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Ditto Music, found online at DittoMusic.com, is a company that aims to give musicians the ability to record and distribute their music while keeping 100% of their sales and all the rights to their creations.
According to their website, Ditto Music was started by a couple of musicians that wanted to be in charge of putting their own music out there, which turned out to be so difficult and time consuming that they decided their real calling was to help other up-and-coming artists be in charge of their own music.

How Does Ditto Music Work?

Setting up an account with them is free to get started, but the actual recording and distribution process will cost money depending on what you are trying to accomplish. 

But Ditto Music says they are not just a distributor who throws your music out there like other websites, they are also a record label that helps you improve your career by setting up events and promoting you at festivals like SXSW, Liverpool Sound City, and more.

Cost/Price Plans

The costs of using Ditto Music are completely dependent on the services you personally choose to utilize. Recording and distributing a single costs $9, an EP costs $20, and a full album costs $35. 

They also have a large variety of other services and opportunities their provide for their artists with an equally wide range of costs, depending on what you choose for yourself. 

Refund Policy

Ditto Music does not publish or advertise any general, overarching Refund Policy regarding their services, which indicates that they will address issues on a case-by-case basis as needed.

Customer Service Contact Info

Ditto Music is a UK based company, but users based in the US can contact their offices here at [email protected], by telephone at 615-678-8917, or by traditional mail at 1412 17th Ave South (Music Row), Nashville, TN 37212.


Ditto Music is generally well regarded within the independent music distribution community, and has even won some awards in the past for the customer service they provided their members.  

Is Ditto Music Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are a few different companies that offer similar distribution services, like TuneCore and CD Baby.

If you have any experience with Ditto Music or their services, please leave your reviews below.

Ditto Music Customer Reviews

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Ditto Music is scamming and stealing artists royalties
April 15, 2022

Ditto Music is scamming artists and stealing their royalties. I raised a query about my royalties not adding up and was told they will look into it.

Few days later my account was suspended pending investigation. I have been in contact with Ditto Music on a regular basis during this period. I provided more than sufficient data and proof to the to investigate and also asked if I can assist them.

Ditto banned my account, yes, banned, and they can't provide me with any proof why. Spotify only supplies them with limited information.

Stay Away...

Ditto Is Scamming Artists
October 8, 2021

Ditto is an unprofessional scam

There are reasons why the better business bureau in America give them " f" rating. The world council of music artists black listed ditto and warned artist to abandon ditto music .All major artists have abandoned ditto including me . I have 23 albums with them since 2019 .

Ditto does not understand the music business . When once you start making money and fans follow you ,they want to steal your your albums for themselves and keep your royalties . That is why they do not take down those albums or songs. They keep your albums and song for themselves collecting your royalties which to me is a stupid violation of the law that violates the copy rights laws of the united states. The correct thing is for artist to report to the attorney generals office fraud division in Washington dc in united states . They have the power to band ditto from doing business in the united states . An alternative is to file a pro se or with a lawyer complaint in the federal district court of your major city in USA .

When once I have time I will file in the federal court they have jurisdiction over international violators and commerce scams. They could be told to pay millions in fines for copyright violations and trade mark violations. Ditto also maintain a fake address in Nashville .

They have not paid me my royalties since 2019 and they were told by me to remove my 23 albums from their platforms and pay me my royalties they refused type ditto complaints in youtube search line you will see major artists warning you to abandon ditto that they will scam you directly you start making money they lock you out of their website . Ditto keeps all your royalties

Worst Distribution Service Ever!
August 30, 2021
After experiencing most of the issues that I've read about here personally dealing with Ditto they have also taken down my release & continued to charge me fees for a service I haven't used in over 3 years, lucky I noticed and was able to stop it happening again in the future

There are much better services out there.
July 12, 2021
I have to pay a subscription to get my earned royalties? Record label in a box is a joke. Don't do it.

Ditto low life's
June 9, 2021

Ditto music will keep some of your royalties for sure.

A song of mine had 16,400 odd plays , the plays were from a Spotify playlist and another popular playlist. Also normal traffic . Ditto paid me for 37 plays , lol , yes 37 plays . So I wrote to them , they first said Spotify takes time with some plays to pay . I waited awhile , then when I wrote again , he said he would put to the Investigation section .

