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Dr. Josh Axe is a certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist who states he aims to help people get healthy using food as medicine. 

Axe has worked with top athletes and appeared on Dr. Oz.

Dr. Axe's website, DrAxe.com, is one of the top 10 most visited natural health websites in the world with over 4,000,000 monthly visitors.

The main topics covered on DrAxe.com include nutrition, natural medicine, fitness, healthy recipes, home remedies, and trending health news.


The website will show you exactly what you should eat, how to exercise to get your leanest body, and how to take control of your family’s health using food as medicine.

Here is the type of information you can find on each page of Dr. Axe's site:



You can browse through a variety of articles including natural remedies, recipes, and general health tips.


Healthy Recipes

Learn recipes that are customized to help you meet your health goals for improving gut health, reducing inflammation, and boosting your metabolism. There are sections for gluten-free, Paleo, grain-free meals, and vegan recipes.



There are fitness articles and DVD Videos for workouts tailored to different goals such as fat loss, a toned body, and muscle-building.


Natural Remedies

You can find the latest information on Dr. Axe’s A-Z natural remedies, essential oils, holistic treatments, and DIY recipes to help you reach your highest level of health.



You can buy a variety of products that address a range of health problems including supplements, cookbooks, and healthy shakes.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Dr. Axe's health products, such as Dr. Axe's Leaky Gut Support, have received very positive reviews overall from customers who say the products have had a positive benefit to their health.

They also give high praise for his cookbook because it has great recipes and information on how to eat well.

Some people say that Dr. Axe's claims of certain foods shutting down metabolism and some of his dietary advice are misleading and unfounded.

Other people said the format of the cookbook could be improved by having an index to find information.

Customer Service

You can connect with the Dr. Axe healthy community on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DrJoshAxe).

If you have questions about a product, you can contact [email protected] or call 615-348-7530.

You can follow updates on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason at all, contact the company at [email protected] or call 615-348-7530 within 60 days of your purchase and they will refund 100% of your money back.


Cost & Price Plans

You can buy a variety of health products ranging from $24.95 to $134.00.

If you sign up, they can get free access to an eBook on metabolism and healing, 30 gluten-free recipes and detox juicing guide, shopping guide, and newsletter.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are other well-known certified doctors in natural medicine including Dr. Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Fuhrman.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Dr. Axe's products on his online shop and Amazon. 

If you have any experience with Dr. Josh Axe or his products, please leave your review below.

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Dr. Josh Axe Customer Reviews

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Great quality products
June 19, 2024
I really like Dr Axe. I’ve used his SIBO probiotics and digestive enzymes. I felt like my body finally started working better.

What rip off!
April 18, 2024

I will never order or buy another Dr. Axe product based off his endorsing the manipulative deceptive practices of Dr. Cole, aka CHA, aka Regenerative Cellular Health aka...majy more names that steal the money of desperately ill people. They lied. I reached out to Dr Josh Axe to report they using his name...but i was told "too bad". DR AXE reply stated he SUPPORTS the deceptive practices to ship out junk supplements. I signed up believing it was Dr Axe's Ancient Nutrition Supplements that would be be used in the Program to address my severe issues. But wait it gets worse. They stole $1050 for a shipment that they never said they were sending, said it shipped, it never arrived and i never got anything for my $1050.00. "Interviewer" Yano lied about everything. They attached my initials to a paragraph NOT signed by me. Discover Card would not do a thing to protect me. I am leaving Dr. Axe, Ancient Nutrition, and Discover Card over this disgusting SCAM to rip off the desperately ill.

This man is dangerous
February 22, 2021
Please do yourself a favor and double-check any- and everything this yahoo suggests. Many of his dietary suggestions (for example) are contrary to what the rest of the world believes.

D MartinHayden June 22, 2021

We must be skeptical of any of these online "experts" who are not in a peer-reviewed environment, and especially those selling products instead of focusing just on food.

Class Assignment
January 30, 2021

While doing a class assignment for my Nutrition and Wellness, i was given an assignment to find the legitimate of the website and contents inside, to provide feedback to my teacher on whether or not i find the information credible. While the listing of Dr.s are shown on the website, there are no actual links to where the information was founded, or reported along with the Dr.s current degrees and updated information related to the current year.

