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Essence of Argan Customer Reviews

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October 24, 2023

There are a scam they charged my card after I paid to cancel my subscription please don’t buy from them.

RachelZabler April 17, 2024

They did with mine as well.

Deborah June 22, 2024

They are a complete scam. I paid $6.99 shipping for what I thought was a free trial sample. Total hoax! They charged my Visa $21.99 and signed me up for a monthly on going subscription without my knowledge. Good thing I check my Visa balance often. Totally underhanded way to get customers. And I had a hard time getting a toll free number to call. Turn and run !! They should be put out of business.

September 21, 2023
Absolute scam. I canceled the trial but got charged again a month later. Only once I told them that the police are involved did they 'apparently' cancel my subscription. I've reported them and they are under investigation. Dodgy fraudulent business.

Complete Hiax and Scam
June 8, 2023

I was charged 2x for the free trial, then charged 3x for a monthly subscription - I blocked my credit card and commenced fraud investigations - all charges were refunded to me (close to $800) so I thought that was the end -

I got a new credit card and have just found out I have been charged another 3 subscription fees $175 each) over $500 just in May alone - I don't know how they got my new credit card no or how they can keep charging me for something I haven't received - I only ever received the initial tester which is horrible and smells like stale olive oil - absolutely appalled I can't afford to keep paying these scammers and to keep having my credit card blocked and reissued ….

They keep deleting my posts on FB which indicates they are dodgy but I’ll keep putting up reviews and comments when I can until I get my money back and they stop charging me every month..

January 12, 2023

This company is not only a scam company but they play on their words in the terms and conditions that you agree to when ordering. The "samples" "free trial" offer for free (only pay shipping and handling) is a joke. your account gets debited, you receive the product with only a couple of days to try it (given 14 days) then your charged the full price a couple days later. I have tried to reason with these people to no avail. The person I spoke to refused to think outside the box and strictly quoted the terms and conditions. Very rude and would not listen at all. Talked over me the whole time. I asked to speak with someone who has more power than her (just reading from a script) and was told she was the highest there at the time. I requested a call back which of course has not come as of yet, will be surprised if it comes at all. This is an unethical, deceitful, and disgusting way to treat the consumer. Shame on you for allowing this to happen. Believe me, I will fight you!

This company has replied to this review stating that I should contact them (same number that I contacted yesterday and was blown off) stating they would like to make this right. They said to send them a private message? I did so via facebook. The other option they gave me was to call a number. This would be the same number that I called yesterday and was rudely blown off. I expect resolution.

We should have an email from the company so we can cancel at anytime
May 12, 2022

I keep getting the product. I only signed up for the free trial and now they are always billing me each month. I wish to cancel the product. I'm also not getting the code on my email so i can cancel online.

May 1, 2020
Awesome how it lift up my face and it even feels so nice on my face! The good thing is I can use this day and night without feeling greasy. The best part is that it really works! Thanks Essence of Argan!

Great fir Daily Use
April 12, 2020
It's awesome for daily use. It hasn't caused any acne at all, and goes well under make up. It's part of my daily routine! love how it feels on my skin. I can use it day and night without feeling greasy at all.

April 3, 2020
I have used argan oils and it's fine. I came across a review with Essence of Argan . I tried it and to my surprise it was perfect! It leaves my skin looking young and radiant.

Organic and good
March 21, 2020
I think that for modern beauty trends, Argan Oil is one of the best ingredients and it is a break from all the chemicals. I am an active user of Essence of Argan argan oil myself, got it from Essence of Argan and I’m 100% satisfied, please note that one drop is enough for your whole face !!

Unbelievable Product!
March 15, 2020
Thank you Argan Oil and Idrotherapy Cream you are really a good product and it really helps my skin to look more beautiful. I use it day and night and it was great and very helpful. I dare you to try the products as well.

February 23, 2020

This is the best solution for wrinkles.

My husband got it for me as a gift last year, I'm 51 years old and it has done wonders for wrinkles around my eyes and it gave m skin a healthier look.

It is a subscription but I managed to change it to a 90-Day cycle so it works well for me both in terms of budget and I have enough time to finish it.

If you have any questions, just call them, they offer toll-free numbers

Wonder Oil !
January 18, 2020

After I turned 35, my skin started showing wrinkles especially around my eyes , one of my friends recommended using Argan oil , so I purchased this through an AD and been using it over a year now. I must say that not only it improved my skin but also it made it look younger. highly recommended

Just note it is a monthly subscription !

worth trying !
December 21, 2019
I hope that you find this review helpful. So most of the time you would see this as an AD on Facebook or on their website. At first, you will pay for shipping, but careful, you will have 14 days to try it and cancel if not satisfied. Personally, I have been using the product of the Essence of Argan and Idrotherapy for 6 months now and I can see really great differences on my skin, more glowing, healthier, and fewer wrinkles

The product is really amazing!
September 21, 2019

The product is really amazing! I love beauty products that gives my the best look and with skin health benefits. I feel that it absorbs quickly making my skin feel soft and nourished.My skin is never too dry not too oily now. The best thing is that the fine lines are less visible in just a few weeks and it gives a natural glow. This is amazing!

Great Oil
June 22, 2019
Proven effective, not an ordinary oil. Essence Of Argan is a miracle oil. It is a very good skin moisturizer also used it for my hair after shampoo.In 3 weeks of using, I can see and feel the glow of my skin and my hair is silky and shiny like I just been from the salon everyday

Amazing Argan Oil
April 28, 2019
I love it! swear!, I say this one is worth the hefty price tag. it really suits on my skin, my skin looks younger and healthier. no side effects and i love the way it moisturized my skin. very light and non greasy!. thank you so much!

Great Deal!
September 19, 2018
I have been having so many issues with my face, too dry, pimples, and black heads popping out. My face is a mess. I have tried a lot of products. They work but they were too expensive for me. I found this online and tried it. It worked for me, so I need to check how much I can work with the product. They offered me the best price and freebies. I am happy. It worked and the price range is just what I can afford.

Proven Effective!
September 11, 2018
I have been having acne issue with my face. I have tried this product and so far so good. It really controlled those acne coming up. I can see the difference. I will continue to use this product and see how it progress. It really worked, and I can attest to it!

Best product at a very reasonable price
September 10, 2018
I signed up for a free trial and paid for it, called the customer service hotline and they gave me an amazing lifetime discount.I subscribed to their dollar a day promo.The essence of argan oil helped me treat psoriasis and made my skin feel smoother.

best moroccan oil
May 8, 2018
i have tried a lot of morrocan oil before but i did not like it because it was too greasy. saw their trial promotion on their site. tried it and viola! this is the best argan oil that i have ever purchased! glad i was able to find their trial promotion. currently subscribed to their dollar a day promo. best product at a very reasonable price!