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This site sucks!!!
June 6, 2023

Do not use this site it's the worst one, makes 0 sense!!!

Never received my card and without it no industry will take it
May 24, 2023

I took the class and finished it on 3/8 but I never received the card I called 4 times finally the 3rd time Bryon Josh Bunao the customer rep told me that it never got sent out and he was sending another one 4/3. Waited another 3 weeks nothing called again and was told that it was sent out on the 4/22 and he was mistaken and that I needed to give them 20 dollars for a tracking number cause if I didn't and the card did not show up then they would not send me another one and to get one I had to retake the class. The certificate is only good for 90 days so now I paid a class that I can not use...

Do yourself a favor and stay clear away from 360 training.

Do not recommend. Site does not work properly. Very disappointed!!!!!
January 9, 2023

Bought 22.5 hours CE renewal package for real estate agent. It was not working properly. Windows are closing and reloads by themselves, 2-3 windows opened at once with some silly messages. Quiz window disappeared in the middle of the test and considered quiz failed.

Tried Safari and Google Chrome;( Contacted customer support, explained the situation, and requested a refund.

However, auto response rejected my request. Some AI has decided to keep my hard earned money... Very disappointed. Bought the same course from different company. Already got necessary certificates.

Stay Away!! Poor Customer Service!
May 21, 2022
I recently purchased the OSHA 30 HOUR general industry course. After only a few house i realized i needed something with more specific information based on region so I contacted customer service via there live chat feature to request a refund. They stated they would have someone call me to start the process within a few hours. Never happened. STAY AWAY. They will do everything they can to not give you a refund even if you clearly meet all criteria for one. Terrible customer service.

Horrible system and customer support
April 25, 2022
I complained to their customer support about being locked out of the course due to a software bug and I got no response. I wasted $119 and most regrettably 39 hours of my time.

Ask and Shall Not Receive
December 15, 2021

I wanted to pass along a poor experience I had with 360training.com.

I understand that OSHA requirements dictate that OSHA 30 training must be completed in 6 months, but that shouldn't exempt a vendor from giving additional time on their account or opening a new training session. 

In my case, I had some very extenuating circumstances with a home move, job relocation and an unexpected acceptance into a local University of Houston program. All during the 6 months the training access was open. I have asked 360training.com to open my training for 1 more month so that I can now finish, and they refused, suggesting I needed to pay for an additional course giving me $30 off the course fees.

I don't expect OSHA or the DOL do anything about this, but you should know, and there definitely should be some provisions for extension in certain cases. I believe their reluctancy to extend the online training session for 1 more month show poorly on 360training.com

Frustrating freeze during certain exam
November 8, 2020

Have to renew TABC and Food Handlers certifications used iPad (safari) took TABC courses/final exam with no issues but then finished it completed everything then starts my food handlers courses which was no problem but when it came to taking food handlers final exam during the exam it would freeze on m

.... called customer support told them the issue and they told me they never heard of this issue happening this is the first and that to clear web history/data and use other search engines which I did google chrome which is highly recommended they told me

.... but used safari for TABC no issues but food handlers major issue and then used chrome google of course had to start from the beginning and it did it again freezes on me called them again and same thing they tell me as the previous reps told me just to re take test and if issue happens to call them back again

.... (same iPad (safari) for TABC but no luck on Food Handlers) anyone had issues like me please let me know ([email protected]) thanks

Continuing Ed on Real Estate
March 22, 2020
Only because I can't go lower on stars. 34 years of Real Estate and I take an Asset Management course and it's ridiculous. The course has items that only a skilled lender in the Commercial side of lending would ever use. Questions on the test were very vague and honestly, multiple answers on questions were true. Only 2 shots at the impossible test. Going to First Tuesday. I'm done with this waste of time and money.