All i found was postings from 2017-2019 with no credible sources. A lot of the links are shown as ads, while also noticing a shopping cart on the website. There is bias within the website to support his claims with nothing showing a valid .edu or .gov which is supported by the FDA. The site also promotes personal blogging forums and ways to increases personal money revenue.

At the bottom of the website, it indicates that the Dr. isn't responsible for any implications dealt to the patient and to seek medical examinations before trying out a product, this shows correct that we should seek help, but doesn't hold accountability for the actions and words and knowledge given to patients.

DMARIE MOORE April 23, 2021

The medical doctors (First, do no harm) harm all the time, and because they have a license to "practice medicine," they do many harmful modalities to their patients.

Also, drug companies that have the M.D.'s peddle their drugs, are protected by Federal law and cannot be sued. They have a fund for that purpose but do not have to pay for their harm if they choose not to.

At least what Dr. Axe offers is harmless unless you are allergic to milk products, etc., which he states are in some of his products.

DMARIE MOORE April 23, 2021

Medical doctors are allowed to "practice medicine" and we are their guinea pigs. "First do no harm" does not apply to most M.D.'s. They call natural medicine quackery, when I know for a fact dietary change and supplementation saves lives. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!

Drug companies use the medical doctors to push their drugs which have tremendous, and often deadly, side effects but are protected by federal law to not be able to sue them. They have a fund for paying out to some, but it is their choice whether they do or not.

Dr. Axe Sucks!
January 28, 2021

Total lies and deception. Rip-Off! If they were local we’d have a confrontation.

6 days now and they’ve had their money for 5; and I’m still waiting for the shipping notification. Went out yesterday and bought the same product over the counter, then canceled my “subscription.”

What a self-serving loser. Try communication with them, and you can sit and listen to the quack lecture you while you wait indefinitely on HOLD.

Consumer BEWARE!

May 23, 2020


I am on hold at this very moment with the order department to CANCEL an order that I was just notified about at 8:30 a.m. this morning May 23, 2020 that they were processing this order. Being unemployed, I was frantic.

I called this Dr. Axe company Ancient Nutrition, to cancel this order that takes TWO (2) DAYS to "process" and this just happened this morning without prior knowledge from me that this was going to happen. This transaction has NOT EVEN POSTED to my bank and is in the 'processing' mode and can be reversed. The shipment has not even gone out.

I have called this morning at 9:00 a.m. and spoke with Connie who stated that it was "TOO LATE -- SORRY" Really? Too late, too bad, so sad? Is that how you have your assistants conduct business?

I am totally appalled at these series of events this morning.

When I called back again, I was on hold from 9:27 to 9:40 and finally the call was answered by Brandon and because I requested the assistance of a manager, I was put on hold again. And then, all of a sudden, the call just happens to get disconnected. I was on hold for 10 full minutes beforehand and then to have to dial back again.

Now I am on hold again with Brandon. He took my info and stated that Chet will call me within the hour. While on the phone with Brandon, an unidentified call came in, but I didn't switch over because this call with Brandon is important.

The call ended with Brandon. I listened to a voice mail that was, apparently, from Chet, the hard-to-get-ahold of manager. On the message Chet stated that he could not cancel the order.

I called back again for the fifth time and spoke with Jennifer. A call came in at the same time. I switched over immediately thinking that this could be Chet and it was. Chet stated that he could not cancel the order as it was a computer GENERATED order -- even though it says that it takes TWO DAYS to process.

I am disbelieving that this could not have been taken care of amicably this morning without having to go through shipments to and from COSTS on the company's part and the bank not yet posting of the withdrawal from my bank!!

Now withthis $200 withdrawal from my bank account, I have only $540 left and no income coming in. So I am very upset, to say the least! The $200 is in processing mode and has not POSTED yet. I called my bank and even the bank could not understand why it could not be canceled.

This whole event has left a bad taste in my mouth for your company's unprofessionalism.

