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Do not buy.
January 28, 2023
Worst ever, I bought 5. Have one in a very small office, cannot even feel it at all. Put three in living room and one in our small casita in the back yard and the only way I can tell if it is heating up is to touch it. Do not waste your money on this heater. Now off to buy a decent one. A lot of money down the drain. Just throwing them away. It won't give me the option to write a 0 or I would on ratings.

Not worth the money
January 15, 2023
I would definitely not recommend this heater to anyone. It would barely produce any heat and sometimes none at all. They claim made in USA but mine was made in China and was shipped to me from China. The only thing on the box was the word Heater and nothing about Alpha Heater. The instructions were also translated from Chinese. Very unhappy with it and would advise against it.

This is a scam!
January 9, 2023
Definitely a scam. I ordered two and first tried one in a small bathroom for three hours. The temperature at the start was 74 degrees. After 3 hours with the door closed, the temperature was 76 degrees. Tried the second unit, same thing. Called customer service and was immediately offered a 75% refund and I could keep the units. This IS a scam!

January 9, 2023
Placed order for 1heater, tricked into ordering another one, due to how order system worked. Free shipping. They suck, do not buy. Called to return, and now told I don't get my money back because they do charge shipping!! So at purchase I spent $87.40, with the free shipping. They are only refunding $65.00!!! I am paying to return the items. Very devious company who ever they are.

Tyler September 25, 2023

I'd like a quick $65... But, YEAH! I got scammed into buying a second one through the final segment, and I just don't like the heater, and the remote didn't come with batteries, so I guess I don't GET the convenience to turn on a thing 2 feet from my toes...

Total ripoff don't do it
January 3, 2023

$118 later and 28 days we never received it, we called back after 10 days and they still never shipped it luckily cause they had the wrong shipping address. 18 days after that I disputed the charge on paypal and got my money back and found out they still haven't shipped it, bunch a jerks, and by the way American Made?

jen January 09, 2023

agree 100%

Do NOT purchase this thing!
December 29, 2022
I don't know why I don't read impartial reviews BEFORE I purchase garbage! This little gizmo would not heat up a closet. It is a total waste of money and time. What a scam!!!!!

jen January 09, 2023

agree 100%

Lorna January 11, 2023

I found it very difficult to find any impartial reviews. First few pages of the search engine was full of scam links. Frightening really how many vulnerable people who could fall for this.

If It's Too Good To Be True...
December 26, 2022
We decided to go wood since the oil has shot up, which means the bedrooms & kitchen are usually the areas to be the coldest. Received 2 of the heaters Christmas Eve. Plugged them in, closed the door to warm up the rooms. My house is 66 yrs. Heat came from them if you're 2" from it, but it did not heat the small areas. I put new batteries in the remotes that don't work at all. The thermostat doesn't go past 32. So, as my daddy used to say, "I've been took"! I thought it was a Consumer item, but I was wrong. No use trying for refund, but chalk it up to a loss. However, Alpha, God don't like ugly.

December 24, 2022

I ordered one Alpha Heater at $49.95. During order process, popups for additional items came up. I declined them. But when transaction was complete, I found PayPal payments for one heater at $49.99, an item I declined at $7.99 and $9.95 shipping for total of $67.89. Another heater at $34.99 in a second transaction! I have stopped both payments to Margin Holdings.

BobParra December 24, 2022

This product is being falsely advertised ( as being a product developed by Elon Musk; "At an anniversary celebration of the moon landing the famous entrepreneur ran into an old friend of his who was an engineer on the moon mission, Tom Musashi. Tom was the one that created this heating technology for NASA in the first place, and him and Elon got to talking about how the tech was just declassified earlier that week. The two found a quiet corner among the party, and after reminiscing and laughing about old memories, the conversation turned serious. They found a perfect storm of their own, but this one positive! Tom had been waiting for his top secret heating technology to be available to the public, and Elon was looking for his next big project to help change the world. After the drinks and laughs turned serious, they decided they would bring this high-tech heating technology to the public together, at a price that literally anyone could afford...And decided they would call it... Alpha Heater! The name inspiration came from the name of the first mission the tech was used on."

I found the same heater with three different names. I am avoiding this scam.

Be very careful of any kind of scam
December 20, 2022

Alpha Heater made a numerous of administration mistakes from the start of ordering.

I had received a numerous of tracking numbers from the start of the order of despatch. they did not have my address correct and suggested that I paid for the extra delivery from using different delivery company's. As I had not received my purchase from the 20th November 2022. I decided to ask for my monies to be returned back to my account and gave 4 days, they dis nor contact me via email to apologize at any time and they also did not confirm return of payment.

Be very careful of this company, I do not know if they are a scam.

