Happy Jack

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Happy Jack, found online at, is a company that was established in 1946 and continues today offering a wide range of pet care products for owners of dogs, cats, and horses.  Ho

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a company that promises to provide pet owners with a wide array of pet insurance policies for their dogs and cats so they can provide and care for their pets without worr

Based on 0 Reviews is the web home of Heartland Veterinary Supply, a company that was established in 1981 and has since expanded to online, licensed pet care and pharmaceutical products. 

Kitty Shack

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Kitty Shack, found online at, is a new product intended for your house cat which promises to provide a nice, warm place for your cat to lay while keeping your furniture fur free. 

Knot Out

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The Knot Out, found online at, is a new As Seen On TV pet grooming product which is described as being able to completely change your pet’s grooming routine for the better. 

Knot Out Electric Pet Grooming Comb

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The Knot Out Electric Pet Grooming Comb is a new pet grooming product which promises their customers it will improve the pet grooming process by including a simple and easy way to cut out knots while

Kyon Pet Tracker

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The Kyon Pet Tracker, found online at, is a new pet tracking device which says that it will not just help you locate your pets when they are lost, but also help you keep them safe and

Lambert Vet Supply

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I have ordered heartgard for my Dog, delivery was on time and no hidden charges were applied from them. Team behavior was very friendly and supportive.


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Littermaid, found online at, is a company that says they have been a leader in providing practical litter box solutions for more than a decade.  How Does It Work? According t

Based on 0 Reviews says that they are the "#1 national dog recovery system" which gives animal owners the ability to issue an Animal Alert for their lost pet and to recover them with an 85% su

Luuup Litter Box

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The Luuup Litter Box, found online at, describes their product as an “ingenious three sifting tray litter system” that provides the smartest, cleanest, and last litter box you&rs

Meow Go Round

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The Meow Go Round, found online at, is a product that promises to help pet owners deter their cats from scratching at their furniture and carpeting.  How Does It Work? Accor

My Fun Fish Tank

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My Fun Fish Tank, found online at, is a new product aimed at families who are interested in owning fish as pets, and describes itself as "the aquarium that cleans itself." 

Nature's Miracle

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The Nature’s Miracle, found online at, is a home cleaning product that describes themselves as being the best and safest pet product available on the market today.

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Pawalla, a company which provides a monthly subscription box service of items for your cat or dog, compiled completely of all natural and organic products. Accordi


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PawBox, found online at, is a new monthly boxed sample service available for pet owners who are looking for a way to try out new and different products for their pets, without committing to


Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Pawtrack, a new GPS enabled tracking collar that has been designed specifically for pet cats, though the website says it can also work on small dogs.  How Do

Pet Discounters

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This company has a website and on that website is an item that I want. I am able to load my shopping cart with said item, and calculate shipping. When I try to check out, there is an error message tha

Pet Health and Nutrition Center

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Pet Health and Nutrition Center, found online at, is an online company that promises pet owners high quality, holistic products to promote their pet’s best health and w

Pet Plan

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Pet Plan, found online at, is a company that says their goal is to protect your pet "from nose to tail" with their lifelong pet insurance policies that help pet owners take the