Awful company. 360 is crap. Don't wast your money
March 2, 2020

I wish I had seen the negative reviews about 360 before I applied to them. When I applied for 360, I had attended the taster class which was basically an introduction to the course and a little a bit about the IT industry. I applied for the job guarantee programme silver package in 2018. The information at the taster class was easy to understand and the teacher we had was quite good. They made a good impression. However, when I started my course and started my first proper module which was installing and configuring windows 10, things were quite different. I did the silver package were you don’t need to have experience in IT to do the course, so nobody in the class knew much about IT, except for the basics. When we got into class we had to understand binary, remember how to input coding into windows powershell, learn how to manipulate the amount of storage on the C,D and E drive such as increase and decrease the volume of each drive. We also had to learn how to perform certain tasks as an administrator on Windows 10 professional such as changing what people could or couldn’t do when using the system, such read only or reading and editing documents. Things like this takes months to learn and grasp properly at university level, we had to do all of this plus more in 4 weeks and then after practice and do exams for another 3 weeks. Each week we learnt something different in class but never had repeat classes so we could learn particular subjects properly and thoroughly. In that period we were given nearly 100 videos plus pages of online practical tests we were recommended to do.

I was working a full time job at the time and so did other people and simply had no time in the day to complete watching that many videos in 3 weeks. It was MAJOR information overload and COMPLETLY UNREALISTIC for beginners who had not IT background.

The taster class I was told to go to actually doesn’t show what the real classes are really like.The way the teachers teach this course, is more at the intermediate level then beginner, so the majority of the people didn’t understand what they were being taught, at least not fully. Not surprisingly a lot of people failed their exams which lead to a higher number of retakes. What made it worse was some of the subjects that came up on the exam, were not covered in the classroom such as VPN virtual private network (VPN), which lead to confusion and increased the likely hood of failing.

The revision classes are not good and did not give students much clarity and wasn’t much help.

After experiencing all this, I just left and didn’t come back. The courses are poorly executed, with teachers not being able to teach as the level the students are at, leading in higher failure rates. There is a lot of information to take in which leads to major information overload and you’re not given enough time to learn things properly. Instead you bombarded with lots of information to learn at the end of the four week course before exams start. The most effective way is to learn through repetition, not through learning one new subject per week and then on to the next one.

The truth is, 360 courses are not for beginners, this is a BIG LIE. In order to be comfortable on the course and pass exams you need to have some IT background.

There were students on this courses that did not know how to use a computer because they thought this was a course for beginners. This type of marketing is misleading, but this is what they were telling us and were marketing their courses as such.

DON’T WAST YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON 360. It’s not what it seems.

Crap product from a crap company
February 24, 2020

I tried their OSHA 30 course and it was a train wreck. Poor content, extremely tedious and after ~40 hours of a ’30 hour course’ I find that I am only 55% through. Customer support is rude and unhelpful.

Total waste of 40 hours since I abandoned it and went to American Safety Counsel instead.

Very disappointed. Would not use again, do not recommend.

December 30, 2019
15 hour continuing ed course took 22.5 hours to complete, they require you to stay on each page for a certain length of time, way longer than necessary, content made no sense in the order it was presented, most of the content was irrelevant to the main topic, links and images didn't work, only two opportunities to pass the final exam and you are locked out, the only way to complete is to purchase again, 20 point exam on 22.5 hours of material and over half of the questions on the exam were over obscure information from the beginning lessons that were long forgotten by the time the final exam was reached, there was no final exam summary, no credit was received. Save your money, but especially save your valuable time!

Horrible customer service
December 18, 2019
No one in their customer service department seems to know what they are selling or how to deliver on the promises of the content. The insurance producer and insurance adjuster classes are state specific and very similar in their descriptions so I called and asked which one I need in order to take the state test. I was told which one I needed and it turns out it was the wrong one. better yet, they do not offer the course for my state. They will not give me a refund.

They want too much personal information.
November 11, 2019

purchased courses for my staff. when I went to send it to them I had to use "chat" for assistance. The asked for personal information about my staff. I asked them how to do it so I didn't have to give out any of their personal information. when they said they couldnt help me without it I asked for my money back. They said I had to send a letter with a copy of my receipt to request a refund.

there are a lot of companies that offer these courses, use a different one, an honest one.