December 15, 2022
If you have a lot of money you want to throw away I suggest you buy this useless item. Unfortunately I couldn't give this product a below 1 star rating. You practically have to sit on top of the heater to actually feel any heat. Tried emailing company using both support emails but kept getting them returned. Called the telephone number provided and got an answering machine asking what police station I wanted. Warn others to stay away from buying this

Jandr December 18, 2022

Tried to return the items and emailed them. Each time I ask where to send them back for a refund they send back that they got my message but after several attempts they never give me and address. The product does not live up to the advertised ability. Believe the negative reviews.

AlisonStevens December 20, 2022

They are an absolute scam.

AlisonStevens December 20, 2022

What will they come out when we get to the summer!

Embarrassing scam
December 15, 2022
Just read the reviews NOT on that crazy website and trust your gut. I feel incredibly stupid for falling for this. The boxes these fire hazard toys shipped in were mangled and ripped. It looked like they were kicked from "New Jersey" to Louisiana. Return policy is a joke. I am so upset with myself for not trusting that the website looked ridiculous and it was difficult to just make a purchase without pop up pop up pop up of "are you sure you don't want to add more for this great deal??" Embarrassing. Dangerous. Waste of money and time.

Lorna January 11, 2023

Don't beat yourself up too much, this is a very sophisticated scam. Count your blessings it wasn't more. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Alpha Heater SCAM
December 8, 2022

Massive scam, the plastic toy heater is useless and wouldn’t heat up a shoe box. There’s also no easy way to return it as the support email addresses are both fake - don’t fall for the scam like I did.

Phyllis December 12, 2022

Scam and they want you to pay for the return to get your money back. To ship back will cost another $20.00. Stay away from anyone from any company selling these units they do not work.

AlisonStevens December 20, 2022

We should put this so called company on facebook


I feel it's a scam and I've been had.
December 2, 2022
Don't buy from them. I can't get refund because they claim I did not supply enough info. I don't know how much more they want than original invoice.

Doesn't heat
November 29, 2022
Absolutely rubbish. 2hours of use in a tiny room and 0.1 degree increase. This is a scam. Do not waste your money on the heater. Was on discount for £42 but when I pushed buy on the site it ignored the discount and I paid £53. for it with £9.99 shipping. Totally scammed. Do not buy...

Big Waste of Money
November 28, 2022

The Alpha Heater is the biggest scam of 2022. I purchased 3 and none of the work as advertised. They fall out of the receptacle due to the poor design of the unit. It will not heat a 120 sq. ft. room no matter how long it runs. I was told by Victor at customer service 3 weeks ago that I would receive since they didn't work as advertised. I'm still waiting for the credit. This heater is a piece of junk, I would not recommend to buy one.

Watch Out if Falls off the wall!
November 23, 2022

Slickly marketed but poorly designed and overpriced. You can buy knock offs for half what these cost.

The BIG problem that this company tries to pretend it is not a problem is that they fall right off the wall in many peoples wall outlets due to the weight of the device being too heavy to keep the plug in the wall.

I have contacted them three times and unless it is "defective" they will do nothing but give you double talk.

November 23, 2022
I wish I could give a no star rating. I also wished I had seen this page before I ordered. Like other comments I paid with PayPal and ended up purchasing two units by mistake. I called immediately to cancel the second order and was told that the orders were already shipped. ARE YOU KIDDING ME THEY DID NOT SHIP IN THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TOOK ME TO MAKE A PHONE CALL!!!!!!! I will review again when I get the units and let you know if I think they are junk and a scam (I already believe this) and if I get my money back when returning the second unit.

Not a good investment
November 18, 2022

Being reliant upon gas central heating I thought I would get a couple of the Alpha Heaters to provide energy diversity. I admit to being a little skeptical regarding the claims being made but I intended to purchase a couple of small electric heaters, so why not try them.

Its not been very cold during the day therefore instead of using my gas heating during the evening I switched to the Alpha Heaters for a week. One in my lounge, one in my study.


Keeping tabs on the smart meter, the Alpha Heater was not more cost effective than the gas heating, in fact a little more expensive.

The one in my lounge was annoyingly noisy and distracting when watching television.

The one in my little study (10 ft x 7 ft) took the chill off and was fine.

Were they a good investment, no, not really, I could have bought a standard electric heater for considerably less.

Keeping in wall plug
November 16, 2022

I did not have the troubles other people have. With oil prices now at almost $5.00 per gallon we lowered out temperature to 68 degrees and move a few of the Alpha's to the rooms we're in. My bedroom is 11x15 and this works great. I also had a problem with it staying plugged in the wall. Very easy to solve that problem. Very simple if the engineers ask me for a solution, I want a fee. Shame on them for not doing this. Company, email me for solution.

Lorna January 11, 2023

No engineers here, just cowboys.

Dangerous Pos, Biggest Scam Going!
November 13, 2022

This is not a heater it is a plug-in pos that can easily catch fire. Made of plastic you can get more heat from a candle. How they are allowed to post such lies is beyond me. But if your house burns down call Mark Zuckerberg or or Jeff Bezos...