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Tastes Terrible
January 9, 2024

I really wanted to like this. I have been drinking hint water and got this as a gift. Hoping to have less plastic waste, I was hopeful. I have tried every non-sweetened flavor and the only one I didn't throw away immediately was strawberry. I could deal with it, not great but not bad. Every other flavor tasted fake and chemical-y. I tried a few of the other product lines. They all have a fake/processed taste and are way too sweet even at a low setting. Maybe it's the artificial sweeteners. I really couldn't recommend this less.

Don’t buy, save your money
September 29, 2023

I bought the stainless steel one, it won't even keep ice for 4 hrs. Plus when I go to drink it I always get a bath & yes it is screwed on right, who wants something thst every time you drink from you get water on your shirt. Also the cartridge doesn't last that long even on a low setting, suppose to be all natural but sucralose is a different name for sugar. So disappointed, another waste of money.

Waste of money
September 10, 2023
Complete waste of money. One cartridge does not even last a 32 oz bottle when set on 4. Made the mistake of buying 20 cartridges the first time and they will be my last.

Peeling water bottle
August 18, 2023
I bought the plastic start-up, and it didn't stay cold. I bought the metal one, in a brilliant yellow, and used it about 15 -20 times paint started peeling off it. Contacted Cirkul, and they offered a sleeve to cover it up, but they don't come in yellow, so I chose pink and asked if they would send a new screw-on lid to match it, nope only the offer they gave me. In the meantime, I have a covered-up peeling metal Cirkul bottle, Sealed the deal for me, I will be purchasing a different water bottle to use. What horrible customer service and show of appreciation for purchasing their product. I would want to make 100% correct I sent a picture so they could see the peeling paint.

Just buy at Walmart dont use the website
June 6, 2023

Purchased items on 5/6/23. I made sure I turned off the auto ship/subscription. 6/6/23 comes around and magically my subscription is active again. I emailed back within 3 hours of being sent a confirmation email and was told it was too late. Cirkul will not take items back or provide a refund. I also called and customer service was a joke.

Waste of money, does not work.
March 29, 2023

I bought the Cirkul at WalMart, sucks. The first flavor cartridge I used lasted one time on the lowest flavor setting, next use no flavor.

The second flavor cartridge has lasted only twice, then no flavor. A huge waste of money. I will probably just throw it away!!!!!

Leapt then looked….
January 8, 2023
Saw pack up at Walmart for $20. Bought two. Set them up then ordered $45 in refills. Then read ingredients. Why sucralose? Aspartame is illegal in parts of the world. Also caffeine as a jolt? It says no this and no that so I jumped right in! But it has plenty of chemicals plus Aspartame! I’d rather be drinking a Coke Zero. The ingredients are almost the same. Both toxic!

November 30, 2022

let me start by saying i really like the product. If fact i like it so much that i purchased 7 Cirkul Starter Kits for family members as Christmas stocking stuffer gifts. WHAT a disappointment.... the packaging is not what it looks like online.... it comes squished into a small box - ULGY. The packaging online is nice.

Also, i saw these at Walmart for the same price - in the nicer packaging. What the heck. So disappointing to give this as a gift when it is just thrown into a cardboard box.

Seems to be a scam
November 1, 2022
I ordered a bottle and 6 cartridges. Two of the cartridges had leaked out inside of their wrappers. Now i find i am getting automatic resupplies without having ordered them. Trying to contact them and stop billing my credit card is proving quite difficult. No customer service. Seems to be a scam. Half the cartridges don’t last through 1 bottle of water.

Not worth the money
August 30, 2022
I am very disappointed with my Cirkul. I absolutely love the taste it gives the water, however it only lasted ONE bottle. If I set it on 3, I couldn't even taste the flavor. I had it on 7 and it was great. However, the first refill had NO flavor. I will use these 6 tubes I have, then never order again. It's way too costly to simply get one bottle from.

Worst customer service ever!!!!
August 27, 2022

If I could give a minus 5 I would!. Cirkul sent out a auto ship of flavors to me and charged me. I don’t know where they came up with the flavors because only two were flavors I had picked out when I first got my bottle and flavors.

I have contacted the company and they will only give me “2 sips free”. I told them I wanted a supervisor to reach out to me, yet no one ever did. I told them it was BS that they charge me for 6 flavors and I could only drink 2 of them. They sent out a whole other order with the exact same flavors!

I have tried reaching out to customer service no less than 6 times and I still am waiting for a supervisor. This is the worst customer service I have ever had!

Worst Customer Service
July 22, 2022

Wanted to let you all know about the bad customer service I received from this company.

I really enjoyed the product and decided to place another order well it got delivered to the wrong address and it took a month for them to even decide to ship me another package out.

So I was going to move past it and keep ordering but I didn't realize a month had went by and they charged me for the autoship and when I contacted them asking them to refund me and not to mail me those because I still hadn't received the last order I placed they refused to cancel the order, or give me a refund.

The only thing they will do is send me 2 Sips to make up for the inconvenience. That is poor customer service and it won't happen to me again, I gave them an opportunity to make it right and so now I will not be placing additional orders with this company that doesn't care about it's new customers.