So they then emailed me to say , I had with some songs , what looked like fake plays .

Which I can tell you is crap , Spotify were happy with them . But the song in question , they did not mention . They have paid me short on nearly all songs I have released , but they are not getting away with this one . They said they were still Investigating .

After a month , I wrote back , how long does it take . Then Ditto sent 2 emails to say my account has been suspended , until they clarify abnormal streaming . How disgusting is this , to accuse me of that , and to suspend my account . All just because I complained about not being paid my money , yes my money .

I released a song with Distrokid , to see if I got paid okay . I can tell you I have been paid for all plays . No problem at all .

I will not release again with Ditto , they are either scamming scumbags , or there is a scam going on within the company . One thing they are good at , is the actual release .

Don't go near them .

July 21, 2020

80% of music distribution companies are crooks/criminals. Ditto Music Ditto Music - Digital Music Distribution being one of them.

-Horrible customer service

-Never pay you your royalties

-Never take down your tracks

How do we stop corrupted distribution companies? STOP DISTRIBUTING WITH THEM! Research Research Research!

Why is your distribution company such crooks? Not paying hard working artists their royalties? Never answering emails? Horrible customer service. Never take down tracks after TWO years of being requested?

For Payout they need Needs Your BIOMETRICS Govt ID Selfy Video. DITTO Music A Scam and
April 14, 2020

In order to get your money out as payouts, they make you add your bio metrics ( YES, BIOMETRICS ) Need your Government ID a selfy Video... Yes they need All Of These things ! Talk about violation of privacy. Other companies just ask for EIN number or SSN!!! This is really bad

... Do Not Use Them, you never know what they will do with your personal information.

Total Garbage company.

Ditto is a scam!!!
March 18, 2020
Ditto has problems with their program and website, which makes it hard to submit your music. They have even started complaining about artwork for the album covers. They also have slow customer service and since they are in the UK, they are not compliant with the BBB.

The concealment of income of the company Ditto!
March 8, 2020
Hello! I am Igor Gorbunov, CEO of BG Records / producer of the show broadway group / Grammy Academy member / BMI member / ditto Distribution company hides fees and does not want to pay. Although I get all the data from Spotify personally in Spotify Analytics. Now they even closed my website. Where can I file a lawsuit for hiding income?

They completely ruined my release day
March 2, 2019
Totally dropped the ball on my release. I uploaded my files and placed my order on January 24th for a release date of March 1st. I was told on Feb 28 that there were problems with my uploads that I needed to fix, so I promptly went to address the issues and found that the error message did not apply to what I had put up. So I resubmitted and logged a support request for them to fix the glitch and put the order through on time, given that I had uploaded my files over a month prior and planned ALL of my promotion around a date of March 1st. More than 36 hours have now passed without any response whatever and in the meantime, the release threw up the same error again. Given this unresponsiveness from customer service ON my official release day, I logged a support request asking them to cancel the order and I purchased distribution with new barcodes from CDBaby, which I know to be a reliable and responsive company. As a result of this computer glitch combined with their total unresponsiveness, my release is going to be 1-2 weeks late to all the streaming platforms and all the promotion I have set up has been seriously compromised if not rendered totally ineffective. Who goes to YouTube or SoundCloud? They will check Spotify, be unable to find it, and will forget completely about my album. I am seriously angry about this experience. A distributor has exactly ONE JOB and that is to get the product to the stores by the date agreed. I will be taking all my business elsewhere in the future and I suggest you do so as well.

CoreyWashington March 18, 2020

Same thing happened to me. They are either too stubborn or too stupid to see that a glitch on their end is causing the errors. My release was supposed to be out March 5th, and it's still not released!!!

MikeScantlebury December 17, 2020

Same thing happened to me. They said there was something wrong with the cover, but AFTER they'd taken my money for a supposed '24 hour release', which has never happened.

January 17, 2019
So i took advantage of there buy it now submit later offer also known as a chart breaker, the deal was half price originaly £150 reduced to £75 but you had to purchase now to get this deal. So my Single is ready I'm all excited to use there services, the second its on Spotify i head straight over to the website but i cant't find anywhere to submit my song, so i go the the contact for help section. I'm told i should of submitted my song to spotify through them WTF there has been mention of this. Ok no big deal il get a refund and use my money else where. NOPE who are you we don't recall you ever giving us any money, they want proof so Paypal email them Mr Green sent you £75 ect they ignore this, i go to my bank try and solve it they send the company a message but both the bank and Paypal I'm out of protection remmber submit when your ready theyre smart. Anyway I'm in a leagal battle now and trading standards are investergating the transaction. I'm deeply disgusted with them praying on starving musicians. DITTO SCAM ALERT!

