Energy Bill Cruncher Reviews

Energy Bill Cruncher, found online at, states they aim to help people save money on their monthly electric bill with the use of affordable solar energy. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, solar panels are an economical way for homeowners to produce their own clean energy, which means they will no longer be required to pay electric companies top-tier costs for the energy they provide. 

In addition, recent years have seen a variety of incentives for homeowners to make the switch to clean energy put in place.

This means that it has never really been cheaper or more affordable for customers to order solar panels and have them installed.

Energy Bill Cruncher claims it can help customers see how these incentives can be used to help them get their own home solar panels. 

All you have to do is provide their website with an estimate of your current monthly power bill, your current energy provider, and an understanding of your current level of roof shade.

Finally, once you give them your full contact information, their website says you will be contacted by phone to review your eligibility.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be matched with solar panel installers in your local area.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Since this is a free informational service, there really aren’t any available reviews from customers at this time.  That being said, there are some issues with this company that customers may want to consider before using this service. 

This company works as a lead generation service for various solar panel providers, which means that once they have your information they will disseminate it to a variety of providers in your local area.

Once that happens, these companies will contact you with the goal of selling you solar panels. 

If you are someone who genuinely wants to purchase solar panels and have them installed this may not bother you.

However, if you were someone who simply wanted to gather information to see if you might be interested in solar panels, then getting sales phone calls and emails can be a frustrating experience. 

If you are not ready to deal directly with a company, customers may want to use other resources to find information on solar panels, installation, and whether they are qualified to receive any sort of financial assistance or discount in meeting this goal.  

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


Cost & Price Plans

This company provides their information completely free of charge at this time because their goal is to connect solar panel providers and installers with customers who are need of their service.

They are most likely paid whenever they successfully refer a customer in need to a company who is interested in their business. 


Refund Policy

Because this company does not actually sell their customers anything at this time, they also do not provide them with a Refund Policy.

If you're connected with a solar panel provider and installer and feel as though you have encountered circumstances which justify a refund, you will need to speak directly to those companies yourself regarding any manner of refund.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other companies that will assist people in finding information and resources regarding the availability and cost of installing solar panels on their home, including information that is available for free.

So customers do not need to feel committed to using this service if they are concerned about sales and advertising communications.    

If you have any experience with Energy Bill Cruncher or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Energy Bill Cruncher Customer Reviews

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Scam site!
August 20, 2023

This is a scam.

Moreover, they have been harassing our little girl for MONTHS! They have been instructed to stop sending constant SCAM SPAM to our child. They refuse and have Only increased the harassment.

January 30, 2023
Constant spam. Clearly dodgy.

December 28, 2022
I get spam email from an email address purportedly representing this company.

November 22, 2022
Avoid this, it’s fake

December 4, 2021
Spam lead generation for solar contractors. Unsubscribe link just generates more spam. Not registered with BBB.

Stevenway June 28, 2022

All these ads are from Greedy, crooked companies, they use a myriad of names, but they're all scams. It's a shame we can't just block all these type of BS ads.

SariKadison-Shapiro August 06, 2022

Yes, I agree. And they disregard attracting women with their ads, as they always feature a pretty woman with large breasts or showing cleavage as if heterosexual men are their only audience and the only ones who count.

Misogynistic and transparent. is a disservice to SOLAR
October 2, 2021

These ads are misleading since there are no solar incentives in Florida - and likely a majority of the states - other than the federal incentives. This causes consumers to sign up for these services and get bombarded by companies that the leads are sold to.

It has a two pronged problem. 1. It misleads consumers into thinking there are incentives that don’t exist and 2. It causes advertising costs of legitimate contracting companies to increase because they end up having to purchase leads from the large national liar marketing firms like this company.

Once a contractor buys the lead and calls the “potential” customer, a majority are not interested at all because the initial call was based on a lie. The contractor ends up paying for a “lead” that never had a possibility of turning into work.

Sites like this need to be shut down. Please report them to FTC.

Chris April 04, 2022

The site walks you through pages of questions and instead of getting the solar discount incentives, you get "matched" with and unknown company that will follow up with a call. This is NOT what I signed up for and not what I gave my personal info for. I agree, sites like this should be banned!

June 24, 2021
Fake. I have been getting random calls from random companies not even related to energy thanks to Energy Bill Cruncher. Love the spam calls. THANKS but NO THANKS! SCAM!! AVOID like the PLAGUE

Don't give them your info!
March 18, 2021
Junk! They immediately gave my contact info to businesses unrelated to solar. So on top of EBC calling 4 plus times a day while my wife informed them I was at work, we are now receiving another 4 plus random calls a day.