Not recommended
October 27, 2019
I would not recommend this course for Real Estate professionals taking continuing Ed. There are many more courses that require significant'tly less time in the course. This full course has 10 separate courses. I spent 8 hours on 1 course as an example. 5-6 hours on others. This will take you 50-60 hours to complete. Geewhiz I will use next time as I understand it takes a quarter of the time

Do not enroll in 360 training
August 5, 2019

DO NOT ENROLL IN ANY OF COURSES 2 years ago it Was time for me to renew my real estate license in New York so I shop for courses online so I was tempting by the low price the 360 training offered but I guess you got what you pay for

During the course and when taking the final exam for a class the website used to freeze up and do not let you continue the exam so I had retake the exam again but unfortunately same thing used to happen so I call customer support and they were be able to help me

And now two years later time to renew my license again I got an email from 360 giving me some discount thinking whatever happened happened 2 years ago they must have updated their system but I was very much mistaken

First while taking that agency relationships

Class and in the middle of the class taking the quiz and passes it I will not go forward and make me retake it again I passed it again but it still will not make me move forward

So I called customer service three time and each time I was promised I called back never happen

I started to take a new class Contracts,Purchses

Waste of Money. Do not buy.
July 23, 2019

I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this product. In a word. HORRIBLE. NUMEROUS issues with freezing pages. You will spend hours on a course and it will not save your place and you will have to start over. It does not work well over multiple platforms. I had to log out and back in so many times to get access to the course if I moved from phone to tablet. If I could give this negative 5 stars, I would. Pay more and get reliable online training. This company and product are not worth the hassle and it it a HUGE waste of your time. I just spent 4 hours one 2 courses and they have both frozen. FRUSTRATING AND WASTE OF TIME.

**Update** I requested a full refund of the $85 I paid for the training. I supposedly am only receiving $53 because I was able to complete one of the modules. It took me about 17 hours to complete a 4 hour course because of all the freeze ups and other technical issues. The course I completed I actually had to do TWICE because the 1st time, their system did not save my place and after several UNHELPFUL SESSIONS with their tech support, I had no choice but to redo the it.

I'm not the type that just writes negative reviews...but this experience was the worst. Please...save your money and buy a more reliable and reputable online course.

Horrible Company
July 10, 2019
I have dealt with this company for years and I am officially done. Their customer service is beyond horrible. Their site has constant issues. I recommend finding another online company to take your courses.

Do not take the course -
June 27, 2019

I do not recommend this class to anybody and really regret signing up for this class and spending 80 hours on this and too much money .

I am entirely upset about my experience with customer service the technology and the course itself . It should have been a sign when the testing proctor specifically stated that they are not responsible for any glitches during the exam for this company . There was no review the lesson assessments did not help for the exam and there were less questions than any other exam out there.

Is able to pass the actual state exam before passing this course and was told to just re-read this 75 hours of reading material that I had already read studied and obsessed over for many weeks .

There are other courses out there that guarantee you to pass their class exam and want to see the students succeed and move onto the next step in their career . If you do not pass you have to pay for every exam and this is in the best interest of this company that you do not pass .

When asked for any support I was kind of sudden and left on hold Avril times and they gave me the number to the New York State real estate commissioners office to check its legitimacy rather than them giving me the number email to file a complaint.

Great experience
June 27, 2019
My concept about this course is excellent because I had learned a lot of subjects about Safety Construction. Those subjects are very important to me, because I am a Safety Professional.

March 30, 2019
This course is a requirement to service a client. So far, I am "Locked out," having paid for the course, because I failed to answer "security questions (e.g., 'what is your grandmother's maiden name?'). The security questions never appeared - just a blank screen with a "Submit" button. When I tried to initiate "chat" support, I instead got an ad offering a "today only," discount for future courses. Obviously, the website designers are utterly incompetent. I wonder if the course designers are as well. On the other hand, perhaps this is "Trump Business School!"