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Happy to have discounted dental service
January 22, 2023
The plan is exactly what it says it is - discounted dental services. I paid $997 for a crown rather than $1400. Read the plan brochure. The dentists who take this discount are right there for you to see.

Difficult to Cancel Automatic Renewal
November 28, 2022
They are evil. They make it difficult to cancel and will automatically renew if you do not call them and delete your credit card information. I wish I had never signed up. I will never sign up again.

Their Billing Practices
November 28, 2022

I have discovered that I am being charged three times a month for one plan. My account is debited $14.95 twice and $13.95 again. that is three charges in one month. I do not know why or how this is allowed to happen but it needs to be corrected immediately and I should be reimbursed for the two extra charges. I am a senior on a fixed income and CANNOT afford this type of mistake. I am inclined to cancel any and all plans with this company unless the issue is resolved. This is totally unfair to me and should NOT be happening. Then I see a message that my plan has expired. I now want to cancel any plans I have with this company. I also want to be reimbursed for the extra charges.There are 3 Member IDs: Member ID: 804722233

Member ID: 804042981

Member ID: 804042981. I want all plans canceled because this company should have caught this error. I also want to be reimbursed. I feel taken advantage of because I am a senior.

Buyer BEWARE, this is a rip off!
June 9, 2022
Buyer Beware! This company has a contract with Aspen Dental and on paper the discounts look fantastic but Aspen Dental increases their charges with Dental false discounts your actually paying for full service! Don’t believe me check out the reviews online!

A Rip Off!
July 23, 2019

Charge my credit card a renewal fee that I did not want and the card was invalid. I canceled my card do to skimmers and they still were able to process a invalid card?! Refused to refund all my money back. Spoke to 3 useless customer service reps. Also charged me a renewal fee when my plan didn't expire for another month .

This company is a joke. I would stay away from this one. There are better discounts out there. Besides the dentist work with them to take your money. I found better dentist with much cheaper prices without a plan. Look around before you pay more then you should.

August 10, 2016

While I had Louisiana Dental insurance through last year, it was great with my dentist. They saved me lots of money. I had lots of work done and it was 40-50% in most cases so I got well over the annual amount I paid; however, this plan is no longer offered in my area so I had to change. I have yet to use my new plan, but have had nothing but trouble with on my renewal.

They quoted me an annual price and I gave my banking information for the payment and after they deducted my annual amount, they continued to charge my bank additional charges causing nsf fees because I wasn't expecting additional charges. Contacting them is a mess because you have to wait on hold approximately 45 minutes to just get a Customer Service person to assist with the issues.

They took care of my first set of fees quickly, but then it happened again and this time around, I am going on 8 days of trying to communicate with different levels of personnel to get the matter cleared up. My bank has provided information proving Dental Plans is charging my account and they are giving me trouble clearing it up.

I will keep this plan this year since I already paid for it, but i will not renew again due to the financial issues and the lack of concern to clear up the matter quickly on their part.

Scam? -- Not so far ...
March 27, 2016

In January 2016 at the suggestion of the dental receptionist I picked a plan with my dentist's name who subscribed to the plan, in this case Carrington Care Plus. In NJ the only other option I had was to pick an HMO under the Affordable Care Act in which my dentist did not participate. It is like buying a coupon book for dental care, meaning there is always a charge, but less than if one had no plan at all.

I called the dental office before subscribing to the plan to insure what was posted was accepted by the dentist. To date, I've had one front cap and teeth cleaning amounting to $315 with the dental plan. It would have been closer to 2x this amount. Carrington Care Plus is invalid in FL, but my being in NJ such a fact did not concern me. In this age of insurance and middlemen, I'll probably keep the Plan until I change dentists or he opts out of the Plan. The prescription part did not work at my pharmacy, but I bought it for dental coverage.

