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Scammming on dad’s good name
February 2, 2024
There is no way to terminate the trial subscription by emailing or telephone

Bob Taught Us How to Invest
June 20, 2023

Bob Brinker helped educate people in the skills one needs when investing. He helped us invest wisely and avoid the get rich quick schemes. Bob always preached "get rich slowly", but the point is.....get rich. With his help, I retired early and live quite comfortably. No one is perfect, but Bob Brinker is close enough for me. He helped create a lot of us "middle class millionaires". My thanks and gratitude for his help over the years!!

Paul H.

Bob Brinker is one to avoid
December 9, 2021

Bob never comes out and admits his mistakes like in 2008. He put out a special letter recommending that his subscribers buy the QQQ and it turned out to be a total disaster. I lost a lot of money because of him.

If he were my student I would give him an F. There are so many better money managers out there that are active investors that will make you money. He rarely sells but rides to the bottom and then never talks about what to do once he has put you in a position where you're down 50%.

Kumar April 18, 2023

If you bought QQQ in 2008 at $45, it is worth $318 now!

DennisJ ODoherty October 11, 2023

When the priced dropped i bought more and still own it. THANKS BOB.

October 2, 2019
Originally, he taught the average person how to do their own investing, and was surprisingly successful at timing the market. Later, he became a characterture of himself. He could never admit when he errored, such as the QQQ shares he recommended in the early 2000's and he totally missed the boat regarding the 2007 melt down. I learned a lot from listening to him from 86' to 2000' but I lost a lot of money from listening to him and buying his newsletter from 2000 to 2010, (when I finally realized that he was one of the sharks that he had always warned us about). Even to the end, he could never admit his errors and always covered up his mistakes as much as he could.

JOHN November 26, 2019

So far, following Bob Brinker's calls, in 10 years from 2009, I have made over $7 million.......before him, I played around, bought this and that, always lost money

Steady no-load investing
July 17, 2018
I've been listening to Bob Brinker for nearly two decades and I'm in my early 40's. Low-cost index investing and prioritizing maxing out retirement savings has helped me build financial security. He encourages his listeners to learn and avoid the industry sharks looking for a commission. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for his advice and the lessons learned from many of his callers.

He has made me a lot of money over the years.
July 14, 2013
I have been listening to Bob Brinker since the early 90s. He has made me a lot of money over the years. He told me when to get out of the market (I thought that he was crazy) and when to get back in ('he must be nuts') and he hit everything right on. Now he seems to be tired. He is on what - one weekend a month or something like that. I think that his heart is not in it... or he does not know when he should retire. Time for him to pack it in I hate to say. He has missed some market bumps. I am still making money though. I would rate him higher if he showed up every Sunday... and he does use the same old cliches. Is it true that he is no longer on Saturdays - not of his own choice? This is what I have read.

What a joke
June 24, 2013

This guy is so off base. Dork keep quoting stats instead of reality.

Doesn't have a clue what's gonna happen as they quit faking the stock market and Oblunder care shows up.


Minus 2 stars

Try Rush Limbaugh

You don't have to be easily duped

Bob is a Global elitist who thinks the Fed is Federal
March 17, 2013

I was listening to Bob today and a caller asked him what he thought of the talk that the Federal Reserve was created during a secret meeting on Jeckle Island. There are plenty of videos on the Fed these days and how they are raping our nation. He said it was all a conspiracy theory. In Bob's world there are no conspiracies so just stick your head back in the sand. I think he's a NWO puppet at this point.

Thank you, Bob!
January 29, 2013
I've been aboard the Starship Moneytalk almost since the maiden voyage. I was an investing novice those first few months, but Bob gently mentored those of us who turned in week after week since 1986. His newsletter also provides a very good diversified asset allocation strategy no matter where one is in their investing life. I know he has helped my family get to the Land of Critical mass. It is nice to see Mark Hulbert rank Bob's newsletter among the top market timing letters out there. Great job, Bob!

December 18, 2012

I have listened to Bob and enjoy his program. He's write a lot of the time but he is often wrong about day to day living. For example, more than once I've heard him challenge guests about the rising costs of food or base commodities. I don't know where Bob lives but I'm guessing he hasn't done his own shopping in a few years now. Food prices for people who actually cook (not buying junk food) are up almost 38% in the past 4 years. We keep a detailed budget and do not eat any more today than we did 4 years ago. My wife and I buy the same staples and fresh foods are up far more than the 2% he reports. He is wrong which makes me wonder if he's in the tank for one particular political machine.

November 5, 2012

I have been listening to BB for almost 20 years now, he has made many excellent choices and calls over the years. What people do forget is that we also make some bad choices we are not perfect we are only human.

Overall his advice has been very profitable for many people who stuck with his advice, but for those of you who did not stick to his advice it seems your upset.

I will continue to listen and subscribe to BB newsletter.

November 4, 2012
Brinker is a fraud in terms of his politics. He's in the tank for Democrats even though he claims to be non partisan. Anyone who is so clueless in terms of politics does not gain my confidence when it comes to money.

June 1, 2012

Brinker has help me get out of the way of a falling knife twice. He missed the housing fall but did call the bottom of it within days. I have used Brinker since the tech bubble burst and will continue to follow his advice.

I also invest in several of the no load funds that he recommends.


