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About EcoHeat S

Hyperstech is an online shop that sells quality products which ship all over the world. Among other technological products is EcoHeat S which is a product essential to any home during the cold months. It was specially designed by two German engineers to help solve the problem of high heating costs and combat high cold weather conditions.


EcoHeat S

The​ ​EcoHeat S​ ​is a small, mini, portable heating device that can be placed anywhere which includes on a table or anywhere else when you need to heat up a room or area due to its simple design.

It’s an innovative and eco-friendly design makes it ideal for both small and large spaces. It can be plugged into any area of your home, for example, your bedroom, living room, the baby’s nursery, or even your home office and set to your desired temperature.


The heater features a beautifully designed PTC ceramic heating element which provides fast heating and higher thermal efficiency. With this element, it generates heat within only 2 seconds after being energized and blows out the hot air.

The Ecoheat heater is economical and eco-friendly and can heat up an area of up to 70 degrees using the same amount of power as your TV.


The EcoHeat S comes with a number of benefits which include safety precautions due to the auto-off capability; it’s also fast, effective & powerful for indoor personal heating. The LCD display smart thermostat and ceramic plate’s technology result in a 2 Seconds heating time ensures that you maintain your chosen room temperature at all times enabling it to fit all of your heating preferences.

It’s a small, portable design makes it easy to carry.  Being adjustable you can put different power modes starting from, low-Heat at 600W or high-heat at 1200W. It also doesn’t produce any sound when it is on which might be irritating.

How Does It Work?

Use the online link and choose the number of items that you want. You will then be required to fill in details which include your Name, email address, telephone number as well as your address for delivery purposes.

After that, you have an option to pay using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard and you will be debited according to your currency rate.  Having successfully made the payment the customer service team will work at ensuring that your product is delivered to the specified address.

Cost and Price Plans

The EcoHeat S heaters are available in different prices depending on the number of items you want to add to cart. You can buy the EcoHeat heater for around $89 depending on the number of items that you want. Their prices, however, vary depending on your currency rate.

Customer Service

Contact their Customer service team by either writing to them through their Contact Us page, calling through the International line at +44 20 3808 9234 which is available 24hrs, Brazil at +55 15 981471395 by sending an email to [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

The heater is quite advanced and while most similar heaters are costly customers are happy about the low price of the Ecoheat S which is less than $500. Those experiencing the cold season in their areas, especially winter, which is displayed by cold short days, is glad that they can rely on the heater to keep their homes warm throughout the season.

Most customers were also happy about the easy way of operating it and installation process.
Since it evenly heats every room, easily eliminates stale air and reduces the build-up of mildew, it’s safe and provides a great solution saving them the cost of having various heaters in the home.

You do not have to turn the heaters on and off since it has an automatic knob. Since the heater’s mechanism normally pumps in hot air during the day in winter, and once you change the button, it pumps in the cool night air in the summer, it’s efficient for any climate. Using the auto on and off feature, many customers can cut down on their heating and cooling expenses since it saves them up to 30% spent on heating bills.

Competitors and Alternatives

Alternative heaters can be bought on websites such as,, and

New Air sells the New Air Portable Ceramic Heater, QuietHeat15.  The QuietHeat15 is quite portable and designed with safety considerations in mind making it a great choice for families with pets and small children. It can heat a small room quickly and add extra warmth to an area of up to 250 square feet.

Oittm has the portable space heater, which has two heat settings 450W/950W for Low/High heating level as well as a safe tip-over and overheat protection. It’s also quiet and lightweight with cool-touch housing, making it durable and convenient to carry around.

Dimplex has the 2.4kW Ceramic Heater which can scan the surrounding increasing heat in your home. The heater has an Eco Mode, which reduces power usage once the ambient temperature approaches the thermostat temperature.

It also has a movement sensor mode which goes into standby mode, if there’s no movement is detected within 15 minutes and goes on immediately it detects movement again. This is a wonderful feature that saves power.

Heat Hero is also a simmilar product.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the EcoHeat S on the official EcoHeat website at


The simplicity of the EcoHeat S makes it a great choice if you are looking for a way to heat up your home during the cold season. Your home, family, and pets will be able to stay warm all the time and you won’t have to spend too much on bills.

Because of its ability to eliminate moisture from walls, it also saves you the cost of having to remodel your home due to moisture problems. Its stylish design is also a great addition which accentuates every other piece of item in your home to fit your home décor.

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1 Review

Works great

April7, 2019

Buy it on Amazon, $40.00 and comes with a standard two prong plug for use in the U.S. Works great right out of the box.

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Thank goodness

February10, 2019

Thank goodness I read all these reviews first as the heater is in my basket. We are desperate here in Canaries for some winter warmth as it’s warmer outside than in the house! Thank you all for writing those reviews. I am sorry you have been duped!

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1 Review

Don't buy if you live in the US

February9, 2019

It comes, as mentioned above, with a European two pronged plug, and is 220 volts. It cannot be used here and they shouldn't advertise them here. After looking at the above comments about returns, I have received the same send it back and we will proceed from there email. A terrible waste of money.

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1 Review

Exagirated claims

February3, 2019

I don't have a problem with 240 volts as I live in the UK What I do object to is having to buy a three pin plug adapter because the heater has only a 2 pin electric razor plug Who has those all around the house? Also energy use is a bit far fetched I have a Smart Meter fitted also a Home Display Meter which shows TV use is 3 pence for an hour and the heater use is 14 pence This against the makers claim of using the same as a TV

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February 14, 2019

Thanks for that information, do you know if it is better than other heaters or just the same? cheers

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2 Reviews


January30, 2019

To anyone who has returned one of these:

Would you mind letting us know if you are successful at returning and receiving a refund? I have 3 to return :(

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