False or Misleading
August 23, 2019
Unfortunately, most of their claims of $0 upfront and free electricity are false. The gentleman who came to the house for the sales pitch, looked at the home and after this and that, gave me a figure of $22,000 up front and only a 50% savings on the electricity bill. I only average about $200/month in electricity use, so it would take 11 years to break even (15 or more if you finance) and I'd still be paying for 50% of the bill each month. I'm 70 y/o, so I'd be in my 80's and still paying, and with yearly increases, I'm thinking that 50% of the bill would probably be closer to the original $200/month I had been paying. Don't let these con men fool you. You can save on your electricity immediately with conservation measures...LED bulbs, increasing insulation, energy efficient windows, window tinting, hot water heater blankets, checking for leaks around windows, doors, and attic doors. The list goes on and on and you've still spent less than what these guys are trying to suck out of your wallets. Think guys, before you fall for the hype.

PeterHartmann September 20, 2022

I would go further and say these advertisements are part of a international criminal conspiracy.

It happens we got lucky; our own solar system was properly engineered and installed, using the highest quality equipment. Even on cloudy days it is producing over 4kw. The problem is, we were talked into signing a twenty year lease, by a salesman and organization that disappeared shortly thereafter.

Months later nice new trucks showed up at our home bearing the name REC Solar. They did everything right...from the engineering and documentation they used to get a building permit, to the quality of the materials, etc. But they also installed "in series" to our meter, devices that LOOK like ordinary power meters, but were in fact "smart meters" (unrelated to the legit. smart meter our power company uses).

These devices broadcast and give power over our system to some monitoring station somewhere.

Our lease obligation has supposedly been re-sold back and forth between "solar providers" who are actually collection agencies, that have no real business activity other than wanting our money.

Residents in our area are full of stories of how they were conned into leases, can't find a legit real-world service organization to maintain/repair them, but are hounded by collection agencies masquerading as "solar providers".

My recommendation - SOLAR IS GREAT - BUT BUILD IT AND OWN IT YOURSELF. Otherwise, beware...this so called "industry" is nothing but a bunch of vultures.

Its misleading and all lies
June 2, 2019
Why lie to people? Do it right the first time.

Solar lies free of charge
February 26, 2019

Tells all kind of lies about free solar.

Florida is giving away free solar panels, a lie. Florida is giving rebates on solar more lies. Govt rebates maybe. If you are retired , don't file taxes, then most likely no rebate either. So with all the discounts from energy bill crunchers I would pay 100 %.

After twenty years the system will be paid for then I get free electricity

RaySatterfield April 30, 2019

As a solar energy company, it is frustrating for me to face consumers who have been led to believe that there are 'free' solar panels. You are correct that Florida is not giving rebates, although, the municipality of Longwood does through the REAP program. It is also true what you say about being able to take advantage of the tax credit if you are retired or don't file taxes. However, this past year, the lease was approved for some companies in Florida. As a Windmar authorized dealer, through Sunnova we offer that which helps homeowners to go solar with no money out of pocket and no need for a tax credit. As the sun sets on the tax credit, this will be the only viable financial option for everyone who wants to go solar. Finally, I would say that since the solar industry is rapidly changing, it pays to know what the facts are right now.

RaySatterfield April 30, 2019

It is frustrating as an ethical solar company to see these ads promoting "free" panels. You are correct that the state of Florida no longer has rebates. However, the municipality of Longwood still does. No government 'rebates' either. You are correct that most retired persons, disabled persons and those who don't pay taxes cannot take advantage of the tax credit.

However, just this year, the solar LEASE was approved for some companies in Florida. This allows a homeowner to go solar with no money out of pocket, switch to clean energy with a lower cost of electricity than they currently pay and no need for a tax credit.

As the sun sets on the tax credit, the solar lease will be the only financially viable option for those wanting to go solar. The option of ownership of rooftop solar for individual homeowners may be going away.

Solar is a rapidly changing industry. The cost of solar panels is only 1/4 of what it was just 5 years ago. So, it is important to know what the facts are today. It does pay to deal with a company that will give you the facts. The fact is, due to shading, roof age or available space, too high or too low consumption and creditworthiness, only 1 out 4 homeowners qualify for a solar home improvement. That doesn't mean that there aren't unscrupulous sales organizations that will recommend it anyway. The buyer definitely should be aware!

Data drainers beware
January 12, 2019
They want too much information from the start, Why do they need to know who my service provider is? once I gave them my zip code, that should have been enough for a legitimate company. The more information you give them the more they want, serious waste of time.

