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Citizens Disability, found online at, describes themselves as “the premier Social Security Disability advocacy group” and says their mission has always been to help people who deserve Social Security benefits.

According to their website, Citizens Disability believes that there are millions of Americans who are disabled and unable to work, and that these Americans are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

Unfortunately the process that someone must go through to apply for and receive their benefits is often complex and can even require legal hearings. The average person may be intimidated about going through such a process.

In their commercial, Citizens Disability says that they promise to assist their clients throughout the entire process, from the beginning with the paper filings all the way to representing them at hearings if necessary.

This company says that if they do not win your case and you do not receive your benefits, then they will charge no fees. Customers who do win their cases and receive benefits will be charged a cost of 25% of the accrued benefit amount, up to $6000.

Customers who are not sure if they qualify for benefits but think they might can receive a free evaluation, either from the Citizens Disability website or their Citizens Disability Helpline phone number, 1-800-490-8435.

This free evaluation will determine whether or not you may be eligible for the benefits as well as match you with a disability advocate that will assist you in the beginning of and potentially throughout your process.

Before beginning the process, applicants should know that it often can take longer than 6 months to complete and sometimes even as long as a few years if there are complications or issues with your disability status. 

Though some customers may have complaints about the length and difficulty of the process, Citizens Disability promises to try and secure your benefits in the shortest amount of time possible. 

If you have any experience with Citizens Disability or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Citizens Disability Customer Reviews

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Who Are These People
December 12, 2022

How do you get them to stop .. .

And do they have legal right to your

Money if you did trust them?

How do I stop them?

JamieMannarino December 27, 2022

They keep calling me. I am not disabled or on SSN. STOP

Getting the idiots to quit calling and asking for money
April 21, 2022

This scam company calls my number 10 - 20 times a day and the when I answer they hang up . For 10 months this has been going on and I have called and called and the foreigner that answers says my number will be removed in 24 hours and it has been 10 months.

Every person I talked to has a foreign accent and all they do is lie every time I try to have my number removed from their spam list . These people are a boiler room operation with a bunch of criminals and liars . Nobody would use these lying idiots for nothing . They called and ask me to send them a heck for $1,000 last week after I called again . This is a criminal organization with criminals calling 10 - 20 times a day from morning to night . They all belong in prison and some probably are ex cons . They need shut down .

Every person there you talk to has a foreign accent. Probably illegals that can't get a real job . Never ever use this band of thieves for anything . The people have a 2nd grade education at best . Stay far away and call the state police and report the thieves for every call.

They won't quit calling . Be very aware because they want to steal your information and would probably drain your bank account . It is nothing but a criminal enterprise with criminals and liars manning the phones with uneducated foreign scammers .

PennyF June 03, 2022

Dang! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel and don’t hold back this time! So far, I have not talked to anyone with a foreign accent but if I do, it’s probably because the job was outsourced to that country. Not them being over here. So no illegals doing this job. It’s the law that companies have to verify folks are legal to work in this country so the only illegals you will find are usually day laborers. They have never asked me for any money. Yes, it is a lengthy process but that’s most likely due to all the legalities they are trying to cover, probably due to frivolous lawsuits against them. I believe you have another company calling you that might be posing as this company and you should just block their number and since you say you have called them you must have it. Problem solved.

BenFrancois December 07, 2022

I have always spoken to someone within the Uited States and I was frustrated becaue this is a long process and when you can not work two years or more with zero income is kind of hard. I spoke with a Manager just yesterday and she was fantastic and caught me up with everything and assured me of their continued invovlment with my case and even went over with me in what information they had on file for my claim. I asked for a list and they had it mailed, I did not have to add anything except a new pain manager that i just started seeing.

Whoever has been calling asking for money they are not acting on behalf of Citizens-I have NEVER received a call from them other than to update my case file. I am not happy it has been two years, but that seems to be normal most of the times, I think 89 percent get denied the first and even second times. The third requires getting an appointment with a Judge to be heard personally and they represent you in that hearing also.

