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Buyer Beware of return, exchange, refund policy
May 12, 2023

Check all the complaints filed with Better Business Bureau! They sent me an item that I had cancelled on the phone with them because it was on back order for too long. Months later they sent the item anyway and then said I had to return the item in order to get a refund MINUS a 25% restocking fee!

Then told me that they can never assure that an item will be cancelled - even though their employee told me that it was definitely cancelled and I would not be charged. So I lost $15 paying a restocking fee for an item I didnt ask for! I could have gotten all my money back if I took the refund as a store credit. But I dont want to do business with them anymore.

NO RETURNS - Buyer Beware!
January 3, 2023

They do NOT post their return policies clearly online. When I attempted to return I had a week long run around which finally resulted in a strait answer: returns are for store credit only. I should have known the prices were too good to be true.

TERRIBLE socks that don't compress and slide down throughout the day and a non return return policy? TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. There is a reason their return policy is a non return policy.

Do not order from this company!
December 27, 2022

If I could give negative stars I would do so. This place is a fraudulent company. They provide inaccurate advice via the phone and ship products that do not match the website information. Their employees are rude and disrespectful. They claim there is no manager that works via the phone or they claim that they are "one of the managers" depending on the day you call.

They also claim you cannot talk to customer service on the phone, only via email. The emails are not returned and issues are not resolved. They only take your money. Be warned, do not order from this company!

December 5, 2022

This seller is fine until you have a problem with the order. I received my item which didn't fit properly and in order to return the item and even exchange the item for a better fit, customers are penalized with return shipping costs and a return fee.

Also, the customer service line is always busy, and when you get an agent, they are not very friendly. I had to wait two weeks after they received my return for them even to contact me about the exchange. I am never ordering from this seller again. Amazon is the alternative.

October 20, 2022

If I could give a negative, I would. Shame on them for taking $ from sick people no matter. I ordered as my vein surgery from clot was coming up and I couldn't find my stocking. They would not do surgery without it. So I quickly ordered, that was the first deception, said next day, you get about 9 days later. I told them to stop the order, I found the stocking!

They said, "no its processed, after you get it send in a return request to get a refund if not opened." I did EXACTLY this and now am told only does store credits or exchange.

What a scam!!!! Taking from the sick and elderly should be punishable by law.

Terrible return policy
July 30, 2022
I ordered hose in size Petite. The website allowed me to do that. The confirmation said Petite. The packing slip said Petite. But THEY ARE NOT PETITE!!. I have been waiting almost 3 weeks to get a return label. I have also dealt with Melissa. Nothing happens. I will never use this site again.

Company does not stand behind product and poor customer service
May 17, 2022

This is what I sent to customer service--note: I have been a loyal customer for about 10 years.

1. I spoke with a representative prior to order 200223954

2. I mentioned that I have lost some weight and that the XLFC 20 to 30 mm was no longer sufficient

3. Representative informed me that the xl should work as they would be smaller than the FC and I ordered 3 pairs

4. I tried 1 pair for the day and observed the same problem as with the full calf

5. When I called again, I was informed that the representative I spoke to originally was WRONG

6. I then filled out your return form and waited, waited, and waited with no response

7. At this point I placed another order (200234196) for XL but in 30 to 40 mm

8. I spoke with Alex in customer returns earlier today and he informed me that he placed another return for me and await your email.

Their response: Please do not send double emails. I will reply to you within a few hours, please give me time to respond. The XL size is smaller than the XLFC, the representative was not wrong. The XL supports only up to a 19.5" calf and the XLFC supports up to a 24" calf. You are responsible for shipping the items back to us. Below is a return authorization to return these items. The order you placed today was for the same size in a tighter compression, that does not mean the representative was wrong about the size. We either suggest going to a smaller size or a tighter compression. Note: I provided all necessary measurements at time of contact with representative.

So, I will have to spend about $15 dollars to return ship and I can only send 2 pairs back. How do they expect you to not try them on to verify fit. In addition, their representative did not provide me with the proper information. They have insufficient staff and training and charge the same price as every other vendor. I would stick with foryourlegs as they have a much better return policy with a more knowledgeable support team.

Deborah July 06, 2022

I have been dealing with Melissa, customer service rep. I ordered a pair of arm braces for my daughter, which she never received. The tracking says the day and time they were supposedly delivered, but again, she did NOT receive them. Melissa has been absolutely no help. They also think their customers are stupid. They told me to "have her check her mail box" - DUH?!!!! Anyhow, this was the first and very last time I will ever order anything from them. This is why they offer "free shipping". They don't care if their customers receive their purchases or not, as long as they get the money for the product! Big scammers!

DO NOT Purchase "Spoils" from!
April 1, 2022

If there was an option to give 0 out of 5 stars, this would be the exact and precise moment to do so. I empathize with the other customers who have left a low review for

Their account of their personal experiences with this company is quite accurate. I would strongly advise that you reconsider purchasing anything from this company at all.

Unfortunately, the negative reviews that liter the internet are true. I made a purchase in which I accidentally hit the submit button for an old order basket that I was contemplating purchasing.

I immediately contacted customer service to inform of the mistake and that I would like to correct the purchase for another which included more items and whose cost was greater than the first. I was told that I would receive full reimbursement in spite of their return policy as a one-time courtesy, and so I made the correct purchase.

Unfortunately, when the time came, they refused to credit me the full amount. To make matters worse, they gave no instructions along with the RMA number they issued me for how to return the products.

And so, using the same package the item was shipped in, I wrote "Return to Sender" to ensure that the package was delivered to their address and not returned to myself again. I was doubly penalized and ended up paying double the return shipping fee.