March 11, 2012
bob brinker is not bad,, you learn a lot from him and I have gotten all my money back since the 2008 crash,, can't stand that lynn that is on sometimes,, and I have read a lot of complaints about ric edleman online,, I would not pay anyone a percentage to invest my dough,, that is what I learned from brinker,,, to invest my own dough,, and his picks have been great for me,, rock on brinker,,, I wonder what his birthday is so I can check his horoscope sign,,,

March 4, 2012

I have listened to Bob Brinker for many years and use to subscribe to his news letter. Enjoyed it, very entertaining, he not always correct.

However, Bob was total clueless about the 2008 debacle. Most people lost about 40 % to 50 % of their money. I got completely out of the market on that early morning of that crash, because I did not really trust Bob's insights.

That same time I shorted the banks made tons of money.

I can not believe, Bob as of 4/3/2012, again! is way too enthusiastic about the stock market.

We are heading for a depression that will make 1930 look like a picknique. Bob is again clueless. Currently,market is 30-40% overvalued. Europe is going broke !. And so is the U.S.

Real unemployment is about 17 %. There is going to be crash worse then 1930 and 2008. Greed and a Ponzi fixed election.

Elections are all about money NOT merit. That is the real problem in the U.S.

2013 - 2014. CRASH !!!

Cash is going to be king ! Treasuries for safe"" keeping.

Again Bob has no clue !!!


December 19, 2011
A few years ago, Bob would have gotten an excellent rating. I cannot believe what has come out of his pie hole lately. He must have read George Gilder's Wealth & Poverty "", but he has forgotten what he read. On his Dec 18 show, Brinker actually said cutting government jobs is damaging the economy. YIKES !! It is the Feds taxing, spending, and wasting money that can be put to better use that is killing the economy. They produce no wealth. Taking it from those who know how to produce and provide goods and services and transferring it to deadbeats is not a winning formula for job creation and wealth."

December 4, 2011
Brinker actually believes the us govt numbers on inflation and employment. His show today was one lie after another. I wonder if current administration is paying him...that is how incorrect he was in what he was saying. I only listen now for entertainment and to see how far off base his advice really is.

September 30, 2011

I have followed Bob since the early nineties. Like all market timers, he has had good calls and bad ones. He made me a lot of money in the 90's by recommending staying in equities during what he called he greatest bull market of all times"". And he shined with his advice in 2000.

But I also lost on his QQQ recommendations, never heard him admit he missed the boat in 2008. And do you remember Ultratech Stepper (UTEK)? What was that all about (recommending a stock he did work for)?

My problem now with Bob is that, more than ever before, we live in a global economy. The US used to drive the world's markets. Now, it is the other way around. There are just too many variables in the world today to time with accuracy. A single event anywhere on the planet can tip the balance big time.

I think Bob is a very bright guy and I enjoy his style. While I do not like how he sometimes does not listen to questions or jumps on people, it is precisely his style that I find so interesting and fun to listen to. It is, after all, a radio show.

While I no longer take all of his advice (like his most recent one to jump back into the market), he has taught me a lot over the years and that is what he is all about."

Art January 20, 2013

you lost out on a big gain

Sucka April 17, 2013

I listen to Bob and he did admit to missing the call on the housing bubble in 2008, but like Art said you missed out on a 130% gain since the bottom.

September 23, 2011

I have listened to Bob Brinker and subscribed - on and off - for the last 20 years. Yes, he blew it in 2008 and never admitted it - pretty annoying for someone like me who teaches his kids to take personal responsibility and also accept that they are not perfect. He is condescending and talks way too much about political garbage on his show that will have no influence in the long or short term or will have no effect on an individual listener's own investments.

However, I stayed the course and remained in equities in the 90's and took his advice in Jan 2000 and went completely into cash. In March 2003 - again on his advice - I went all in to equities and rode my investments up to where I tripled my portfolio.

Missing the 2008 drop caused me to lose a couple of years of performance, but I'm almost back to where I was in 2008 and way, way better than where I was in 2000. I may have lost 3 years of growth, but my peers who didn't heed Bob's advice in 2000, lost the entire decade.

In short, I rely on Bob for major trends and usually it works out well (like 2000 & 2003) - occasionally it doesn't (like 2008). Today (Sept 22. 2011), he put out a bulletin advising subscribers to go all in again in to equities(instead of dollar cost averaging back in) as he is predicting the S&P will be into the 1400's in 2012. If you are reading this at the end of 2012, you'll be able to make your own judgment on whether Bob still has it and is worth $185 a year or listening to him drone on about off-shore drilling or some other topic de jour.

For more detailed investment advice on the radio, I would recommend Ric Edelmen. Knowledgeable, entertaining, down to earth and strategic. In the end, however it will be gathering as much information from multiple sources and understanding economics - and keeping one's emotions and greed in check to be a successful long-term investor.

August 20, 2011

I am a subscriber to Marketimer and have followed BB since 1999. Although his model portfolios have performed well over the years, I really think he needs to incorporate such things as liquidity and the number of investors on margin that could influence equity prices in a big way, as they have recently.

I must give him poor marks for missing the latest bear market and the current swoon. I give him even poorer marks for not admitting his mistakes. I stopped listening to him when hearing no admission from him to missing the bear market in 2008.

I was notified of a special message to subscribers at his website recently. I was disappointed that the message did not warn of the current swoon in the equities markets, but advised to continue dollar cost averaging.

Overall, I find his advice informative and conservative, which has aided the careful investor.

I thank you for this helpful forum.