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It's a Scam!
January 28, 2020

INNO Games and Forge of Empires is a total scam. I know first hand as I was a Moderator for six months. During that time I gathered evidence that INNO places "bait" accounts in every world.

By "Bait Accounts" I mean fake accounts with unlimited diamonds. This is done with the intention of getting real players (I'm gonna call them suckers) to spend their real money in an attempt to keep pace with the fake accounts, which of course they can never do.

Moral of the story. NEVER spend one cent on this game! It's fake. Play it if you want, but no matter the strategy you deploy, you will NEVER win!

Moderators break the law
December 6, 2019
Moderators infring on privacy laws and rights to collect information on you by spying on your private messages

A WAR GAME Posing and advertised as "Family Friendly"
December 6, 2019
The have a global chat where you are not allowed to speak your mind.. and according to them (moderators) speaking your mind is insulting other players. They game reeks of true history and violence yet you add individual "friends" to a list to help with polishing and aiding your city. They also have a "friends tavern" added recently in which you drink alcohol and socialize collecting coins and silver. Yet you are not allowed to talk about drinking and drugs in global chat. Doing so, will get you banned from the game. The game is a total hypocrisy. War is not friendly murder is not friendly. War is HEll

PhilipBoddy January 07, 2021

A bit like watching paint dry but less exciting, better games available

Do not spend real money on this game
December 6, 2019
Many players have paid money to Inno and not received their purchases and when support is contacted, its a never ending battle to get their money back. Many times you never get your money back or receive your goods that you purchased. This game is based in Germany and refuses to answer to American law or international law. They spy on private conversations looking to get real life information on you.

moderators are biased, rude.. controlled by other players
December 6, 2019
Money making scheme that preys upon children, the poor and the socially inept. Cheating, Allowing players to make multiple account to build their cities, making the entire game a façade, convoluted and corrupted.

Definite scam
November 7, 2019
All new players are driven out by prior players thanks to the “plunder” feature. So if you’ve spent any money on this game, definitely be prepared to lose it.

slow and costly
September 7, 2019
I want to enjoy this game but found it extremely slow and you need to purchase very quickly. Quicker than any other similar game Ive played. I don't have a problem with purchasing but not the speed required here and the amounts required.

JimBattista December 06, 2019

preys on the poor who cannot lack real life entertainment

a complete scam
May 24, 2019
I only paid 104 dollars and 75 cents for crystals, yet my debit card said I paid over 120 dollars and now I have to wait over a week for a new card. Don't give these lying snakes a cent.

the game is rigged
February 21, 2019

Poor Customer Service
February 5, 2019
The administrators of the game are pushy, rude and inept.

Forge of Empires
January 31, 2019
This game is a waste of time , it starts out ok but if you don't buy diamonds you will not really get any where fast. Also at a certain level higher level players will start attacking you for cheap points, and you will get very frustrated. My advice don't even waste your time there are better games out there.

WARNING!!! Very Expensive Game to Play!
October 26, 2018
I've spent over $3000 on this game by purchasing diamonds, which seems to be the only real way to advance through the higher ages at a decent pace. It's easy to advance quickly through the first few ages, without spending any diamonds, but once you start reaching the moderate level ages, the game quickly becomes VERY expensive. The higher you advance, the more expensive the game becomes! I'm now looking to cut my losses and move on to a different game all together. I do NOT recommend even starting this game, lest you get sucked into paying a LOT of money to advance through the ages in order to stay competitive.

FoE: Great Game, but Challenging w/o Diamonds
October 12, 2018
It's a great game but there is a steep learning curve to it. A previous comment stated one can progress without diamonds but one needs patience. Yes and No. I played for almost a year without diamonds. The early eras are ok but to advance to upper levels you need diamonds. The trick is to buy strategically and only when you really need them. You will wind up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on diamonds if you are not careful. To buy none means taking months to get to upper levels. Joining a legitimate guild that is tight and helpful is a real bonus. There are trading guilds and bonus guilds. Choose which one you like. I reached Future Era and plan to play it for years.

FoE Creates fake ads
September 24, 2018

So basically what FoE likes to do is create fake sex/weird ads like you will get to **** the characters or they will make you play a fake mini game or a fake page rating it "10/10" making it look professional.

I think there is about 40 variable websites hey use to lure you into playing this boring build fest that is nothing like the game play. They also like to do pop up things with these fake ads.

Expensive or boring
September 9, 2018

I’ve played for a couple of weeks and I am fed up and have deleted the game.

1) You need to buy diamonds and lots of them to progress at a reasonable pace.

2) you need to earn or buy, with diamonds, land blocks to expand your city. Without the expansions you can’t get access to resources, build army units etc.

3) in the early stages you can build army units that have a reasonable chance of conquering new provinces - which give you access to products that improve productivity.

However, very quickly, you find that you get beaten and you are having to wait an hour and a half to regenerate a new soldier or - oh yes - speed the process by buying diamonds.

For the last week tried without using diamonds. Very, very, very slow and very, very very boring.

One of the best strategy games I've played
August 21, 2018

Easy to start, but a little complex to learn. That's very interesting for me.

Guilds are very good at helping to understand the game and make you advance further.

Diamonds, forget it. It's possible to do anything and pass all events without them. You really need to buy many, to make a difference, and then why playing, if you buy everything?

The key word for most strategy games: Patience :)

GvG Landing zones bogus
May 4, 2018

The whole idea of the landing zones is stupid. just let people land anywhere along the edges. that way more people can play and there will be actual competition. not a few guilds with members hopping in between each other, creating ghost guilds, and many other tricks to make an already unfair advantage to large guilds even more unfair.

ReneeShanks Kofi-Bruce September 03, 2018

Playing 4 months - patience and strategy come 1s! Focus is on building - not killing! Excellent

Great game!
November 18, 2017

These comments are complete BS! It's all lies! The game really doesn't force you to buy any diamonds and spend your money. Sure, if you have diamonds, you progress a lot faster, but the game doesn't stop to be fun, even if you use no diamonds. I've been playing this game for a about 5 years. It's one of the first computer games I ever played. I've had some great memories with my friends playing this game. Now, I could just be blind, due to the sentimental value that this game has for me... Maybe I just continue to play without diamonds, because I love it and I stay determined and patient. But I've never really felt the need to get any diamonds to help me advance. People with no diamonds advance just fine! All of my friends played the game like that. Everyone is just fine today. And they never spent a single diamond. Now, as for the events... That's a whole different story. The events are specifically designed to make you buy as many diamonds as you can, which I don't condone. But literally the enitre rest of the game can be played just without wasting a singe cent.

The game is fun! It depends on YOU and ONLY YOU whether you're gonna spend diamonds or not. You REALLY don't need to. Just judge the game for what it REALLY is! A fantastic and original strategy game with a focus on humanity and its history (and don't even get me started on the city management part!). What other game does that?! Honestly, that's the thing that's been making me play this game for so long. This game truly is a gem...

It's a trap
November 8, 2017

No really. This game could be a lot of fun, but that's not its purpose. Clearly, FOE was carefully designed to make money: players that do not want to pay will progressively end up with a super boring and slow paced game so that they quit playing (freeing server resources). Business model: (1) advertise as free to attract many players (2) keep only those players that are either addicted to the game and/or that have plenty of money to waste (3) milk them as much as possible.

Enjoy :)

MineMine February 15, 2018

5 stars

Eyes wide open
October 21, 2017
I enjoy/enjoyed the concept. The discrepancy between the real work required to advance and the ability to buy your way to success is off-putting. The 'cost' of this game can't be known until you play on. The enjoyment vs. the dread of how much it will cost to continue ruins the experience.