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AmRelieve Ultra Knee Elite
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The AmRelieve Ultra Knee Elite is a compression knee sleeve that's claimed to help users with knee support and stability, as well as improving range of motion and helping to prevent injury.

Below we take a look to find out if it’s legit or just another health gimmick.

Product Claims

The Ultra Knee Elite is marketed through, an “advertorial” website that is designed to look like a news article but that essentially serves up marketing material for the product.

They claim their sleeve may help those suffering from everything from tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, to any other knee discomfort.

On the main website it states that it was developed by Jeremy Campbell. PT, DPT & U.S. Military Veteran as a tool to help with his own knee pain.

They say the Ultra Knee Elite is

  • Made from durable Tri-Weave Material
  • Will fit under most clothing
  • Fits most people and won’t slide
  • Gives your knee full range of motion while providing stability

The sleeve is supposed to provide the support levels of a traditional brace while being unobtrusive to your daily needs.  

According to them the brace has the following features:

  • Side Bolsters - prevent the knee from twisting and further injury
  • Ergolastic Pad - a kneecap cushion to protect soft tissue
  • Meniscus Stimulators - intended to improve tissue strength
  • Acupressure Pads - provide pressure to relieve pain

Do Compression Knee Sleeves Actually Work?

Knee sleeves and braces can be very helpful tools for alleviating knee pain and aiding in injury recovery.  

However they also need to be used correctly and under the direction of a professional, especially if you’re dealing with serious knee/joint issues.

There are a wide variety of knee braces and sleeves that can provide the following

  • Immobilization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Weight Shifting
  • Knee Protection
  • Compression

Compression knee sleeves are mostly used to prevent swelling, increase blood flow, and provide light support while allowing movement of the knee.  

So it’s important to have a proper diagnosis of what ailments you have first, then attempt to find the right medical support device that best fits you.

A professional can also help you answer such questions as, "how often and how long to wear your brace?"  In some cases improper use can worsen an injury or exacerbate your pain.

Customer Service

If you have questions or issues with the product you can reach a representative by email at [email protected]  You can also contact the parent company at:

Phone Number: (302) 746-2472

Physical Address:
Wexmon, LLC 
651 N Broad St, Suite 205 #1983 
Middletown, Delaware, 19709 USA

Wexmon offers a 90 day return policy for the Ultra Knee Elite, but customers have to contact the company first to initiate the return and refund.

Cost and Price Plans

1 Ultra Knee Elite costs $49.95.  There is a sliding scale of discounts offered, where the more sleeves you order the more money you save.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

Unfortunately, the online reviews for AmRelieve Ultra Knee Elite are not good.  

The majority of complaints are for the fit of the sleeve, with many people claiming it's not really one size fits all and that they struggle with keeping it in place.  The company's claims of it being slip proof seem to be exaggerated.

Other complaints state that the actual refund policy of the company is misleading and you have to ship the product back at your own expense and you do not receive a full refund.

Competitors and Alternatives

The compression sleeve market is rife with inferior products, most of which are found on amazon.  We suggest taking the recommendation of your PT, trainer, or sticking to a major brand that you may have used for other fitness/health related products.

Some other popular compression sleeve makers include:

Tommie Copper - One of the first companies to introduce copper based compression clothing. Although the company has mixed reviews overall.

ACE Brand Compression Knee Support - Low priced and widely available at most drug stores.

Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve - Can be purchased through REI which has one of the best return policies of any retailer.

The Bottom Line

Recently there has been a popularization of compression sleeve products, which you can now find for almost any body part, with the Ultra Knee Elite by AmRelieve being a recent one.

At this time we do not believe that AmRelieve offers a reliable product and one that we can recommend.  

There are too many negative online reviews, and it seems that your chances of getting a product that won’t fit and having difficulties with subsequent return attempts are high.

Stick to a compression sleeve from either a known brand or make sure you are purchasing from a retailer that offers hassle free returns in case the knee sleeve won’t fit.

If you have any experience with the AmRelieve Ultra Knee Elite, please leave your reviews below.

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AmRelieve Ultra Knee Elite Customer Reviews

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Save your money
May 13, 2022

2 stars is generous. They don't stay in place and when they do they don't help the pain.

Don't waste your money on these sleeves.

The product works beyond belief. In 2 weeks I had a noticeable improvement.
April 27, 2022

I can not express the great customer service you have given me. My first order of knee elites did not fit properly. I think one was a little wider than the other. I sent in your form about the problem .

The person that handled this was quick insufficient. They immediately call and apologized and said another pair will be going out immediately. Which it did. Your customer service is above and beyond soo many other companies. I love the Am Relieve. My knee problem is already feeling better. I even put off a knee placement surgery thanks to you.

It a pleasure to deal with your company and i am certain I will be getting other items from you.

Thank you very much.

Tom Kronstain, Fort Wayne, In

April 15, 2022

It would be -1 if possible.

"Will fit Anyone. BS!!!! I spent all that money on 2 that I Cannot use. Total crap.

Shouldn't have female or male. I'm female but have muscular calves. Don't trust them. Save your money!!!!

trevorjones April 19, 2022

utter rip off dont fit any thing I canceled it over and over but they kept saying it had been dispatched and yet when it did arrive after 9 days amazingly it had 48hr post on it these people are con artists these are cheap rubbish made in china and there is no way to return for refund as a OAP I can not afford to lose £54 to these scammers so I will contact visa and report it .

April 15, 2022

4 days and no sign of item even after paying for fast delivery. Can't email as returns address cant be found or unable to receive mail. Phone wont be answered and online talk is not available although advertised. Am considering going to court and sue for obtaining monies under false pretense.

There Are No Silver Bullets Out There, Get Over It!
April 4, 2022

Bought two discounted sleeves. Way too soon to tell the long term effects, buts it’s comfortable, and the support it offers is a reality.

Had an issue with an unapplied 15% discount, and they remedied it the same day! Sorry whiners, no complaints!

Truth: the sleeve probably won’t work on overweight or stick thin legs!

Customer Service is not good
December 30, 2021
I ordered these for my dad not knowing that he talked to a friend who didn't like the product and did not want it. I called twice, emailed and tried to "chat" with customer service and got no response. Was trying to cancel the order before they shipped it out, but can't do that without them responding.

October 12, 2021

Don't order Ultra elite you can find cheaper and better at Walmart

This knee roll up on leg and can't bend leg I return two that i order

This Company has yet to return my money over 6 mo. ago

Roland Miles Batavia IL 60510

SandraJ. November 01, 2021

If you paid with credit card, you should call your CC company and let them know you returned the product and have not received a refund. CC companies are very helpful with these kind of situations. They will suspend the charge and reach out to the company. My experience with my CC company has been they will resolve the issue and refund my money.. I ordered these knee braces, but haven't received them yet. Time will tell if I return them.

Ultra knee elite
September 26, 2021
HOPELESS. The knee support will end up wrapped around you ankle, after a short time. AVOID.

GerryGauvreau November 23, 2021

Hello, I'm am a Kinesiologist and just purchased 2 Ultra knee elite I'm more than satisfied with the product. What more is there to say. I wear them most of the day and they do as they advertized.Gerry Gauvreau Phd. Kinesiology

Roze November 23, 2021

I'm beginning to believe this place is a SCAM. you can't get a hold of anyone by phone or email. The tracking was created over 10 days ago with no move in destination. Ughhh! Disgusted!