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ChicMe is a scam - don't buy
January 23, 2023
Totally Scammed - do not buy or give your card details to these scammers. They over charged me, I cancelled order immediately however they still delivered order and refused to refund Review
June 30, 2022

The material the clothes made out of was really thin. My size I ordered wasn’t really my size. I asked for a refund and they said I need to pay 20% of the shipping. The clothes are cheap but I won't be ordering anything else from them.

Bad Business
November 19, 2021
Horrible experience with this company. The clothes are poor quality and the sizing is off. Trying to return a top and pants I bought, because they look nothing like they picture and did not fit, has been a complete hassle. They will try anything to not refund your money. I was offered only 10-20% of what I paid!?! I refused and now they are giving me a hard time about shipping the return. It’s been a big headache and they are losing a customer because of it. Horrible customer service.

Fraud Buyer Beware
October 18, 2021

I purchased several items (7 to be exact) from this company because of the high ratings. However, when I got my items, the material was cheaply made and and very poor quality. I've emailed them and sent a refund request via their website. I originally was emailing Amiee and she was responsive to the first email. After I explained to her I want to return all the merchandise because of all those reasons above, she then went MIA.

I tried emailing several more times after that. I went through Amiee, Sally, and finally Cherry. When I do finally get a response, they're saying that I can't return it because it's past the 30 days. So this whole entire time, when it was in that 30 day period, ChicMe decides to not respond to my return request.

I'm outraged by this poor business ethic and my purchase was over $100 that I just lost for no reason. Note: there is no return address that is provided on their website or order. You have to go through a request or talk to someone before all of that information is provided.

To be honest... I'm not sure if I am confident in believing their great reviews now. Buyer beware!

Fake/Photoshopped Pictures!
February 7, 2021
This company should be ashamed at themselves for using photoshopped pictures of perfect unrealistic bodies and photoshopped pictures of the “clothes” on these “models”. You perpetuate this unattainable image at the expense of girls’ desire to look like this-this fake look. STOP your greedy, careless, disgraceful attack on girls’/women, it’s utterly tasteless!

Should change Company name to Nightmare Wear.
June 18, 2020

Ordered pair of shoes April 14th for wife's Birthday on May 23rd. Used Paypal. Good thing.

Tried to cancel order after 5 weeks of excuses and no movement on Tracking after Hong Kong. Got more excuses and no cancelation. Finally on June 8th the shoes arrived in plastic bag filled with moisture and damp crushed box. The shoes were stamped with 36 and were supposed to be US size 6 womens. These shoes were 2 inches shorter than my wife's normal size 6 and I sent them a picture of it all. They finally offered me 20% or $5 to keep the shoes that cost $33. Never gave me an address or RMA which I asked for several times. The paypal deadline up upgrade complaint of non deliver was expiring Jun 17th.

I got an email that said they wouldn't return even the 20% unless I cancelled the Paypal complaint.

So I upgraded my Paypal status before it expired.

Mysteriously I received a proper email from Customer Support explaining the method of returning the shoes with a pix of the shipping receipt with tracking and weight. So for $9.60 I was able to USPS Prime with insurance and receipt and within 24 hrs of mailing it and sending the pix of receipt I got a message from Paypal that the complaint had been resolved and the money returned to my acct. To think I almost settled this for $6 and some little kid shoes but their greed stopped me.

10 weeks of excuses and bad customer service. I have to assume this happens all the time. I will never order anything from this company again. NEVER.