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Buy your board somewhere else. This business is a total scam. They changed us right away and then disappeared. They do not reply to email, chats, phone calls, or letters. They never replied
Humble Bundle
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They took my money, but I didn't got the key. Financial institution says "everything went fine, we passed the money", humble-support says: "no we didn't received any
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IMVU and their Community Board treats their customers like Crap.. This website makes their own rules as they go along. They never fix anything that goes wrong on the website and the cust
Infento Kits
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If you’re looking for a great gift for your child, you might be exhausted by all the options out there. From toys that make noise to the typical bike or trike you knew in your own chil
iRT-5 Machete Rails Hybrid
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The iRT Machete Rails Hybrid, found online at iRT5Golf.com, is a new type of golf club that says they are able to deliver what other hybrid golf clubs only promise: deadly accuracy and rock
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Jetplayz.com is the online home of Jetplayz, a gaming website which describes themselves as being the number one games destination with an index of more than 1600 classic and popular games.&
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JibJab, found online at JibJab.com, is a website that offers ecards and videos to their members which they say are made by some of the best people in the industry to provide you with &ldq
Keen.com Psychic Readings
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Keen.com Psychic Readings is a website that says since they were established in 1999 their goal has been to empower users through the use of new perspectives in order to change their lives.&
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King.com is the online home of King Digital Entertainment, the largest developer of social-casual games on Facebook as well as some of the most popular mobile games in the world.  Ho
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Kizi.com was created in 2010 and according to their website the site was inspired by the mission of becoming the best casual gaming experience for kids of all ages on the internet. Th