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Inspire Flashcards and Limitations is a new mobile application available from, which promises to people that they can motivate your child to learn while limiting their us
Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless
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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, found online at, is a workout and fitness product which combines a heart rate monitor with wireless headphones and an optional fitness app to help peopl
Job Spotter App
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The Job Spotter App, found online at, is a new mobile application which promises people a simple and easy way to earn money doing basic tasks with their smartphone.
Kandelz App
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The Kandelz App, found online at, says that they have a goal of providing people with “a new way to make money” that is safe, simple, and fun.  How Does It Wo
Based on 2 Reviews is a new company that lets people "shop your favorite Instagrams from your favorite Instagrammers" with a simple touch of a button once you've installed their pro
Lookout Mobile Security
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Lookout Mobile Security is a downloadable application for both iPhones and Androids which intends to help promote security with a wide variety of features that function locally and – m
Lucky Day App
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The Lucky Day App, found online at, is a new mobile application that allows people to legally play slots, scratcher, and lotto games where they can win real money.  
Luxe Valet
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Luxe Valet, found online at, is a company available in certain metropolitan areas which promises to help people solve their parking dilemmas by giving them safe, protected, on deman
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The MooCash mobile app, found online at, is a new rewards club which tells people that they can “turn swipes and taps into cash” for a total of $5 in earnings per
Moolah App
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The Moolah App, found online at, is a new mobile application which promises to give people a way to find and collect any store refunds which may be owed to you due to price dr

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