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EcoHeat Heater Review:  Legit or Scam?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 12, 2023
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The EcoHeat Heater is a name for a number of portable ceramic space heaters being aggressively marketed through various websites.

The sellers make impressive claims about the unit’s capabilities and benefits, such as that their heater uses 30% less energy than regular heaters.

The EcoHeat Heater is also aggressively promoted by affiliate marketers because the sellers are offering a high commission to promote the product.

How Does the EcoHeat Work?

EcoHeat creators state this portable unit uses innovative PTC Ceramic Technology to heat spaces and allows for rapid heating and efficient distribution, reducing energy costs to customers.

They also claim the unit is small, lightweight, and quiet unlike other portable heaters that emit annoying sounds while heating up, yet still packs a powerful punch while reducing energy consumption.

The specifications state that the its wattage is 650-1200 Watts, which is lower than the wattage of most commercial space heaters.

Perhaps the two most important features are its energy saving function and its auto shut off safety function.

The energy saver is intended to help you save money, while the importance of the safety feature cannot be overstated, as portable space heaters present clear risks and are responsible for many house fires.

At first glance, this product sounds like a dream – it claims to keep your home warm and cozy without an exorbitant energy bill.

Unfortunately, the EcoHeat Heater is likely not a legitimate product, given that it is very difficult to find solid answers regarding the manufacture of the product.

The EcoHeat heater, or a very similar product, is also marketed under the name Top Heat Portable Heater using a nearly identical sales page.

While we cannot recommend this specific product, choosing the right space heater does not have to be difficult if you know the type of heater you're looking for.

Is the EcoHeat Heater Legitimate?

There are currently multiple companies selling identical or very similar products under different names.  

The Alpha Heater and Amper Heat are two other examples of this.

The way these companies work is by purchasing these heaters wholesale from overseas sites, then rebranding them in conjunction with slick marketing campaigns.

They hope that people don’t take the time to research these heaters or look for online reviews.

If anyone takes the time to investigate this product you can find the unbranded versions (or something very similar) for sale on Amazon and Alibaba at a fraction of the cost.  

( Generic unbranded heater on AliBaba priced much lower )

Further, those units reveal that they are only 350 watt heaters.  The average modern space heater operates at 650 watts for a low temperature setting and at 1,500 watts at a high setting.

Therefore it’s safe to assume that the EcoHeat S is greatly underpowered.

Cost and Price Plans

The various EcoHeat S sales pages generally state that a single unit is normally priced at $178, but their 50% off discount brings that price down to $89.  The sales pages offer discounts for ordering multiple units. 

Additionally, the website promotions continually had pop-ups that offer further discounts (first a 10% discount and then a 15% discount, from what we found) bringing down final price for a single unit further.

Customer Service

It's difficult to get information regarding this company as the product is being sold on a large number of similar websites.

One of the websites, list the following contact information:

International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Email: [email protected]

Physical Address: Novads OU, Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia

The return policy states that the company will issue a refund within 90 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied with your heater.

This is a generous return policy, but unfortunately, the lack of information available about the EcoHeat S makes it difficult to verify whether they will honor this policy.

The company has neither a BBB or other commercial profile to help us gather information about their customer service.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

You will find positive customer reviews about the EcoHeat S on their website, but unfortunately, that is the only place you will find them.

With the EcoHeat being the latest product name for this ceramic heater there isn’t much online feedback for this specific company. 

However the reviews for the other nearly identical products ( such as the Alpha Heater or the Amper Heater ) have many customer complaints.

Some customers claimed that the units were defective and quit working after several uses.  Others had issues with the power plug falling out of the outlets

Most commonly, customers felt that the unit did not provide enough heat to be worth the price.

Competitors and Alternatives

It’s always a safe bet to stick with established brands that have been manufacturing these types of products for years.  Low quality heaters are likely to be ineffective and could even pose a danger should they malfunction.

Some of the leading options for ceramic heaters include Lasko and Vornado, both of which make more powerful and longer lasting products than the EcoHeat.  

These options are also available from major retailers with proven customer satisfaction records.

The Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater is one popular option. 

This efficient but powerful heater is a New York Times top pick and an Amazon’s choice selection.  It has the latest safety & comfort features and is reasonably priced as well.

The Bottom Line

Heating costs account for nearly a third of annual energy bills in the U.S.  This means that, on average, American households spend over $800.00 to heat their homes every year.

This makes it understandable why the idea of an energy saving household heater would be so appealing.

However, information about the the EcoHeat S heater is hard to come by, which makes it impossible for us to recommend.  We suggest skipping this purchase and finding another way to stay warm this winter.

If you have any experience with the EcoHeat S heater, please leave your reviews below.

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EcoHeat Heater Customer Reviews

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Customer service does not exist
August 9, 2023
I bought 3 Ecoheaters last week. One of the 3 does not work. It is impossible to reach anyone to exchange it or have a refund. They also charged me $22 for the warranty but there is no way you can talk to anyone. last time I buy via the Internet...

Blows up in Australia
July 6, 2023
Unfortunately I purchased the version marketed as Warmool. When it arrived it had US voltage which is much lower than that used here in Australia. After a few days use it blew up at plug in site and melted the power board!

Heater Scam
June 27, 2023
Same ad as Warmool but then it was an american engineer who invented the technology. I measured the amount of power it used. It was 1 1/2 times my split system running at 27c.

Scam! Beware! Terrible Product And Company!
January 17, 2023

Does not heat room faster than a £12 heater from argos. I ordered 2, 1 of the 2 arrived faulty and wont even power on. I was asked to return it at my expense of over £35 to hongkong when the product cost £47. Total loss of money, bad product, terrible customer service.

