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Misled Science.
October 3, 2017
He just talks about the health benefits of something then he follows the same script about how a certain Brand of something is better than rest and then you buy the low-quality junk and he gets paid for it.

Almost normal bowels in three days after three 1/2 months of very loose bowels!
October 2, 2017
I'm on a tight budget so did not buy any of Dr Josh Axe's products. Went to the library and took out the "eat dirt" book. I decided to buy nothing, but use his suggestions with familiar foods. I've never heard of some of the exotic items.

Be Ware !!!!!!!
September 18, 2017

I was on an automatic monthly shipment with this company. I canceled all future orders. Four months later while dealing with hurricane Irma, this company charged my credit card for a shipment. When I called them complaining about this charge, they are going to give me a refund after I receive their product then I have to return it. Then they will refund my charge. Which may take up to three weeks. Really!!!!!!!!

The first person I spoke with said that corporate would be calling me later that day. That they can and may give me a instant refund because they have done that in the past. Well, I don't even know why corporate called me because no, I will get my refund when I return the product. And then it may take a few weeks.

I'm going to report my card stolen to get a new card issued so this company will never do this to me again.

About the products?
September 18, 2017
So Ive been reading all the bad reviews about customer service and that Dr Axe charges too much money. . . its a business, DUH!!! But no one has really commented about the products. Can someone please post an honest review about the products themselves???

August 29, 2017

Please! Please! Beware of these misleading information from diets, oils to supplements. These are all scams to make money. Stick to what you know because making these recommended changes can lead to autoimmune diseases and even cancer. I am speaking from experience because I don't want what happened to me and my family to happen to you. I am a victim and unfortunately am irreversible damage has been done.

Please! please! Don't allow yourself to be misled by these so called healthy living lifestyle and stupid diets and restrictions.

Incredible product!
August 1, 2017
Interesting how I read through the reviews and they're all about customer service if you can get past any difficulty you have in ordering do so the product is everything it says it is.

I've had great experiences with service and the products
July 19, 2017

Ever feel like you're on a different planet than everyone else? I've checked his advise with my doctor (an MD, not Chiro), against other health blogs and he doesn't seem to recommend anything out of the norm.

I've ordered direct and through Amazon. Never had a delivery issue. I've had good results and I love the information on his site along with his videos. This is the only place I've seen bad reviews. Yes, they absolutely could manage comments on their site but not on Amazon.

I hate that people have had a bad experience because his advise for thyroid, glutathione issues and other conditions has helped me tremendously and like I said my doctor didn't have any negative comments.

just another supplement sales con
July 19, 2017
called 15 minutes after I looked at material, and all they want to do is sell snake oil at high prices! they said it would be canceled and I would be notified in 4 days. I asked for an email acknowledgement, and they would not send one. now I am in limbo, so here we go, probably will have to dispute it with my credit card co.

Could not tolerate the collagen protein
July 19, 2017
Took one half of recommended dose. Gave me a very bad heartburn and upset stomach with belching up foamy salvia for 2 days. Couldn't take so I returned it.

Total disappointment
June 30, 2017

I joined to the program on 06 .01. 2017 .After many e-mails between me and program, because I can't log in.

I am very disappointed! I am a sick person I trusted to Dr. Axe.

I feel like I was scam. I am on SSD benefits with very low income this $147 is a lot of money for me.

I save all of this e-mails but I do not know what to do?

Please be careful ,do not make a mistake!

