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Fitera is a fitness and weight-loss company, created by Chad Tackett, which promotes several products, including The Fast Track to Fat Loss Program, and states that they want to give users everything they need to lose weight fast.

How Does Fitera Work?

According to the Fitera website, they understand that not only do many people in the US struggle every day with their weight, but that this struggle is not just for superficial reasons, but for many people is actually a struggle for their lives.

Many of these same people have used fad diets or extreme workout programs and have potentially lost some weight, just to put it all back on because these types of severe diet and exercise simply cannot be maintained over the long term. 

The Fast Track to Fat Loss Program says that is not how they work. Instead, when you sign up for their program, they will give you everything you need to lose ten pounds in one week, and then further instructions on how to lose more weight and keep it off. 

When you sign up for their program you will receive a step-by-step blueprint for results, that includes no guesswork – you will be told exactly what to do and when.

In addition, they’ll help you adapt your plan for your own budget and schedule, or even just your own personal preferences. 

This blueprint will also include a guide on how to combine the right foods at the right times in the right amounts for the best results possible, all while making sure that you never feel deprived. 


Though this company claims that it has been around for more than twenty years, there is a surprising lack of reviews available for this workout program or its creators, with the only apparent reviews being written by affiliate or partner websites, making it difficult to know to what degree these reviews might be biased.

Considering how long established they claim their program is and their unique offering of paying people for using their program instead of the other way around, it is odd that there is not more information available online about this program. 

Customers who decide to try this program for themselves should be very cautious and should prepare themselves in case there are any additional sales or purchases this company encourages you to make after you become a member, as their Refund Policy is explicitly only applicable to the initial $6.95 fee you pay for their membership dashboard. 

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 866-796-7204 or by email at [email protected]


Cost & Price Plans

The biggest promise being made by Fitera is actually not the weight loss promises, but rather that they let their customers download their program entirely for free, stating that not only can customers get their plan for free, but they will also pay you $500 when you successfully lose weight using their program. 

Unfortunately, it would be more accurate to say that this program is nearly free, because customers will need to pay a one-time fee of $6.95 in order to use their community website, which they describe as an important part of their program.

This site will include your meal planners, recipes, workout videos, weekly challenges to keep you motivated, and their supportive online community. 


Refund Policy

This company does offer their customers a Refund Policy, saying that anyone who is “not absolutely thrilled” with the program or their results is welcome to request a refund of their $6.95 registration fee within the first 30 days of the date of registration.

It is also important to point out that the website’s promise of paying their successful customers $500 will only be done under very specific conditions.

Anyone hoping to qualify for this $500 payout must first consult with a doctor and receive written approval before beginning the program. Users must also submit both a “Before” photo and short video when you begin the program, along with an explanation of why you want to lose weight.

Then you must submit an “After” photo and video once you’ve lost at least 30 pounds, along with an explanation of how losing this weight has changed your life.

The 30 pounds that you lose MUST be made of fat, as this program does not encourage losing muscle or water weight. Your doctor can verify this by measuring your body fat using the hydrostatic weighing method or using the skinfold caliper method.

The website does say that customers who want to lose less than 30 pounds of fat can qualify for this arrangement as well, however they provide no specific details for this alternate plan.

Customers should contact their Customer Service team before beginning the program for clarification. 

If you have any experience with Fitera or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Fitera Customer Reviews

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Terrible service - is it a SCAM?
November 18, 2023

Paid for everything….never received a login to access the material. Contacted customer support numerous times. Called the number on the receipt. No login, no resolution. Thank goodness I used a credit card and can get my money back.

So sick of scammers how do people sleep at night
April 28, 2023
People are desperate, looking for help. Along come a scammer to make suffering even worse.

Believe this is a scam
March 9, 2023
I did not intend to order this weight loss system for 147.00 plus 9.97. I tried to call the number on credit card and on this website and never actually talked to anything other than a recording that was selling insurance. I believe this is a scam and plan to call my credit card co. to not honor the charge.

September 10, 2022

I recently ordered from them, I paid for the ebook and also the ebook cookbook plus the six bonuses and I tried to create an account so that I could have access...They took my money and I didn’t receive my purchase, they said my email was incorrect. I tried to call their support team, wrong name, I tried emailing and texting no response, so when I googled the address it was a post office..

Sandra CRodriguez November 04, 2022

Thank you, when is to good to be true always is not.

LisaL November 22, 2022

Seriously !

The exact same thing happened with me.

I purchased this 6.95 program, and it would not llow me to download anything..

IT also told me same exact bull.. that it didn't recognize my email..

But ya recignized my money account though !!

I never received the program and sent three emails to fitera, and NO RESPONSE !

Glad I only sent 7 bucks !

Thanks for NOTHING !

BillBrusenhan March 09, 2023

I just experienced same thing. Number on credit card and website sent you to recorded messages. How do we get companies like this shut down.

Do Not Order Product, Doesn't Work And No Contact
July 15, 2022

I having been trying to return my many bottles of Slim Sweets, with no luck. Their customer service is not working and no one will get back to me. Do not order from them - product does not work!

JudyDelgado September 12, 2022

I was on facebook, the video came on and I listened and listened and listened, it was promised that it was 6.95 and you get everything for that, then it said 4.95. Paid that and then they started wanting more money. TOTAL RIPOFF!

How does it work?
July 4, 2022
Any resent reviews available? Not really giving much to go on, for me.

Jen March 29, 2023

I did their 12 week program back in 2016 and lost 20 lbs. So it works, but it's nothing earth shattering. I like their workout bc it was 30 minutes. The only unique thing would be for my last meal to eat a protein, healthy fat and veggie. I think he changed the name of the company now.

Rossann April 25, 2023

When you say "for my last meal" are you meaning last meal of the day or what? What was the name of the company when you were active? Are you returning for the program?

EXCELLENT program!
October 21, 2017
They not only give you the right information in a really simple, practical format, they offer a lifetime membership to their community site that is loaded with tools and resources to help stick to the plan, including personal support from others that truly care about your success. Highly recommend this program!

CindyKelly-Twitchell August 24, 2018

How long have you been on this program, and have you had to pay any more money to them. If so when and how much?

These are important questions that need answers, especially since your review is the only one.

Cindy August 26, 2018

Jody, I have the same questions. Also, I note your review is from almost a year ago. Are you still with the program? Would you give it the same rating now?

I appreciate that Reviewopedia does provide the dates with the posted reviews/comments, but, unfortunately, Reviewopedia did not date theirs. So far most of the dated review/comments I have found are from around 2007-2009, and possibly on affiliate or partner websites as mentioned in above article. It also seems that Kim Lyons is not longer involved, only Chad Tackett.

She August 31, 2018

I was curious about the same as you, Cindy. Chad Tackett has been around for a while, but from my limited research was it even the same plan that they were offering almost 10 years ago? And are those old reviews even valid at this point?