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Total grind with no reward
June 6, 2017
No stars...after investing over a year in this game and grinding my way to get my great buildings built, my account gets banned because Big Brother didn't like the fact that friends supported me in leveling my great buildings, despite the fact that forge point exchanges are legitimate and part of the game. You get sucked into investing hard cash to buy in-game currency, diamonds, because that is the only way to advance without a ton of tedious grinding...which you have to do anyway. There is little to no enjoyment with this game. Don't waste your time.

March 22, 2017
Went in with eyes wide open as to costs. Willingly paid when needed diamonds. My problem has happened twice. First time bought a $19.99 package and was charged double. Second time bought same package but received double and was charged more than twice the cost. Filed requests and was told to provide screenshots. Still waiting a resolution.

January 31, 2017
They want your money, but they don't want to spend any of it on servers, so it's been down for hours this morning, and it's commonly very difficult or impossible to play.

Fraudulent Company
December 24, 2016

Inno Games is now using fraud (they call it balancing or mistakes etc.) to generate revenue from long time players, they would never touch the new players as they are the upcoming cash cows.

Just read their beta forums feedback threads (warning: certain peoples posts are just a waste to read) to see they ways they are doing this. "We made a mistake" so it must be rebalanced which also means there will not be any refunds.

The most recent "fraud", they pushed content to live servers after beta testing in which apparently the testers warned/questioned them on a specific building, along with support tickets and other forum posts. Many players like myself deleted our premium buildings (they pretty much get deleted each new era anyway) for the better building and now they are saying it was a mistake they missed and they are going to rebalance it which will leave all players with negative population and the nightmare of having to correct it without the premium buildings we had prior (space is an issue in city building).

This is the nail in the coffin for me, as all the changes/rebalancing over the last year has just been to further their agenda of making money. I mean who waits over more than a year to decide something is not balanced (this is specific to an artillery unit)?

I was not a free player and did support the developers because I enjoyed it, but now that they are just screwing us over left and right I can no longer support this/them.

You may not believe anything I write just go read for yourself (until they get wise and start deleting threads/posts again).

Run far away from anything by this developer in my opinion.

Forge of Empires is very expensive
October 8, 2016

FOE is a huge waste of time. The gameplay is essentially very repetitive. If you play it, it will take literally YEARS to get to the final level (and they will have made more by then). Each level takes longer than the last, and each level requires diamonds, which cost real money and are unnecessarily expensive. You can try to proceed without buying diamonds (sold for between USD$10 to USD$80), but then you have to wait months to be able to earn enough free diamonds to do even the simplest task in the game. I was able to get through about 60% of the game after spending almost $2,000. Then when I criticised the way InnoGames makes everything so dependent on diamonds (I.e., paying them real money), immediately my account was terminated. Clearly, the idea of free speech is foreign to them.

Spend $60 on a new XBOX game; much better games, and much less expensive.