A total high pressure free webinar scam!!! Beware!
June 16, 2017
I watched his free webinar video on how to heal your leaky gut, and then realized he was trying to sell u his program. I was impressed and he convinced me that this could really help me. But at the end he says the price he is giving us, only is lasting for a half hour (2 installments of $77 or one payment of $147). But the regular price is almost $500. I clicked the link, started to put in my info... Then thought... And felt super pressured and stressed out by his HIGH PRESSURE tactics, that I said forget it. I quickly looked up reviews. I realized that if his product or program is that GOOD then he shouldn't be putting his would be clients in a frieken pressure cooker! So I didn't pay and knew in my heart something was not right with this situation. So glad I listened to that voice in my head to step away! I mean, really?! A count down to his stupid program discount? I am not a sucker! What a loser this Dr. Axe is!!! Why would I spend all that money and not even research his claims and his company. Even the Devil is a smooth talker and a great salesman! Maybe Dr. Axe is a demon. U never know!

May 25, 2017
Hoping to see improvement in 2017!

NO customer support!!
May 20, 2017

I purchased an $80 gift card to use on the website. Logged in, placed product in my cart, and there was NO way to access my $80!! I tried there (non-existent) chat feature, and the link took me to the front page of the store, with NO button for chat anywhere!!

I called customer support 4 times with no person ever answering, and I was hung up on by the machine.

The products might be great, but with NO customer support, FORGET IT!!!

total SCAM - I wish I could give them zero stars
May 2, 2017
Did not receive part of my order, although they were quick to take the money out of my account. No phone number to reach them, but I sent countless emails. They say they have live chat, but there is no link on their website. I was finally able to "schedule" a time for someone to call me. They said it would be taken care of. I email a month later to say I still have not received my order, and am told my order is preparing to ship. I email two weeks later again and they say I don't have an order coming. Unbelievable. Do not shop here.

April 28, 2017

I am a health coach and I recommend products to my clients on a regular basis. Bone broth and collagen are healing to the body in many ways. I learned of Dr. Axe and decided to try his products in my practice. I have never ever had such a difficult time in my career in fulfilling product purchases for my clients until I attempted to do business with DR Axe's company. I placed an order on line via wholesale channel over a week ago and getting no where.....I have tried to make contact via retail channel and all I get is lip service. I would suggest you try any other source for collagen and bone broth out there. I have found several in my frustration.

I think Dr Axe. may be a credible individual yet his company is lacking in service in a big way...my advice is move on and try other sources as that is what I am doing. This also makes me curious as to how great is this product??

I just ordered bone broth via "Kettle & Fire" and it is delicous and the service is incredible!! Good luck to all:)

On phone now with customer service and crazy music for last 9 minutes.
April 13, 2017

I am all in for Dr. Axe, information great, webinar great- 60 day guarantee, but how can I sign up if them wont even answer the phone then it went to leave message and then hung up on me. I called 615-348-7530 on hold with just music for last 10 minutes. How can I trust a company like that?? Tried Chat line and that was not very chatty.

Soooo glad I read reviews before I signed up and gave them my credit card!! Thanks to all those who put the information out there. Save me time and a big headache. Thank you again!!

Worst company, EVER
April 12, 2017
Did not send items. No notification. Took 3 days to resolve. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!!

Can't get them
April 12, 2017

Have not received order and can't get them.Tried to call the phone # on this site for Dr axe and got crazy music.

I searching for a way to contact them. No way to contact!

Planet unfriendly ..... ridiculous amounts of plastic packaging.
April 2, 2017

I am so surprised reading through these comments that nobody mentions the packaging. I get that it is a secondary consideration if you are not satisfied with something but why are we all trying to be healthy and yet nobody complains about all the plastic used in the packaging of the products from this company.

I just received my tiny bottles of essential oils and really do not know if they are a good or bad product. What I do know is that I will not buy anything from this company again unless they use paper padded packaging which is at least recyclable and earth friendly.

Think about the next generation and not your fat wallets !!!!!!

No response
April 1, 2017
Beware - Dr Axe has no respect for customers - does not respond to emails through his website nor answer his help line - another business hiding behind the internet. Was not aware of all the bad reviews with similar experiences / just have to be more vigilant in checking businesses out before dealing with them. I do not normally post reviews but feel very ripped off from Dr Axe - how can you believe a word he says. How very disappointing.