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Throw your money away!
February 6, 2021
Don't buy this heater. It's no different than the cheap ones you buy at Walmart. It has two settings. The low is quiet, the high is very loud and noisy. I returned because it gave off a chemical smell which irritated my sinuses and caused a headache. It won't heat more than a small room. It's way overpriced. I paid $86.44 for the unit. I had to pay to ship it back by UPS which cost $14.93 and they deducted a $9.95 restocking fee. I lost $24.88 on this deal. DO NOT BUY THIS HEATER!!!

RonRay October 25, 2021

The web site—filling in the info—has been more than frustrating. I tried to order four units (priced at approx. $44 each, with a three-year warranty. But the form would never take my order, claiming that my "address" wasn't correct. I've now given up and believe what I've read above.