Something Doesn’t Sound Right
January 11, 2019
The scam monitor went off just looking at their home page. They keep referring to “royalties” but royalties are quite distinct from sales profits which is presumably what they meant. Or is it? Shouldn’t they know the difference? Compare TuneCore: “100% of your sales revenue.” Simple and unambiguous. Little things like that can end up being big headaches when it comes to future disagreements.

JemownPorter November 17, 2019

TuneCore also owns your Publishing. So you can't license your music to anyone else.

They ruin your business
October 3, 2018

I've had similar experiences to ones described in other bad reviews.

1. Customer service was slow, failed to reply to the right questions and offered no solutions.

2. The sales data and trend reports went down for everyone and my streams were underpaid. I contacted customer services and was given conflicting and inaccurate information. My main questions were left unanswered.

3. Shortly after my polite complaint, I received an email from Ditto saying all my music had been taken down. My account seems to have been deleted and I can't get access to any payment of past or future royalties. Ditto claimed Spotify had spotted fraudulent streaming activity, which Spotify have not confirmed their end. What's more, every single track in every single store has been deleted. They have a clause allowing them to keep any artist's money, which they quoted: "8d. We have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately if We believe You are engaging in fraudulent or illegal activity, or following any behaviour deemed by Us as threatening, disrespectful, unprofessional or otherwise carried out by You or any associated parties. Any breach of our terms and conditions by You would result in a non refund of payment." In other words, no evidence required and they can take all your money!

My feeling is that Ditto don't like customers that ask the customer support team uncomfortable questions.

FrankWeide May 28, 2019

To me it happened the same!

Big Scam Beware!
August 29, 2018
I gave them my money, they did not distribute my music, I got scammed, money not returned, and no reply back to me...

Total Scam
May 10, 2018
Took 200.00 from me and didn't contact me for the service I paid for. It's been 3 weeks. My release is about to drop and All my plans have been disrupted by this poor excuse for a company. They need to be shut down DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

No refund!
February 21, 2018
They promised me a refund but I never received one, they just said to contact my bank but they cant't really do anything. Scammer!

JerryKo August 29, 2018

BEWARE! I gave them my money, and they did not distribute my music! I got scammed!!

Now no reply back...

October 9, 2017

There customer service is terrible.

Morgan Pederson in the Nashville offices handles the customer service issues in the US and she is snarky and non helpful.

When I was auto charged for a service I didn't sign up for, she was extremely rude and basically said that they didn't care about keeping me as a customer when I asked for a refund.

I only got a helpful response when I finally tweeted about the situation. A rep in Australia was kind and helped to refund me and tried to cover for Morgan's rude manor and lack of customer service skills.

Now, I am mysteriously locked out of my account with no access to my music or money after complaining on her.

Save yourself the hassle. Their policy is to not offer refunds, AND they have no phone customer service.

I'm going to check out tunecore.

The Truth Eventually Comes Up - Always
July 18, 2017

Pretty much what a lot of people have increasingly been saying online.


Quick setup when it involves sending them money.


1) Poor communication, lost emails and lots of claims of "issues"

2) Deliberate stalling

3) Mistreating the paying customer once the customer has paid

4) Withholding royalties from remixes of tracks from labels who have ceased to exist

5) Downright sneaky

6) the list is endless.

To be honest, I am surprised at how they have lasted this long. The fact that the reviews are so extreme is revealing.

Good for exposure, terrible for business
November 4, 2015

found out about this website by searching for reviews of digital music distributors online.

I manage a record label based in Japan and have worked with Dittomusic for 2 years.

However, I have decided to cease the deal with Dittmusic due to a number of reasons, most of them surprisingly mentioned on this website by other Dittomusic clients.

I strongly believe these issues are worth mentioning so that people become aware of what might happen.

My aim is to provide an objective review on Dittomusic’s services, both positive and negative.

