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If it sounds too good to be true, it is
January 30, 2022

I am amazed by all the web sites that claim how great this heater is. They ought to be sued for misrepresenting facts!!!

They are as bad, if not worse than the manufacturer. We expect that from the manufacturer, but we are expecting accurate information from those who claim to have tested the heater.

The heater might be able to heat a small bathroom, or be a personal heater, but other than that don't expect it to heat a room, even a small room.

When you go on their web site there is no place to leave a review, and all that are posted are 5 stars reviews.

If it looks too good to be believed, it probably isn't true. But we keep hoping to find that miracle product, and so we buy.

Safety and Value
January 10, 2022

They sure have Very clever marketing. But what a piece of JUNK!.. I ordered 1 unit back in October 2021 to help with heating in Garage.. Total cost CDN $77.34. It falls out of the wall plug and stay on for 2 mins and cuts off.. Have to wait until the machine cools or "Feels like working" to have it repeat the 2 mins run. Wrote a complaint, demanded a refund but no reply. This Item is simply GARBAGE.. Go to Canadian Tire and receive value for your money.. 100% SCAM!!!

BarbaraG. January 22, 2022

Thank you, Gerry for sharing your experience with The Alpha Heater!!

Lynda September 25, 2022

Yes Gerry, I completely agree. Same problem. Falls out of outlet. If you stand there like the village idiot and hold it in position in the outlet, it shuts off after 1 minute. Of course, I was not given a refund and am stuck with a seventy four dollar piece of cheap plastic reminiscent of a Dollar Store toy that is broken before your child gets home with it from the store

deg November 05, 2022

Agree... Did their so called customer service not communicate?

How did you apply for refund?

If you paid by card your bank can call back the money under their own regs.

Junk of the First Water! China 1 US Citizen 0
January 7, 2022

Great visual design...great marketing spiel...plug it in and it falls out...plug it in sideways or upside down and it falls out...markings on boxes "made in China" (never doubted that for a bit!)...sold by 4 or more online retailers....same pitches...prices vary...these things are DANGEROUS!...where is the FTC?

Got hooked and bought 3 of these turkeys...aha! but with 50% off and in this quantity only cost $39.95 each...would have saved much stress and aggravation by just throwing the $$ out the window!!!

Learned (again) one of life's key lessons...don't believe the BS you read on the internet...and do not expect our government agencies who are responsible for putting the kibosh on trash like this to do anything...and for heaven's sake, don't buy unless you can go somewhere an touch/ head hurts just thinking about how easy it is for us to get conned!

Spiritdark October 05, 2022

Great marketing spiel?I watched the ad, how the 'creator' was a jet engine technician and created a unique system of heart delivery that would warm up a room in three minutes.... and I remember at the end of the ad, thinking to myself, "That's ...uh... a small heater.... how is this any different from a regular old plugged-in heater? In modern times, there have been countless products with this same scam ad... a creator was a specialist in their field and came up with a revolutionary design. Usually, these ads claim that other corporate entities used legal routes to block the sale of this product, so the creator was selling off the first batch of them before the block went into place. It's scam 101. Not ingenious marketing. Not new.

deg November 05, 2022


January 6, 2022
Complete scam. Never received. Says it was delivered by DHL then when I called they say it was USPS.
December 18, 2021
I had to put one star to write this. When I ordered it they charged me the wrong price, so I called and they did refund me. A big rip off 2 out of 3 bad so far. Cost more to send back and get replaced 3 year warranty does not cover processing and s&h. Did not want to risk spending more on processing and s&h. Cannot write a review on the website. There is s clue I have had several friends that have something similar and no problems. Unfortunately I did not know there was so many people selling something similar. My fault for not researching.

Not worth it
December 15, 2021

Works ok to warm up a bathroom or other small room. They claim a 500 ft room will go from 35 degrees to 70 in 2 0r 3 minutes, all I can say is BS.

I have run two of them in my 800 ft basement for two whole days and the temp never got higher than 65 and without heat, the basement never gets colder than 58 or so. I haven't checked the cost yet, but I'll bet its a lot more than pennies a day.

Lynda September 25, 2022

Surprised you gave them 2 stars! Maybe it became worse with time, but any reviews have become horror stories, and most don't want to even give 1 star!

December 13, 2021
Bought 6 and three went out as soon as they came on, by the end of the day 1 worked. couldn't email because the email does not exist, after over an hour talking to customer service. only 70% of my $ was refunded. They don't even want they're junk back.

December 12, 2021

I've give it a zero if I could. The unit is so heavy it falls out of the wall socket. I followed directions to the "t" but it only blew cool air. I returned it.

