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They wrap your order only in a thin plastic foil
January 13, 2024
I was a first time buyer from the EU and the 2 bags arrived wrapped only in a thin plastic foil and damaged. They reimbursed but now they will not let me place new orders as if it was my fault or as if it was a fraudulent act on my part.

January 31, 2022
Ordered Whey Protein & L-Arginine. Products arrived on Tuesday. I used the products per directions & became very ill on Thursday. Stomach pain & nausea into Friday. This was only change in my routine. Have not experienced problems with other brands similar products.

Mont January 09, 2023

I thought this company would be a good one, but after the reviews from here and trust pilot I'm passing.

This is not a reputable company
January 2, 2022

Please be careful of this company, scam ! I ordered 3 bulbs and 3 cards and cancelled 10 minutes later by email and a phone call, they said they could only refund 50% of the purchase price !

I read that their security platform for monitoring on your phone/laptop is not secure, which is why I cancelled the order. I got refunded $ 100.89 on a $ 221.77 purchase price . RIP OFF !!!

Horrible chemical smell
April 5, 2021
Really bad products on my last orders. They changed the packaging and the product had a horrible smell which in the past it had none. Compared it to my old bag of supplements, which had no smell. I put it in the trash. Really scary honestly. Looked a third bag, which btw was over a year out from expiring and it was all stuck together (moisture got in). Never ordering from them again.

Came through with what I purchased.
January 20, 2020
Disclaimer my purchase and delivery was likely 9 months to 1 year ago so the company may have changed, but I purchased Bulksuopplements.com's creatine off of Amazon and the delivery came as expected. I believe the supplement is of higher quality than most supps I've had that were more expensive (think GNC brands) and much larger quantity; I've had this bag for nearly a year and still don't even need to think of refilling it. To speak on the supplement itself, I notice its affects when I use it consistently. Will it have long term effects to my health? Not sure, I've never experienced cramping/dehydration or any of the usual side effects of creatine, so so-far so-good. That being said, it's obviously very difficult to tell the actual quality of a supplement but from my general perspective it seems potent. Would probably give them my business again as there were no issues whatsoever.

ordered 4 each 250g bags of different powders
January 18, 2020

response was snappy quick and had free shipping

as promised.

I see some of the complaints as totally fed ex hassles, folks.

Call the Post Master General at your Post Office and turn the heat up on fed ex for that. They have a ton of their own delivery problems.

as to the gripe that the powders are all the same thing lol wow I certainly Hope not haa and they aren't.


none tastes the same as the others, tho all four powders dissolve easily in water and taste pretty mild, which you would expect from Licorice powder and marshmellow powder etc.


Whether they DO anything, well, we're all in the supplement deal together and I hope you do well. I have had some good effects from chasing this idea of supplements so far. Some way better than others.

I'm trying to get cranky family that actually needs this stuff to take it so I take it first to see if it kills me, right?

Three days now, doses all in early AM in my coffee with a bit of saccharine and strong coffee.

I report I still live lol

As I'm treating for leaky gut syndrome I'll pass along some nursing type info, me being an old nursing assistant... no major changes in bowel movements, tho yesterday I did experience some unusual cramping during... nothing life threatening at all, but this may be some getting used to the slippery elm extract at a guess.

If so and if it keeps up, I'll get back to us here.

God bless your family.

lost package from bulksupplements
January 20, 2019

I ordered goods for 94 dollars 11/27/18 from the BULKSUPPLEMENTS (Order#181127117835 ). But in the process of transportation it was lost. However tracking shown that package was delivered 11/29/18. I called FedEx and filed a claim. Three days later, FedEx said that my claim was closed and I should contact to the shipper, only in this way they can compensate for my package.

After I turned in customer support of Bulksupplements(Brenda G), and I was told to wait 10 days to closure of in Fedex claim but i infomed CS that it was already closed. Ten days later, I contacted to Bulksupplements (Brenda G) again and asked issue the claim to FedEx. And I was told that claim had been issued and I've had to wait 10 days again. 10 days later I was told that they did not issue claim and that I should apply to Fedex.

I again said that Fedex can compensate me my money only if shipper file a claim to Fedex. Already a almost month has passed and I do not have any compensation, despite the fact that Fedex has agreed to compensate for the lost package. The CS of Bulksupplements ignores my messages and does not respond, it’s also impossible to get through to them by phone. Sometimes it takes more than an hour only hanging on phone. Right now all my tickets signed as solved or closed, I do not have any compensation and any respond from Bulksupplements they just ignoring me. It seams I've lost money, and I see my case is not single, and many people just waived the issue with Bulksupplements. Unfortunately I've read thees feedbacks after ordering. Believe me, it doesn't worth to have a deal with Bulksupplements to waste money time and nerves.

ameliasunderbug March 28, 2020

they sell on amazon as well for pennies more... for future buyers that would give a layer of protection with the A-Z guarantee. Purchased a few times if theres any other ingredients in the stevia extract it is not listed. Seems of good quality.

Easy to use!
October 21, 2017
From ordering, receiving, and using the product, my experience has been great. The website was clear and easy, the product was in my mailbox when expected, and the packaging is simple to open making the product easy to get into. I like the fact that there are no other ingredients other than L-serine and the directions are easy to follow. They delivered what they promised.

