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Unethical business practices
December 23, 2023

I tried booking a room for tonight while my husband was driving. I found a listing that was ok for one night. In the text box, I typed in a request for extra towels and then wanted to complete my booking. I typed in English, but got a notification that my note must be in English. Hmmmm. So I corrected words with an apostrophe by taking that character out, tried to book and bam! Allegedly, someone just booked the room I was trying to book. I was advised to go back and find another room. So I did, same hotel, same room - but this time the price went up by $7. In the text box I only typed “towels” to avoid issue with “English”, tried to check out even though the price now was $7 more than 1 minute before, and then - bam! Someone just booked the room. Go back, try again - and what would you know, now the price was up $12. What jerks!

I ended up booking another place really quick at the price the first one was. This was my last time using Agoda. They are unethical and play games. After tomorrow, the app will be deleted from my phone and never reinstalled.

May 20, 2023

Agoda is not an honest business. Our flight was cancelled by the airline due to Covid and I was provided with a credit expiring in Dec 2023. I have tried to used this credit to book for a trip but Agoda has not been helpful. I was asked to contact the airline directly, but I was informed by the airline as flight was booked through Agoda, only Agoda can reactivate the booking. I passed on this information plus the Airline Agency Connect number to Agoda. still nothing was done. I also found out from Agoda that they booked our tickets through their partners. They did not book our tickets directly with the airline, so if anything goes wrong, there are too many moving parts. It is most frustrating when I can't even communicate with them via phone call, only via email. Do not book with them. book directly with the airline for peace of mind. you have been warned.

May 3, 2023

Booking ID 601167506:

Booked a hotel room at Boracay Oceans Club Beach Resort through Agoda for July 05-09 travel. Paid using my CC on April 28 for the total amount of $561.99 - the advertised room rate was $119. I initiated a cancellation fee waiver on April 29-30 and sent an email to both Agoda and the resort. The cancelation was due to medical reasons and the cancelation of people in my group.

Two days after, Agoda sent an email stating that the RESORT DENIED MY WAIVER and I will be charged 1 night if I cancel. I canceled and got charged $140 instead of the $119 original room rate. A day later, the resort emailed me stating to process my cancellation through Agoda and they will approve the full refund. The reservation was a day old from booking to cancelation. I do not think the cancelation incurred a loss on both the site and the resort.

Long story short, Agoda made up the story that the resort DENIED my waiver and the resort claimed that they were never asked and contacted by Agoda about the matter.

Beware of this untrustworthy site. They would lie to make a quick buck. There are plenty of online booking sites to choose from, stay away from this one.

Agoda Mozio is certainly a scam !
April 4, 2023

Agoda Mozio certainly a scam !

I waited at the Casablanca Airport, 4 April 2023, arrived at 6.30am , waited for 1 hour plus, no sign of the driver. Money wasted. Frustrated.

Please do not ever order your transport/ car from Agoda. Book directly from the hotel or just get the airport taxi upon arrival.

Be careful! Agoda steals your money!
December 11, 2022

Be careful! Agoda steals your money!

I had to cancel my booking (ID 704173897) for June 19-32. 2022, and the refund automatically went to the old bank account which was closed by the time of refund ( 19/Jun/2022). I contacted Agoda support team, but they refuse to transfer the refund to my new account, demanding documents that the bank can't give me because they already erased my info.

For sure the refund transaction couldn't proceed successful due to non-existent destination and the funds should've been returned to the sender. Instead of just check it Agoda team just replying with the same message again and again asking for papers I can't get. Half of times they don't answer at all, so I have to send my e—mail 2-3 times before I get any answer.

It's been more than 6 month I'm spending my time and energy trying to get my refund, they just don't care at all!

Will take your money but have nothing to show for it...
November 4, 2022

Booked a hotel stay in Hollywood through this website because it was suggested to me. I paid through Affirm though so I could make monthly payments. I booked it and was immediately told it was canceled.

Tried again, it was canceled again. Went to make sure there was no confirmed booking and I only saw three canceled bookings. Affirm had already charged me though, and they told me in order to get my refund back, Agoda had to confirm the refund. I went back to the website and saw that they actually DID confirm the booking.

I was charged $917 for a hotel stay that I didn't even do because the website lied to me. No one at Agoda will answer my calls and messages, so I'm still getting charged the monthly payments.

There's nothing Affirm can do for me until Agoda does my refund. Not mad at Affirm, but fuck Agoda. It should be illegal to scam someone of so much money after STRAIGHT UP LYING TO THEM.

Agoda more like AJOKE
August 27, 2022
What can I say good about this company? Nothing. They are incompetent, rude and liars. They will charge your card right away and take forever to refund your card and that's if they eventually decide to accept your dispute. We book a room, confirmed the reservation, went over to the hotel to be told there was no booking and that we would need to pay again. This site should be AGONE!

August 19, 2022
Agoda is an absolute scam. They have been promising me a refund, on the condition that the property agrees, for over a week. For the first week they claimed they were unable to contact the property, and now they claim that the property will only allow a reschedule. The property has confirmed verbally and in writing that they agree to a penalty free refund. They also shared the correspondence from Agoda, who never even requested a refund.

