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Boll and Branch is a home goods company that state they focus on making products for the home with the best quality, pure organic cotton and is known for providing their customers with high quality bedding at an affordable price. 

How Does Boll and Branch Work?

The goal of Boll and Branch was to find a way to make home linens better because, according to their website, the average person spends one-third of their life in bed during sleep. The best way to do this, they decided, was to begin with pure, organic cotton.

This cotton is taken from fair trade farms where workers are paid a livable wage and then taken to be processed according to organic certified standards.

The result is their signature sateen sheets, which use a 300 thread count ultra-premium single-ply weave, resulting in sheets that are not only soft and luxurious, but also extremely breathable, a feature they claim is unique to their products. 

Though their 300 thread count may be smaller than some others you’ve seen, Boll and Branch warns that most manufacturers exaggerate their thread count by using a multiple-ply cotton thread.

This type of thread uses multiple threads to create a single thread, but then count that one thread as many, resulting in an inflated thread count.

In order to keep their high quality products affordable for their customers, they say they have stripped away all the middlemen, markups, distribution fees, and other unnecessary pieces which force linens manufacturers to raise their prices, and they passed their fees on to their customers.   

Cost/Price Plans

Boll and Branch currently offers four different sheet sheets which are made in the same fabric but with different seaming and in different colors. Each set will include one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

Depending on the size of the bedding you order, the price will range between $200.00 and $275.00. 

Boll and Branch state they understand that many different people do not use a flat sheet in their bedding sets, and others may need a variety of different pillowcases to meet their needs, as opposed to those that automatically come in a pre-arranged set of sheets.

So the company sells all their bedding in separates as well, to allow their customers to create custom sets. 

Refund Policy

The website says that customers who are unhappy with their purchase for any reason are welcome to return their purchase within 30 days of the date of delivery.

Customers who wish to return their purchase should contact Customer Service and receive instructions on how to get the product back in order to expedite the return process.

No products will be accepted for return any time after 30 days, for any reason other than a manufacturing defect.  Returns that are for reasons other than defects will be refunded the full purchase price, minus the cost of shipping. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-678-3234 or by submitting them directly to the website through their Customer Service link, and then by clicking on Submit a Request. 


Though there are not many customer reviews available for Boll and Branch at this time, there are many reviews available from traditional publications like the Wall Street Journal and many different bloggers.

These reviews almost unanimously speak very enthusiastically and positively about these sheets, their high quality, their excellent fabric and feel, and the fact that they source their cotton from fair trade farmers.

These sheets are intended to be comparable to sets that sell for $1000.00 or more, so even though these particular sets may still be out of budget for many people, most reviewers were incredibly impressed with quality they received for the price.  

If you have any experience with Boll and Branch or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Boll and Branch Customer Reviews

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Unfortunately, Product Discolored Very Badly
June 10, 2022
Unfortunately, worst sheets ever! I fell for the advertising and was willing to spend the money on a very nice, high quality set of sheets. Within 16 months the bottom sheet and a single pillow case was so discolored it was frankly disgusting. Contacted customer service and they said problems typically show up within 12 months and since it was longer than that...well, too bad, so sad. Don't make the same mistake I did!

Ayn December 10, 2022

I’ve purchased 4 sets of Boll and Branch sheets. Two were their high end ultra soft line while the other two were their classic sheets. The classic sheets were not softer than the sheets you might buy at a regular department store for under $100 but they were three times more expensive and were oversized. The pillow cases even twist around the pillows because they are way bigger than a king size pillow. I bought Cal king sets. Do not waste your money on the classic or anything besides the top of the line sheets. The high end Reserve sheets are excellent but today they cost almost $600 for a Cal king set. I paid $400 for the last set I bought right before the pandemic started. The first set I bought was $300 and that was in 2015 I believe. They hold up well and are my favorites but who can afford $600 for a set of sheets? I thought $400 was a lot.

Not impressed…..
May 7, 2022
I feel like Instagram influencers are not entirely honest. I bought a set of the sheets, which by the way are VERY expensive, based on several influencers I follow. I was not impressed with them. They are extremely warm sleeping, and I hate sleeping hot….even in the winter. Even my husband wasn’t impressed with them. Will not buy anymore nor will I recommend to anyone.

Customer Service was dismal.
March 10, 2022

Customer service is extremely poor.

(1) It is very hard to access.

(2) Exchange is discouraged.

(a) They actually don't have an exchange process, despite information in the website on "how to start an exchange." Two of 3 items were returned. The online process doesn't accommodate this, there is no access or instructions on how to amend or complete a return once initiated.