I just hope I do not get denied the second time, as I have enough issues as I should have been approved already-but it is all governmental red tape. Can I make it another year possibly if I am denied a second time and have to wait on a judge-what other choice do I have I CAN NOT work So just be prepared for a long, strenuous, stressful, depressing wait Good Luck to everyone who applies It is a living HELL

Ripoff - they using different names , and different phone number -
March 26, 2022

They been calling me several time a day , they using the name **National Disability** and they using different number every time they try to scam me, please do not answer their phone calls

PennyF June 03, 2022

Wrong company! See above response to that misinformed one. It seems to apply to you as well.

Very Happy with the Outcome
January 6, 2022
Citizens Disability was instrumental providing me a way to appeal to Social Security. I am now receiving the benefits I was entitled. They were worth every penny! thanks to all the staff!!

No compassion
August 9, 2021
Never contacted me thru out case then gonna look like a jackass objecting to something she know nothing of so Christine you need people skills to I wish I could give them a 0 star on court date they were a no show good job on being there for me

MommyDearest August 09, 2021

And they do not have your best interest at heart only there own they are 8 and the gate call centers not even real advocates

Just do it yourself! This is a scam in my opinion!
December 12, 2020

They have been pretty much ineffectual for me! Filled out tons of redundant paperwork for them and then SSI! It's like they weren't communicating with each other! It's been a year and three months and I am still sending in Medical Records and Work Records to both Entities and getting no Progress!

Just do it yourself! This is a scam in my opinion! I have filled out all the needed paper work many times and no action taken on their part except to tell me how hard they are working on my case. Through email of course! And when you call their helpline non English speaking people make it very hard to communicate. Very stressful to say the least!

MommyDearest August 09, 2021

Absolutely!!! I total agree

I won!!!
August 17, 2020
After 8 years battling SSDI on my own, Igave Citizen Disability a try and I won. I would recommend them

crooooooked con artists
February 8, 2019
they feed off of the weak... and desperate ! these guys are truly the ones that give attorney's a bad name what they do should be a crime crooked, croooked, crooocked !!!! I give them a 1 star only because there is no negative star to give them... get a real attorney or you will get nothing.

Jill E Mcney January 09, 2020

They are the BEST! I applied three years ago,and my attorney was the BEST! The company called me with EVERY update and I highly recommend this company!

Don't read the negative and I JUST used them 2020! Happy with 100% satisfaction!

Biljana Dzipa March 08, 2020

I don't understand people who give negative reviews without explaining exactly what the company did wrong. What did they do that was crooked? What did they do that gives attorneys a bad name?

PennyF June 03, 2022

I agree! Some people are misinformed. Others are just hateful and troll the internet looking for ways to comment negatively when they obviously don’t have a clue what they are talking about!

JanetThompson August 07, 2022

I'm also not understanding why certain ones are so negative and hateful about Citizen's Disability. I had no problem with them at all. I was approved under 2 years. Yes it takes a long time to get all the necessary paper work and medical records in and make sure everything is in correct order.

I myself don't like to be bothered with a bunch of phone calls answering questions every few days.I was very pleased with the outcome.

July 16, 2018
This place a joke rude and unprofessional,don't call to keep you up dated ,you call say no information available,they send paper work you sighn and send back ,don't hear it see any body tell hearing and they only talk you so you sigh n paper about their payment,was sick today and hearings today and they blew up my phone to make sure I fax their payment paper ,and was rude as hell we not refere them to anyone

Horrible service not reliable lawyers
August 19, 2017




MonicaGettings July 16, 2018

Same here would think they would call keep you up dated but didn't here nothing except day of hearing,than i was sick so blew up my phone all morning to make sure I signed their paper about their pay ,not friendly or professional

BenFrancois December 07, 2022

They have always called and updated me when there was some movement on my case, you cannot expect them to call you every week or month to say OK Nothing yet. They call you or e mail or mail you when something actually happens Have patience It is a long, horrible battle to get disability The government is weeding out the fakers. The more people who get SSDI that do not deserve it makes it harder for those of us who do need it, desperately. That is why you wait 2-3 years-because of fraud to the system.

