website is not what you receive.


May 5, 2020
This company is a JOKE! I placed an online order on 5/2/2020 for delivery on 5/5/20. Then paid an “Expedited” fee to have the flowers delivered before noon. NO FLOWERS. This is for my 13th Wedding Anniversary. Tried to chat with customer service, agent log’s in and says “How can I help you” after putting a very clear description of the issue. After typing it again, no response from the agent after 10 minutes. I will NEVER do business with this garbage company again. I had to show a picture of the $165 flower arrangement I ordered to the wife that never showed up, so she knows I didn’t forget. Not only do I not have flowers on my Anniversary, I must file a dispute with my CC company!!! Absolutely inexcusable, hope they go bankrupt!

April 6, 2020

I ordered flowers yesterday and paid the extradited fee of $4.99 to be delivered by noon today, which it was not.

The flowers that arrived late today looked nothing like what I ordered and the arrangement was ugly. Please don't ever do business with this company.