BuddyTuall January 18, 2019


RaySatterfield April 30, 2019

Each utility company charges a different rate in Florida. There can be different providers within the same zip code. In order to determine whether solar can make sense for you, it is necessary to know which utility company you currently pay for your electricity. The age and type of roof is an important factor in whether you qualify for a solar home improvement. By having an address, a quick check of the google satellite image can verify whether there is too much shading, not enough roof space or if the roof is not facing the right direction to optimize solar. No solar company wants to waste YOUR time or theirs to talk to someone who is not a good candidate. Lead generation companies like this one, charge US for the lead whether it is a good candidate or not. The questions you answer for them now will save you time and aggravation later.

It is interesting that consumers get a power bill each month, never know what it is going to be, don't know how to read it, have no idea what rate they actually pay for electricity with taxes and fees added, in fact, don't even know if it is correct, they just pay it. But they feel that a fixed payment, that adds value to their home, saves on their cost of electricity in the very first month and requires NO MONEY down or out of pocket to get a scam. Hmmmmmmmmm

Misleading advertisements
August 9, 2018
I'm a solar professional who happens to live in Texas. This company's advertisements are pure fabrications. There is no state incentive for solar in Texas. There's no free lunch. But I'm sure they'll take potential customers' information so that they can sell the leads. The problem is these potential customers are not qualified leads, because they think they can get solar for free thanks to some program that doesn't exist.

RaySatterfield April 30, 2019

I feel you! I am a solar professional in Florida and social media is FILLED with 'free' solar ads. Even when I meet with homeowners who did not get referred to me from such ads, they still have seen enough of them that this is their impression.

They become irritated with me because they think that I am misleading them! Solar is GOOD! There is no reason to make it TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!

Peace July 08, 2022

Their ad said Virginia is helping residents purchase solar panels. BS. There is no such thing. I did not type in correct info, except for zip code, to see what the final outcome would be. Nothing except data gathering. Beware. It's all fake. Check your state guidelines before believing anyone.

Phony lead generation operation
July 14, 2018

Found Energy Bill Cruncher when I looked something up on They were disguised as a news site with a story on free solar installation in North Hollywood, CA.

I resent a lead generation company selling my name to aggressive sales companies who will then harass me with calls and e-mails.

Please do not believe these free information companies. It was my mistake giving them more then my zip code to tell me what was available in my area.

Since I am retired and frequently have spare time I will be making appointments which I may or may not keep. After the salespeople waste their time I will refer them to Energy Bill Cruncher. Let sales people know they are wasting time with this company and hopefully the future leads will not be as valuable.

RaySatterfield April 30, 2019

I understand your frustration and your desire to be vindicated. However, if you choose to mislead solar companies who didn't run the ad by wasting the time of well meaning, ethical solar consultants then shame on you.

How would you recommend that solar companies reach homeowners? More than 3,000 people per day in central Florida respond to these types of ads. People don't like canvassers coming to their door, they don't like fliers hung on their doors, they don't like emails that come like spam.

You may think that; "if I want solar, then I will call you". There are more than 600 solar companies in Florida, which one do you call? All of them? In addition, most consumers have very little factual information about going solar. It is a common first objection that; "they are too expensive", yet, most consumers have no idea what they cost. They also have no idea what rate they currently pay for electricity nor do they add up what they pay over time.

Unfortunately, until the consumer is aware enough to start asking about solar, this remains one of the most succesful ways to reach the consumer.

I am certainly open to alternatives since these companies charge us considerably to talk to you.

Ms TonyLove December 23, 2022

Ray I would say reach the customer with the ads, not the lies. Maybe solar company's should be careful not to work with data miners like this company. Work with someone legit. Also help to go after these loser sites to get them shut down so people can find accurate information. Instead of these bs companies. Some of us do ask questions. Lots of questions. But when you search there are soooo many of these data miners online that it's gotten to the point that's all you get back. The legit solar companies could stand to advertise a bit more. Then you have the Google/chrome problem. If you use them to search 1) constant ads for (data miners) solar, will pop up everywhere and 2) the top results you receive will be the @$$holes who paid google to get their results to be first. Not the legitimate company's that your looking for. Another place where the legit providers need to band together to put up a fight and force Google to put actual top decent results first. Cuz their practices are costing legit company's thousands in lost revenue because the scam sites come up first and again because of all the people who give up or decide the whole industry is a scam and don't install

JoanFuchs December 31, 2022

Lucky I did my homework ,I get so sick of these ppl, and I wonder if this is like a third party thing, if energy crunch is the sole provider and they turn it over to some other company, to me that is a third party assumption could be just in my part but we will not be dealing with them so I feel good I looked into them.

Don't call me Energy Cruncher
March 15, 2018
I entered my information to determine the cost of solar panels, panel weight requirements, and my financial responsibility. At the bottom after entering my information, it states their representative would call me. I don't want your phone call. That should be an option for me, have them contact me, yes or no. I dislike sales cold calls immensely. Do not call me, provide the information bia email only.