200% INCOMPETENT Stay Away!
January 30, 2017
After waiting 3 years I was declined after the hearing level because the CD attorney did not respond to the Vocational Expert testimony, which the judge requested after the hearing. Had they responded, I would have gotten approved. This was a nightmare all the way. These people don't care. They lost records, told me I didn't need "old" medical records, that the recent "injury" records was enough. Turns out the judge needed the old records and discounted many of my conditions because we didn't present those old records, and took the lack of cross examining the VE as my atty agreeing. I'm 59, have two useless arms, disc problems, and neuropathy, ulner nerve compression, asthma, HBP, disc issues, fibromyagia, vertigo, iron overload disorder, and more. Judge's denial stated all my issues were severe, but ruled that I could lift 5 pounds based on the VE, . He gave more weight to doctors who never saw me, who claimed I could lift. Yet the ALJ gave no weight to the doctors who saw me for 18 months who documented absolutely no lifting, not able to lift. This company just cost me my home, and $26,000 of back payments. I've sold all I own now and I have no where to go. I worked for 40 years paying into this, and feel completely betrayed. I can not get any other work. I've tried! Stay away from Citizens Disability. Get a reputable atty who is not part of a group who cares!

MonicaGettings July 16, 2018

Yes place is a joke

January 15, 2017
I trusted citizens disability to help me during a very difficult time with my health and mental state of mind. They did not gather all my medical records and when we went to the hearing, a lawyer I had never met or spoken to showed up on their behalf. He had my most important records missing and knew nothing about my case. I was completely lost and didn't know what to say. Of course I was denied and chose not to appeal that again. Instead I re filed on my own. Got all my medical records and documents my doctors had filled out for me and threw months later I was granted my social security benefits however the 2 years I had been home recovering from uterine cancer and 3 months after that, a difficult total hip replacement after I broke the hip because of degenerated joints and then infecrion and second surgery; were not considered in my new case. I lost two years I could have had back pay but because citizens disability did not do the job they were hired to do, now I have to recover financially from lost wages little by little. Please don't make the mistake I did by trusting these people. Every town has local attorneys that you can actually sit and talk to. Better yet, this is something you can actually really do yourself. Research and win on your own but stay away from Citizens Disability or you too may lose money you have worked hard to build.

April 27, 2016
Don't use them terrible service. They don't follow up with calls, they fail to aid you in legal advise to make your case strong. The lawyer didn't call me until 3 days before when they said it was going to be 2 weeks. Then the lawyer they sent wasn't the lawyer who talked to me on the phone. To make matters worse the lawyer was late, shows up 15 minutes before hearing and asked 1 question the whole hearing. I would never reccomend anyone to them ever. And it took 2 years for them to fail miserably and then tell me they are not going to help me on my appeal to the appeal council. I advise everyone stay away from them.

James October 03, 2016

I joined up with this company for diability and now i feel like they are fly by night rip offs! any time i have called they never let you speak with a lawyer.told me they have a high success rate on winning cases.Please i need some advice! text me at 859 553-5586.

JimMcCart April 21, 2022

Nothing but a band of thieves and liars

Bad representation
January 20, 2016

I had my first hearing in 2014 after waiting two years, they send a advocate not a attorney,Moho was unprepared and left all my case information behind, due to a family situation she dealt with half the night, that everyone knew about, even the judge.

My case would have been won the first time, they only found one job code I could do from my past experience, when I informed the judge that wasn't my job title, and wasn't registered to do legal dietician, the advocate had seven days to get that job title from the company to the judge, and she didn't do so, getting me a unfavorable decision, stating it was a seditary job that met my requirement.

SomI am transferring my new application to a local reputable lawyers office who will actually have a attorney or lawyer present

Don't use this company, they don't communicate with you, you do most of the work and they get 25 percent. WRONG,,,,!!, find someone else better


January 12, 2016

Citizens disability
June 22, 2015
Is this a legit company I have the packet and don't know if I want to sign and Mail back. I am thinking about calling my attorney for Social Security.

BarbaraFink February 14, 2022

I was able to get my disability after being denied through another avenue. It took 2 years but they handled the burden. I believe it is harder to get the decision in your favor if you have degrees and good work history.