Dental Plans are NOT insurance, may not cover all services and may have a cap on reimbursements. It's best to ask ahead of the service for coverage. In my case, I'm lucky to have good teeth and gums, too, my being in my mid-50s. I suggest asking your dentist's office what Plan(s) and sources to find these that they recommend before paying for one. My previous dentist, now retired, gave me a discount due to my economic circumstance and thus no Plan was needed.

The others in my area do not offer this, so a Plan or insurance is a good idea. I've already saved what I paid for the plan. So far I'm a happy camper. I'll contact my credit card company when I leave this plan, should I get another electrical engineering job with health and dental insurance, which will be overkill protection from miscellaneous charges from

Since I give the card I used for a lot of business, it is in its best interest to follow my instructions of no more charges by this company or everyone, almost, will be happy. I do suggest always using a major credit card, not a debit card, for maximum shopping protection, i.e. the card's lawyers represent you for free.

Discounts not nearly as presented
January 11, 2016
Only receive a $14 discount on exam, cleaning and two X-rays. Not nearly the discount portrayed. Beware.

don't use this company
January 22, 2015
Do NOT use this company under any circumstances. They are an administrative nightmare. Once they have your credit card they automatically renew you when they want and how they want. If you try and cancel they give you a run around. I have had to dispute the charge twice thru my cc company. Companies like this need to be removed from the face of the earth!!!!

DebbieKelly March 01, 2019

National Association of Preferred Providers sends you off to a third party and then they give you falsified information. Wanted to be on a Dental Insurance that my Dentist accepts, they stated you are in, 136.50 down and 99.per month. 5,000 maximum paid you now have your preferred insurance. NOT got my card it is only a Discount card. Its all BS. I tried my best to get descent coverage, not I pay in partial payments because I do not trust insurance companies after that scenario. My CC company has been informed. Thought I was knowledgeable enough not to be given fraudulent information, think again.

I had a great experience with Dental Plans. Don't understand why the others got bad service.
November 30, 2014

I wondered if these plans would really work. So I called ahead to the specialist dentist my regular dentist recommended, to see what their price was for the procedure I needed. I was quoted their regular price.

Then, I mentioned one of the plans listed that they took, and asked if they really gave a discount for this. They said, yes, and then told me the price using this dental discount plan, and it was truly 50% off.

I repeated to the mean I get that big discount if I have the plan? She said yes, again.

So I went for my dental procedure, and sure enough, I got that discount. It more than paid for my yearly fee here.

I am sorry others did not have this positive experience. I am about to renew my coverage and am very pleased with the savings. Thank you.

Costly Disappointment
March 13, 2014

After one visit to the only dentist that carries dentemax, my wife was given a 5 minute check up and probe, and an X-ray even though we provided the X-ray of the troubled tooth. She spent more time with the hygienist. They want to do a root canal for $1276.00, a deep cleaning for $378.00, a crown for $1078, followed by another cleaning for $122.00.

Altogether, future visits add up to $2854.00 I may have left something out above. Oh by the way, the initial visit cost $189.00. When I asked how much the future visits would be with dentemax, I was told, that was the dentemax price.......far from the quoted estimates for the needed treatments.

I am going to call them tomorrow 3/14/14, but if anyone has any advice I would be grateful. I found out I saved a whole $30.00 on my initial visit. Being on a fixed income I can not afford their prices. I feel we have been ripped off. Over and out.

A major scam
September 3, 2013
Stay away from this organization. They provide nothing except a way to fund their company.

August 16, 2013

THIS IS A BAIT AND SWITCH COMPANY. They offer plans that promise free cleanings and when you see the dentist, not one dentist on the list will do the free cleaning. All will say that a deep cleaning is needed just to get some business. They make promises that they cannot deliver and will not refund money.

They automatically charge your credit card for each following year without your permission. The only way to get this stopped is to sign up on their site and change that option. I only picked one star because they would not give NO stars as an option. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY AND DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY."

Providers listed without approval
August 15, 2013

I am an Endodontist (root canal dental specialist). My name is on as a provider for 5 different plans. I was never asked if I would agree to these discounts. They put my name as a provider without my knowledge.

