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About Cirkul Water Bottle

Everybody, from physicians to health coaches to your neighbor next door, keeps telling you that you need to drink more water. However, with a busy schedule and a stretched budget, it can be tough to find the time and resources you need to stay adequately hydrated.

Luckily, Cirkul offers a solution to time- and otherwise restricted consumers who are looking for a way to drink more water. This company offers innovative water bottles that flavor your water as you drink it.

Cirkul is a stylish water bottle and is easy to carry around. You can easily see how much water you have left, and you receive plenty of flavor as well as extra hydration. There are multiple flavors for different purposes, such as working out, and the flavor pack is easy to snap off.

What is Cirkul?

Cirkul is a water bottle that has a cartridge inserted into the mouthpiece to infuse flavor as you drink from it. All you need to do is fill the bottle up with plain water and then put on the mouthpiece and flavor cartridge. You drink, and you get flavor, adjusting to suit your desired taste preferences.

Cirkul is a great solution for kids headed off to school, as well as college students, professional athletes, and others who need to stay fully hydrated. The flavor cartridges insert easily, and the multiple flavor categories include vitamins, electrolytes or caffeine - making it easier for you to replace your daily dose of coffee.

The Cirkul bottle has a sleek, ergonomic design, which fits easily into your hand. Each bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe, and it also claims to be eliminate all leaking. This makes it a good choice for travel or for staying in. There are countless flavors and purchasing options available. Popular flavors include Life Sip, Fit Sip, Tea Sip, and Brew Sip.

How Does it Work?

Cirkul is easier to use, operating as a standard plastic water bottle that provides a radical difference between regular water and water that is actually enjoyable to drink. You can turn the dial to get different doses of flavor, choosing between mild 3s and 4s or stronger sips at 5 or 6.

When you use your device in the middle range, you can get about six bottles of water per cartridge. When you stop noticing flavor, you can simply turn up the dial to get more flavor until you run out entirely. You’ll find that you drink much more water than usual, and that you won’t be as likely to drink juices and sodas.

Cost and Price Plans

Cirkul is definitely not free, and while it’s an affordable alternative to soda or juice, it’s more expensive than plain water for sure. 32 cartridges will cost you $82, while you can get a subscription plan that includes a four-pack of cartridges for $15. If you use a cartridge every other day, which will happen if you only drink from the Cirkul, you can accrue significant monthly costs. However, you can unsubscribe from this beverage service at any time.

Cirkul also offers a free trial program, in which you can get a free trial Starter Kit with everything you need to experiment with all the tasty Cirkul flavors. All you have to pay is shipping! You get a free, dishwasher-safe Cirkul bottle with a leak-proof lid and two flavor cartridges. This offer is limited to one per household. You can also get a stainless steel bottle with an upgrade fee of $30, but this includes free shipping.

Is Cirkul Gluten Free?

Cirkul is not only gluten-free, but it also has a whole host of other health benefits that make it a convenient, tasty option.

Cirkul cartridge blends are sweetened with sucralose, stevia, or no sweetness at all. They do not use aspartame or other artificial sweeteners, allowing you to receive optimal hydration without sacrificing your nutrition by consuming harmful ingredients. All blends contain zero calories and no artificial coloring. Cirkul is also a great choice for those on the Keto diet, who cannot have fruit-based or other sugary drinks.

Competitors and Alternatives

Cirkul isn’t the only company trying to convince you to drink more water - even if you hate the taste of plain water. Other options include Mio, Drinkfinity, and Hidrate.

When consider Cirkul vs. Mio, remember that Cirkul is a full water bottle system while Mio just consists of cartridges. Mio is a liquid beverage mix that can be added to any glass or bottle of water, no matter where you are. Its price is comparable to that of Cirkul, but it is easier to find in stores around the country.

You might also weigh Cirkul vs. Drinkfinity. Drinkfinity is similar to Mio in that it offers plastic flavor pods in over a dozen different flavors. According to the company’s slogan, all you need to do is “Peel, Pop, and Shake.”