Beware of this scam!

December 23, 2022
I tried to buy one for 79 euro and was billed for 3 @175 euros this company managed to get around the usual banking requirements and get paid, there is no way to contact them Ekomm the purported vendor was dissolved in February 2020 according to IUK Companies house

Why is this product not yet deleted!
December 17, 2022

Warming up the room within a few seconds? What a scam. Misleading, no more. No wood burner, no gas oven, no central heating no ceramic stove ore whatever you name it can heat a room within a few seconds. Most likely central heating will do this the quickest way but it takes time. I do not understand that Consumers Association still allows this scam to happen.

WvK. 17 ears salesman wood burners and gas stoves.

Always read reviews before purchasing
November 8, 2022

Had 2 bought and there was a problem with payment. I am still getting emails to say they have held them in my basket at the original price even though the special offer ended that night. I am glad I have read the above reviews. Lucky the payment didn’t go through.

Scam so beware
January 14, 2020
As several people have stated it comes with a European plug so worthless in US. Do not buy!!!!!!!!!!!!

JanSöderman October 28, 2022

350's a joke. Dont buy

December 23, 2019
I researched this company fully to make sure it wasn't from China, but it ended up coming from there anyway!!!! They sent me a unit with a European plug!!! I LIVE IN CANADA!!!

Works great
April 7, 2019
Buy it on Amazon, $40.00 and comes with a standard two prong plug for use in the U.S. Works great right out of the box.

Thank goodness
February 10, 2019
Thank goodness I read all these reviews first as the heater is in my basket. We are desperate here in Canaries for some winter warmth as it’s warmer outside than in the house! Thank you all for writing those reviews. I am sorry you have been duped!

Don't buy if you live in the US
February 9, 2019
It comes, as mentioned above, with a European two pronged plug, and is 220 volts. It cannot be used here and they shouldn't advertise them here. After looking at the above comments about returns, I have received the same send it back and we will proceed from there email. A terrible waste of money.

Exagirated claims
February 3, 2019
I don't have a problem with 240 volts as I live in the UK What I do object to is having to buy a three pin plug adapter because the heater has only a 2 pin electric razor plug Who has those all around the house? Also energy use is a bit far fetched I have a Smart Meter fitted also a Home Display Meter which shows TV use is 3 pence for an hour and the heater use is 14 pence This against the makers claim of using the same as a TV

James February 14, 2019

Thanks for that information, do you know if it is better than other heaters or just the same? cheers

PaulArnott March 28, 2022

You don't get heat for free! All heaters are expensive, it varies with the output wattage which is usually in the 300-3000 watt range.

January 30, 2019

To anyone who has returned one of these:

Would you mind letting us know if you are successful at returning and receiving a refund? I have 3 to return :(

EmmaGourley November 20, 2022

How do we get refund???? It said 30 day no quibble money back but not so when I request it!!!! How much is it to send back ???!!!!

January 30, 2019
They did not advertise this came with European plug...and yet they sent it to the US. No way to return it. DO NOT BUY IT!

January 29, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Was wondering if you could please post a comment if you are successful at returning

Gail January 30, 2019

No. I have no success. The plug is a Euro plug that cannot be used where I live.

LiliRoome-Smith January 30, 2019

The cost for returning the unit from Canada to Estonia is $65.75 with tracking and will take 4-6 weeks. For faster delivery the cost is much higher.

LiliRoome-Smith January 30, 2019

To return the unit from Canada to Estonia is will cost $65.75 with tracking and take 4-6 weeks to be delivered. The cost is much higher for faster deliver.

January 28, 2019

This product and company is a joke. First, they advertise the following:

“EcoHeat S will be delivered within 10-15 working days, depending on the carrier traffic conditions and/or specific country custom rules.”

When I complained that I have not seen mine yet, I got this response:

“This is to inform you that delivery takes around 30-40 working days from the day of shipment. We are sorry for the confusion between the shipping time and the delivery time.”

I ordered 2 units. They billed me for 2 units and shipped 1 unit. The unit is 220 volts with a European plug. This is not stated in their sales literature. When I pointed this out they suggested I buy a power converter. That’s not safe for a home heater. Of course, they said I could package it all up and pay to have it shipped back to Estonia. At that point they will “proceed further”.

This is a mess. Do not buy this, or anything from this company.

Dave February 01, 2019

Bought this thro` Paypal--,returned it costing £17 to the firm under the name NOVADS TALLINN ESTONIA --Still awaiting refund--Birmingham address on package for returns was a none existing address so don't return it there.

Paypal is taking up my case.

Gail December 23, 2019

I researched this company fully to make sure it wasn't from China, but it ended up coming from there anyway!!!! They sent me a unit with a European plug!!! I LIVE IN CANADA!!!

Cannot be used in Canada
January 22, 2019

I purchased the Ecoheat S and it came with a European plug. It isn't safe to use a converter for a heating appliance, therefore, after contacting Hyperstech, they do not pay for the return of the product. You have to send it back and pay the cost of mailing it. Not a very good company to buy from, customer service is nil.

Gail January 30, 2019

I wish I had read your review before I purchased. Had the same problem. a scam.

Working well but a bit noisy
January 18, 2019
I ordered 3 fans and they are all working well. Cool design! Heats up a small room in no time. Shipping took about 3 weeks from China to Norway. Only negative I can think of is that they are a bit noisy. If you need a quiet fan, don't buy this.

Disappointing Performance
January 17, 2019

I bought 2 of these heaters and now wish I hadn't. They are compact and appear well made, but don't come with a UK 13a plug, just a two pin plug similar to a shaver socket.

The heat isn't great and in the office where one is used, staff have gone back to a conventional fan heater.