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Even better after 7 months.
July 9, 2022

I have had my watch now for 7 months. The numbers are all correct when compared to my doctor’s equipment. The watch stays charged for nearly 2 weeks. I get notifications from my phone even when my phone is on do not disturb. A plus for me!

Most recently I have had cataract surgery. This watch was set and ready to be programmed to alert me when it is time to put in eye drops. Perfect.

Don't buy one.
June 26, 2022

We bought two watches and I truly had high hopes that they would be as advertised. Alas this was not to be, the numbers are all off.

And now one of them will not stay charged for more than 3 days. I think that it was a complete waste of money.

markesquire July 22, 2022

I totally agree with this agree. I purchased two watches, and the warranty is a sham.

A complete scam
June 18, 2022
This watch seems to have some really useful features, but you cannot access any of them without paying for a "membership". A complete scam!

Yvonne July 09, 2022

This is not true. Runmifit is free.

NormanArendt July 31, 2022

Depends on what in app you want. The basic is free. Rates 2.4 of 5.0 on both google and mac play stores. Many problems listed with this app as of 6 days ago.

Love it!
May 28, 2022

Love, love, love it!!!!

It meets all of my expectations!

Easy to set up and use!

Carla July 03, 2022

I am a senior, and you have to pull one of the tight- fitting straps off to charge it up; which I can't do. The blood pressure readings aren't correct.

Yvonne July 09, 2022

The straps do become easier to remove after a few charges.