Hidrate is another alternative to Cirkul. This product works in a different manner, calculating your daily goals when it comes to your ideal hydration needs. It syncs with your health apps to gauge your daily activity, local temperature, humidity, and elevation to determine how much water you should drink in a given day.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The main complaint about Cirkul is that you have to replace the entire cartridge, nozzle, and tube whenever you replace your Cirkul flavor kit. This means that you have to throw out the old ones, contributing to a fair amount of waste.

That being said, Cirkul has received rave reviews for it easy of use and its ability to curb cravings for sweet, fruity beverages. If you’re looking for an alternative to plain water, this is the way to go.

Customer Service

Cirkul can be a bit tough to get ahold of, with very little contact information available on their website. There is an easy-to-use contact form, but it does require you to create an account. You must create an account to order any products. At this time, there is no publicly listed phone number for you to contact the company.

Where to Buy?

Right now, you can only purchase Cirkul from the manufacturer’s website. There is also an active Facebook page associated with the company, through which you can ask questions and communicate with other Cirkul customers.

Is Cirkul Worth It?

Many people set monthly targets when it comes to their hydration, telling themselves that they should be drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day. This can be a challenge if you dislike the taste of water, or if you have trouble reminding yourself to drink. Luckily, Cirkul offers a solution to us dehydrated folks out there. If you’re ready for a new solution to help you get your perfect dose of hydration, this infuser bottle could be the right choice for you.

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1 Review

Waste, and more waste

November17, 2019

The product is okay itself. However, the cartridge is pure waste. Why, in this day and age, would you make a product that has a throw away plastic cartridge. There must be someway to re-cycle this waste. I cancelled my subscription.

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1 Review

great product and customer service

November8, 2019

So far I love them and they have very friendly staff that helps with everything!

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1 Review

Way over priced

November7, 2019

The concept is good but there is no way you get 6 bottles of water from one cartridge. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. It would be very diluted water. The flavoring is also very inconsistent with every sip. The bottles leak and make a lot of noise. But most of all it is 27.00 a month. My boys want their own as they like to drink mine. There is no way I would pay about 80.00 a month for re-fills. You get the same exact thing with a water bottle and MIO. The MIO will last for about 20 bottles and only 4.00.

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1 Review

cancelled suscription.

September3, 2019

I cancelled my subscription a month ago and no longer have and acct yet you just took 27.00 dollars from my debit card that I need to pay my bills.

If you don not return my money immediately I will be contacting a lawyer.

I have read reports from many many people that you are doing this to them as well.

I am not going to play games or Dick around with you.

I simply want my money so i can pay my bills.


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Communication problem

June27, 2019

can't get ahold of them. Wrote them 12 emails and they give a pat answer with answering what I wanted. I have tried for 10 times to cancel. First they can't find my email then they can't find my password. then they said they would send me an email. I am still waiting. I will be sendng the package back.

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August 15, 2019

They tell you right from the get go that they don’t accept returns, for health and safety issues.
Many people comment directly on their Sponsored ads, and get direct answers back.
IMO, if this was the free trial, are you seriously complaining about something you got for five dollars shipping cost?

August 26, 2019

I just want to Camcel my subscription. This company is IMPOSSIBLE to reach! More than wonder the BBB has been contacted!! I won't be the last.

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1 Review


May20, 2019

I cannot rate it a 5 Star as I have emailed them several times and yet a product appeared in my mail today. I DO NOT WANT TO GET AUTO SHIPPING. I had questions about how the drinks are sweetened. I wanted to know if they are artificial like Aspertane ... as I do not recognize the sweetener in their ads.

PLEASE COMPANY - reply to me or I will have to just mark return to sender ... Thanks

Sharon L. [email protected]

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June 05, 2019

I believe it's sweetened by Stevia. Google Cirkul sweetener.

June 06, 2019

Is SUCRUSE (Spelling?) and STEVIA the same thing? Can't find a definate answer. STEVIA is good but SUCROSE I do not know anything about. 75 and need to know facts. Reaction to artifical - Body loves the good real stuff. Thanks

September 16, 2019

I have e- mailed them also ,with no results!!!! I need a phone number for this company!!!

January 06, 2020

It very clearly states that they use stevia to sweeten, which is a natural sweetener with no carbs or calories. There are unsweetened options also.

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