(3) The phone system is slow and once contact finally made the representative was was curt. Was directed to "return what you want to return, they will figure it out in the warehouse."

(4) Over two weeks has passed, no response nor credit on my credit card.

(4) Will move ahead, skip the exchange and just execute a return.

(5) Moving ahead with a dispute of the original purchase on my credit card.

(5) The product received isn't worth with the premium price. Packaging/marketing is certainly premium, but in the end worth the same as the customer service received, absolutely zero.

Ayn December 10, 2022

I just posted a review and forgot to mention how my last order was delayed, no receipt and no customer service. For what they charge it is a crime that they don’t have customer service at all.

The elastic didn't last
October 6, 2019
I just wrote a review on the twin sheets and forgot to add that at about a years time....on rotated...used one week then another set is used while the first set is laundered and set on a shelf.... the elastic stretched out and they wouldn't do anything about it. Such poor quality products...such a disappointment for the most expensive sheets I've ever purchased and I'm older and have purchase numerous sheets over the years to fit different beds.

linda February 26, 2020

I agree, I will never ever buy Boll and Branch again

An elderly couple stayed with my parents last week at my place and when they left, I found a blood stain on the fitted sheet. I sent it out to my local cleaners and they tried to remove it without any success. I'll go back to Wall Mart anyday. Any stain on the ones I got came out with diluted bleach. When I notified customer service, the relply from Sherry D was "Usually it can be removed if it is treated right away, but once it dries into the cotton fibers it is very difficult to remove that stain. I'm very sorry about that"

For $240 per set, Boll and Branch can "stick it"

Sheets don't last and I'm careful
October 6, 2019
I bought two sets of twin sheets. I rotate them so one is in the laundry and the other is on the bed. The sheets are soft and wonderful to sleep on but they wrinkle badly around all edges. I am very disappointed in the longevity though. There is wear on all edges of the sheets and pillow cases. I don 't use dryer sheets, laundry softener, bleach, I use a delicate laundry detergent without fragrance and they aren't done in a heavy load. I bought them about 3 years ago but with the rotation it's only a year and half and they are wearing out. I have sheets that I've had for 30 years that never did this. So really disappointed in their longevity and quality.

LuannaStinson June 07, 2022

I too am disappointed in the longevity. My fitted sheet has split after about an year or so. I’ve never had any sheet just split. Disappointed for sure.

sheets ripped
September 29, 2019
was making my bed and my hand went right thru the sheet. I am a "sheet snob " but I wont be buying anything more from Boll

LisaLentz June 20, 2022

My sheets haven’t ripped but the elastic is crunchy and I think that is unacceptable. I am a careful user - washing with cold water and drying with low heat. The sheets are too expensive to make that kind of purchase again. Fieldcrest for me!

Towels fall apart too soon.
September 27, 2019
I have towels that I still use that date back to the 60s! I figured I was due an upgrade and fell for the B

Boll and Branch Navy bath towels inferior quality
September 15, 2019
I am very disappointed with Boll and Branch navy bath towels. We received a pair with some loose threads. Thinking this was a problem that wouldn't get worse, we kept the towels instead of returning them. As guest towels, they were used infrequently. After about 6 washes, they started to lose multiple threads becoming unsightly for a supposed quality product. A year had passed so the warranty was void. Even though the towels had little use, due to the time frame, Boll and Branch refused to replace them, even though they acknowledged the problem. They admitted that they no longer carried these towels. I am very disappointed with Boll and Branch and have decided to purchase elsewhere next time.

Another Internet SCAM Business
July 14, 2019
Haven't received the sheets but ordered them and 5 mins later, tried to change the order. No response and tons of spam. DO NOT BUY. THEIR GOOGLE reviews apparently are done by them or paid people.

These sheets are terrible
May 31, 2019
These sheets are the most horrible sheets I have ever had. What rip off. They are not soft

Great if you don't care how long they last
April 27, 2019
The sheets are delightful ... until you use them for 16 months and the fitted sheet tears and customer service advises you that you shouldn't expect their organic sheet to last any longer since they don't coat the fiber with anything to protect it. $220 sheets, no bleach, no fabric softener, just like they advised, and they barely made it past the one year mark. I'm pretty sure you can find a much better value on organic cotton sheets. Their packaging is the crap but I'd really rather have durable sheets in a brown paper bag.

kris dahlke September 29, 2019

had the same thing happen to my sheets. now that ive read your review I will not buy again

RobbieLieske October 06, 2019

I bought two sets of twin sheets. The sheets are soft and wonderful to sleep on but they wrinkle badly around all edges. I am very disappointed in the longevity though. I rotate them so one is in the laundry and the other is on the bed. There is wear on all edges of the sheets and pillow cases. I don 't use dryer sheets, laundry softener, bleach, I use a delicate laundry detergent without fragrance and they aren't done in a heavy load. I bought them about 3 years ago but with the rotation it's only a year and half and they are wearing out. I have sheets that I've had for 30 years that never did this. So disappointed in their longevity.