Signed: Very disappointed in your company. CAVEAT EMPTOR: BUYER BEWARE !!

Coffee Creamer
May 12, 2020

Your Coffee Creamer

Dear Dr. Axe and Team:

I love your protein powder, almost no taste, mixes easily with everything and very beneficial, so I was very much looking forward to your coffee creamer. I am having it right now in my coffee, my first time as I sit at my computer desk.

I was ready to love it. I wish I could love it, but no, I do not love it. It has a bitter taste. With your creamer in my coffee, my coffee now is almost undrinkable.

Please know that I am generally your supporter, but this coffee creamer is definitely not ready for prime time. I will be discarding it. I think you should too.


Dianne Carter

February 27, 2020

I took serapeptase to clean arteries, Instead it seem to have removed scar tissue from my left hip and maybe cartilage. Hip became very painful. Very painful to raise my left leg to climb stairs. I took Dr. Axe Collagen for 3 months, 2 scoops per day in coffee and warm milk. This rebuilt the hip.

The pain is completely gone. I can now run the about 900 feet down to my mail box with absolutely no pain. According to Dr. Sears, collagen is one of the things that works with stem cells to rebuild anywhere in the body. I'm convinced that the collagen replaced the cartilage in the joint and heal my hip joint. Stuff has no taste. Coffee tasted like coffee. Am ordering more.

deblynnd July 05, 2023

As a healthcare professional I recognize this review as fake. I say this because no collagen supplement will rebuild cartilage like stem cells. I myself have bone on bone knees and take a top grass fed collagen, have been for 4 years and do not have cartilage grown back as this review says. Don’t be fooled by fake reviews, and you can buy better items in local stores.

Changed Soil Base Probiotics ingredients!
January 15, 2020
I’m really sad they changed the ingredients! The original Soil Base was amazing! The new formula for the Probiotics doesn’t work for me at all. It use to make me automatically better. Now... nothing! I have to find a better Probiotic all over again! ??

Disappointed with product
December 25, 2019
Have been using multi.collagen protein last order I received. I am very disappointed with it doesn't mix properly sits on top of my coffee have to keep stirring it to try to get it to mix. Yellowish color, looks like it has egg shells in it. Have used product for a while now & got good results. This is second time this happened 1st time I called & they replaced it no problem this time I didn't bother to call I am looking for a new supplier. The stuff is not cheap & I don't have the confidence in the product anymore. Just is not the same at all.

sharing with you my reaction prior to ordering..Rating .. CAUTIOUS,,BUYER BEWARE
November 25, 2019

I just read the reviews and there were many from disgruntled customers who simply requested a communication back, some for orders that never came, some for no interactive chat line that had been promised. I simply was reaching out to you, Dr AXE, after having seen Jorden Rubin and you on TBN, and almost ordered the Ancient Nutrition 5 type collagen formula you recently produced. My question was this: How can I be confident that the Bovine sourced type 2(or is it 3) for gut health is from parts of the cow that CANNOT carry the cow disease everyone cautions against?

Messianic believers like you and Jordan, ( and me)are held to a higher code of ethics, as people( and G-D) are watching!!I was all set to take a trusted leap of faith and order the multi collagen. However, I must admit that the many shocking complaints from an assortment of your "trusted" clients, leads me to a "shaky trust" in you and by logical progression , in your products ..I know yrs ago, Jorden was made to pay heavy fines for making claims that his products could HEAL , and was cited criminally.

People can learn from mistakes and change, yet I remain cautious here from SO MANY SIMILAR NEGATIVELY SHARED EXPERIENCES....I hope I am wrong about you and your product purity.

"You are known by your fruit" I wont be ordering.. somehow, all though the chances seem slim, but I REALLY HOPE YOU VIEW THIS

Multi Collagen Protein
October 19, 2019
Ordered the Multi Collagen Protein Type I,II,III,V, and X. Received it yesterday. Opened the container to find it HALF FULL, at best, maybe a little less. I understand it won't be filled to the brim but should not be half gone before I even take the lid off--expensive product for only half a container.