Let’s start with the positives:

1) Customer service in terms of attitude and promptness is quite good and helpful BEFORE signing up. They will answer your questions and occasionally make changes you cannot figure out how (This was with their previous system, I don’t know about their current system).

2) Their distribution network is vast and streaming services are updated regularly. However, there is an extra sign-up fee if you want your music available on Beatport.

3) They offer a bunch of extra services, although I haven’t tried many of them.

Now, for the negatives:

1) Once I signed-up and paid, customer service started to get worse. Replies to emails took up to 2 weeks. Replies would usually come after expressing disappointment with Dittomusic’s service and “threat” to cease the deal with them.

2) 2 releases were lost and uploaded up to 6 weeks after the scheduled date. After the first time this happened, Dittomusic suggested I send them a confirmation email when I upload music. However, the same situation happened again.

3) Stalling and illegally attempting to withholding payouts – This is by far the worst. This was done in two ways.

First, Dittomusic charges a fee to keep releases available on stores every year, which is perfectly fine as each company is free to choose their business model. However, Dittomusic refused payouts claiming that I hadn’t paid the renewal fee even though I didn’t want to keep the release available on stores for an extra year. It took me 3 weeks to solve this situation due to delayed response from customer service.

Second, we had an issue with unlicensed remixes. One remix was from a famous band that doesn’t exist anymore. At the time, I unknowingly thought copyright of bands that don’t exist anymore would lose copyright. I later found out that they don’t. Copyright for bands that don’t exist anymore last for 70 years in the US. All the other remixes were from personal friends of mine so I assumed there would be no need to do so. When I sent Dittomusic emails from the artists’ personal email accounts to prove they had given permission to do the remixes, Dittomusic claimed that was not enough. I understand that there are legal ramifications regarding remixes so I asked for payouts from original tracks. However, they deliberately ignored that and kept on sending me links where I could obtain licenses for the remixes. I asked them how much I was owed from original tracks and they simply told me to figure it out myself. I eventually did and sent them an invoice. This situation also took around 3 weeks to solve.

The next time I asked for a payout, Dittomusic did the same thing again. I had to reiterate that I had no intention in getting payout from remixes but they still redirected me to links where I could obtain paid licenses deliberately ignoring the real issue. Only after several email exchanges where I told them that what they were doing was illegal, telling them I would expose this fraud and cease the deal did they payout what I was legitimately owed. Dittomusic tried to withhold the total amount of what I was owed using the excuse that I didn’t have appropriate licenses for remixes as an excuse to do so – twice. Their attitude towards their client is terrible and downright insulting.

4) Requests to remove releases take too long. It’s been a year and a half since some releases should have been removed and they are still available. I am starting to wonder if the removal of releases work at all.

At the moment, I got paid from all original tracks but they still withhold sales originating from remixes. I tried to solve this issue in a civil way by suggesting Dittomusic transfer all those funds to the legitimate copyright holders. I even sent them who the legitimate copyright holders. Their reply was that I should organize all of it. How can I organise anything when Dittomusic shows no intention of collaborating? I wonder how many labels and artists are aware that Dittomusic is illegally withholding funds that should be transferred to the legitimate copyright holders.

This seems very similar to the situation where many clients complained about Dittomusic not paying mechanical royalties. It reveals their general business attitude.

Dittomusic claims to be professional but I fail to see any of that although their actions and attitude after these situations I have been through as well as other clients.

Dittomusic’s business practice are dishonest and show no intention of collaborating with their clients in a win-win manner. Instead, they try to put all the responsibility on the client. What kind of customer service is that?

If your aim is to make your music available on many stores for exposure, Dittomusic works fine. However, if you are trying to do business with them, be prepared for the worst.

Jacob January 05, 2017

Same problem here - they illegally withhold payouts on covers and remixes.

ThoughtPolice555 July 18, 2017

Pretty much what a lot of people are saying:

SouravNeon D April 10, 2018


This actually will help a lot of music producers who are looking out for a cheaper deal and be into the trap.

Thanks man.

5 stars
May 13, 2014

For a initial fee Ditto has distributed all my music on the web. Best thing is I get to keep all the royalties.

5 star rating from me

Steven Dillard July 06, 2017

These seems like a fake review.

ThoughtPolice555 July 18, 2017

Dittomusic is notorious for that...