Super wide
April 7, 2019

Top flat sheet seam is super wide and looks a bit sloppy and same seam on the pillow cases. Flat sheet seam has many wrinkles due to how wide it is.

They feel soft but I have have soft sheets that will hold up longer than these. I don't have to was those sheets on gentle.

"Down" pillows are not down
February 28, 2019
My order of two firm down pillows from Boll and Branch seemed unusually heavy for down. When I checked the labels attached to the pillows, they revealed a down content of 37%. (You have to do a little calculating, since there are a couple of different sections within the pillows.) Several calls to customer service resulted in denial and argument. Promised return calls from supervisors never happened, nor did the promise of a return shipping label. Broken promises, false advertising,and possible fraud!

Got Caught in the Hype
February 23, 2019

I got caught up in the hype and bought two pairs for $450 (I got $50 off.)

For kicks I bought 100% cotton Target Threshold sheets for comparison. They cost about $60.

I like the Target sheets better. They perform better in the wash (they wrinkle, but you can smooth them pretty well with your hands) and they are thicker!

I would not buy bollandbranch again.

Not worth the money
February 22, 2019
I had heard all of the positive reviews on most of the talk radio I listen to. I bought a set for my wife for our king size bed. My wife and I had never owned a set of $250 sheets in our lives, and after this we will not be fooled again. The sheets are fine. I really have no complaints, but to say these sheets are any better than other sheets we have owned is nonsense. The bottom line is that they are way, way overpriced, and they don't fit particularly well. I got them for $200 because of some discount they were offering at the time of purchase. I totally don't understand how a celebrity could look themselves in the mirror every morning after tell their audience that these sheets are anything special. I know for a fact that I could go to Tuesday Morning, or TJ Maxx, or any other number of companies that sell sheets at a discount and find a nice set of sheets as good if not better than Boll and Branch for a third of the price if not more. The most that these sheets should sell for is $75. I just feel like I got taken. I have been burned once, but not again. Are they good sheets? Yes, I guess. Are they worth $200 ? No way in the world are they worth that kind of money.

Worst sheets ever
February 4, 2019
I do not get they hype. They are thin, wrinkly mess, and scratchy. My skin itches every time I get in bed. Already pilled after one washing. The packaging is nicer than the sheets. Makes it look like they are a high end sheet set. I would rather eliminate the expensive packaging and put quality in the sheets. Waste of my money and so disheartened.

Susan Giantvalley May 31, 2019

Couldn't agree more. And their website only has 5 star reviews. Very unethical.

throwing out
February 1, 2019
I should have realized the "organic" migt be a problem. They wrinkle horribly and just look like a mess. The pillow case doesn't stay on the pillow. I really did not loke them at all, but out of frugality hiung on for a few months. I do not recommend. A bunch of hype. ANd ironic that the packaging is such a waste for an "organic" product

Pills galore
January 27, 2019
I followed the washing instructions but my flannel sheets have pills all over (although the areas on which we sleep are worse) and are no longer soft like they were when I bought them 3 months ago. I’m pretty disappointed. Maybe they’ll get better over time. I contacted customer service and they didn’t have any helpful advice, just instructions for returning the sheets.

So far so great for Boll and Branch
January 8, 2019
I have had mine for a month now Dec 2018 - Jan 8 2019 and so far so good. They breath beautifully and are comfortable under the Duvet.

Pulled in 60 days
January 7, 2019
Begged wife to get me some for my birthday in October. She did and when they came I was so excited especially after hearing about it incessantly on my favorite radio program. I heard the ads from the radio host and the way he spoke about them made the sale. At first they were everything that they were claimed to be. I love the size (deep pocket fitted and oversized flat) and colors. But less than 60 days later they are terribly pilled. I spent $60 on a set from Costco three years ago and they are way better. Boll n Branch is a rip-off and because of this I will not buy anything else the radio host advertises because it is an apparently not motivated by anything other than money. For shame.

bob murray January 08, 2019

I have had mine for a month now Dec 2018 - Jan 8 2019 and so far so good. They breath beautifully and are comfortable under the Duvet.