Mobile Apps

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ReceiptPal, found online at, is a mobile application which says that they give customers a way to “earn great rewards in a snap” just for uploading pictures of t
Based on 1 Review is a new mobile application that describes itself as “the smart to-do application for busy people” saying that they offer people a variety of options for keep
Based on 0 Reviews is a new service that promises their customers the “ideal work-life balance” by helping them understand and manage the way they handle their digital life during th
Rinse App
Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of the Rinse App, a mobile application and service which promises people the ability to get pickup and delivery for their dry cleaning and laundry services. 
Screenshop App
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The Screenshop App, found online at, is a new mobile application from Craze and Kim Kardashian which promises to let people “shop their pictures.” How Does It
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ShopAdvisor, found online at, is a new mobile app that helps consumers shop "naturally," which they say means waiting until "the moment is right" before y
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Shoptagr, found online at, is a new website and mobile application that describes themselves as “your smart shopping assistant” who makes sure that you will never mi
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Shyp, found online at, is a mobile app that says their goal is to help their customers forget all the research, worry, and problems that comes with shipping their packages, and take
SPOT Trace
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SPOT Trace, found on, is a company that says they can give you the ability to "track anything, anytime, and anywhere," using GP satellite signals and tracking servic
The Peach App
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The Peach App, found online at Peach.coom, is a new mobile application which promises to give people a way a fun, interactive, and interesting way to talk and engage with your friends and co