IhateAgame August 27, 2022

This person is 1000% telling the truth because it's been months and I am still arguing with them to get my money back. Beware

Nykia November 04, 2022

Same! It's been months and I still can't get in touch with ANYONE about my refund!

August 12, 2022

Booked a B&B beginning of July price from accommodation was different from Agoda contacted both parties and received no response. Canceled booking and received confirmation from Agoda that it had been canceled.

Low and behold 3 weeks later get credit card statement with pending payment to Agoda. Contacted Agoda with a copy of the cancellation confirmation email and instructed them not to take payment as you may have guessed they have taken the money.

As far as I am concerned that is theft. I will now be have to recover the money with all the aggravation that will entail. My advice is to avoid this company and use someone with customer service and no light fingers.

Do Not use Agoda!
August 9, 2022

Very shady company. They quietly cancelled my booking, I almost didn't have any booking... Luckily I saw my bank records in time and was able to book accommodation in time. Do NOT use agoda. For anything. Ever.

Scam Company Do not use
July 15, 2022

Booked a room that was book now pay later but they deducted card straight away then would not refund for 30 days nor would they refund the full amount even though the booking confirmation clearly states "Cancel before "date" and pay nothing."

Very misleading. Furthermore each time I ring the customer service line to lodge a complaint they hang up the call. TERRIBLE SERVICE!

Agoda canceled two reservations without solid reasons
June 30, 2022
Agoda cancelled my two previous reservations after I had paid for that. I haven't received my refund and I had to paid for a third hotel with other operator. Now, Agoda is constantly asking me for reviews about the places where I never was because my reservations were cancelled. After the cancellations I noticed that both of the places were available now at a higher rate. I wonder...

June 17, 2022

Paid more to get a refundable reservation. Tried to get a refund and they lied. Said only if hotel manager approved. I was standing in front of him when they called him. He approved and they told him they would notify and give me a refund. They did not. Instead they told me they had been unable to contact him. I went to the hotel again today, and they did not get paid. Agoda kept every penny. Absolute crooks. a FRAUD COMPANY
June 14, 2022

Team Agoda does not deserve even 0.000005 star rating. If you pay this website to book hotels or anything, they will eat your money and you will get nothing, even you have a confirmation mail of your reservation.



Scam Service
May 13, 2022

Bad service of deceivers, booked 2 times in Naples and Paris, it’s not enough that I specifically requested a lower price, but when recalculated at checkout, the amount comes out 4-5 times higher, but this is not visible until the money is debited from the card and even upon arrival at the hotel I was told that the amount is actually 2 times less than what I paid for the hotel on agoda. In a year they said there that this is almost half the cost of the commission is not conceivable. Thieves and deceivers.

KiKim June 13, 2022

I made reservation with free cancellation option. When I tried change the scheduled date in a week advance. Agoda offered free cancellation but no refund. Free cancellation but no refund????? I really got confused but that is how the Agoda set their policy accord my bank agent.

Do NOT use Agoda. They are a scam.
March 22, 2022

Do not use Agoda. Paid for the booking in advance. They failed to send the hotel my booking properly so instead of 4 rooms for our group we showed up and the hotel had one. They claimed to be sold out and unable to give us the promised rooms.

Agoda has been playing games with me for 5 days not giving me a refund. They have changed their story multiple times from it was the hotels fault to we use a third party to communicate with properties and it was their fault.

It has been a horrible experience. We had to book another hotel the day we arrived as we had nowhere to sleep. I feel like I was essentially scammed by this company. Avoid them at all costs.

Mel May 05, 2022

They are a scam! They book you in terrible facilities and have you pre-pay. I had reservations for 3 nights and the facility was filthy and run down. We checked out after one night and could not get a refund from anyone.

would never use them again
October 25, 2021
I will never use this company again. I never received a confirmation and was charged a foreign transaction fee that I was not made aware of when booking. I went to their site, no way to speak to anyone. had to Google to find their phone number, it is not on their site. found their phone number but could not proceed because I did not have reservation # because I never got the confirmation email. In had to call the hotel to confirm booking.

Rip Off - POS
September 3, 2021
Booked a room and paid $216.52 but hotel had no record of it once we got there. Called Agoda, they put me on hold and acted like they were calling the hotel but never came back. So basically, they took my money and then I felt a swift kick between the legs. Rip off!!!!

Easy booking
March 5, 2020
Clear and useful information and easy booking. Ir's my first booking by Agoda. I hope to continue as a satisfied client. Good work is scam.
October 19, 2019

Never ever use this service for your bookings! Save your nerves.

You don't know how good or bad a booking service is until things go wrong. Here is my case: I booked appts. in Nuremberg, Germany month before arrival, paid the full price. Just four days before arrival I got message from property owner saying I have to deposit 200 euro as "damages deposit". At this point I can't cancel my booking and get refund as I am not in cancelation free period. The info about deposit was NOT stated either in description or while check out. So this will happen to you completely out of blue. I called support for the case, explained everything but they said they assist me with anything. I contacted property owner and they said THEY NEVER HEARD OF Agoda. Can you believe that? It turns out Agoda acts like a middleman only and they book appts. on your behalf through other services for a fee (like in my case). What a great business model though! AND if anything goes wrong you will be left with nothing. Agoda will tell to contact property owner. Property owner will say they don't know Agoda. You will be left with nothing like I was. I lost my money. Never use this service again.