By the way, I tried to email, found that their email doesn't exist, tried to call their phone number, no one answered and I called many times.

Lynda September 25, 2022

Yes, same problems. You returned, did you receive a refund? Most of us, if not all have NOT received any refund

Waste of money.
December 7, 2021
Does not work. Waste of money.

RandalBanks December 11, 2021

Agree ! Worthless POS!

Good for Southern winters
December 1, 2021
We use daily in 'winter' in SC, if we have a sunny day we barely turn it on, but if cloudy, we will run it for a few hours a day, negating the need for the heat pump to ever come on. This product will make a room that is colder than the rest of the house warm as the other rooms. It is what it is I would buy again only, paid 75$ for two. But for cold parts of country, maybe not worth it.

MikeSublett October 05, 2022

Fake review! Who puts the $ sign behind the number? Why is this rip-off product allowed ad space?

Another Chinese Scam
November 29, 2021

Heater doesn't work, at least mine did not. Their return policy states you have 30 days to return and receive refund less shipping and buyer is to pay for return shipping. That should be cancelled out if buyer receives a defective product.

They try to offer you only 75% less shipping. I refused and told them I would file a claim with credit card. They evidentially gave me the purchase price less shipping and I paid the return postage.

Wasted $18.39 in postage. They probably just keep shipping out all the returns that do not work and buyers just keep excepting the 75% plus paying the postage

Unsafe to use
November 28, 2021
On site will not allow you to add a review, ordered 2, they are 2 prong only and fall out of your outlet, unsafe. Called and they told me to plug in upside down, it also falls out of socket, would definitely not recommend to purchase!!

Kat November 29, 2021

Thanks. I’ll not be ordering this!

Junk don't buy
November 25, 2021

Bought 3 of these heaters, first of all took 4 weeks to arrive, product was shipped in a plastic envelope all 3 boxes were smashed. The heater works but not as advertised and the degrees on display is in celsius only. Worse thing is heater wont stay plugged in! It's JUNK and not worth $150.00. Going to get my money back hopefully...

ZERO rating is more like's JUNK, avoid purchasing
November 18, 2021
Piece of JUNK...I plugged it in and like other reviewers it hung at an angle, partially exposing the prongs. within minutes, the unit made a POP sound and shut off. I've not been able to get it to go back on. I contacted customer service for a refund, hopefully they will honor their refund policy...Bottom line, don't buy this piece of JUNK.

The company will not return all of your money/
November 4, 2021
If I could give less than 1 star I would. First they say a 30 day money back guarantee but that is false, when you call to request a return they talk you into keeping it and returning some of your money. Second it doesn't work the way they said it does. DON'T BUY IT. It is a scam.

Alpha Heater Fail!
November 4, 2021
Watch out for this product. I ordered 2 Alpha Heaters. The unit doesn't stay plugged in. It hangs on an angle leaving the plug prongs partially exposed. Shock and fire hazard if the prongs arc. Couldn't give them away! I was too afraid of something happening and too embarrassed to promote the product. Beware. Not happy!

Clever Marketing Scam
October 11, 2021

Beware, I believe the Alpha Heater is he exact same type of heater I purchased several years ago. They can be found for only $26 on Amazon and are not capable of 1200W or even 600W. They are in reality only 350W ceramic heaters.

Does not work as advertised
March 15, 2021
Terrible piece of junk, poorly made and cheap. I had it plugged in for over two hours and it only brought the room temp up two degrees. Don't waste your money .

Don’t waste your time or money.
March 7, 2021

Alpha Heater is another scam coming out of China. A way to get your money and sending you a product that costs only $’s to make and performance so poor it would not heat up a room if I caught it on fire. Buy something that will give you heat.

I unfortunately spent money on this piece of plastic only to receive a product that does not stay on - does not produce any heat and sounds like the blower (if that is what it has) is about to implode when it is on.

Very cheaply made China device I guess you get what you pay for....
February 12, 2021

I bought four of their so called plug into the wall socket heaters. Received them about two weeks ago finally. Had one plugged into my front Bedroom to test and one in the hallway near my office. On February 11th 2021 I heard a loud pop sound but did not know where it came from.

My dogs started to act funny in the hallway and went to look. I came across a strong plastic burning smell. Upon looking I found the Alpha Heater that was plugged in was getting very hot to the point that the control panel and the plastic parts above the heating element was melting due to the extreme heat. It was so very hot that I could barely grab it to unplug the heater.

I sent pictures and a detailed email to them and all they have done so far is give me a refund. If I was not home at the time this clearly could have started a fire.