The judge was amazing and he picked up on a couple things that both sides overlooked. Lengthy but worth it. As you are held responsible for additional expenses calling and getting forms to the doctors yourself does keep the cost down.

Other than the agreed percentage I only had a $63 expense bill. They also get you set up with a prescription drug policy that best suits to get you started. This should be something one checks each year anyway to make sure they have the best deal/policy to suit their situation.

Nothing but BS!
March 11, 2015
This "business" is a joke! They sent me papers that I could have gotten myself, just by calling, or going into the local Social Security office. I had to take all the forms to my doctors to be filled out, I had to mail them in. I made all the calls to find things out. I have called Citizens several times, but have NEVER received a return call. These pos a holes are getting $6,000 of MY money, just for mailing me some forms. I don't understand why they are allowed to still be in "business"!!! They should be charged with fraud.

February 5, 2015
I truly believe that this company is a Rip off. Don't ever give them ANY information about yourself at all. Try calling the company BACK. I did and the same guy who called me ANSWERED THE PHONE. No secretary at all. After I told him that I thought it was a scam he added a recording of a woman's voice. NOW HE EVEN GOT HOLD MUSIC. Any PHONE can put you on hold. It's STILL always the same guy. Scott. DON'T GIVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF TO THIS GUY. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Brian December 17, 2015

Scott (from "National Disability") is VERY persistent and calls everyday sticking to his script until he it told to take your number of their call list, or is asked a question, then he hangs up immediate. Will call the next day and repeat his lines no matter what you have said to him the day before. If you tell him that you are already receiving social security, he'll quickly and smoothly start telling you about the burial insurance they can provide. Once, for a change, he just wanted to confirm some information (he didn't really have ANY information except your phone number, so this was just fishing not confirming) - with questions all about your personal private info - maybe seeing which other scam may fit to you better and then claim that you asked to be called about it. Obviously, do not provide Scott with any information. I sure would love to get my hands on "Scott" for 10 minutes alone to get him to stop calling. The FTC National Do Not Call Registry is NO help as they only deal with telemarketers violating the DO Not Call List and they consider this fraud/scam calls instead of telemarketing. Inquire with your state's Attorney General and/or state law enforcement for any chance of getting help.

JimMcCart April 21, 2022

Scammers and criminals with a bunch of idiots that call me 10 - 20 times a day with 2nd grade educations at best.

Just Another Way To Get Your Personal Information!!!!!!!
February 5, 2015
If I could I'd like to give this a MINUS 10. At first I thought it was reputable company. That lasted all of 5 minutes. Then I decided to let them think that I was interested. What's mind boggling is the fact that the 4 times that I spoke to them, it was always the same guy. I'd call and he would answer the phone. No secretary, no hold music, NOTHING!! So I tell him that I thought it was a scam and guess what? I give it some time and now he fixed it. Also he said he was with Citizens FOR Disability. To be honest I think he works AT this company. He's just playing a scam game and apparently DOING WELL WITH IT. I really feel sorry for ANYONE who gave him any info. Keep an eye on your bank account. Even if it's only $20.00, it's 20 that YOU earned, not this rip off. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

JimMcCart April 21, 2022

band of criminals and thieves .. Just a scam company calling 10 - 20 times a day for 10 months . One called and ask me to send a check for $1,000 even though I never used this company for anything and didn't contact them . Stat far away from these lying dopes . Nothing but ex cons trying to con you into giving them information most likely to drain your bank account

January 29, 2015

I first filed or social security on my own and I was denied.I contacted Citizens to help me with the appeal. Here's where all hell broke loose. Citizens disability missed the 60 day appeal deadline. They started a new case instead causing me more time waiting. I found out what they did and I immediately dropped them as representatives. I filled a completely new claim on my own and I physically transported all medical documents to my local Social Security Office. What do you know, I was approved

I then get a notice from Citizens saying I owe then 2974.75 for all the work done on my case. THEY DID NOTHING!!!!! Beware of these scan artist seems hey

Try to work the system only causing us disabled individuals more hardships and heartache.. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!!