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November 8, 2022
Feel like a fool, falling for their marketing scam. Paid $9.95 for shipping and 20 days later still no delivery. Website claims they ship with UPS, nope DHL then transfer to USPS. I think they are shipping via ox cart....

November 5, 2022
I recently bought this product. I received yesterday. I agree with most comments below. You can get more warmth from a hair dryer. I have applied for refund under their 30 day refund Guarantee scheme, , One can live in hope. Yes one of their customer support emails does not work. Can any body please leave a comment below if they have successfully had a refund from this company, If so how did they do it. Thanks

JamesinaGoulbourne November 10, 2022

Yes I got a refund because I used PayPal to make the initial transaction. I was horrified when I was duped into paying international postage when the company made out it was in the UK.

Not only that, after paying, the sales page transfers you to another sales page that says the transaction is not yet complete. You end up clicking thinking it is the same item you are purchasing but in reality they are selling you a second unit. I ended up paying $134.50 that is £114.

I was horrified and later found out how cheap these heaters are at Ebay, Amazon and Argos around the £20 -30. It was hard to get in touch with the company but eventually I did by searching history on my device to locate the sales page.

They replied to my email that it was the wrong department and they were sorry they couldn't help.

After getting PayPal involved, the company offered me a part refund to save me having to spend on the postage to return the heaters, but because I had raised the issue with them before they sent it out I refused their offer and requested a full refund.

PayPal intervened and I got the full refund. The heaters are still on their way but I will refuse to pay for their return.

It is total Junk and does not work and all positive reviews are false
November 1, 2022

This heater is TOTAL JUNK it does not work, falls out of the socket has no ground it is just pure JUNK I am embarrassed I even bought it . Please don't buy it and forget getting a refund you cant even find out who to call or where to send it back .If you got it from Margins Holdings Ltd good luck If you used Pay Pal like i did call them Pay pal is great. Go to the resolution center . I ordered 3 OOPS.

deg November 05, 2022

AGREE....Trying to get refund.

Read attached
October 19, 2022

Lots of these are being said being promoted to do some much and inexpensive...I bought at @50$....when get down cold even a small rv bathroom...its a Toy ...barely warm your fingers up. Please don't buy a package deal...(I) guarantee

you'll be sorry you did.

My name is Don Wells

and is declared 10/18/2022

@ 06:35 pm mountain standard time

Dangerous to humans and environment!
October 18, 2022
Alpha heater is a dangerous scam! The instructions are full of grammatical errors, but contain 11 danger warnings of fire, 8 for electrical shock, 3 risks to kids and 2 for burns. It also says not to leave it unattended and it cannot be disposed of in household trash because it is a danger to human health and the environment if not properly disposed of, but only says it is to be "separately collected " not recycled. Cheaply made in China P.R.C. Stay away from this product!

deg November 05, 2022

I just purchased one its performance nothing like advertised.

I have requested refund under their 30 day refund scheme. fingers crossed.

Very interesting your comment. The advert for tis product says it is an American product yet as you say its made in China.

Poppypoo62 November 12, 2022

Thank you for letting everyone know of your experience. We are now all well informed.

Electric Heaters use Electric
October 18, 2022

Just reading all the reviews on heaters. First look at the wattage used, most are at high heat is about 1800 watts. that would be 18-100 watt incandescent light bulbs.

A 100 watt lightbulb will put out approx. 385 degrees of heat which 18 of them would heat up a large room. Too bad today with LED lights which a 100 watts equivalence only puts out 87 degrees of heat.. By the way 18 - 100 watts bulbs will also light up your space..

justme November 02, 2022

heat is not measured in degrees, it is measured in joules, a watt = 1 joule / second. Temperature is measured in degrees. LED bulbs are so much more efficient than incandescent bulbs because they don't throw out a lot of heat energy which in many cases is unwanted.

I like it.
October 9, 2022

I really like mine it kept my downstairs warm on the cold night before I wanted to put the full heat on, it is quiet also.

Do you get an instant hot blast. no but if you leave it on its very effective.

October 8, 2022

You would get a lot more heat off a hair dryer, total rip off.

deg November 05, 2022


SCAM SCAM SCAM. Does Not Even Deserve 1 Star
October 4, 2022

I bought one pair 2 years ago right before the winter. The product boxes were in terrible shape. Heaters got broken, stopped working and started melting the plastic of the heater elements. This is complete scam. You wont be able to get your money back. Consider yourself lucky if you can get half of it. Don't even think of replacing with a working one. Be smart and don't buy anything from third parties. Go to a store or buy from amazon or ebay.

Junk Product...Does Not Work As Advertised...Scam
October 3, 2022

Absolute scam for sale, the heater is pure junk.

Do not waste your money
September 25, 2022

It took several months to receive the heater. When I finally received it, it was malfunctioning from the day I received it. No matter what setting or temp you set it on, it would shut off within one minute never reaching an appropriate temp.

A refund was rejected, stating it was returned outside of the acceptable time period despite the fact it was returned 1 day after receiving. They either refused to accept the fact that it took them months to ship the product, or they were unable to comprehend such a mathematical equation. Even if it worked correctly, it was made from such cheap plastic with haphazard structure, it would be a brief period of time before it would be broken.