The EXAMPLE fees listed are only an EXAMPLE. There is no third party to regulate the discount. Is it 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%. Does the Dentist go off of the negotiated accepted fees by that insurance company? I do not participate in ANY discount plan. The saying “too good to be true” applies here……You have been scammed.

What would your dentist say if you offered him $130 every January for a 10% discount for all treatment needed in that coming year?........ What would your dentist say if you offered him $130 every January for a 20% discount for all treatment needed in that coming year?...........

What would your dentist say if you offered him $130 every January for a 50% discount for all treatment needed in that coming year? If your dentist would not accept the money directly why would he accept this discount plan when he does not see any of the membership fee.

They love to charge
May 7, 2013

I got an email for renewal so I went on the website to message them and cancel it. They miraculously didn't get that email. They went ahead and charged me for the services again. I called today and still have to pay the processing fee for them not getting my email. Your $15 processing charge that doesn't get refunded is going to get spread a lot farther than the good news about your plans.

I agree with some of the above that they do mark up and I highly recommend doing your research first! Quite the hustle. :)

Check the prices!!I
April 30, 2013

First of all to some previous reviewers: why would you sign up for a dental plan before checking on what dentists accept the plan??

I mean, CALL THE DENTIST and ask him!

Anyway, I was with for about 3 years. I had no problem with the discounts. However, about a month ago I needed a root canal and a crown, and when the root canal specialist said he did not accept the plan I had, I went looking for another, and found CIGNA Dental Discount plan, for $62 a year. It provided deep discounts on the root canal, and I also verified that my regular dentist accepted it, so of course I switched.

NOW, here's the reason for my two-star rating. offers the CIGNA plan too, for $130 a year (give or take $5). If you buy it directly from CIGNA, it costs $62. That's a 100% mark-up for In my book that is the scam.

Site is misleading!
April 16, 2013

I called my preferred dentist to verify that they accept the Cigna Plan that I intended to purchase. Yes, they accept that plan. However, they said the "sample" chart on was not accurate. The discount would be only 5% to 10%, not the almost 50% discount shown on the site's chart.

So I called Customer Service and was told the chart is only an "example" and that each dentist determines the exact amount of discount they would actually offer. (My dentist offers another plan that costs 35% less that the Cigna Plan and gives me a flat 20% discount on any dental service, including cosmetic.)

Buyer beware!

March 25, 2013

Though DentalPlans site shows info on many dentists that participate, I had my doubts so I've called and checked on the dentist's availability in my area before I signed up. Yes, most dentists did not participate like the site indicated, however, the one I found to be really caring and their prices definitely reflect what's mentioned on my plan:)

I've had everyone's teeth cleaned for less than half the price I've paid to the previous dentist. Also, a few of my kids need braces so they not only gave me the list of orthodontists that participate in the plan (20% discount) but they also gave me $750 office referral coupon for each kid!

The staff is more informative and helpful than the previous I said, so far so good and I would definitely recommend it esp if you don't have dental insurance like me.

June S April 15, 2013

I just canceled with them, i was mislead from the beginning, the Lady that spoke to me was not truefull, I never used their plan and never plan to, All I want from them is to be reimbursed.


June Stafford

Wasn't a scam for me
March 9, 2013
I signed up for a dental discount plan and it hasn't been a scam at all. Yes, you need to use a dentist who will accept the plan but I found one on the website, called to make sure they accepted the plan and began seeing that dentist. I've had a cleaning, filling and root canal done all at a discounted price.

Waste of time and money
January 4, 2013

I purchased the DenteMax Discount program through I found it cheaper through other websites so make sure you shop around. told me that my clinic accepted DenteMax Discount Program. My office would accept DenteMax Insurance but not the Discount program so it was useless to me.

I ended up getting my money back after several calls. But they do not refund you the 15$ service fee. So, I'm out 15$ and 2 hours or so of my time making phone calls.

I will also be complaining to BBB Only because they lied to me and said this program was accepted at my clinic.This company needs to research the dental providers that participate.