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Advanced Memory Formula is a supplement by Advanced Bionutritionals, a company that states they create cutting edge nutraceuticals specially manufactured to provide top-of-the-line health solutions for their customers.

The company is headed by Dr. Frank Shallenberger who researches and uses his medical experience to create the formulations of Advanced Bionutritionals Nutritional Supplements and Nutraceuticals.

One of their top supplements boosts memory and their assurance is that their products are both pure and potent.


The Advanced Memory Formula utilizes 3 Nobel Prize winning breakthroughs in memory and memory improvement. First is the discovery of the protein NGF, or nerve growth factor.

This protein has several benefits that can improve a person’s memory, like repairing damaged brain cells and reversal of cognitive decline. Even as you age, it can reverse memory loss related to aging as well as prevents brain shrinkage over time.

The nutrient luteolin is a great booster for NGF and also has benefits to improving your learning ability. Not only that, it stops your brain from aging and prevents inflammation, which can cause memory problems.

Luteolin is found in the Advanced Memory Formula. The memory formula boosts your body’s NGF levels and provides you with these benefits to avoid memory loss and brain cell damage.

This memory formula also includes 100mg of NeuroFactor, which is coffee fruit concentrate from Coffea Arabica which boosts your BDNF levels. BDNF stands for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, which is a protein produced by your brain to grow new brain cells.

Your brain remains young even as you age when your BDNF levels are boosted with NeuroFactor. Even if it is derived from coffee, this ingredient contains no caffeine at all.

The third Nobel-winning breakthrough that plays a role in the Advanced Memory Formula is acetylcholine - boosting choline. Acetylcholine is known to aid in the communication of brain cells to better improve a person’s memories in terms of storage and retrieval.

In short, it helps you remember things with ease. The special type of choline that boosts acetylcholine is called alpha-glycero-phosphocholine (alpha-GPC).

Alpha-GPC has been proven to work so powerfully, so much so that even patients who were in more advanced stages of mental decline had improved memory after they were given alpha-GPC.

How Does It Work?

Advanced Memory Formula keeps you mentally sharp and reverses mental decline, even in advanced stages.

It’s best taken even while you’re still young, as it also helps to prevent any decline in your memory to keep your brain as effective as it was when you were younger.

It blocks inflammation, grows brain cells and keeps you away from brain shrinkage. This supplement will provide you with a healthy memory as well as mind.

Cost and Price Plans

A one-month subscription is available for $49.95, with free shipping and handling. This option is best if you want to try out the Advanced Memory Formula before committing.

However, you can save up on money and you won’t run out of the supplement if you take the 3-Month pack for $134.85. That gives you 10% savings from the original price of buying per month.

If you want to get the lowest price and biggest savings, then order the 6-Month pack. For only $249, you can have a 6-month supply of the Advanced Memory Formula in a value pack that will ensure you are well on your way to a better memory and mind.

Customer Service

The Advanced Memory Formula packs are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which assures you that an improvement will be noticed within a few months. If you are not satisfied with the effects of the formula, then you can get your money back.

Of course, the effects are better and more dramatic as you continue with the supplement. as the formula works best in the long term.

If by chance you are not satisfied with the Advanced Memory Formula, or just don’t see any improvements within 3 weeks, return your empty bottle(s) and receive a full refund (even for shipping and handling).

The only thing you’ll have to pay is the return shipping. However, you have to do it within 90 days. For inquiries regarding shipping and returns, contact them at the following numbers: 

800-613-5721 (Toll Free)
678-987-5891 (Local)
770-399-0815 (Fax)

You can also email them at [email protected].

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Ratings for the Advanced Memory Formula are quite high. In fact, many users highly recommend this supplement and report improvements in their memory within a year of taking it.

The improvements are even better as they take it longer and they are able to work more efficiently in their everyday lives, since they better remember conversations, tasks and even names of people that they meet.

Even doctors recommend this formula to their patients, as they have witnessed the effects that the formula has made on others. Users report that it was the only supplement that worked on them, from the many that they have tried before. It also has no detrimental side effects.

Competitors and Alternatives

Iceland Health has an Advanced Memory Formula as well, which not only improves memory, but also focus and concentration. Its ingredients provide the needed nutritional support for better brain function.

A1 Vitality also offers a Brain & Memory Boost supplement made from 9 holistic ingredients. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety to improve cognition, concentration and focus.

It helps you stay alert by improving blood flow to your brain and also has antioxidant properties to keep your neurons safe.

Ray and Terry’s also has Memory Support, which improves short and long-term memory, sharpens your mind and improves blood circulation to your brain for better cognitive performance and reduced stress levels.

Where to Buy?

Get your Advanced Memory Formula subscription pack from their company website at

The Bottom Line

Advanced Memory Formula is a highly effective memory supplement, which is a result of years of research and formulation.

It is made by a company that takes special care in determining that their suppliers and manufacturers only provide the purest and most potent ingredients to their supplements.

If you have any experience with the Advanced Memory Formula, please leave your reviews below.

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Advanced Memory Formula Customer Reviews

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Don’t be fooled, don’t buy.
October 11, 2021
Scam. Product doesn’t work, it’s just a vitamin! Advertised, money back if not satisfied, not true.

P.Moore November 19, 2021

Is this review from a person who had purchased this product or just one against the product claiming to help the brain?

PhilBaer December 16, 2022

what experience do you have?

PhilBaer January 04, 2023

what experience do you have?