No Phone number to call, BEWARE! Does not reply to email!
June 28, 2022
Beware, there is not a phone number to call to cancel orders that have been ordered. Just an automatic email reply saying someone will be on contact, which no one reply. A few days later got an email saying it has been shipped. Looked for ways to get in contact with Cirkul, found them through FB messenger, which took them 2 days to reply. All they can say is that they are automated and cannot accept returns and of course no refunds. They offer some $5 code for the next order, but who wants to order when communication is at their mercy.

Good product, horrendous customer service
July 13, 2021

So as far as the product goes I would give it a great review, however their customer service is horrendous and because of that I will never do any ordering from then and I suggest others to be aware to do the same.

Sunday 7/11: I was informed of an order placement

Same day I apologized but asked that this order not be fulfilled, took myself off of auto and asked that a refund be given

Monday 7/12: a charge to my account a day after I emailed asking to not fulfill the order was shown.

Tuesday 7/13: two days later a representative emails me and says they will not honor a refund because they have already packaged the product (that has yet to ship).

Tuesday 7/13: try to connect with them on Facebook, and get the same generic response letting me know they will not be refunding me even though the order has not yet shipped.

Considering the time frame of arrival is not until the 20th of July, I emailed on the same day as the transaction went through BEFORE it was even prepared, AND the product has yet to leave the facility, I find a refusal of a refund ridiculous. I do not need this order and I did not want it. If I had received the package and hadn’t contacted the same day BEFORE anything was fulfilled I could understand, but since none of that’s true they are at this point robbing me of my money and sending me a product I do not want or need. Be aware!

Yes, you CAN recycle the cartridges! (Mostly)
May 18, 2021

I am really glad I came to this site. I have this drink system and I honestly like it. Some flavors are better than others, and I can get about 4 or 5 bottles from one cartridge if I keep the dial around 3-4. It's easy to go online and change the contents of your scheduled delivery of cartridges.

I did have a delay in shipping a couple months ago and sent them an email, sure it was the beginning of a big ripoff, considering some of these reviews! But nope. Responded quickly and I got my package a day or so later. I feel much better when I am drinking more water and this helps me do just that in a consistent and easy way.

Also, I did not know that the cartridge comes apart! But it does, and you can recycle most of it. There is a little juice pouch type of thing inside with a plastic collar and that you have to chuck, but the rest of it can all go in the recycling bin!

JohnellAshe October 16, 2021

I agree with Anne M. The product is a welcomed change from the wasteful traditional plastic packaged plain and flavoured water products. I drink a lot of water each day, so I am super excited to be able to add flavour as desired; It is a game changer. Costumers need to keep in mind, a new product travels the road of efficiency via demand and supply; It takes time to fine tune the process. In my opinion, the product is worth it. I also know minor issues such as shipping/arrival times will be corrected in time.

Poor customer service
April 21, 2021

I order a complete pkg worth $142. I still have yet to receive. I went to my acct and clicked $5 more and it will come faster. By clicking that it ordered my previous pkg minus the cup $100. I immediately sent an email sayin that was done by accident.

Well that order was sent 2 days later and I received it 6 days after it was accidentally placed. The first order was placed 5 days before the accidental 2nd one. I’ve been in constant email daily and they have the worst customer services skills.

They beat around the bush when replying back. I have already cancelled and will cancel my debit card as soon as I receive the first pkg. I’m just over and done!

My rating is - ZERO
December 2, 2020

Read BBB before purchasing from shady companies that don’t have a telephone number so the customer can contact them.

Worst company to deal with! read reviews from BBB they don’t even recommend them. I went in and canceled my account. A few weeks later I received an order. I sent an email letting them know what happened nothing nothing was resolved I told him I was sending back the order for a refund and I never got a response.

So I had to go back in and cancel my account again, I went in today it says an order is coming to me on December 15. I went in and canceled my account again and then I chatted with a live person and I explained my situation and she told me that my account still was not canceled, I guess that’s how they get you by their tricky cancellation tactic.

Oh and by the way the order that I received before this last order I opened up two of the packages and they were leaking. I guess it would be useless trying to get them replaced?

KRIS November 09, 2021

Or you could learn how to correctly cancel an account?

Cirkul Reviews
November 2, 2020
Lots of bad reviews about the product my home helper lady bought it for me I would not have reading people's reviews about it cartridges cost too much and are a recycling waste can't believe in this day you would want to us to throw the cartridge in the waste.

Cirkul - legit or scam
April 2, 2020
If I could give it a 10, I would. I got the trial package today and admittedly was skeptical. I filled the bottle with cool water, put the cartridge in the lid, and screwed the lid on tight. I only adjusted the dial a little, so the first drink was weak. Then I adjusted the dial more and it was definitely too sweet. BUT, I set the dial down lower and OMG, I'm in love with the system. I will definitely be drinking more water from now on. Now I just need to order more of the cartridges in my fave flavors.

LillyMusolino December 02, 2020

How is their customer service?

Waste, and more waste
November 17, 2019
The product is okay itself. However, the cartridge is pure waste. Why, in this day and age, would you make a product that has a throw away plastic cartridge. There must be someway to re-cycle this waste. I cancelled my subscription.

BrandonSalveson February 24, 2020

They are recyclable............

SusanHampton August 10, 2020

I recycle mine. I pop it apart, toss the empty juice pack in the trash, and recycle the rest. It tells you right on the site that it's recyclable.