Discoloration of the Multi Collagen
October 17, 2019

My last order came in August of this year … finally opened one last week and realized it was a beige color …. all 3 canisters were the same so I contacted them and received 3 more today at no charge but they are the same color …. it was ALWAYS WHITE …. has anyone had this problem … I an afraid to take it now …. I would love to know if this has happened to anyone else ….

Do Not Buy From This Site
September 18, 2019

I ordered the Multi Collagen powder from Dr. Axe's site instead of getting through my Chiropractor thinking I would establish a product history to re order from. BIG MISTAKE. I ordered on 9/9 and received an order acknowledgment saying I would be notify when it shipped. By 9/17 I still did not receive any further correspondence.

I called and they said it was delivered to my mailbox on 9/16. I went home and checked and received nothing. I called on 9/18 to let them know I have received nothing and they said they would reship. I said I was going to buy locally and please refund. They said they could not refund unless I send back the shipment - WHICH IS NEVER RECEIVED. How silly is that.

They have to reship to me so I can then send that shipment back to get my refund - MINUS SHIPPING COST. Their customer service staff is very rude and I will never order from this site again and would highly recommend that you do not every order from them. You can get these products from Chiropractors offices and your local health food stores.

poor validation of topics
August 3, 2019
I haven't used any of Dr. Axe's products, and won't. He reviews things like all the other artists online, with scant supporting references, expects us to take a lot for granted. "proven benefits of..." is a line of his, in which article there is no real proof given. Bah, humbug! Obvious that selling things is number one to him. Just look up some of his reviews and see.

Joke company for a joke country.
July 3, 2019

The fact that this charlatan who has caused many deaths and internal injuries is not in prison, just goes to show you how corrupt and disgusting our corporate government is. None of these companies or "gurus" care about you or your family. All these "positive" reviews are from robots, shills, and from paid bot services.

Please tell the desperate, elderly, or gullible people in your lives to save their money and their dignity. I am all for naturally healing and rejuvenating the body: but there are MANY foods and supplements you can take that are proven safe for most people. Stay away, unless you want to add more pain and health problems to your life. This man and his company are evil.

May 10, 2019

My review is the Multi Collagen Protein (All-in-One). I purchased this thinking it would do what it advertised. I took a dose the first day, the second day, and the third day I took two doses, one in the morning and one in the evening. Dr. Axe had advised to take two doses a day for awhile to get the body saturated with it. Well, two hours after the third day (one dose), I got dizzy, couldn't see well, my right upper lip and upper eye became paralyzed, I couldn't breathe, my heart started having arrhythmias, and I got sick to my stomach.

Had to go to the emergency room 30 miles from me. They told me to throw it away, that I was extremely allergic to the ingredients. On the way home (my cousin had to take me) we had to stop four times for me to throw up,. After I got home, I threw up a lot of the brown liquid. I had eaten nothing that day but a tuna salad sandwich and a glass of milk.

I checked the side effects of multi collagen and found a couple I had, but I had even more bad ones that were not listed. This is a dangerous product in my opinion. I still feel very bad today. I'm thinking about suing the company.

October 17, 2018
...and I'm so humiliated because I also talked a friend into buying this junk and because of a technicality neither of us were able to get refunds. The only thing we got was garbage and rude emails. So terribly disappointed and feel so powerless to do anything about it. It especially hurts because it was someone I trusted.

really surprised
June 22, 2018
I am really surprised to see all of the negative reviews! I have ordered many products and never had a bit of trouble. In fact, I ordered one product that I could not use because it tasted bad to me and they gave me my refund no problem. His practice has helped me with my leaky gut. I am feeling better than ever. Sorry for all the negatives.

Love Dr. Axe and products
June 6, 2018
I've never had any problems with the Dr.Axe website or customer service. Everyone is always very polite and helpful. They helped me to learn, step by step, how to cancel, change, and delay pruducts online when I need. I swear by Dr. Axe products and tell everyone! My life has been miraculously changed, mainly by his collagen products and probiotics. I can do things at 60 that I couldn't do at 40! My friends and family, even my own chiropractor, are amazed, and so am I!!! Thank you Dr.Axe!