Steve Balern January 11, 2020

You're a Complete Idiot Tracy, please learn how to write better Fake Reviews. You either work for the company, or one of your friends works for the company and asked your dumb butt to write a Glowing Review.

PeterPeirce January 20, 2020

Steve I ordered a relatively large bag of creatine from Bulksupplements.com and received my order when it was expected, the product has lasted me a while, and the product is better quality than many other supps I've tried (like C4, etc.) Not sure why you're bashing into this lady for writing her experience. Just because you had a bad experience for whatever reason doesn't mean every single person does, the company would be long out of business if that was the case.

Bulk Supplements = dishonest company
October 10, 2017

They've recently changed the formulation of several of their supplements, and the results cause severe gastric distress in everyone who has used them (I shared with 5 different people from the gym, we ALL had the same response from 4 different bags of two supplements)

I wanted to write an honest and informative review... but Bulk Supplements DELETED the review. When I submitted a ticket complaining about them DELETING the review, they closed the ticket.

They do not want honest feedback or the truth about their methods to be known.

They're a dishonest, scumbag company who sell substandard products.

BrianG. Cole September 03, 2018

formulation? you do realize there single bulk ingredients?

September 8, 2017
They get these supplements directly from China. Confirmed by the copy. Their products come from China and packaged in the USA. I've tried several of their products and they are low quality and worthless. 99% of the positive reviews are due to the buy 1 get 1 free. They call it a "sample". Buy one of their products. You'll get an email asking which other than you'd like to try in trade for a review. Only If you review the original one you purchased and the free one within 15 days. Which is no time to even see if either product works. The people are extremely rude. Even when you ask a simple question about their products. So I can't imagine asking for a refund and getting anywhere. Judy avoid, get products produced in the USA and NOT China. I used their Hyaluronic acid for 2 years. At the time there were no other products available claiming purity. It didn't do anything for 2 years everyday. Yet they want a review within 15 days after receiving the supplement. They have thousands of fake reviews basically. This is how they get around amazons terms of service without violating. Even though they are. Read through the reviews. You'll see most of them saying "I got this as an offer for my honest review" most people are just happy to get a free product. either way 15 days is NO TIME TO TEST A supplement. Bulk supplements is a joke.

Leila September 30, 2017

I just noticed that all of bulk supplements products are described as having a sweet taste and easIily disolved in liquid.

This makes me suspicious.

Why should they all taste the same?

Are they all the same product, some kind of useless sweet powder, maybe rice powder. Has anyone done lab analysis of their different products?

May 24, 2017
Called to get info about a possible chemical mix up and was so assured by the operator nothing was wrong with my product after giving her the product number and telling her Ive taken melatonin for at least 15 years and never felt any adverse effects like from this product. I was sure they sent me a different chemical. It tasted like poison and did not help me sleep...actually made it worse with heart palpatations. . I let it go until my son tried it and when he had the same side effects, I tossed it down the louve. Horrible, scary stuff. I wish I had saved it and sent it back.

Similar problem.
May 12, 2017
I made a $700 order of 5kg curcumin powder. Only 1kg arrived. They don't acknowledge the mistake. I've been robed of $550. From Amazon. Order ID 114-8300953-9503441: 1 of BulkSupplements Pure Curcumin 95% Natural Turmeric Extract Powder (5 Kilograms) ASIN: B00QT5ZV36 The 1kg packet has the following lot number: 186E0720

Liars, robbers, scammers
January 26, 2017
I have charges for $123.32 in shipping charges that didn't select. The company also attempted to charge my credicard additional $800, I selected free shipping but when I see my account there are charges for shipping that I didn't select. There is no shipping number and there are no items! It has been 3 days and I haven't received anything no e-mail confirmation no items no nothing except for charges and I had to cancel my credir card to avoid more charges from this scammers. Customer service is non existent they will shield themselves and the company.

Bulksupplements.com has the worst customer service ever!
October 17, 2016

Please do not patronize this company or you will regret it!

If you encounter any problem with your order, they will extend insult to you in place of show of concern/empathy.

I didn't not receive an order I placed with them, and their customer service personnel straight up told me they can't be bothered with my issue.

They have officially earned the award for the company with the worst customer service!

Order 100 Gel Tabs Carnosine ($25) and was shipped Glutathione ($50)
August 27, 2016
I contacted the seller to rectify the situation before contacting amazon, and was met with sever resistance. First they asked for proof that they had messed up, then accused me of tampering with and opening the package. They stalled until the manager was gone for the weekend, even though proof was submitted in a timely fashion. These people are idiots, and I question the purity of their products if they aren't worried about 100% loss on a product.

Gloria October 17, 2016

You're absolutely correct!

I experienced the same with the idiotic customer service personnel!

I will never patronize them again!!!

BulkSupplements.Com is a RIP-OFF
August 19, 2016

I ordered 1 Kilogram of Ginger Root Extract Powder from them for $30.96 and opened it and consumed 2 teaspoons of it. It tasted like Chemicals with Vinegar or something in it.

I complained 3x on their Website and never got an email reply, nor did they post my Complaint.

So I called and they informed me that they would only reimburse me for $10.96 and that's their REFUND POLICY.

I disapproved and stated I only had 2 teaspoons. I'll purchase some more QUALITY PRODUCTS at PureBulk.Com instead.

I will NEVER use you again.

Gloria October 17, 2016

I had the same experience with them.