The way it is built, it is so top heavy, it won't even stay in the outlet, it falls out. So I am stuck with a plastic piece of junk that does nothing but fall out of the wall. With remote, taxes, shipping, it came to seventy some dollars. Save your $... grab a blanket

Total P.O.S... Scam!!!
March 12, 2022

If I could give this product negative stars I would. It's a total scam and rip off. It can't and won't heat even the smallest of spaces, let alone 350 sq ft. I am a licensed electrician and was looking for a space heater for a small office space. It's on a dedicated 20 amp breaker and it won't run for more than 10 min without the unit shutting off. Total piece of garbage.

Do not buy! Repeat, do not buy!
February 22, 2022

This is a SCAM! I purchased, upon delivery, the box was opened, it didn't work in ANY home (yes, tried out elsewhere. They DO NOT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT. I want to return, they start a "we will give you this much back." "You are responsible for return costs." Never purchase this piece of crap.

Do not buy!
February 22, 2022

Do not buy, no customer service, total ripoff, can't give no stars...Bought 2 neither worked.

Tried to get replacements but they tell me I didn't buy them, mysteriously my order my email, and my credit card receipt have mysteriously vanished from their system.

They Do Not Perform As Advertised!!!
February 4, 2022

They do not perform as advertised on their websites. They might heat up 16 sq. Ft. If you can make them stay on long enough. I bought 4 of these and 4 members of my family tried to make them work, nada!!! Junk!!! Don't buy!!!

KatieBuchanan February 15, 2022

Awful, I bought 3, 2 of them started melting and burning, I unplugged the 3rd before it can. The company will not give return information and waste your time to be sure the 30 day passes. They are rude and hang up on you.

Lynda September 25, 2022

This is exactly what they do. They insisted I received this piece of crap months earlier and was trying to get a refund when I had ordered this "thing" months earlier but didn't receive until 3 months later... and of course it was a worthless POS and I requested a refund the next day.

Needless to say, I never received it and am stuck with a $74 Dollar Store equivalent

If it sounds too good to be true, it is
January 30, 2022

I am amazed by all the web sites that claim how great this heater is. They ought to be sued for misrepresenting facts!!!

They are as bad, if not worse than the manufacturer. We expect that from the manufacturer, but we are expecting accurate information from those who claim to have tested the heater.

The heater might be able to heat a small bathroom, or be a personal heater, but other than that don't expect it to heat a room, even a small room.

When you go on their web site there is no place to leave a review, and all that are posted are 5 stars reviews.

If it looks too good to be believed, it probably isn't true. But we keep hoping to find that miracle product, and so we buy.

Safety and Value
January 10, 2022

They sure have Very clever marketing. But what a piece of JUNK!.. I ordered 1 unit back in October 2021 to help with heating in Garage.. Total cost CDN $77.34. It falls out of the wall plug and stay on for 2 mins and cuts off.. Have to wait until the machine cools or "Feels like working" to have it repeat the 2 mins run. Wrote a complaint, demanded a refund but no reply. This Item is simply GARBAGE.. Go to Canadian Tire and receive value for your money.. 100% SCAM!!!

BarbaraG. January 22, 2022

Thank you, Gerry for sharing your experience with The Alpha Heater!!

Lynda September 25, 2022

Yes Gerry, I completely agree. Same problem. Falls out of outlet. If you stand there like the village idiot and hold it in position in the outlet, it shuts off after 1 minute. Of course, I was not given a refund and am stuck with a seventy four dollar piece of cheap plastic reminiscent of a Dollar Store toy that is broken before your child gets home with it from the store

deg November 05, 2022

Agree... Did their so called customer service not communicate?

How did you apply for refund?

If you paid by card your bank can call back the money under their own regs.

Junk of the First Water! China 1 US Citizen 0
January 7, 2022

Great visual design...great marketing spiel...plug it in and it falls out...plug it in sideways or upside down and it falls out...markings on boxes "made in China" (never doubted that for a bit!)...sold by 4 or more online retailers....same pitches...prices vary...these things are DANGEROUS!...where is the FTC?

Got hooked and bought 3 of these turkeys...aha! but with 50% off and in this quantity only cost $39.95 each...would have saved much stress and aggravation by just throwing the $$ out the window!!!

Learned (again) one of life's key lessons...don't believe the BS you read on the internet...and do not expect our government agencies who are responsible for putting the kibosh on trash like this to do anything...and for heaven's sake, don't buy unless you can go somewhere an touch/ head hurts just thinking about how easy it is for us to get conned!

Spiritdark October 05, 2022

Great marketing spiel?I watched the ad, how the 'creator' was a jet engine technician and created a unique system of heart delivery that would warm up a room in three minutes.... and I remember at the end of the ad, thinking to myself, "That's ...uh... a small heater.... how is this any different from a regular old plugged-in heater? In modern times, there have been countless products with this same scam ad... a creator was a specialist in their field and came up with a revolutionary design. Usually, these ads claim that other corporate entities used legal routes to block the sale of this product, so the creator was selling off the first batch of them before the block went into place. It's scam 101. Not ingenious marketing. Not new.

deg November 05, 2022


January 6, 2022
Complete scam. Never received. Says it was delivered by DHL then when I called they say it was USPS.
December 18, 2021
I had to put one star to write this. When I ordered it they charged me the wrong price, so I called and they did refund me. A big rip off 2 out of 3 bad so far. Cost more to send back and get replaced 3 year warranty does not cover processing and s&h. Did not want to risk spending more on processing and s&h. Cannot write a review on the website. There is s clue I have had several friends that have something similar and no problems. Unfortunately I did not know there was so many people selling something similar. My fault for not researching.