When I thought that I was through dealing with them, I discovered that the incorrect pantyhose was mailed and customer service never bothered to reach out and notify that they received the wrong product. I suppose they assume that customers who complain are dishonest because that is precisely what they are.

I contacted them about this discrepancy in my refund and they refused to acknowledge or further respond to my inquiries. I asked for a supervisors contact number or email and was ignored for 19 minutes until the company closed.

For this reason, I strongly caution anyone who is considering making a purchase from this company. We work incredibly hard for the dollars that we spend and I cannot, with a good conscience, uphold the poor customer service where Compression Sale treats its customers like criminals and blatantly steals money from its honest, hard-working customers.

STEER CLEAR of this company! I would strongly advise that if you have been victimized by this company, that you file a report with the Better Business Bureau.


Appalled is a ripoff
January 29, 2022
Terrible company I've learned my lesson check online before dealing with a new business the reviews I've read on here match my own. I'm out $37 and have absolutely nothing to show for it customer service is non-existent I've lost my money and I have no way of getting it back what else can I do to show what a terrible company this is.

October 12, 2021
Tried to cancel an order 30 minutes after it was placed and was refused as I was advised the order was already processed and could not be rescinded. I was totally scammed and believe they are not a reputable company. Am still fighting for my refund through my credit card, which isn't much help. I would never purchase anything from this company and I advise you not to get involved as once you do, they dig their teeth into you and don't let go. Buyer beware. Stay away. There are many other reputable companies out there.

August 13, 2021
Absolute scam!!! They will not allow exchange for wrong size. I ordered knee highs for $67. Wrong size. You can never get anyone to speak with you. Total scam!!!

Scam 'Company'
July 30, 2021

Dishonest scam company!

From a very day you paid them they forgot you! After they have your money you are don't exist anymore as a customer for them!

I have complained about faulty stockings. The manufacturer has provided free return and sent replacement stockings to compressionsale (unfortunately!!!)

Compressionsale demands my credit card details to pay for replacement! They just stole my money and my stockings. They are criminal.

Poor service - no refund
June 18, 2021

I ordered compression stockings for my husband. He could not even get it over his foot! i immediately contacted compression and received an email advising us how to return them. I followed their instructions and paid to ship them back.

Tracking shows that they received the item on 4/26/21. After waiting patiently I called them this morning (6/18/210 and was told that I cannot get a refund because the item was "worn". How else do you find out that you cannot use the product? These were never worn.

Would never buy anything from them again no matter how "good" this price was.

Do You Get Your Money Back?
May 31, 2021

I am in the process of trying to get my hose returned, not tried on, original packaging and understand there us a restocking fee of 25%. The restocking fee was a surprise and you have to do a lot of reading before you are aware of this fee. I have emailed them numerous times and keep getting a run around because they do not want to return my money but will allow me a credit so I can buy something else.

I have requested they credit my card with the understanding that the amount will be less 25% plus shipping. After telling them numerous times and answering their emails they suddenly stopped emailing me. The question is will I be getting my money back - their rules or are they going to write me off and keep my money? Would not buy from them again but it would be interesting to see where this company resides and where all their hose are made.

MyraLevin June 18, 2021

good luck

Should be a 0 Rating! Horrible
May 25, 2021
Should be a 0 rating! Customer service is very bad. No compassion at all. When buying( we ordered over the phone) these socks for my Elderly father nobody told us of the return policy. The stockings were Cheaply Made, No Elastic at the knee to hold stocking up and not worth the money you spend. When you return you have to pay a 25% restocking fee. That's absolutely ridiculous. Why even buy them?? Cheap, not made well and customer service is HORRIBLE!! Do Not Buy!

No refund
December 16, 2020
After some good experience on their products, I cancelled an order they could not deliver in time as I was relocating to France. They ignored my instructions and shipped nevertheless , after I left. For some reason my Building did not refuse the parcel and now it is lost ! Customer service say they did not receive it back and do not want to refund. This is very poor service.

"Next Day Delivery"
October 17, 2020

Don't believe it. We ordered over the phone on a Tuesday and paid for next day delivery, because we had to leave town for 6 months on Saturday morning, and they didn't bother shipping it until Friday, so it will arrive tomorrow (Saturday) after we leave, dropped off on the porch. We called customer service, and the rep said she could do nothing, and that we cannot speak to a supervisor, we have to email, which we did, to ask for help getting the compression socks I need.

When they wrote back, the "supervisor" took no responsibility for their failure, blaming me for not knowing their "policy" on Next Day Delivery (The customer service rep said one of the two items we ordered was not in stock, so they waited three days until one arrived at their office, something the sales rep surely didn't tell us on Tuesday). The "supervisor" refused to refund either our purchase or our $35 extra shipping charge.) We will NEVER do business with these people again.

Company should not be allowed to operate in the state of Washington
September 27, 2020

They take your money and give you an irregular product. Showed up late. Product damaged. Won't refund your money and are very rude. When complained to credit card company they lie. I have filed a consumer complaint with my state. The should not be allowed to do business here. Beware they are con artists. Don't do business with them.

terrible customer service and exchange
September 26, 2019

I received the item 30 days after ordering. I returned unopened in original packaging.

Company Would not return our full refund to the credit card saying item needed to be returned within 15 days of original order date, even though I had an email stating we would receive a refund to our credit card.... No one would speak to me at the company.

Ordering on 5/6 and receiving 6/2 makes it impossible to return within 15 days of order date. I do not recommend this company at all.

Bad Customer Service, Don't Stand Behind Products
June 27, 2018
After wearing my arthritis gloves for less than 2 days, the stitching started coming undone. If you have worn them, don't expect an exchange or return. Maybe it's just me, but I expect something that I pay $22 for to last a little longer. Buyer Beware!!